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Found 37 results

  1. After few days my sleep does not always problem GLAN. I attach my DSDT and IOReg. DOWNLOAD ?
  2. So I've tried tweaking a lot of Clover and (UEFI) BIOS settings but I still only get 5 P-states (16 and turbos 34, 35, 36, 37) and I'm unable to put my system to sleep. When I attempt to put it to sleep: everything shuts off, a moment later the fans spin up/lights come on for a second, it shuts off again, then it boots up from the start (not waking up to where I was). ? I'm using an SSDT generated with ssdtPRGen.sh which is placed in EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched/ and I currently have SSDT/DropOEM enabled and CState/PState generation disabled (I've also experimented with enabling that, without success). I stopped using a DSDT after upgrading to UEFI a while ago, though I've recently tried experimenting with using an extracted one which doesn't seem to have fixed anything. I've attached the SSDT.dsl in case someone wants to look it over. Here are my specs and configuration: OS X version: 10.10.2Clover version: r3199CPU: i5-2500KMotherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68-MA-D2H-B3 (U1C UEFI BIOS)Mac Model(Smbios): iMac 12,2Config.plist: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"><plist version="1.0"><dict> <key>ACPI</key> <dict> <key>SSDT</key> <dict> <key>DropOem</key> <true/> <key>Generate</key> <dict> <key>CStates</key> <false/> <key>PStates</key> <false/> </dict> </dict> </dict> <key>Boot</key> <dict> <key>Arguments</key> <string>-v slide=0 kext-dev-mode=1</string> <key>DefaultVolume</key> <string>LastBootedVolume</string> <key>Timeout</key> <integer>3</integer> </dict> <key>Devices</key> <dict> <key>Audio</key> <dict> <key>Inject</key> <integer>2</integer> </dict> </dict> <key>DisableDrivers</key> <array> <string>Ps2MouseDxe</string> <string>VBoxExt2</string> <string>CsmVideoDxe</string> <string>Ps2MouseAbsolutePointerDxe</string> <string>Ps2KeyboardDxe</string> <string>VBoxExt4</string> </array> <key>GUI</key> <dict> <key>Scan</key> <dict> <key>Entries</key> <true/> <key>Legacy</key> <false/> <key>Tool</key> <true/> </dict> <key>Theme</key> <string>Yosemite</string> </dict> <key>Graphics</key> <dict> <key>Inject</key> <dict> <key>ATI</key> <false/> <key>Intel</key> <false/> <key>NVidia</key> <true/> </dict> </dict> <key>KernelAndKextPatches</key> <dict> <key>KextsToPatch</key> <array> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>AppleHDA/Realtek ALC889</string> <key>Find</key> <data> ixnUEQ== </data> <key>Name</key> <string>AppleHDA</string> <key>Replace</key> <data> iQjsEA== </data> </dict> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>AppleHDA/Resources/xml->zml</string> <key>Find</key> <data> eG1sLnps </data> <key>Name</key> <string>AppleHDA</string> <key>Replace</key> <data> em1sLnps </data> </dict> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>TRIM patch</string> <key>Find</key> <data> QVBQTEUgU1NE </data> <key>Name</key> <string>IOAHCIBlockStorage</string> <key>Replace</key> <data> AAAAAAAAAAAA </data> </dict> </array> </dict> <key>SMBIOS</key> <dict> <key>BiosReleaseDate</key> <string>10/17/11</string> <key>BiosVendor</key> <string>Apple Inc.</string> <key>BiosVersion</key> <string>IM121.88Z.0047.B1D.1110171110</string> <key>Board-ID</key> <string>Mac-942B59F58194171B</string> <key>BoardManufacturer</key> <string>Apple Inc.</string> <key>BoardSerialNumber</key> <string>REDACTED</string> <key>BoardType</key> <integer>10</integer> <key>BoardVersion</key> <string>iMac12,2</string> <key>ChassisAssetTag</key> <string>iMac-Aluminum</string> <key>ChassisManufacturer</key> <string>Apple Inc.</string> <key>ChassisType</key> <string>0x000d</string> <key>Family</key> <string>iMac</string> <key>LocationInChassis</key> <string>Part Component</string> <key>Manufacturer</key> <string>Apple Inc.</string> <key>Mobile</key> <false/> <key>ProductName</key> <string>iMac12,2</string> <key>SerialNumber</key> <string>REDACTED</string> <key>SmUUID</key> <string>REDACTED</string> <key>Trust</key> <true/> <key>Version</key> <string>1.0</string> </dict> <key>SystemParameters</key> <dict> <key>InjectKexts</key> <string>YES</string> <key>InjectSystemID</key> <true/> </dict></dict></plist> So does anyone have any ideas about how I can get power management and sleep to start working properly? I read somewhere that even official iMacs (or at least iMac 12,x) only achieve 2 p-states, is that true? I've achieved more p-states in the past, but I'm pretty sure that was on a previous OS X release like Mavericks or Mountain Lion. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and let me know if any additional information would be helpful in pinpointing the problem.
