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Found 37 results

  1. after successfully loading yosemite 10.10 boots fine EFI mounted to boot menu blah.. blahh... blahhh... now im trying to get my sound working i have tryd patching dtsd and tryd patching kexts but no success still farely new to doing this so any help from admin team will be appreciated actually help from anybody will help if it works cheers GEEKS i will be checking for any replys in the am
  2. 1,084 downloads

    Did for himself may be suitable for other models Samsung 300E4A/300E5A/300E7A/3430EA/3530EA with Realtek ALC269 The sound,headphones and microphone,fully working!!Tested on Mac OS X Yosemite. Found on this site and on others kexts and patches not worked. The sound only worked after installing VoodooHDA,but not working microphone. What was done: Did a dump from Linux,calculating Codec verb commands and PathMaps,patching XML(Platforms and layout) files and appleHDA Binary Patch. In the archive 3 files: 1.AppleHDA.kext -driver. 2.EAPDFix.kext - fix,what would after sleep was sound. 3.HDEF Layout28 Patch -patch for DSDT. Installation: 1.Delete or backup original AppleHDA.kext 2.Run Kext Utillity(if no download here http://cvad-mac.narod.ru/index/0-4 ) 3.Drag files AppleHDA.kext and EAPDFix.kext on window and wait… done! 4.Run your DSDT and apply HDEF Layout28 Patch.(If you don't know what DSDT and where to get it,then you should study the example here http://www.hackintoshosx.com/forum/54-dsdt/ ) sorry! 5.Add in Clover Configurator sections Devices-Audio-inject -28.See screenshot.(I think you know what Clover ,if you don't know,see http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/14668-guide-clover-efi-bootloader/) Warning!!! If you've updated to Yosemite 10.10.2 and the sound does not work,replace AppleHDA.kext. Good luck,I will be glad if you all work!!!
  3. I have my Optiplex GX270 desktop running Snow Leopard 10.6.7 (I think, About this Mac logs user off so I can't tell) Video resolution is not wide screen and sound does not work. I am trying to address sound on another thread. Here I want to fix my video resolution. I initially installed with ATI Radeon 9600 XT. Then perused various forums which said ATI support is dicey. Since I was stuck in 1024x768 resolution, I decided to remove the card. Installed again with Intel Video. Same difference. How do I get widescreen resolutions to show up? Specs: Pentium 4, 3 Ghz, 3 GB RAM, Intel Extreme Graphics 2. Computer also has PC speaker (which of course also does not work).
  4. Version 1.1b


    Carillon is an open source OS X app, specifically for Hackintosh machines, that plays the classic "Chime" boot sound on startup that real Macs have. A new launch daemon will be added that triggers the sound, meaning, unlike most similar apps, this one runs much earlier during the boot process, even before the login screen appears. No crappy AppleScript solution that triggers when you're already on the Desktop, and no outdated PrefPane. It has currently been tested on OS X 10.8.2 and 10.8.5, but it should work on previous and future versions as well. Please report any issues you may have. No new icons or settings will be added. Reboot your system to enjoy. There's a on YouTube. The source code is available here: https://github.com/nicoSWD/Carillon
  5. gillyns

    Realtek ALC1200

    Hello, Can someone help me getting my sound to work on Mavericks ? My sound card is a "Rekaltek ALC1200" integrated on my Asus P6T SE motherboard. I tried downloading the appropriate driver, but it is not recognized... I also tried using the working driver from OSX Lion, but it doesn't work on Mavericks. Thanks
  6. Version 2.6.7


    This patched AppleHDA enables the IDT 92HD99BXX codec on OS X Yosemite.
  7. Hey folks out there, I've got my hackintosh working on my Packard Bell EasyNote LM85 using iAtkos L1. Wifi works fine, only audio is not working. I've tried several VoodooHDA's, but every time I'm getting a kernel panic on boot (yes, I have deleted AppleHDA.kext). Does anyone has a solution for it? 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio Vendor ID 8086 Device ID 3b56 Mac OS X 10.7.4 Thanks in advance _____________ Intel Pentium P6100 Dual-Core (2,0GHz) 4GB DDR3 Memory 500GB HDD
  8. Hi does anyone know how to get hdmi sound running on intel i3 nuc dc3217by, im running latest os x yosemite 10.10.1 by N{censored} installation was straight forward and ?runs brilliantly, ive trawled the internet for answers find it very confusing not for a newbee any one have a easy solution ????
  9. Hi, I have Maverick and Yosemite Public BETA 4 but my sound is slow. I have over tested boom but the song is shift, I have over tested equalizer (Sound Flowers+AU Lab). ? I want to know if there is a easy way like DSDT edit to increase volume ? Thank you. Sans titre.tiff
  10. Plese help me, i need ALC262 ( High Definition Audio) for Maverick osx 10.9.0 on Sony vaio VPCCW1S1E? i proof other solution but my audio not function, please help meeee ?
  11. 2,301 downloads

