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Found 26 results

  1. hallo, i tried to install but stop at frozen apple logo , just after bootloader clover , what to do ? my is hp dv62005sl laptop athlon ii 20000 sse4 mountain lion with patched kernel for amd , installed with pandora and boot loader clover legacy . same with mavericks , stuck what to try ?
  2. Version v2.2


    Experience The Truly QE/CI Acceleration of Radeon Graphics In Mavericks...With DSDT Injection!!! Experience The TRUE DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 SURROUND SOUND via HDMI!!! Supported Products: >>>> HD 7600 Series HD 7700 Series HD 7850 HD 7850M HD 7870 HD 7870 XT HD 7950 HD 7970 HD 7970M HD 8850M HD 8970 HD 8760 OEM R9 270X R9 280X !!!! <<<<< Below All Files Are Included in zip... >>Kext Utility >>DSDT Editor Procedure.... 1.Use KextUtility To Install Kexts !! 2.Check Your Graphics Card Device Location Whether it is in PCI0,PCI1,PEGP or PCE2...Wherever ...Using IORegistryExplorer.app!! 3.Use DSDT Injection With DSDT Editor.Save as "DSDT.aml" and Copy To Extra Folder!!! 4.You're Done!!!!
  3. [GUIDE] GA-Z97-D3H - GTX650 - MacOS Sierra 10.12 Intro: This is a guide written specifically for the GAZ97D3H on OSX Sierra. It should be noted that this guide will also work for El Cap. This board and build is flawless thanks to the hard work of myself and many forum members on OSX86.net. Thank you. Hardware: GA-Z97-D3H (rev 1.1, latest BIOS) Intel Core i7 4790k (O.C. to 4.6Ghz) EVGA GTX650 1GB 16GB HyperX 1833mhz 120GB PNY Optima SSD Corsair H110i GTX 1TB WD HDD, 320GB HDD MacOS Sierra 10.12 Additional Hardware: This build does not use onboard audio. It also uses a USB wifi dongle. Enabling ALC1150 audio on this board is possible but i HIGHLY recommend just buying the USB audio dongle below. SO much easier. Asus N13 USB Wifi Dongle (been using this since 10.6) Syba Virtual 7 SD-CM-UAUD71 7.1 Audio USB dongle (i have had 3 of these and work OOB) Working: App Store CPU Scaling (speedstep) Graphics Ethernet Wifi Everything Installation: Download Sierra from App store Create a USB (theres plenty of guides around the web that work easily) IMPORTANT: Don't forget to copy FakeSMC.kext to /EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.12 before installing (if '10.12' folder not there, make a new one) Before Installing: Enable the following BIOS features and SAVE the profile in case ever lost.. Disable VT-d Set XHCI to Auto mode Disable IGFX Enable XHCI and EHCI handoff Set SATA Configuration to AHCI Post Install: Install Ethernet kext Download: AppleIntelE1000e.kext.zip Place in ~System/Library/Extension Run Kextutility.app to repair permissions/cache . (not completely required but recommended) Reboot <---- Install Wifi Kext and Preference Pane for USB Dongle This kext is hard to find anymore. I don't use the drivers provided by ASUS on their website. I use another kext because Asus's was giving me proper shutdown problems. (more info: http://www.osx86.net/forums/topic/22716-mini-guide-asus-usb-n13-wifi-hackintosh-dongle/) Download RT2870 kext: RT2870USBWirelessDriver.kext.zip Download DWA140 Pref Pane: DWA-140WirelessUtility.prefPane.zip (this allows us to use the wifi kext through preferences) Install RT2870.kext at ~System/Library/Extensions Install DWA140 Pre Pane at ~System/Library/Preference Panes Repair permissions/caches with kextutility.app REBOOT <--- Install Clover Bootloader to Installation Drive Download Clover Bootloader at sourcefourge.net Run through installer with these settings: (see attached images) DONT REBOOT YET Download my config file: config.plist Install config.plist at EFI/Clover Install FAKESMC.kext at EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.12 (again, make a 10.12 folder if it's missing) Reboot CHECKUP Check to see if TRIM support is enabled in System Information (it should be, if not, see below)Check 'About This Mac' to make sure everything is recognized If not enabled, see guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298507-enable-trim-on-non-apple-ssd/ Download DPCI Manager application (google) and run it. Under Status>model interface, you should see two items (one for ethernet, one for RT2870 ASUS USB) If the ethernet device is listed as 'en 0' then App store will work If the wifi is 'en 0' then app store will not work Verify App Store is working if