  3. Flayv

    Asus N76VZ workaround

    Hello,? ? I'm trying to understand how to patch a DSDT with my Asus N76VZ. Until now, I used to boot with an already patched DSDT found a year ago, and I can't remember where. Maybe on?http://ukrainianiphone.com/ because I called it "russian_dsdt".? ? So I already applied a lot of patch but I can't get sleep and WiFi to work.? ? ? ? Here are the problems I got :? ? - When I click the sleep button from Apple's menu, it just turns off the screen and sound, but does nothing else (even the keyboard backlight doesn't turn off). If I press Fn+F1 (Sleep shortcut), sleep seems to work but when it should turn off the fan and the power button light. With exactly the same config but with the russian DSDT, Fn+F2 work OOB (except the GUI freeze at wake up, I can only move the mouse cursor) but it doesn't from Apple's menu (it just turns the screen and sound off). ? - WiFi (AR9285) work OOB with russian DSDT (if I patch the kext because it doesn't have the DSDT patch), but does not detect any network if I use my patched DSDT with AR9285 WLAN patch from RehabMan. WiFi seems to work and searching for available network but just not detect anything. I tried with and without DSDT patch, and with and without kext patch (and with both or without both, even if it's seems useless to me). ? ? ? About the WiFi, I really don't understand because both DSDT are identical for this device. I can't get what makes the difference in the russian DSDT because some parts are really differents, for exemple, the guy who write it used a OSDW method that check if the actual OS is darwin, and used it in a lot of method I haven't in my OEM DSDT/SSDTs. Here are the patches I applied to mine :? # ? [Graphics Patches]# ? ? —> [NVidia] Disable from _INI ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(Disable Nvidia Card on startup)# ? ? —> [NVidia] Disable/Enable on _WAK/_PTS ? ? ? ?(Disable Nvidia Card on wake)# ? ? —> [intel] Rename GFX0 to IGPU ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(Rename GFX0 to IGPU for better power management)# ? ? —> [intel] HD4000 High Resolution ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (Enable HD4000 for High Res)# ? ? —> [intel] Brightness Fix ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(Enable Brightness management from OS X System Pref)## ? [Audio patches]# ? ? —> [Audio] HDEF Audio Layout 28 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (Enable audio management through layout 28)## ? [system patches]# ? ? —> [system] AC Adapter Fix ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (Enable AC Adapter to be recognised in OS X)## ? [WiFi patches]# ? ? —> [WiFi] AR9285 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(Inject AR9285 WiFi card into OS X for native support)?I also applied some patch from EmlyDynesh to get battery and keyboard to work correctly :?- Battery patch- BrightnessKeys_patch- KeyboardBacklight_patch- Optional_Fn_Key_Patches_Alt- WiFi/Bluetooth Toggle patch (4 toggles)?And some common patch from Clover boot-loader :?- Fix New Way- Fix HPET- Add MCHC- Fix SBUS- Fix Darwin- Fix RTC- Fix WAK- Add IMEI???I already tried to boot with the OEM DSDT with only disable NVidia patch, HD4000 high res patch, and clover patches, but doesn't seems to change anything about sleep or WiFi. I also tried to apply the content of SSDTs (IDE0 and IDE1 methods and devices) but didn't change anything.?I'd really like to get them to work because my actual DSDT brings a lot of improvements over the russian, like 4 levels for keyboard backlight, or the Asus specific button to work, or the battery level. Also I'd be proud having my own working DSDT? ???Less important but if anyone could answer me, that would be awesome :?I found this post :?http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/297917-enabling-gt-650m-optimus-disabled-via-bios/ I already brick a laptop (Acer V3-771G) disabling the IGPU with a modded BIOS, two years ago (today, I'm sure it won't work anymore because I burn the screen, I thought maybe I just connected the display in the wrong way but the smoke that goes out of the screen confirms me I didn't? ). Today, I know that you only can deactivate if you have a muxed connection, but I'd like to know if N76VZ is also muxed ?? Or if anyone could tell me how to test it the safer I can ??I'm an experienced user, I already broke what I had to broke, and I won't make the same mistakes I'm learning computer science since 2 years and I love hacking on Linux and OS X, I learned a lot with hackintosh and DSDT andthis is why I'm trying to fully understand how to make a complete DSDT.?Hope I didn't made too spelling mistakes in this post, I'm French ?Thanks !? If needed, here are my specs :? Software :? - OS X Yosemite 10.10.3- Clover Bootloader (revision 3202) - UEFI laptop Hardware :? - Laptop : Asus N76VZ?- Graphics : Intel HD 4000 / NVidia 650M (Optimus)- Sound : ALC 663 - Touchpad : Elan touchpad V4 hardware- WiFi : AR9285- Bluetooth : AR3011 I joined some files :?- config.plist : my actual Clover's config?- untouched_dsdt.dsl : the DSDT just extracted from Linux with ACPIDump - patched_dsdt.dsl : the DSDT I extracted patched personally- russian_dsdt.aml : the DSDT found a year ago with google (seems to be for N56VZ which is very similar)files.zip
  4. I had sleep and everything functioning fine before i switched system definitions a few times and ultimately went back to the classic Mac Pro 3,1.??Now my sleep doesn't wanna work, any ideas? I'm on 10.10.2 Yosemite Clover uefi https://vid.me/KR7q What is happening: Hackintosh sleeps the display, and the systems fans keep spinning and functioning as if the system never went into sleep, and my APPLEHDA resets when i "wake up the system" (press a key on the keyboard) as if the computer actually went to sleep
  5. I had sleep and everything functioning fine before i switched system definitions a few times and ultimately went back to the classic Mac Pro 3,1.??Now my sleep doesn't wanna work, any ideas? I'm on 10.10.2 Yosemite Clover uefi https://vid.me/KR7q What is happening: Hackintosh sleeps the display, and the systems fans keep spinning and functioning as if the system never went into sleep, and my APPLEHDA resets when i "wake up the system" (press a key on the keyboard) as if the computer actually went to sleep
  6. Hi guys, ? Context and Information:? This is my current Hackintosh build - http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/jwmann/saved/BJw6Mp ? I'm currently running 10.8.5 and using FBrotate.app as a startup item to alleviate my white screen issue to login. ? I'm trying to update to Yosemite (10.10.1) ? I've made my installer using this method:? sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/MyGUIDInstallerUSB --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app --no interactionI'm using Clover to inject my FakeSMC and other kexts. Here's my config for Clover incase that helps. - http://d.pr/n/1esKg/38AVJwdG ? How I'm booting:? I'm able to boot into the Installer, however I get a whitescreen issue and I'm not capable of doing anything. These are the usual flags that I use to boot: -v -npci=2000 -slide=0 -darkwake=1?It also boots fine without any flags. ? What I've tried:? I've tried to perform the sleep trick, however my computer doesn't seem to respond to my sleep. I'm attempting to initiate Sleep by pressing the Power button once and waiting. Holding down the Power button will initiate a Forced Hard Shutdown ? Of course the next thing I've tried is to boot the installer using the -x boot flag for Safe Mode.This doesn't boot properly and says "No Mac OS Version" and ends up restarting.I don't have the exact logs to this but I'm fairly certain the reason why Safe Mode doesn't work is because it doesn't inject the kexts needed for the boot to work properly.
