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Found 7 results

  1. masay

    Prostar Clevo W355SSQ

    Hi guys. I want to install Mac OS 10.10. My laptop PROSTAR CLEVO W355SSQ (https://www.pro-star.com/index.cfm?mainpage=productdetail&model=W355SSQ). ? I cannot get correct errors DSDT file (more than 40 errors).?Still need to disable the GeForce GTX 860M because of the use of technology Optimus.?Maybe someone has a ready DSDT or help fix my errors. Thank you and sorry for my English ? dsdt.zip
  2. hello There xD ? I have been trying to get Mavericks on my laptop, in about 3 days now..? ? I have tried so many things.. ? My big issue is that i have optimus, and i have come to terms with that it is not going to work, and that i will have to live without my Nvidia card.. ? But then i was thinking, what about the Inten Hd 3000 chip, that should be able to work i guess, without optimus. ? So i tried some things, always getting black screen after boot (at first i wasnt even able to boot installer) ? Then finally i tried N{censored} mavericks, and i know u guys prop dont give support for it, but u might not need to.. ? It came right to the intaller with no problems (other than haning for about 5 min xD) and then after a couple of attemps i found out that i needed to backup the intel graphics kexts to make it work.. and finally i got to the desktop, i was so happy!..? ? Buut then, i noticed resolution was not native, and Graphics acceleration was not enabled (cause everything was slow and enoying xD) ? So now comes my question, what should i do? I have tried installing some kexts around, but it always makes it hang on boot.. Also tried some boot flags, and even tried changing the boot.plist file..? ? Any ideas?? or maybe someone would like to assist me live, on a skype call? that would be even greater I am NOT giving up My specs out top of my head: Intel I5 CPU Intel HD 3000 graphics Nvidia GT555m or Nvidia 555m, not sure xD but one of those! It is weird, but i have a sticker on my laptop saying it uses Cuda, but Linux can not seem to find it, but can find optimus, that is why i think i have that instead
  3. Hi, can someone please help me with a dsdt for my acer spire 5742g with i3-370m(Arrandale) and a way to disable my GF540M card. What i want to get working is my power management, my sleep doesn't work(it puts to sleep but doesn't wake,restart doesn't work,shutdown works), disable my nvidia optimus card(i get some errors before boot like NVIDIA ROM Patching Failed and its annoying) What works: Sound Ethernet Graphics(Intel HD 1000 QE/CI Kexts) Fn keys(are working just the volume ones and the play/pause/rewind) What i used to get past install: iAtkos L2 USB Method Updated to 10.8.5 to get intelhd graphics ? Please help me with a dsdt or a guide to get at least the nvidia card disabled cuz it sucks a lot of battery power)
  4. Hello, ? I am in?discovery of understanding DSDT. I'd like to understand how to disable the Nvidia graphics chip (GT 740M) and enable Intel HD 4600 automatically at startup. I know that optimus will not be supported be OSX, that why i want to shut down GT 740 chip and enable integrated one. Here is my configuration : ? Intel Core i7 4700HQ. 2,4Ghz (Haswell..) Intel HD 4600 (Set to 64Mb in BIOS). Nvidia GT 740M 2Gb (With optimus). Clover UEFI bootloader from EFI partition.. ? Here's vendors id from me config. ? IntelHD 4600 : 8086 - 0416 Nvidia GT740M : 10DE - 1292 GPU NVIDIA : GK208 ? DSDT link (extracted from my hardware : http://bs7cbh.1fichier.com/ ? It would be awsome if it's possible to do that. ? Thank you. ? Note: sorry for me english (French people..)
  5. Hello. I am a (almost) happy owner of a V3-571g (Intel HD 4000 and NVidia GT 630M 2GB). it was complicated, but i found a few nice informations, so i have now a fully working HD4000 with Acceleration (for everybody who wants to know how - use a modified org.chameleon.Boot.plist - here in the forum you can find one). My new problem is now, that i want to add a DSDT file to reduce my accu consumption and beware of overheating my notebook. (Accu is about 1:30h) i read already a lot and i saw much about methods and DOFF etc.. and i didnt understand anything! I dumped already 4 SSDT files and 1 DSDT via AIDA64 in Windows. I solved the "Name already exists in scope (\TNOT) in just deleting the whole line. What i can do to disable my dedicated graphics adapter? Thank you all in advance - is there somewhere a tutorial? where i can get knowledge what i should do? i want to understand what i do while i patch my DSDT and not only to copy&paste solutions from others. I add here my DSDT, if other information is needed, i will of course post them here.
  6. Hello, It makes now one week I try to hackintosh my new Acer Aspire V5-571G. It is not fully working, but at least, it starts. I tried to disable Nvidia Optimus (so the GeForce GT620M) by patching DSDT but I don't really know if is has worked.. Please some of you can take a look at my DSDT? I am not really an expert and tried to do my best, but I'm not sure I did right, I would like to know where I'm wrong! I also had some sleep issues and I am not able to use brightness controls.. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello! Since the Atheros AR5BW222 chip for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will never work on OS X and I remember seeing people with changed Wi-Fi chips, what laptop PCI-E WiFi module is compatible with both my Acer and OS X? I remember having actually almost bought the Wi-Fi only chip since it was only €10, but I wasn't sure yet. About the GPU, my laptop has an nVidia GT 630M and a HD4000. Now the laptop is really power inefficient in OS X because there's no Optimus to disable the GT 630M, but is there a way to disable it using SMBIOS, kexts or other ways? I really like OS X and I want to keep using it more or less permanently too for my laptop. Thank you!
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