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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, what's up? I just got my Dell Latitude E6420 for christmas and almost have it fully working on N{censored} Yosemite 10.9. Everything is working seamlessly except the audio and pointing devices. (Touchpad, TrackPoint) I've tried VoodooHDA for the audio and it doesn't work. When I delete Voodoo, I get audio, but the volume is always at full blast no matter what. For the touchpad, it never works, and if I attempt to use the track point, it glitches all over the screen. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 2520M 2.5ghz RAM: 10GB DDR3 1033mhz HDD: 250GB Hitachi 5400RPM LCD: 1366x768 HD Display GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 If you need any other info, ask. I really hope I can get this fixed =)
  2. 535 downloads

    VoodooPS2Controller for ALPS Device with ID E7=0x73 0x03 0x50, EC=0x73 0x02 0x02. Work on my laptop with multouch. I compiled it from: https://github.com/radut/OS-X-Voodoo-PS2-Controller/tree/alps_v6
  3. Version 2.0


    Hello people here once the pack for Lenovo IdeaPad U510 Is installed as follows: Customize the stick with MyHack install Remove plate Install boot loader with MyHack set up extra All extensions just install the kext wizard Rights and cache fixed Install the plate and start amazed =) Support for German: http://hackintosh-forum.de/index.php?page=Thread&postID=89754#post89754 Touchpad is at first start Mouse 2 cend start You need a USB Mouse for Set Up the Trackpad =) Install from the voodooHDA installer from the .dmg for Working Sound. What don´t work: Sound+Microphone Brightness Sleep LAN Turbo Boost For Turbo Boost You need the DSDT and SSDT Installer! Sound out by HDMI Card Reader .... I Updated this Big Thanks to "Mikoman " And "gummifisch" from German Forum (Hackintosh-Forum.de)
  4. Hi, I've successfully installed SL 10.6.4 on my Asus 1000HE But the trackpad (touchpad?) is not working. Have to connect an external usb mouse. I'm afraid of kernel panic and to do the installation process all over again, so I post a question here; how can I get the trackpad to work? and not so important: how can I get the sound work? (there's no sound...)
  5. I am a noob, so anyone helping me please help me in details, im very very new to this. my problem is that I created the bootable USB and b0oted from it, after I select the usb drive the loading screen appears with the iATKos apple logo, but it gets stuck there forever, I tried the -v flag and found out that the problem is with the PS2 keyboard and Alps touchpad, I've tried different bootflags such as -ncpi=0x3000 but th it gets stuck in the alps touchpad. there is some kind of error like using blah blah . in 80000000. My laptop is dell inspiron 5520 with ivy bridge i5 processor. my touch pad is Dell Touchpad from ELANtech. can anyone please help me, what should I do now, or can it even be fixed.
  6. I have installed Mac Os lion with iatkos l1 following this guide Lenovo B570 - InsanelyMac Forum I followed everything but my trackpad still doesn't work. I asked the question on the other forum but I didnt recieve a response. I need my trackpad to work, currently im using a usb mouse. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi, As I think ( I hope) I'm not the only one making a Hackintosh out of a Lenovo W700, The install is meant without any Mac to help (No way to build an image or such) Here is a thread of how it went and how it is going so far .... 1st of all, I bought a DVD of OSX Lion. Put it in, ... didn't work. I then tried ... I then tried ... I then downloaded (I have a T61 running Suse12) iAtkos2 (Lion). It sort of worked. (I've had to repartition my entire disk, get a USB mouse and a USB keyboard, no Internet connection, but at least it switch on and I have the menu on the screen) edit: As of yesterday, I've erased Iatkos and now use a full clean MAc Lion installation file ... and it works !! (U{censored} + MB{censored})
  8. Hello guys. Im trying to install the mac os in a Sony Vaio Vgn-ns21z,with iATKOS i5 all the progress run ok. After some boot problems finaly i make it to work....... usb-ok dvd pioneer-ok wwlan-sitecom usb ok(external) motion eye cam-ok But...... Dont work the keyboard n touchpad (ps2 external keyboard work fine) sd card slot-dont work i dont have batery informations. sound card dont work Resolution is 1024x780 (Ati mobility radeon HD 3430 with res.1920x1080) vga output dont work....... Those are with the first look problems. Sony Vaio Vgn-ns21z specs: Processor - Type Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 @ 2,4 GHz,ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3430,Chipset: Intel GM45, Drive Form Factor: 2.5",Drive Interface: SATA,320 GB-5400,5 rpm- AD-7560S Maximum Memory: 4096MB Thanks for your time.
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