  7. Hi guys, I am trying to get hackintosh working on my system. I hopefully included all logs and files needed. You can find them below the system specs: I have come from far, my original DSDT is a mess and had alot of errors probably because of my quite closed BIOS/Motherboard. In case you want to know, I extracted my DSDT with ubuntu liveUSB ? I partially fixed but there are a few issues I would like to nail(See attached log below): ? Sep 24 17:16:04 localhost kernel[0]: FireWire runtime power conservation disabled. (2) (Might be fixable: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/196359-firewire-issues/)?FIXEDSep 24 17:16:13 localhost kernel[0]: SMC::smcInitHelper ERROR: MMIO regMap == NULL - fall back to old SMC mode? FIXEDSep 24 17:16:13 localhost kernel[0]: ** AppleSMBusPCI::start failed to get acpi path for provider?FIXEDPciRoot not detect in chameleon FIXEDProper sleep: monitor/GPU doesn't wake after sleepAudioSensorsUSBMSC Identifier (non-unique): 20060413092100000 0xbda 0x181 0x8197, 2 not an errorEHCI - FIXED?I also hope if someone can take a look at my DSDT to see if I edited it correctly: ? System PC: HP - xw4600 Motherboard: HP 0AA0H, ICH9R chipset, BIOS version: 1.22 GPU: ASUS HD5770 CPU: Core2Quad Q9450@2,66Ghz WLAN: RTL8191SU LAN: Broadcom 5755 NetXtreme Gigabit RAM: 4GB DRR2 Dual-Channel with ECC SOUND: Realtek ALC262 + Firewire PCI card + DVD-RW drive + BD-drive + 9in1 Cardreader ? Logs and files: lspci output: http://pastebin.com/xSSUZ5zV dmesg: http://pastebin.com/dmQWUFzH part of system.log: http://pastebin.com/PQcq6vhE DSDT(original + my fixed version): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xjkggjec01ly632/AADrpguZpM68W9Z-_dEAbjwha/Hackintosh?dl=0 Also includes a winmerge report to see the differences yourself ? Bootflags Used: Aticonfig=Eulemur, UseKernelCache=Yes, GenerateCStates=Yes GeneratePStates=Yes PCIRootUID=1 (However 0 works too)? -v ? CPU: This one is weird, speedstepping always worked OOTB but I didn't had an scope _PR with CPU's defined in original DSDT which caused C-states + P-states not to be generated with chameleon. Modified/added a _PR scope/block to DSDT and this is fixed. However still getting a: Invalid Character Found in ProcessorOP. However before it was getting 4-8 of these Invalid Characters Found messages ? ? GPU: Works pretty good straight OOTB. QE/CI enabled. Also Tested? with COD4 and it works good but I have under windows more sensors, like voltage etc... I think it doesn't wake up properly though. ? LAN: I think it works pretty good with the opensource 5722D.kext from adlan. So nothing to add I guess ? WLAN: Works with the official 10.8 driver and utility from the realtek site. Only thing is that I don't like the utility, prefer to use the built-in settings but that's not critical. ? Sound: Works with voodooHDA, prefer native support but that's a bit hard for me at this time. ALC262 is not supported by the scripts floating around here, so all has to be done manually. For time being I resort to voodooHDA, as this isn't that critical. Clues and thoughts on this are appreciated. ? USB: USB was a bit flaky, didn't work if I booted without -f. So I had to patch my DSDT: I generally changed all device ID's to ICH10R ones, Changed internal naming so USB1 -> UHC1, etc… Removed the 0, 2, 8 IRQflags from the RTC, IPIC and TIME devices. Assigned 0, 8, 11 and 15 to HPET device. I assigned four IRQflags as in IORegisteryExplorer I saw that there were 4 values. Should only 0 and 8 be added to DSDT? and let it automagically assign the other 2? ? Anyway USB works, however if I unplug my keyboard and try to replug it. Numlock(+numlock LED light) doesn't work anymore, but I guess this is another issue and not USB related. Is this right? Also the keyboard doesn't enumurate when plugged in the usb of the card-reader. I have somehow the feeling that this keyboard is a bit flaky too as my mouse does get always enumerated, on every USB port. Also tested with SD and microSD, and these worked too. So it might be my keyboard too. ? Also can I steal the IRQ flags from the PS/2 stuff in DSDT? I don't use PS/2 keyboards or mouses? ? ? DVD/BD - Drives: DVD and BD drive works but I haven't tested burning. As I don't have BluRay-Discs so I tested a DVD and that worked. So the device itself is working I guess. ? Thanks in advance. I am not scared of doing this myself but I have absolutely no idea what's the right way of doing it. I just did what felt right and worked.
  8. Version 1.0


    Problem with alc 892 in 10.9.4x? No patch, no DSDT writing. install 1st and 2nd.
  9. Hi there! ? I'm trying to make a Hackintosh from my notebook. So far, I have launched N{censored} Mavericks, but I haven't updated it yet to the latest version (10.9.5, I think). With GE=Yes and IntelCapriFB=3, my HD4000 works.? ? CPU: i7-3630QM IGPU: Intel HD4000 (Capri) GPU: Radeon HD7670M 2GB Chipset: Intel HM76 (Chief River) RAM: 8GB LAN: Realtek RTL8168/8111 Gigabit-LAN (10/100/1000MBit)? WLAN: Atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter (b\g\n) WLAN2: TP-Link TL-WN725N V2 (working) BT: 4.0 Bluetooth? ? What's not working: Bluetooth (system shows it as Enabled, but I can't even find my Hackintosh with my phone);Power Management (not using AICPUPM nor NullCPUPM);Internal WiFi (but I'm pretty sure it won't work, so I'm using TP-Link);Discrete GPU (AFAIK my BIOS is locked, so I can't turn off IGPU; if I'm wrong - tell me more about it);Function keys (kind of; when I turn the volume up with Fn keys, it's going up, but even when I stop pressing the keys, it constantly volumes up);Display brightness (I don't even have a brightness bar in System Preferences);Sleep (instant wake up, keyboard and touchpad not working, random reboot);Webcam (I mean - it's working, but it's very dark; need some control panel to increase brightness and contrast);? My boot log: PasteBin ? Lspci: 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Device 0154 (rev 09)00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Device 0151 (rev 09)00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 0166 (rev 09)00:14.