not, navigate to MAC SSD/Library/Preferences/System Configuration Delete network interfaces.plist Reboot and App Store should work, also DPCI manager would show 'En 0' for ethernet. Generate SSDT SSDTs are required to enable CPU scaling - More info: http://www.osx86.net/forums/topic/24129-faq-4790k-haswell-how-to-install-on-a-hackintosh/ Place SSDT.aml at EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched Optional: Install Nvidia Web Drivers Download nvidia web drivers from Nvidia's site (not gpu specific) Make sure nvda_drv=1 kernel flag is selected in config.plist (use clover configurator app) - this allows the web drivers to load - if you used my config, it is already enabled Notes: *my config file attached has two strings under Kernel and Kext Patches > KextsToPatch.... one is trim enabler and the other im not totally sure what it is but keep it *If wanting to enable onboard alc1150 audio see my guide here for El Cap: http://www.osx86.net/forums/topic/23733-success-ga-z97-d3h-gtx650-el-capitan-1011-clover/ Issues: Really no issues are present with this build which is astonishing and the result of many OS X generations of fiddling around. That is not to say that the occasional KP won't happen. But overall, this is as close to stable as a hackintosh can get. I'm amazed. FAQ: DO I NEED TO INSTALL NVIDIA WEB DRIVERS? Answer is no, but they can fix long boot times (experienced this before and it fixed it) and if "About This Mac" is reading 'GTX 650 1023 MB' it will also fix that (sometimes) DO I NEED SSDT? YES. It allows the CPU to be efficient HOW TO OVERCLOCK? Overclocking must be done via the UEFI bios menu. CPU Test and Prime 95 and Intel Power Gadget are good apps to use HOW TO MONITOR TEMPS and STUFF? Monitor temps with the app HWMonitor. Download the app and install the sensors at System/Library/Extensions HOW TO ENABLE iMESSAGE? I'm an android guy so i dont use iMessage, but if for some reason it isn't working after using this guide to enable App Store, then do some research. Its quite a complex subject but can be done! DO BIOS VERSIONS MATTER? Bios should be latest revision - but i have used 3 versions with this board and all work well. Performance: Geekbench 64bit: 19589 score APPRECIATION: Thanks to all who has helped in the past. OSX86.net , forums members DMOS and Kyndder, as well as many others in the community. Thank you. I will update this thread. Hit me up for questions. I get push notifications to my phone.
  4. Hello, I have a Gateway NE56R10u and I have a problem with Iatkos Mountain Lion booting. it will not go past apple logo with spinning wheel, but I can hear voiceover instructions after a few minutes. My pc specs are: Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz dual-core cpu Intel integrated HD graphics 4 Gb of ram 320 GB WD HDD. Running Windows 7,8.1 and mountain lion. I used easyBCD to make it work. Snow leopard worked fine when I used it. Refer to picture it never moves from there when done. There is disk activity at random times. I have tried -x and DSDT=null and cpus=1 someone please help.
  5. Hi, I made some wallpapers for the hackintosh community. I want to share them purely to get them out on the web. 100% non-profit. Download them all! theconsumer1 - Hackintosh Wallpapers.zip
  6. Apple lève le voile sur OS X 10.11 ? ? ? ? Hier, Apple a dévoilé la première révision majeure de son système d'exploitation pour Mac depuis Yosemite de l'année dernière. ? Son nom est "El Capitan". ? La première version bêta destinée aux développeurs était disponible juste après la fin de la WWDC mais une version bêta publique est aussi prévue pour cet été (certainement pour le mois de juillet). ? Quant à la version finale, elle est prévue pour cet automne. ?
  7. ? ? ? Apple a officiellement annoncé son annuelle conférence pour les développeurs, la WWDC 2015 et qui se déroulera du 8 au 12 juin au Moscone Center de San Francisco. ? Apple pourrait présenter les prochains OS X 10.11 et iOS 9. ?
  8. 144 downloads

    This is AppleVIAATA.kext that I patched with the device id for my VIA VT8237S sata controller. Use at your own risk, it may or may not help you. This will obviously not work if you don't have the same sata controller as I do. Also, bizarrely, you will have to ignore the usual advice of setting the BIOS to AHCI or RAID mode, IDE mode is the only one that will work here.
