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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. I have as Main components (as mentiond in the title)... PC with Intel Chipset X99 (ASUS X99-A). 64 GB Ram, Intel Xeon E5-1620-v3 (3.5GHz) and Radeon Graphic-Card (at the moment I don't remember the exact model/Graphic-Chip, but it is a 'Saphire'-Graphic-Card with an Radeon GPU and about 480 Shaders, with 1 GB DDR5 Graphic-Card-Ram) The main and general question is: Is it possible to install a hackintosch on a separated GPT partition with these Hardware-Components, using Clover in UEFI mode? Somebody in an another forum told me that it isn't possible with this Hardware, even if it is an Intel-based computer... Annotation: I'm new with Clover (first I found reFind)) and switch to GPT/EFI on my boot HDD about 2 months ago, but AFAIK at the moment, Clover should/could be the best solution to do this and set up a Hackintosch which this Hardware? A.
  2. Hello there. I have made a few Hacks in the past but just i5:s or Core 2 Quads. They all work fine but now it´s time for a real build. My thoughts are around a DUAL XEON CPU rig, with a standard GPU (radeon hd 5770). Now to the motherboard, which is a problem. Most cases supports E-ATX, like the Fractal Design R4 or Corsair 330R and others like that, but NONE of these specify the measurements of the actual motherboard space, the space from the back to the hdd:s. They just specify the whole thing or the space for the Graphics Cards, which is very unreliable information. I´ve seen builds form the HP z800 and z600 and it seems to work okay except for the form factor, which seems to be a problem. Anyone got a z800 Motherboard in a normal PC chassis ?? Please let me know. If there is no way to use the z800:s motherboard, which looks like the smallest one, apart from the z600, is there another motherboard that will fit the cases above? ?Maybe its easier to go with a Supermicro motherboard, or an intel 5520 version. The problem is still if they will fit in a Fractal Design R4 case or something like that. ? Hope someone has tried this already and can set me straight! ? Thanks Upfront. ? Regards, Andrew ? ?
  3. Does anyone on the forum have experience with this CPU in a B75 mobo? I'm considering an upgrade to an i7, but I don't need the embedded graphics. I understand this Xeon is very similar to an i7 minus the graphics support.
  4. Hello: ? I'm trying desperately to get my old IBM server/workstation able to boot OS X within my multi-boot setup.? The chipset is Intel E7545 and it has two dual core Xeons running at 3.4GHz.? There are stories of super hackintoshes being successfully built on similar Xeon systems back on Lion, so it's not that far fetched, and the reported benchmark?results from the successful builds/installs of OS X on these dual XEON servers are outrageous.? So any help I could get on getting started would be greatly appreciated.? My chipset supports amd64/64-BIT OS's but does not have much virtualization support enabled besides the old hyperthreading tech. introduced with the P4's, which I'm pretty sure my two Xeons are based on - So newer releases like 10.8.2-10.8.3 or even mavericks 10.9 might be out of the question as far as support goes, since they're XEONs based on P4's, but obviously the newer the better, and bleeding edge is always my goal; if possible.? The one success story of lightinhopkin or whoever, stated that he was using Lion and didn't have to do much modification to get up and running with his dual-xeon setup.? But I have an EVGA NVidia GTX 660, which will never work with Lion without a years worth of kext hacks.? Another hiccup is that he had supported hardware, whereas I am building a hackintosh?with an intel based motherboard (E7545 chipset).? So if anyone has an idea of what I can rule out and basically make a suggestion on where to start, I would greatly appreciate the input.? I haven't had much luck fishing in irc for answers and again, all reference material on the intranet goes back to Lion.? Anyways, help me out please!!!? I want Mavericks along with LMDE and winblows 8.1 (amd64) and I'll be all set.?? Linux Mint Debian with the tools from the new Kali release built into MATE menus and compiz effects (just a beautiful death server waiting to go to work).? Yeah, share a dsdt.aml file or tell me how to get Mavericks installer booted with that damn kepler gpu...? Seems like I can't do nothing with all these installer .iso's just refusing to boot; I'm getting depressed and as each day goes bye without hacking in Linux or UNIX, I feel dumber and dumber... ? peace [mcurran]
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