    Yosemite brings new AppleHDA which one cant be correctly patched by Simple AppleHDA Patcher (bin-patch). Solution for masochist who still using patched AppleHDA... install this kext and add Kext-Dev flag to boot arg. 1. Open Terminal 2. Paste this into Terminal window "open /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist" 3. Add flag in correct place (look at screenshot) flag "kext-dev-mode=1" 4. Save changes. 5. Reboot DSDT/Clover Layout injection still needed. --- https://www.facebook.com/VanillaX86
  12. hey guys, ? i installed snow leopard in an asus P5GD1-VM motherboard with a GeForce 6600, booted with Nawcom Mod...all perfect, no need to edit anyhing.. now..as im a completely noob on this and my first intention in this is to test some sound software in OSX...i need to know how to crack the sound system... This motherboard as an Azalia controller... ? Well, to be honest i need a complete guide to crack the sound, since im not familiar with Mac or any of these hackintoshings... ? Sorry for my ignorance but i hope some help! ? Thanks in advance!
  13. my notebook runs 10.9.2 perfectly except the sound card VIA VT1802P,Can anybody offer me some help on this stuff?
  14. Please, I need some help about my soud card. Ever boot I got a surprise about the sound, sometines the output list has 4 Digital Audio (HDMI), another time I got 1x Speaker, 1x Line-out and 1x SPIDF, and it works fine, but I want get all outputs ever time. Anyone know any fix about it? I'm using VoodooHDA.kext 2.8.4 and already test the previous version 2.8.4 Thanks HP Notebook DV6 2137 ML 10.8.4 Intel Core i3 2.13Ghz 8 GB of DDR3 memory nVidia G105M 512MB 500 GB HDD/SSD 7200 RPM
  15. the soud is working good but i can't control it i have hp dv4-1070ee the only way to control the sound from the program it self i can't control the hole computer sound as i used on windows 7 for example please help me i just want to know if it is normal or not ? and can i mute all sound on the computer or not ? and sorry for my bad english
  16. Hi all, Not sure about that I chosen right forum, but I believe issues below related to cpu work, so I decided to post here. I got ASUS K95VM laptop with Intel Core i5 2500 MHz Ivy Bridge processor. Few months ago I successfully installed hackintosh (Mountain Lion 10.8.2) on it and since then I solved various issues and now it's working pretty stable, however couple things still bothers me. First, I found that my system clock is slowing in time, I mean when the computer works, for example, during 24 hours, I can see that clock is wrong about 3-4 minutes back, e.g. real time is 10:04 and I see 10:00. Just don't ask about System Preferences -> Date and Time -> Set date and time automatically - I know about this option and it helps for a while of course, but here's more general problem. I suspect that my processor maybe not working at full power, or I don't know... I tried setting FSB=100 and busratio=25 according to my cpu characteristics, but that didn't help. Another problem is that when I listen music or watching youtube videos the sound is initially fine, but in about a 30 seconds it starts crackling little by little and that crackling grows in time and after a minute it's hard to hear something in that noise. If I pause for a while, it gets back to normal but then again that thing repeats. I suspect that this problem is relevant to previous, though maybe not, maybe it's another problem. What I suggest is that sound desynchronize with real time and somehow that causes that effect. However, it's only suggesstion. I have VoodooHDA 2.7.3 as a sound driver, just FYI. So, any help about these issues is very appreciated, thanks in advance.
  17. Hi all On my gigabyte p67a-ud4 board there are 4 outputs and 2 inputs, also I have front panel audio (output and mic). But not all this outputs are accessible in my mac. Here is what shows audio midi setup The highlighted one is from panel audio. Second two line outputs are real surround speaker out, and rear bass/central speaker out. And thus I can't play sound with my rear frontal speaker out port, which is not shown. However I get another image in my system information. Here is it As you can see there are three categories. First devices, this list is the same as in Audio Midi Setup windows. Second Intel High Definition Audio, and this is the real image of my sound card. Third again Intel High Definition Audio, but I can figure out what is it. So somehow my hackintosh recognises that I have Intel High Definition Audio, and in system information window I can view all the inputs and outputs, but this are not accessible in my mac. So why my system information differs from Audio MIDI setup, why I can't access all the ports if MacOS recognises them? Thanks for the answers Regards Gagik
  18. Hello, since i've installed my ati radeon HD4850 graphics card (with HDMI) I don't have sound anymore. I think that there is some kind of conflict between the graphics card and the onboard audio. The audio did work before but not anymore. I've tried different kext files for my graphic card and also for the audio. I don't know what too do anymore. system: OSX mountain lion 10.8.2 intel core 2 quad q8300 ati radeon hd4850 asus p5kpl-am in/gb via vt1705
  19. Sorry about my English.. I installed N{censored} lion 10.7.2 and i have no sound!!! i can't figure it out... I found this: Fix: VoodooHDA KP (10.6.8 + 10.7.x) - Sound - InsanelyMac Forum i download what he said(voodoo loader) and still doesn't work.. Someone can help me please? By the way.. Tried to install VoodooHDA and got kernel panic. And i am noob i just don't know anything about this...
