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Found 110 results

  1. Recently, I've set-up a PC built a while back to run macOS Sierra, 10.12.6, and have got it to boot from clover, with the NVIDIA Web Drivers (I use a 1060), and work on my AMD CPU (Athlon X4 860K). It boots correctly and functions normally, except I can't find a way to get the ethernet and audio working. They are both built into my motherboard (Gigabyte F2A68HM-H Link:https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-F2A68HM-H-rev-10#ov) and I've tried using MB{censored} to install all the Realtek ethernet drivers available through it, and have tried both the legacy and normal versions of the ALC887 driver from Realtek, along with some other random Voodoo drivers just to see if they would work. This is my first time setting up a Hackintosh and I'm pretty lost at this point. If anyone who knows about these problems could help me out, that'd be great.
  2. 3,248 downloads

    This is an updated version of http://www.osx86.net/files/file/1934-voodoohda-2-7-3-edited-for-via-vt1708s/?st=10#commentsStart Make sure to change your <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>XxXXXXXXXX</string> to yours or else it will not work. Things to note before saying it's not working: Skippy/stuttery/jumpy audio! Try calculating your busratio and then use the boot flag "busratio=xx" xx being your busratio. My busratio is 14.5 so mine would look like "busratio=145" Theres static in the background! Open up Audio Midi Setup (Applications>Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup) and change the format from 44100Hz to another. The kext isn't loading! Make sure that you have changed the string for IOPCIPrimaryMatch to your own! It's still not working! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/267905-voodoohda-common-problems/ If this works on older version of OS X let me know and I'll update the Compatibility list. I have been trying to fix the bug where you change both the rear mic, rear/front speaker with the slider. I recommend using the front Mic as it doesn't change with the volume slider.
  3. Version 1.10


    This script allows you to export the PinConfigOverride of your sound card from the Windows registry and converts the HDA Verbs. How To Use: PinConfigOverride.cmd Execute PinConfigOverride.cmd from command line without parameters. This batch file exports the PinConfigOverride of your sound card from the Windows registry and converts the HDA Verbs with PinConfigOverride.vbs script. PinConfigOverride.vbs Execute cscript //nologo PinConfigOverride.vbs /input:"file-name-registry-exported.reg" from command line This VBScript converts the HDA Verbs from the PinConfigOverride extracted of Windows Registry. Next Version: - Fixing HDA Verbs - Decoding HDA Verbs History: v1.10 [09/09/2014] - Solve UCS-2 Limitation - Fix HDA Verb Converter Bug v1.00 [07/09/2014] - Exports PingConfigOverride - HDA Verb Converter
  4. Hello, I have a Gateway NE56R10u and I have a problem with Iatkos Mountain Lion booting. it will not go past apple logo with spinning wheel, but I can hear voiceover instructions after a few minutes. My pc specs are: Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz dual-core cpu Intel integrated HD graphics 4 Gb of ram 320 GB WD HDD. Running Windows 7,8.1 and mountain lion. I used easyBCD to make it work. Snow leopard worked fine when I used it. Refer to picture it never moves from there when done. There is disk activity at random times. I have tried -x and DSDT=null and cpus=1 someone please help.
  5. Version 279.48


    Original AppleHDA.kext from 10.12.4 Beta 5 patched using Mirone's AppleHDA Patcher app. Tested on HP 250 G5 and works perfect including auto-switch to Headphones when a 3.5mm jack is plugged in. Install HDAEnabler and CocecCommander kexts onto EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.12 and the patched AppleHDA onto /S/L/E
  6. Audio codec is ALC3234, I know its the same as ALC255. I tried everything , installed patched AppleHDA kext with HDAENABLER13 and CodecCommander but no audio. Anyone can help me?
  7. Hey, I just wanted some macOS Sierra Video & Sound drivers, My motherboard is MSI Z170-A M9 Gaming,And my gpu is: NVIDIA GTX Geforce 1080, And my sound's code is Cmedia CM663, Thanks for your help
  8. Hola. El capitán tengo audio con kext realteck alc 662. Pero como es para desktop solo que tengo audio y micrófono externo. ¿Podría modificar para su uso en un All in One con altavoces y micrófono interno, además de lo que ya tiene al exterior? Saludos. ALC662.kext.zip
  9. Hi guys, after a lot of research i found this kext that work very very well .. i try it on mob with ALC892 and another with ALC887 .. no noise .. it's perfect. ? I have done so: ? 1. Install Voodoo.kext 2.7.3 with MB{censored} for Yosemite. 2. After a reboot you hear a big noise on the speakers 3. Install with your favorite utility (kextutility,kexthelper etc.) the attached kext. 4. Restart and enjoy the audio clean. ? It works on Yosemite but i think also on Mavericks. VoodooHDA.kext.zip
  10. 1,084 downloads