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation Device 1e31 (rev 04)00:16.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation Device 1e3a (rev 04)00:1a.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation Device 1e2d (rev 04)00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Device 1e20 (rev 04)00:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Device 1e10 (rev c4)00:1c.1 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Device 1e12 (rev c4)00:1d.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation Device 1e26 (rev 04)00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation Device 1e59 (rev 04)00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation Device 1e03 (rev 04)00:1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corporation Device 1e22 (rev 04)01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 684002:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 09)03:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. Device 0032 (rev 01)kextstat Index Refs Address Size Wired Name (Version) <Linked Against> 1 66 0xffffff7f807df000 0x8d80 0x8d80 com.apple.kpi.bsd (13.0.0) 2 6 0xffffff7f80ba8000 0x28c0 0x28c0 com.apple.kpi.dsep (13.0.0) 3 91 0xffffff7f807a8000 0x1dfb0 0x1dfb0 com.apple.kpi.iokit (13.0.0) 4 97 0xffffff7f807c6000 0xbf40 0xbf40 com.apple.kpi.libkern (13.0.0) 5 85 0xffffff7f807a5000 0x2d10 0x2d10 com.apple.kpi.mach (13.0.0) 6 36 0xffffff7f807d2000 0x7d40 0x7d40 com.apple.kpi.private (13.0.0) 7 61 0xffffff7f807da000 0x48e0 0x48e0 com.apple.kpi.unsupported (13.0.0) 8 2 0xffffff7f80bab000 0x47000 0x47000 com.apple.kec.corecrypto (1.0) <7 6 5 4 3 1> 9 0 0xffffff7f81017000 0xb000 0xb000 com.apple.kec.pthread (1) <7 6 5 4 1> 10 18 0xffffff7f80c82000 0x9000 0x9000 com.apple.iokit.IOACPIFamily (1.4) <7 6 4 3> 11 24 0xffffff7f808ba000 0x2d000 0x2d000 com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily (2.8) <7 6 5 4 3> 12 2 0xffffff7f81d59000 0x5d000 0x5d000 com.apple.driver.AppleACPIPlatform (2.0) <11 10 7 6 5 4 3 1> 13 1 0xffffff7f80bf2000 0xb000 0xb000 com.apple.driver.AppleFDEKeyStore (28.30) <8 7 6 5 4 3 1> 14 1 0xffffff7f8133d000 0x11000 0x11000 com.apple.iokit.IOReportFamily (21) <5 4 3> 15 9 0xffffff7f807e8000 0x2d000 0x2d000 com.apple.iokit.IOStorageFamily (1.9) <7 6 5 4 3 1> 16 0 0xffffff7f81405000 0x1e000 0x1e000 com.apple.driver.DiskImages (371.1) <15 7 6 5 4 3 1> 17 3 0xffffff7f8162d000 0x14000 0x14000 org.hwsensors.driver.FakeSMCKeyStore (1018) <7 5 4 3 1> 18 0 0xffffff7f81691000 0x4000 0x4000 com.coresystems.driver.DirectHW (1.3) <7 5 4 3> 19 0 0xffffff7f81b38000 0x14000 0x14000 com.apple.driver.AppleKeyStore (2) <8 7 6 5 4 3 1> 20 0 0xffffff7f81dd1000 0x8000 0x8000 org.rehabman.driver.AppleSmartBatteryManager (1.52) <10 4 3> 21 0 0xffffff7f81682000 0x5000 0x5000 org.netkas.driver.FakeSMC (1018) <17 10 7 5 4 3 1> 22 0 0xffffff7f81698000 0x4000 0x4000 org.hwsensors.driver.CPUSensors (1018) <17 7 5 4 3> 23 0 0xffffff7f80d27000 0x3000 0x3000 com.apple.security.TMSafetyNet (7) <7 6 5 4 2 1> 24 2 0xffffff7f80dab000 0x5000 0x5000 com.apple.kext.AppleMatch (1.0.0d1) <4 1> 25 1 0xffffff7f80db0000 0x14000 0x14000 com.apple.security.sandbox (278.10) <24 7 6 5 4 3 2 1> 26 0 0xffffff7f8100f000 0x7000 0x7000 com.apple.security.quarantine (3) <25 24 7 6 5 4 2 1> 27 0 0xffffff7f81dc7000 0x8000 0x8000 com.apple.nke.applicationfirewall (153) <7 6 5 4 3 1> 28 0 0xffffff7f81d2d000 0x3000 0x3000 com.apple.driver.AppleAPIC (1.7) <4 3> 29 0 0xffffff7f81a09000 0x4000 0x4000 com.apple.driver.AppleSMBIOS (2.0) <7 4 3> 30 3 0xffffff7f80c8b000 0xe000 0xe000 org.rehabman.voodoo.driver.PS2Controller (1.8.12) <10 7 5 4 3 1> 31 2 0xffffff7f812cf000 0x4000 0x4000 com.apple.iokit.IOSMBusFamily (1.1) <5 4 3> 32 0 0xffffff7f81db6000 0x7000 0x7000 com.apple.driver.AppleACPIEC (2.0) <31 12 10 5 4 3> 33 0 0xffffff7f81a66000 0x7000 0x7000 com.apple.driver.AppleRTC (2.0) <10 5 4 3 1> 34 5 0xffffff7f80bfd000 0x85000 0x85000 com.apple.iokit.IOHIDFamily (2.0.0) <13 7 6 5 4 3 2 1> 35 0 0xffffff7f81dc0000 0x4000 0x4000 com.apple.driver.AppleACPIButtons (2.0) <34 12 10 7 6 5 4 3 1> 36 1 0xffffff7f81d08000 0x5000 0x5000 com.apple.driver.AppleEFIRuntime (2.0) <7 6 5 4 3> 37 0 0xffffff7f81d0d000 0xa000 0xa000 com.apple.driver.AppleEFINVRAM (2.0) <36 7 6 5 4 3> 38 11 0xffffff7f808f8000 0x6b000 0x6b000 com.apple.iokit.IOUSBFamily (650.4.4) <11 7 5 4 3 1> 39 0 0xffffff7f81668000 0x1a000 0x1a000 net.osx86.kexts.GenericUSBXHCI (1.2.7) <38 11 7 5 4 3> 40 3 0xffffff7f815e3000 0x19000 0x19000 com.apple.iokit.IOAHCIFamily (2.6.0) <5 4 3 1> 41 0 0xffffff7f81d32000 0x1a000 0x1a000 com.apple.driver.AppleAHCIPort (2.9.5) <40 11 5 4 3 1> 42 0 0xffffff7f811b7000 0x18000 0x18000 com.apple.driver.AppleUSBEHCI (650.4.1) <38 11 7 5 4 3 1> 43 0 0xffffff7f81142000 0x1d000 0x1d000 com.apple.driver.AppleUSBXHCI (650.4.3) <38 11 7 5 4 3 1> 44 5 0xffffff7f80dc4000 0x34000 0x34000 com.apple.iokit.IONetworkingFamily (3.2) <7 6 5 4 3 1> 45 0 0xffffff7f80fd2000 0x34000 0x34000 com.lnx2mac.driver.RealtekRTL81xx (0.0.90) <44 11 5 4 3 1> 46 0 0xffffff7f81641000 0x15000 0x15000 org.hwsensors.driver.GPUSensors (1018) <17 11 10 7 5 4 3> 47 0 0xffffff7f81a28000 0x33000 0x33000 com.apple.driver.AppleRTL8169Ethernet (1.1.4a5) <44 11 5 4 3 1> 48 0 0xffffff7f81136000 0x3000 0x3000 com.apple.iokit.IOUSBUserClient (650.4.4) <38 7 5 4 3 1> 49 0 