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Found 29 results

  1. Version


    Ozmosis Configurator will help you to fully configure your Ozmozis bootloader. More info: http://mackie100projects.altervista.org Compatibility (>= 10.8)
  2. Version 1.0 (F8)


    Ozmosis Bootloader for Gigabyte G1 Sniper B5 This is the Modded BIOS for the Gigabyte G1 Sniper B5 with the new Ozmosis Bootloader. With this Bios, you can Install a normal OSX Vanilla Installer (DVD or USB) without patching, normally like installing on a real Mac. and also have the Apple Boot Logo. Probed on Mavericks 10.9.5 an Yosemite 10. How to Install: Download the "oz-apple.f8" file and copy it on a small USB thumbdrive with FAT32 system. Reboot "Enter BIOS" and select "Q Flash" with the USB Thumbdrive plugged. Choose Upgrade BIOS or UEFI and select your USB Key and then "oz-apple.f8 Wait for loading and flashing. PREFERENTLY UPGRADE THE BIOS WITH YOUR MACHINE CONNECTED TO AN UPS. REMEMBER, IF THE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY FAILS, YOUR MOBO MAY BE BRICKED FOREVER!!. If someone knows how to load the Apple Chime at startup to the EFI, please apport it!. Thanks to: Hermit Labs & Gerardo García for modding this bios. Enjoy it!!!
  3. Version OZ 167X-Mas Edition Z77-DS3H


    OZ 167X-Mas Edition Mod for Z77-DS3H Rev. 1.1 (1.0?) based on F11a Firmware customize Your Hackintosh with the defaults.plist extra in the zip file.......(only if You want use Your hackintosh with imessage appstore and so on.......) voddooHDA 2.8.8 is in the bios included, and enabled (update to 2.8.9 if You want) Imessage, Sound appstore works, but You have to make an unique hackintosh.....do that with clover configurator..... check my Defaults.plist..... enjoy
  4. Version rev1.0


    This ROM is based on Ozmosis 167X-MASS
  5. crusher

    Z97 Extreme 6

    Version 1.0.0


    This ROM is based on Ozmosis 167X-Mass
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This ROM is based on Ozmosis 167X-MASS
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This ROM is based on Ozmosis 167X-MASS
  8. Version F8d


    This ROM is based on Ozmosis 167X-MASS
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This Rom is based on Ozmosis 167X-MASS
  10. HackinDoge


    Ozmosis Bootloader by?xpamamadeus Abridged Edition by Lacedaemon Features include color-coded words and illustrative pictures for readers age 4 and below, and large-type font for seniors!? ? ? WARNING: You will void your warranty if you use any of these mods, and there is no guarantee that this will work at all. ? The Z77MX-QUO-AOS motherboard, made by Quo Computer, ships with a modified BIOS and the Ozmosis bootloader, which can supposedly run any OS. ? ? Oz•mo•sis - a UEFI-based bootloader that was designed to boot any OS, and runs directly from the BIOS. ? Through extensive testing on Aptio-based boards from Gigabyte, we have devised a successful installation procedure of Ozmosis on most UEFI-based motherboards. ? Suitable BIOS versions are those that can write to the NVRAM without using the EMUVariableuefi driver from Clover. ?To see if your BIOS is suitable to run Ozmosis, install Clover and check if NVRAM variables are preserved after reboot, without using?EMUVariableuefi: # In Terminal:nvram -p Ozmosis can load kexts from the BIOS, which allows us to run OS X without modifying the vanilla installer. ? Now that you've read the terms and agreements, here's what you'll need: An NVRAM-writeable BIOS version. Can be found (if lucky) in a forum thread, or by trial-and-error. MMTOOL to manipulate modules inside the BIOS firmware. Ozmosis 1.01.0739M and it's associated drivers. Without a BIOS that allows access to the NVRAM, we cannot use Ozmosis for installation, but only to boot an already-installed system. First of all, you'll need to free some space in the current firmware for a successful mod. ?Check?how much free space there is in the firmware using MMTool. There is typically 7 KB free in an untouched Gigabyte BIOS.? Ozmosis will need about 570kb free space without kexts. ?To inject large amounts of kexts, you'll need to free more space. An easy way to make free space in the firmware is to compress the?COREDXE module.? Delete the default Filesystem?driver from the firmware because you'll use an enhanced version that works best with Ozmosis.? Inject?Ozmosis?and it's drivers into the firmware. ?With this, we can boot into OS X if we have FakeSMC and needed drivers in /S/L/E. To inject kexts in Ozmosis, they must first be converted to FFS format, which can be achieved using a script called?Kext2Ffs?by FredWsta and STLVNUB. ?Copy your kexts to the "Kexts" folder, run the script, and use MMTool to inject the output FFS into the firmware (compressed or uncompressed does not make a difference in functionality). ? Now we can flash this onto our motherboard and test. ? To change the SMBIOS, simply run the following commands in Terminal. ?Change the <> wrapped fields with your own SMBios.plist data:? sudo nvram 4D1FDA02-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B30102:BiosVersion=<Mac.BIOS.Version>sudo nvram 4D1FDA02-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B30102:ProductName=<MacFamily1,1>sudo nvram 4D1FDA02-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B30102:SystemSerial=<S0M3S3R14LNMBR>sudo nvram 4D1FDA02-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B30102:ProductFamily=<MacFamily>sudo nvram 4D1FDA02-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B30102:ProductId=<Mac-BoardIDHere> Enjoy! ? Credits for Ozmosis bootloader goes to?"The HermitCrab Labs" ? Credits for this post go to?xpamamadeus?@ InsanelyMac! (original)
  11. Version OZ1669M


    my rom with the newest ozmosis bootloader included plus the tools you need to create your own rom, thats saver then my rom i have deleted my serials, please create your own with cloverconfigurator champlist, whatever since u have doublebios (z77ds3h) u can flash and reset it to the defalut f9 rom if any errors google it thanx for fred from insanelymac for the apple bios pictures nvram bios write enabled happy new year
  12. Урок 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fboxk7Kie8U ? Урок 2 (подготовка файлов) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3U2xN9DNoM ? Урок 3 (прошивка BIOS) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPSmfNSvWXo ? Урок 4 (DSDT финал) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvddoKhgZ8Q ?
  13. GA-Z97X-Gaming 3?ver.F6
  14. crusher


  15. crusher


    GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 v1.0
  16. crusher

    MSI-Z97-Gaming 7

    MSI-Z97-Gaming 7
  17. crusher


    H97-Gaming3 Version 1.8
  18. crusher


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