  9. I was wondering if it was possible to get hackintosh on my AMD PC. I currently have Windows 7 on a 2TB hard drive but I was hoping to install another 160gb hard drive and put Yosemite on that. My system specs are: ? AMD Athlon X4 760K Quad Core Processor 3.80 GHz8.00 GB ramNVidia GeForce GTX 650 2gbWindows 7 Ultimate 64-bitTP-Link TL-WN725N 150Mbps Wireless-N Nano USB Adapter2TB seagate hard driveMSI A78M-E35 Mini-ATX MotherboardDual monitors, one with VGA and one with HDMI (both connected to GTX 650)Yosemite just got released today and is free and I can easily get hold of a copy. I have a Mac Mini with Mac OS X Leopard but would prefer not to use it. If I get Yosemite up and running, how would I get drivers for my Wi-Fi dongle and would my graphics card work as this processor does not have integrated graphics. Also, if I had two operating systems on two hard drives, would I have to do the dual booting thing or would I just have to go into the BIOS and change the boot priority. ? Thanks
  10. I have tried to install Mavericks on my pc. I have managed to boot into the N{censored} screen, then hitting enter on N{censored} to install however it keeps getting stuck on the apple logo with the spinning wheel My specs: Seagate 160GB hard drive Seagate 500GB hard drive Gigabyte H81M-H motherboard Intel Pentium G3258K Anniversary Edition Ballistix 4GB DDR3 RAM x1
  11. Hi i have a HP laptop: HP Pavilion dv6-2005AX ? Cpu: Amd Turion II m500 Gpu: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 i have tried to install MAC on it but it becomes blackscreen with bootflag -v and stuck at apple logo with amd -v? ? Help needed!? ?
  12. Version 2.5.2


    is AppleHDA is compatible with Mavericks 10.9.0 and 10.9.1 was necessary these patches in DSDT. Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) // _DSM: Device-Specific Method { Store (Package (0x0A) { "hda-gfx", Buffer (0x0A) { "onboard-2" }, "model", Buffer (0x1A) { "HD Audio Conexant Cx20590" }, "device-type", Buffer (0x11) { "Audio Controller" }, "layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x0C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, "PinConfigurations", Buffer (Zero) {} }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } }
  13. <<< System Summary >>> ? ? > Mainboard : Acer Aspire 5742G ? ? > Chipset : Intel HM55 ? ? > Processor : Intel Core i3 370M @ 2400 ? MHz ? ? > Physical Memory : 2048 ?MB ?(1 x 2048 DDR3-SDRAM ) ? ? > Video Card : Intel? HD Graphics ? ? > Hard Disk : Western Digital WD5000BPVT-22HXZT3 ATA Device (500GB) ? ? > DVD-Rom Drive : PIONEER DVD-RW DVRTD11RS ? ? > Network Card : Broadcom NetLink BCM57780 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe ? ? > Network Card : Broadcom BCM43227 802.11b/g/n ? Is there any good guide to install and enable all of my stuff?
  14. Chinese hacker cracks Safari, wins $40K, praises Apple's security Everybody's Web software got "pwned" at the Pwn2Own hackers conference this week: Apple's (AAPL) Safari, Google's (GOOG) Chrome, Microsoft's (MSFT) Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox and Adobe's (ADBE) Reader and Flash. Safari was defeated by Liang Chen, one of a pair Chinese Keen Team hackers, using a heap-overflow-and-sandbox-bypass combination that took three months to perfect. "For Apple, the OS is regarded as very safe and has a very good security architecture," Chen told ThreatPost's Michael Mimoso. "Even if you have a vulnerability, it's very difficult to exploit. Today we demonstrated that with some advanced technology, the system is still able to be pwned. But in general, the security in OS X is higher than other operating systems." ? (read more)
  15. Hey guys, so..my name is Saar and I'll start from the beginning, I have 4 years old hackintosh, it's on mavericks since day one. Last week I tried to mount my Ubuntu drive into my hackintosh via "macfuse" and "osxfuse" without any luck. Anyway, I?decided?to uninstall those addon package from my filesystem via system settings, then the "Disk Utility"?couldn't power up, so.. I restarted my hackintosh, but my chameleon bootloader couldn't show up, now i'm running my Ubuntu with no way booting up my hackintosh.. ? I don't really know anyone with a real mac or hack in my neighborhood or any of my friends..? ? That's pretty shame I have no backup USB or something like boot disk only for that kind of trouble. What would you suggest my to do? Any help will be accepted by me, Thanks in advance.? ? Intel Core2Duo E6320 1.86GHZ (Historic) 4 GB RAM Intel DP965LT mobo Readon 6800HD? Seagate 250GB HDD WD 1TB ExHDD for time machine
  16. hello, ? i'm trying to install snow leopard on my pc. but when i will begin the installation it freez on the grey apple logo. i dont know what to do. who can help me?