  20. Hi, my name is Gabriel, I just installed OSX ML on my pc, is not my fist time doing this, I have just one problem: my sound. First of all i have an sound blaster that is not supported, that I now don't use it anymore, I now use my onboard sound and it have one problem, I can't use volume control, I mean, I can use it but is not working it's very annoying because I always have to set up it from PCM in voodoo HDA. I have to mention that in Snow Leopard and Lion, I had the same problem, please tell me that is an solution, because I love making beats in reason and I need that volume control to work. Have a nice day!
  21. Hi I find a quiclky solution with the sound after install iAtkos ML2 on my Intel Chipset 945GC motherboard. Before, I had iAtkos L2 and sound worked well. Now after installation the sound has been lost. Audio hardware description is : IDT 92HD202 6-channel High Definition audio Codec to fix this problem you need to download a pkg (that I grabbed from iAtkos L2). here is : https://www.4shared.com/zip/6SjzGX6M/vhda273pkg.html? -unzip -put on your desktop, execute and install it. -after reboot -go to settings > sound -select 'Speakers' done! I hope this helps to someone. PD: sorry for my english, I'm from another country Thanks!
  22. Hallo Community. I installed Mac OS 10.7.2 on my HP Elitebook 8440p. To do so I created a USB-Stick with U{censored}, so no iATKOS. Installation works super-good (though I had to install like 10 times now, cause I am a noob and destroyed the system a few times, but also I learned a lot doing this ) A lot of things run out of the box (e.g. Bluetooth, Webcam...) First thing I did was updating to 10.7.4 (using the downloadable combo-update from apples page). I created my own Backup-Solution in case I ruin the system with a Kext I (as a noob) cannot remove if there is a Kernel-Panic: I used the USB-Harddisk, which has 3 Partitions: 1. OSX Install (created with U{censored}) 2. Mac OS X Backup (I mirror my Mac OS Partition on this one using "Carbon Copy Cloner") 3. Disk (Just some free space, formatted in FAT to share Files with Windows-PCs, irrelevant here..) In case the internal Mac OS has Kernel-Panic, I just boot the "Mac OS X Backup"-partition from the USB-Harddisk and clone this partition back onto the internal harddrive => Mac OS is completely restored to the last backup-point. This solution works great for me as a noob. So far so good. OSX runs. Not working (unfortunately, but at least it's not a whole lot I discovered not working until now) is: - Wifi (Broadcom 43224 AG) - Sound I tried to fix Sound following this guide from "hans6408": http://www.osx86.net/notebooks/13175-successful-install-iatkos-l2-10-7-2-hp-8440p-detailed-process-description.html The sound was working, BUT I almost couldn't boot into the system anymore because of random kernel-panics at bootup. => Does anyone have a guide to get IDT HD Audio working or Broadcom Wifi? although I know, that Wifi and Sound are weak points of Hackintoshs. THANKS A LOT FOR READING THIS!!
  23. Hello OSX Community. As stated in the title I wish to install iAtkos S3 V2 10.6.3 Snow Leopard on my Acer Aspire 5315. My laptop specs are as follows: Intel Celeron T1400 @ 1.74GHz 533MHz FSB (I want to upgrade it to a T6500, but not now) Intel GM965 running at 533 MHz FSB (allows CPU upgrade to a 800 MHz FSB, see here: Aspire 5315 CPU Step-by-Step Upgrade Guide) 3GB Ram (was 1GB, I added a 2GB ram) Intel X3100 Graphics (integrated into the chipset) Atheros AR5007 (or as olarila.com Sytem Info says: AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adaptor and has a green tick by it?!) Latest BIOS - 1.45 I have searched different forums (I don't think listing them would be necessary) and I concluded that I need to enable these settings when installing to get it working: legacy kernal (vanilla) Chameleon v2 RC5 Bootloader SATA/IDE-AHCI SATA Voodoo PS/2 (for touchpad) Voodoo Power I installed it once -just to test the sound and wireless- yet I had no sound or wireless. What do I need to do? I know that it has been done before and Kexts exist for different distro/versions but I have not found an answer to this version. Can I modify Kexts myself (I don't know much about them though)? Thanks in advance It's been over a year that I am trying to get this sorted. PS: I would like to run in x64 mode if possible EDIT:This is some more info about the sound and wireless adaptor: 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller Ven ID/Dev ID:8086/284b with a magnifying glass AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adaptor (PCI-Express) Ven ID/Dev ID:168c/001c with a green tick
  24. hello there! could anybody help me? after upgrade to 10.5.8 there´s no more sound detected on my ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe. Where to find a Kext that will work and (xcuse me ) how to fix it the wright way? thx a lot for your help
  25. How can I get my Sound Blaster Card working in snow leopard? My motherboard rear jack works but I would like to be able to use my sound card. I know people recommend using dsdt and MB{censored} and others for unsupported hardware but I know nothing about all that so Im not sure what to click and whatnot to get my card to work
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