0xffffff7f81199000 0x17000 0x17000 com.apple.driver.AppleUSBHub (650.4.4) <38 5 4 3 1> 50 0 0xffffff7f81781000 0x9000 0x9000 com.apple.BootCache (35) <7 6 5 4 3 1> 51 0 0xffffff7f81cf9000 0x4000 0x4000 com.apple.AppleFSCompression.AppleFSCompressionTypeZlib (1.0.0d1) <6 4 3 2 1> 52 0 0xffffff7f81cff000 0x3000 0x3000 com.apple.AppleFSCompression.AppleFSCompressionTypeDataless (1.0.0d1) <7 6 4 3 2 1> 53 0 0xffffff7f81d04000 0x2000 0x2000 com.apple.driver.AppleFileSystemDriver (3.0.1) <15 4 3> 54 0 0xffffff7f81609000 0x17000 0x17000 com.apple.iokit.IOAHCIBlockStorage (2.4.0) <40 15 6 5 4 3 1> 55 3 0xffffff7f80878000 0x31000 0x31000 com.apple.iokit.IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily (3.6.0) <5 4 3 1> 56 0 0xffffff7f815fc000 0xd000 0xd000 com.apple.iokit.IOAHCISerialATAPI (2.6.0) <55 40 5 4 3 1> 57 0 0xffffff7f818c0000 0x3000 0x3000 com.apple.driver.XsanFilter (404) <15 5 4 3 1> 58 0 0xffffff7f80cae000 0x6000 0x6000 org.rehabman.voodoo.driver.PS2Keyboard (1.8.12) <34 30 7 6 5 4 3 1> 59 0 0xffffff7f80c99000 0xb000 0xb000 org.rehabman.voodoo.driver.PS2Trackpad (1.8.12) <34 30 7 6 5 4 3 1> 60 0 0xffffff7f80ca8000 0x4000 0x4000 org.rehabman.voodoo.driver.PS2Mouse (1.8.12) <34 30 5 4 3> 61 0 0xffffff7f812e9000 0x7000 0x7000 com.apple.iokit.SCSITaskUserClient (3.6.0) <55 15 5 4 3 1> 62 3 0xffffff7f812f4000 0x11000 0x11000 com.apple.iokit.IOCDStorageFamily (1.7.1) <15 5 4 3 1> 63 2 0xffffff7f81305000 0xe000 0xe000 com.apple.iokit.IODVDStorageFamily (1.7.1) <62 15 5 4 3 1> 64 1 0xffffff7f81313000 0xc000 0xc000 com.apple.iokit.IOBDStorageFamily (1.7) <63 62 15 5 4 3 1> 65 0 0xffffff7f8131f000 0x1e000 0x1e000 com.apple.iokit.IOSCSIMultimediaCommandsDevice (3.6.0) <64 63 62 55 15 5 4 3 1> 66 0 0xffffff7f80969000 0x7000 0x7000 com.apple.driver.AppleUSBComposite (650.4.0) <38 4 3 1> 67 7 0xffffff7f8134e000 0xa000 0xa000 com.apple.driver.IOPlatformPluginFamily (5.5.1d27) <10 7 6 5 4 3> 68 4 0xffffff7f81358000 0x11000 0x11000 com.apple.driver.AppleSMC (3.1.6d1) <10 7 5 4 3> 69 1 0xffffff7f81369000 0x11000 0x11000 com.apple.driver.X86PlatformPlugin (1.0.0) <68 67 38 10 7 6 5 4 3 1> 70 1 0xffffff7f81387000 0x14000 0x14000 com.apple.driver.IOPlatformPluginLegacy (1.0.0) <67 10 7 6 5 4 3> 71 0 0xffffff7f8139b000 0x10000 0x10000 com.apple.driver.ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin (1.0.0) <70 68 67 11 10 7 6 5 4 3> 72 7 0xffffff7f813b2000 0x43000 0x43000 com.apple.iokit.IOGraphicsFamily (2.3.6) <11 7 5 4 3 1> 73 1 0xffffff7f813f5000 0x10000 0x10000 com.apple.iokit.IONDRVSupport (2.3.6) <72 11 7 5 4 3> 74 0 0xffffff7f81a06000 0x3000 0x3000 com.apple.driver.AppleSMBusPCI (1.0.12d1) <11 5 4 3> 75 1 0xffffff7f80cb6000 0x11000 0x11000 com.apple.kext.OSvKernDSPLib (1.14) <5 4> 76 2 0xffffff7f80cc7000 0x37000 0x37000 com.apple.iokit.IOAudioFamily (1.9.4fc11) <75 5 4 3 1> 77 0 0xffffff7f80cfe000 0x21000 0x21000 org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA (2.8.4) <76 11 7 5 4 3> 78 2 0xffffff7f81c36000 0x6000 0x6000 com.apple.AppleGraphicsDeviceControl (3.4.12) <7 6 5 4 3 1> 79 2 0xffffff7f81b53000 0x72000 0x72000 com.apple.iokit.IOAcceleratorFamily2 (98.7.1) <72 11 7 6 5 4 3 1> 80 0 0xffffff7f81c3c000 0x57000 0x57000 com.apple.driver.AppleIntelFramebufferCapri (8.1.8) <79 78 72 11 10 7 6 5 4 3 1> 81 0 0xffffff7f81caa000 0x3000 0x3000 com.apple.driver.AppleHWAccess (1) <7 5 4 3> 82 0 0xffffff7f8168b000 0x5000 0x5000 com.apple.Dont_Steal_Mac_OS_X (7.0.0) <68 7 4 3 1> 83 0 0xffffff7f81b30000 0x3000 0x3000 com.apple.driver.AppleLPC (1.7.0) <67 11 5 4 3> 84 0 0xffffff7f81382000 0x3000 0x3000 com.apple.driver.AppleSMCPDRC (1.0.0) <67 11 6 4 3> 85 0 0xffffff7f814c2000 0xad000 0xad000 com.apple.iokit.IOBluetoothFamily (4.2.0f6) <38 14 7 5 4 3 1> 86 1 0xffffff7f81ae7000 0x11000 0x11000 com.apple.driver.AppleSMBusController (1.0.11d1) <31 11 10 5 4 3> 87 0 0xffffff7f81af8000 0xd000 0xd000 com.apple.driver.AppleMCCSControl (1.1.12) <86 72 11 10 7 5 4 3 1> 88 1 0xffffff7f812bb000 0x14000 0x14000 com.apple.iokit.IOSurface (91) <7 5 4 3 1> 89 0 0xffffff7f81bc5000 0x4c000 0x4c000 com.apple.driver.AppleIntelHD4000Graphics (8.1.8) <88 79 72 11 7 5 4 3 1> 90 0 0xffffff7f814a1000 0x1d000 0x1d000 com.apple.iokit.IOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport (4.2.0f6) <38 11 10 7 5 4 3 1> 91 0 0xffffff7f81115000 0x7000 0x7000 com.apple.iokit.IOUserEthernet (1.0.0d1) <44 6 5 4 3 1> 92 0 0xffffff7f81797000 0x5000 0x5000 com.apple.driver.AudioAUUC (1.60) <76 72 11 10 7 5 4 3 1> 93 0 0xffffff7f80df8000 0x12c000 0x12c000 com.realtek.driver.RTL8188EU (1007) <44 38 5 4 3 1> 94 1 0xffffff7f812d8000 0x11000 0x11000 com.apple.iokit.IOSerialFamily (10.0.7) <7 6 5 4 3 1> 95 0 0xffffff7f81491000 0xa000 0xa000 com.apple.iokit.IOBluetoothSerialManager (4.2.0f6) <94 7 5 4 3 1> 96 1 0xffffff7f80d54000 0x5000 0x5000 com.apple.kext.triggers (1.0) <7 6 5 4 3 1> 97 0 0xffffff7f8178c000 0x9000 0x9000 com.apple.filesystems.autofs (3.0) <96 7 6 5 4 3 1> 98 0 0xffffff7f81022000 0x3000 0x3000 com.paceap.kext.pacesupport.snowleopard (5.9.1) <7 5 4 3 1> 99 0 0xffffff7f8137a000 0x6000 0x6000 com.apple.driver.X86PlatformShim (1.0.0) <69 68 67 7 4 3> 100 0 0xffffff7f81abd000 0x4000 0x4000 com.apple.driver.ApplePlatformEnabler (2.0.9d1) <7 5 4 3> 101 0 0xffffff7f81cdf000 0x12000 0x12000 com.apple.driver.AGPM (100.14.11) <78 73 72 67 11 5 4 3> 102 0 0xffffff7f81df1000 0x28000 0x28000 com.paragon-software.filesystems.ntfs (100) <7 5 4 1> 103 0 0xffffff7f81e19000 0x1f000 0x1f000 org.pqrs.driver.Karabiner (10.2.0) <34 5 4 3 1> 104 0 0xffffff7f81e38000 0x5000 0x5000 com.apple.macos.driver.AppleUSBEthernetHost (7.0) <44 38 5 4 3 1>DSDT, SSDT, org.chameleon.Boot.plist and smbios.plist: Dropbox folder ? I'll be very grateful for any kind of help and advice!