  17. Reason to start this topic is that i didn't uncheck Send Diagnostic & Usage Data To Apple?box , it is checked from there first release of Mavericks DP1 and one update after another they fixed all bugs that i had on my hackintosh. I don't know if this is coincidence or they was really tricked that my Hackintosh is a real Mac. I have Mavericks on my MacBook Pro and i did saw any bug in DP1 and 2 but on hackintos i had tons of bugs? When I updated to DP3 90% of bugs was fixed? And now DP7 is flying ? ?I was wondering how many of you send diagnostic & usage data to Apple and did you had same experience with updates like me ?
  18. Hi everyone. I started this topic to ask for your help. I'm using iAtkos ML2 (Mountain Lion 10.8.2), but I'm stuck at the Apple Logo. What should I do? This is my configuration: Computer: ASUS K56C CPU: Intel i7 3667U Dual-Core Chipset: Intel® HM76 Chipset Memory: 8GB RAM DDR3 HDD: 750GB HDD SATA Wireless: Atheros BIOS: Fast Boot Disabled , Launch CSM Enabled with Boot Secure Disabled Please, help me! Thank You!
  19. Hi guys, i have installed iAtkos ML3U without any problem. Everything is well. But im in trouble with imessage. And i couldnt solve it. I have searched it but i couldnt see any solution. and i even havent seen anybody who has the same problem. Please help here you are : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/81319558/Screen%20Shot%202013-06-16%20at%2022.32.21.png My Hackintosh : MSI Z77 G45 Intel I5 3570K 4.20 Sapphire 6850 PM: i have no folder about " Extra " in my HDD. i can see every folders in HDD even hide folders,too. But there is not " Extra" folder.
  20. Hi everyone so I am fairly new in hackintosh stuff, I can't seem to load the installation screen I am beginning to wonder that my hardware is not supported which is gonna suck. I tried to boot on verbose and at the beginning of I see something about no DSDT not sure if that has something to do with the stuck screen. Here are my specs Laptop Model: Dell Inspiron 1545 Hardware: CPU: Intel Pentium T4200 Dual Core @ 2.0Ghz Motherboard: Dell Inc Model 0G848F Ram: 2048MB Graphics: Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family HDD: 160GB I am hoping that my hardware is supported I am in need of getting my hands on xcode ide, thanks in advance.
  21. i have a Compaq CQ60-615DX laptop, ive installed Snow leopaerd on it, everything works fine, keyboard, mouse, ethernet port, usb, etc. except my wifi, ive been searching for about 3 days for the kext/.pkg to fix this, i dont know what to do, any help?
  22. Hallo iedereen! ik heb een Packard bell TK-36 met Mac os X Lion 10.7.3, Ik heb sinds gister een toetsenbord gekocht op een beurs, De Apple Keyboard 2005 versie helaas werken sommige knoppen niet o.a de spatiebalk en nog andere toetsen. kan iemand mij hierin verder helpen zo spoedig mogelijk want ik zou mijn Apple Keyboard graag werkend zien! Hello Everyone! i got a Packard Bell TK-36 with Mac os X Lion 10.7.3, a day ago i purchase a Apple Keybord 2005 Edition, now the problem is that the space bar and some other bars don't work! can someone help me out please so fast as possible ? Nog een fijne dag! Have a nice day! Gr. Danny. Greetings Danny.
  23. Hello everyone I've got a Acer TimelineX 5820t-6401 (I5 480M, 4GB DDR3, 640HDD, Intel Graphics) that i'd like to see running some kind of macintosh. Is there any hardware issue? This computer has Chipset Intel Hm55, Realtek ALC271X-GR Audio, Atheros AR8131L LAN, Atheros HB93 (i think it so), Intel Graphics, Webcam... If at least the graphics, audio and wireless work it's okay for me. I'd like the most original mac version installed. Is it possible? Thanks Renan
  24. Well, i've an Acer Aspire 4741-5341, follow the specs: Processor: Core i3-350M (2.26 GHz, 3 MB L3 Cache) Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics Ram: 3GB DDR3 HDD: 320GB Wireless Card: Acer Nplify 1m 802.11b/g/n I use the iATKOS L2 for installing, and i can install normally. But when I try to boot, it stucks on Apple logo, and that loading still spinning. Also, the music of the general configuration starts, play until the end, and nothing happens. Well, I have the Lion 10.7.3 on my desktop, and works fine. If u guys help me, i'll be very thankful. Thanks by now. -Lucas Ponciano
  25. Hi. Apple store is nice but it's need my credit card to completely register and download even free app. So is there any other solution or alternative for Apple store?
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