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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, I have a working Hackintosh (Mavericks 10.9) in my Laptop "ASUS X550LD-XX082D". OS X:?Mavericks 10.9 Model:?ASUS X550LD CPU:?Intel Core i7 4500U GPU:?Nvidia GeForce GT 820M - 2GB RAM:?8GB AUDIO: Intel High Definition (RealTek ALC233) Wi-Fi:?Qualcomm?Atheros AR9565 (AR956X) I installed the OS using "xpcm-free -v" and It worked, OS X Mavericks Boots without any boot flags. Intel HD Graphics, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Keyboard, TrackPad, USB 3.0 Devices works perfect. The problems are with the Audio and Wi-Fi Devices. Here are the screenshots from my Hackintosh: Wi-Fi Device: Qualcomm?Atheros AR9565 (AR956X) In?PCIList?It's detected as below:?But still no Wi-Fi device found in Mac Network Preferences Please help and suggest me to find the appropriate?KEXT?for the Wi-Fi Device. Thanks In Advance
  2. Hey guys, actually I use an atheros AR9485 wifi board, but I saw it's not supported, should I change my wifi board? For what model? There's a way to get bluetooth too?
  3. I have lenovo g580. intel hd3000 nvdia 630m 2gb intel core i3 2328m ? Have some problems with wi-fi (can't check the model it says that it is just broadcom in windows). Maybe somebody have kext's or any ideas. Can't spoof mac address of ethernet card. Sleep doesn't work properly. Mac boots for 2 minutes. Sometimes have artifacts but resolution is fine brightness control doesn't work at all ? If you have any ideas i would be very thankful?
  4. Hi everyone!! I've working hackintosh (OSX 10.8.5), but also have some problems I have problem with Wi-Fi. My Wi-Fi is AR9287! I've tried all IO80211Family.kext files, but all of them is not working(They just do not loading from "Extra" or "System/Libraries/Extra"). Please help me! Maybe there are any patch for this or anything else??? I don't know what to do! Please help me!! P.S. Sorry for my bad English!
  5. Hi, I'm running OS X 10.8.2 on GA Z77-DS3H. The machine runs nicely, however every 10 minutes or so I lose Wi-Fi connection. I'm using TP-LINK TL-WDN4800. The OS sees all available networks, the card is connected to the AP with active link, DHCP lease, Network Utility even displays some activity on sent and received packets, there are no errors etc. At that point I can't ping even the IP address of the AP (that should be fine, other machines have no issues). The connection gets eventually back on after ~ two minutes or after switching wireless off and on again. Any idea what might be the cause / solution? It is really annoying.
  6. Hello, since my computer has a Intel WiFi Link 5100(Yep, I'm with bad luck on that), I decided to buy a new Wi-Fi card (The "Broadcom 94311MCG"), but I don't know if IS supported on OS X. So, is that one supported? I read here that it works, but I wanted to make sure. But I have one more question about it. Will it work on my Laptop? My laptop is Acer Aspire 5738G. Thank you for the help in advance!
  7. Cahandar

    Wi-Fi Problem

    Hi. I have installed Mac OS X Lion in my HP but it doesnt find my Wi-Fi.What can i do?
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