  10. I have lenovo g580. intel hd3000 nvdia 630m 2gb intel core i3 2328m ? Have some problems with wi-fi (can't check the model it says that it is just broadcom in windows). Maybe somebody have kext's or any ideas. Can't spoof mac address of ethernet card. Sleep doesn't work properly. Mac boots for 2 minutes. Sometimes have artifacts but resolution is fine brightness control doesn't work at all ? If you have any ideas i would be very thankful?
  11. Hi! I installed N{censored} (Mavericks) on my laptop and it works just fine. I had only to fix WiFi. But there is one problem: it doesn't want to go into sleep mode. I tried all three modes (fast, save etc.), but nothing helps. Laptop just turns off the screen and keeps doing something with hard drive?infinitely. ? So I'm wondering, is there a way to determine the reason of this issue? I searched for it in logs, but didn't find anything relevant. Any suggestions? ? Specs: ? i5 Sandy Bridge Intel HM65 Express Intel HD 3000 (the only?graphics?card)
  12. hi all, ? a couple of week ago I was able to install Hackintosh-Mavericks 10.9.2 on a Samsung NP530U3B Ultrabook laptop. Thanks m.gbt for the guide on this forum (http://www.osx86.net/topic/20310-guide-uefi-mavericks-1092-on-samsung-np530u3b-laptop/) because after some issues it WORKED!? ? One hardware thing I did differently from the guide is that I replaced the original wifi card (not mackintosh compatible). In stead of using an WiFi USB ?adaptor, I bought and installed an?Atheros AR5B95 mini PCI-E adaptor and after installing the AirPortAtheros40.kext the WiFi worked.? ? But unfortunately, I keep on running into the same wifi-after-sleep problem over and over again: going into sleep-mode, it seems that the hardware is powering off the wifi card, since the small LED on the left-front side goes out and does nor re-light again after the system awakens. The system utility->network->wifi indicator is saying it is has status ‘on’ but is showing a yellow bulb. Turning wifi off and on again doe NOT solve the problem, it looks like the power-connection to the wifi adapter broke down and is not re-set after the awake. The LED on front is nor re-lightned and wifi does not work anymore. The system needs a shutdown and re-start to get wifi working again ? any ideas how to solve this? Caren
  13. Hi everyone! I've managed to get nearly everything working on my hackintosh, except for sleep and (probably) power management. Everytime I try to set my pc to sleep it turns off for 2 seconds, then "tries" to turn on two times (the fans start a bit and stop), and then on the third it boots but freezes on the asus logo (bios). I have to reboot after that. It looks kind of like a car engine trying to start. Also when I run HWMonitor (comes with multi beast) I can only see my HDD temp. Specs Motherboard: Asus P8H77-M CPU: i5 3540 Video: Nvidia (Asus) GTX 650 OS: 10.8.4 Installed through U{censored}+MB{censored} Bios hasn't been flashed Not using a DSDT (couldn't find one for my mobo?) Using patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement from MB{censored} Using patched AppleACPIPlatform.kext that I found on these forums Boots with GraphicsEnabler=no (but gfx work great) Things I've tried I've tried changing the hibernate mode to 0,1,3 and 5. No change (mode 3 with darkwake=10 made it power off completely). Setting darkwake=10 in chimera. Setting USBBusFix=yes. No change on these. Also tried SleepEnabler.kext. Didn't change anything. I've read somewhere about flashing my bios to unlock it, but I'd like to keep it as a last resource. Power isn't super reliable here, and I really don't want to brick a brand new mobo:(. I don't know what else to try, any ideas?
  14. As many know, those have come from world Windows/Linux, Hibernate mode has helped a lot when we want to avoid the wear on our notebooks, besides which the system always wakes up faster, and we can still leave some open applications when we turn to the PC all already ready. ? And on OS X, unfortunately that option does not exist natively, there is a similar, which is the Sleep mode, what does it do? ? Your Mac will immediately sleep when you do any of the following, regardless of your Energy Saver preference settings: Choose Sleep from the Apple () menuClick Sleep after pressing the power keyClose the lid of a portable Mac What happens when the Mac goes to sleep (not just into idle mode or display sleep)? On all Macs: The microprocessor goes into a low-power modeVideo output is turned off, and a connected display may turn off or enter its own idle stateApple-supplied hard disks spin down; third-party hard disks may spin downOn portable Macs: The Ethernet port turns off, if applicable (see note below)Expansion card slots turn offThe built-in modem, if present, turns off (see note below)An AirPort card, if present, turns off (see note below)The USB ports only responds to the power key on an external keyboard (see below)The optical media drive, if present, spins downAudio input and output turns offKeyboard illumination, if a feature of your portable computer, turns offA computer uses considerably less power when in sleep mode than when awake. The computer will continue to power RAM in sleep mode, so that whatever was in RAM when the computer went to sleep will still be there when the computer wakes. This also means that computers with more RAM use slightly more power in sleep mode. ? When the Hack is properly set up to run the sleep, with all necessary patches already applied in DSDT and SSDT correct, ie when the Hack power management and Chameleon/Clover are all correct, Sleep will work.? ? Hibernate? ? As we know how sleep works, let's go for Hibernate.? As I said the Hibernate does not exist in real Macs, so this really is a feat in the world Hack. ? What do you need?? Notes:? In this article, "Mac Laptop" refers to the Mac with integrated monitor and keyboard as the MacBook or MacBook Pro? ? Since version 2514 the Sleep/Wake function is working.? Hibernate mode works natively in Legacy, but you can also use UEFI.? Works from OS X 10.9.1 up. (Does not work with OS X 10.9.0)? Don’t work with Chameleon. We have news that there is success in UEFI mode with OS X 10.7.5, if you work with another version, let us know if you test.? This guide worked for me in version 10.9.2/3/4 ? Let's make this method with Clover installed in the root, Legacy? ? 1?- Last version of Clover installed -?Download here. [it is recommended to do this using version 2513 or latest] ? 2?- Find out which method is being using in your Hack, with this command: pmset -g | grep hibernatemode3?- To Hibernate mode to operate properly, run this in Terminal: sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 294?- Put your OS X to Sleep, after 1 minute your system will shut down completely. 5?- Press the (On/Off) power button 6?- Now the boot screen of Clover (GUI) will appear -?Note that this must be written (Hibernated) ? ? 7?- If you put your system to start with countdown (e.g: 5 secs, 10 secs) do nothing, the system will start in Hibernate mode.? 8?- But if you have no countdown, press ENTER on the partition that you have enabled the Hibernate.? 9?- Now this loading screen will appear, about 10 seconds. ? ? And?Voila!?Go your login screen appears, enter your password (if any) and ready, Hibernate mode works.? ? 10?- If you want to start in normal mode, or if you have a problem, check in Clover (GUI) screen and press SPACE, and select?"Cancel hibernate wake."? But if you still have problems, run this in Terminal: sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0With this command, the Sleep mode back to native way. ? ? ? Let's make this method with Clover UEFI.? ? Follow steps 1-5. (Above)? Understand my friends to work in UEFI mode is not easy, requires several, yes several tests.? ? See an example of the user?droplets?(ProjectOSX forum) ,similar to mine, but with different configurations: ? ? On my machine works like this:? Version of Clover:?2747.? Laptop Lenovo G480?- OS X 10.9.2/3/4 Mavericks? Arguments Used:?Slide = 100? Hibernate:?Used hibernatemode = 29 Drivers64 UEFI:?DataHubDxe-64.efi,?FSInject-64.efi,?HFSPlus.efi, OsxFatBinaryDrv-64.efi,?EmuVariableUefi, não foi necessario o driver OsxAptioFixDrv.efi. ? But maybe someone has any doubts:?Can I use these same drivers you used?? Answer:?Yes and No, why? See when using the UEFI mode, each driver that is important for the required loading of various BIOS (Gigabyte, H20 Insyde etc...). See which combination is right for you:?Troubleshooting UEFI Boot by dmazar ? And these various numbers, in command and arguments? This is you who will test after, I tried many, these were the ones that have given the best results. ? And now, how do we know if it works?? ? 1?- The phrase (hibernated) must appear on the boot screen, and show the loading bar. ? 2?- Let marked on your config.plist this option: ? After the system came back, go EFI> CLOVER> misc, and open the debug.log file, and check these lines: 32:460 0:032 PrepareHibernation:32:580 0:119 read prefs \Library\Preferences\SystemConfiguration\com.apple.PowerManagement.plist status=Success32:597 0:017 SleepImage name from pref = \private\var\vm\sleepimage32:613 0:015 returning previously calculated offset: 32C82A00032:629 0:015 SleepImageOffset: 32C82A00032:644 0:015 02 01 0C 00 D0 41 08 0A 00 00 00 00 01 01 06 00 | .....A..........33:180 0:535 02 1F 03 12 0A 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 04 04 18 00 | ................33:730 0:550 33 00 32 00 43 00 38 00 32 00 41 00 30 00 30 00 | 3.2.C.8.2.A.0.0.34:262 0:531 30 00 00 00 7F FF 04 00 | 0.......34:668 0:405 boot-image before: PcieRoot(0x0)\Pci(0x1F,0x2)\Sata(0x0,0x0,0x0)\32C82A000If so, congratulations your Hibernate is working. ? I can report that here everything is working perfectly. Both in UEFI as Legacy ? See the official post from Clover -?Clover Instructions? If you encounter problems, see the official post on the?hibernating mode in ProjectOSX.? ? NOTE:?Many have had success using the 29 mode, but if it does not work, try using the 21 way, or another. sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 21 Bonus. ? A quick explanation about this commands: ? pmset -a hibernatemode 0?will save sleepimage only to?RAM, this will be?Sleep only. ? pmset?-a hibernatemode 1?will save sleepimage only to?Disk, this will be a kind of?"Soft"?Hibernation. ? pmset?-a hibernatemode 3?will save sleepimage to?RAM AND Disk, this will be?Safe Sleep,?first the system will Sleep and later Hibernate. ? pmset?-a hibernatemode 25?will save sleepimage only to?Disk and Remove Power from RAM and some more devices, this will be?"Real"?Hibernation. ? What commands the way that OS X will Sleep/Hibernate, is one of the commands above, there is no "Hibernate" option in OS X like you can see in Windows and you have to choose always Sleep at the "Apple" logo of your MenuBar... ? To have sure that your sleepimage isn't corrupted, run the command below... sudo rm -rf /private/var/vm/sleepimageA new sleepimage will be generated at the next time the system goes to sleep... ? All the thanks go to:?Dmazar, Slice and Kyndder.? ?
  15. On EVERY Hack I've built using an NVIDIA discrete graphics card, I get, 100% of the time, the dreaded freeze: ? • kernel: NVDA(OpenGL): Channel timeout! ? or Channel exception. ? 100% of the time! ? I've NEVER had ANY success solving this. In the countless searching I've done, all I get is maniacs who post their whole freaking logs and dumps, or tons of people who say, "Yeah, I have this same problem." ? I've upgraded, downgraded and disabled the CUDA kext, but none of those makes any difference. I added the device ID to the AGPM kext. No difference again. I've tried different boot flags but to no avail. It's not a RAM issue either, BTW. ? Anyone have a WORKING fix for this idiotic, eternal error? ? Here are the specs for this particular rig. ? ? TIA for any meaningful input.
  16. Version 2.0


    Hello people here once the pack for Lenovo IdeaPad U510 Is installed as follows: Customize the stick with MyHack install Remove plate Install boot loader with MyHack set up extra All extensions just install the kext wizard Rights and cache fixed Install the plate and start amazed =) Support for German: http://hackintosh-forum.de/index.php?page=Thread&postID=89754#post89754 Touchpad is at first start Mouse 2 cend start You need a USB Mouse for Set Up the Trackpad =) Install from the voodooHDA installer from the .dmg for Working Sound. What don´t work: Sound+Microphone Brightness Sleep LAN Turbo Boost For Turbo Boost You need the DSDT and SSDT Installer! Sound out by HDMI Card Reader .... I Updated this Big Thanks to "Mikoman " And "gummifisch" from German Forum (Hackintosh-Forum.de)
  17. Hi, I can go to sleep when I close my laptop, But when I use Fn+F4 (sleep button), my laptop don't go to sleep but shutdown.
  18. I have dual monitor hooked up to my HD6870, one is Apple Cinema using mini DP, another one is 22" Dell using DVI. Works fine, but I notice one thing. Apple cinema flickers once a while after wake, but dell monitor doesn't so I wonder what it would be causing this. ? When I unplug Apple Cinema and re connect, then the flicker goes away. ? Any idea? ? ? Thanks in advance.
  19. I have been searching to find a solution but not successful so I am posting it here. I have z68ap-d3 board which i don't have problem with sleep wake until 10.8.5. but ever since Maverick , i have a new problem. the system will go to sleep and wake fine on first sleep. but it will reboot on wake on second sleep. i had fusion drive, so reinstalled but find same, so i even deleted fusion drive and installed on single SSD but still does same thing. my board is pretty common and i am sure there are many z68 with i5-2500k users out there but i find it strange nobody seems to have an issue i am having. Am i the only one with this problem?
  20. I'm trying to boot up a bootable iAtkos S3 v2 10.6.8 USB installer on my flash drive. Restored the ISO image to it in VMware, installed chameleon bootloader with Chameleon Wizard. Getting stuck on a screen that looks like this: ? usbf appleusbohci checksleepcapability controller will be unloaded across sleep (check sleep capability) ? tried booting with multiple options, even installed kexts on it with Kext Wizard, they were IOUSBFamily.kext and?IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext, no luck. I'm set to use AHCI SATA on my BIOS, legacy usb support is enabled, if disabled USB is disabled, even trackpad, keyboard, etc. I did this because I figured out that it was much more easier to install kexts on a USB drive. Same thing happens with CD, hash verified ISO, multiple disks. In VMware Workstation 10 Linux, VMware Tools are working fine, installed all updates, 10.6.8, using Nawcom's Legacy Kernel 10.6.8 Darwin 10.8.0 Here is my system specs: ? [LAPTOP MODEL] Toshiba Satellite L505D-GS6000 (About 2009/2010 Version, Maybe :3) o.o [AMD/ATI]?VESA: RS880M (AMD Mobility Radeon 4225/4250) [AMD/ATI] SB7x0/SB8x0/SB9x0 SATA Controller [AHCI mode][AMD/ATI] SB7x0/SB8x0/SB9x0 USB OHCI0 Controller[AMD/ATI] SB7x0 USB OHCI1 Controller[AMD/ATI] SB7x0/SB8x0/SB9x0 USB EHCI Controller[AMD/ATI] SB7x0/SB8x0/SB9x0 USB OHCI0 Controller[AMD/ATI] SB7x0 USB OHCI1 Controller[AMD/ATI] SB7x0/SB8x0/SB9x0 USB EHCI Controller[AMD/ATI] SBx00 SMBus Controller[AMD/ATI] SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)[AMD/ATI] SB7x0/SB8x0/SB9x0 LPC host controller[AMD] Turion II Dual-Core Mobile M500 × 2[AMD] Family 10h Processor HyperTransport Configuration[AMD] Family 10h Processor Address Map[AMD] Family 10h Processor DRAM Controller[AMD] Family 10h Processor Miscellaneous Control[AMD] Family 10h Processor Link Control[AMD] RS880 Host Bridge[Realtek] RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller[Realtek] RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller?Any patched kexts or DTDT's available?Any help or kext download links are greatly appreciated How would I make my DSDT? Find hardware ID's? If so, how would I do this, (I'm running Ubuntu right now :S)
  21. Ok i successfully installed OSX 10.8.2 from IATKOS so i updated to 10.8.4 it was successful install in installed SleepEnabler.kext with KB{censored} and i restarted to i typed in GraphicsEnabler=NO and it boots ok then it goes to the white screen and i press the power button and the monitor turns off but the fans keep going and it still stays on then i press it again and it wont turn on still blank screen i dont know what to do is 10.8.3 the only one working?:mad:
  22. This description refers exclusively on my system and the motherboard 'P8Z77-V PRO'! Originally I thought my system runs perfectly. Then I wanted to try to sleep. Result: Sleep -> No sleepimage -> No wake up! So I installed 'sleepenabler.kext'. Now the 'sleepimage' file was written, but the computer woke up again immediately after sleep. A good friend gave me the tip, ask help in the "DSDT patch requests" on olarila.com. He said that the problem is on USB3.0. But even after the patch, followed by the sleep, the system still waked directly. So I tested different settings in the bios. (dsdt is patched by olarila! My own dsdt does not work!) Following adjustment brought success: BIOS settings for USB3 USB 3.0 controller -> Enabled! Asmedia USB 3.0 controller (front) -> Disabled! Asmedia USB 3.0 controller (rear) -> Disabled! Error messages in the log was fixed with the install of 'GenericUSBXHCI_1.1.6': Update: Hackintosh GenericUSBXHCI V 1.2.1 Updated - Downloads - OSx86.net GenericUSBXHCI USB 3.0 driver for OS X with source - Other Peripheral Devices - InsanelyMac Forum Now I have USB 3.0 and sleep works! That is my success story. Best of luck! Thm.
  23. When I try to put my Hac to sleep, the display goes dark. When I hit a keyboard key, the num-lock light comes on, but then nothing. I have the correct DSDT installed, and I do not have the official Realtek network driver installed (read that it causes sleep probs.). I put my Hac to sleep a 4:57:00 and hit the keyboard key at 4:58:00. Logs: 6/13/12 4:57:11.981 PM mDNSResponder: Failed to register with SPS, now sending goodbyes 6/13/12 4:57:11.992 PM powerd: PMScheduleWakeEventChooseBest: m=7200.00 s=0.00 a=0.00 6/13/12 4:57:11.993 PM powerd: PM scheduled RTC wake event: MaintenanceImmediate inDelta=7200.00 6/13/12 4:57:11.993 PM powerd: Clients requested wake events: [pid=36 request=Maintenance inDelta=7199.999809] What could cause this?
  24. Hi, I made myself a Clover r1198 USB stick in UEFI mode, which can boot my Mountain Lion installation on my HDD without any problem, sleep works also. Today I cloned my installation with Carbon Copy Cloner on a Samsung SSD 840 Pro, and the sleep isn't working. It gets a kernel panic or simply shuts down. What I don't understand is, why I can sleep fine from my HDD but not from the SSD which is a 1:1 clone of it. Does anybody have a idea, what the problem could be? Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi everyone Dunno why but now, after trying to fix my sleep and speedstep i see this in my apple menu obviously i've tried pressing the power button and clicking stop but nothing happens... this is the mess: i'm using a 10.8.3 on an Asus N53JL i5 460m Arrandale Cpu i don't have any sleep enabler, but i'm using a patched aicpupm and got speedstep Fixed DSDT Hope someone knows what happened and can help thx P.s. i'm attaching a full darwindumper report so you can check the big mess XD [ATTACH]4611[/ATTACH] DarwinDumper_2.4.9_Chameleon_2.2_ML_Asus 2.zip
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