    Did for himself may be suitable for other models Samsung 300E4A/300E5A/300E7A/3430EA/3530EA with Realtek ALC269 The sound,headphones and microphone,fully working!!Tested on Mac OS X Yosemite. Found on this site and on others kexts and patches not worked. The sound only worked after installing VoodooHDA,but not working microphone. What was done: Did a dump from Linux,calculating Codec verb commands and PathMaps,patching XML(Platforms and layout) files and appleHDA Binary Patch. In the archive 3 files: 1.AppleHDA.kext -driver. 2.EAPDFix.kext - fix,what would after sleep was sound. 3.HDEF Layout28 Patch -patch for DSDT. Installation: 1.Delete or backup original AppleHDA.kext 2.Run Kext Utillity(if no download here http://cvad-mac.narod.ru/index/0-4 ) 3.Drag files AppleHDA.kext and EAPDFix.kext on window and wait… done! 4.Run your DSDT and apply HDEF Layout28 Patch.(If you don't know what DSDT and where to get it,then you should study the example here http://www.hackintoshosx.com/forum/54-dsdt/ ) sorry! 5.Add in Clover Configurator sections Devices-Audio-inject -28.See screenshot.(I think you know what Clover ,if you don't know,see http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/14668-guide-clover-efi-bootloader/) Warning!!! If you've updated to Yosemite 10.10.2 and the sound does not work,replace AppleHDA.kext. Good luck,I will be glad if you all work!!!
  11. I'm on Yosemite 10.10.1 using Clover's InjectATI to get graphics but I can't get HDMI Audio after trying a lot of kexts/methods.
  12. Hey guys ! Yesterday I installed El Capitan on my desktop and almost everything is working except audio. My motherboard is quite old, it's a Asus Maximus Formula (X38 chip, LGA 775 socket). On-board audio is on a small card called Supreme FX II. This card is not recognized at all, I think I need some kexts to make it work. Could someone help me to resolve this small issue ?
  13. Hey, what's up? I just got my Dell Latitude E6420 for christmas and almost have it fully working on N{censored} Yosemite 10.9. Everything is working seamlessly except the audio and pointing devices. (Touchpad, TrackPoint) I've tried VoodooHDA for the audio and it doesn't work. When I delete Voodoo, I get audio, but the volume is always at full blast no matter what. For the touchpad, it never works, and if I attempt to use the track point, it glitches all over the screen. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 2520M 2.5ghz RAM: 10GB DDR3 1033mhz HDD: 250GB Hitachi 5400RPM LCD: 1366x768 HD Display GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 If you need any other info, ask. I really hope I can get this fixed =)
  14. Version 269.25


    UPDATED TO 10.10.2 (02/17/2015) Update to 10.10.3 will have to wait, AppleHDA is being stubborn... I patched these kexts for my notebook CCE GT335Pro. They may not work on other systems. Add the layout 12 to your DSDT or use HDAEnabler... HDMI audio requires DSDT edits too. WARNING FOR NON GT335PRO USER WHO MIGHT WANT TO TRY THESE KEXTS Only install the AppleSNBGraphicsFB if you are having problems outputting video through HDMI. The one inside these zips adds support for VGA and removes the first HDMI, leaving only VGA, LVDS and HDMI2. So, if your HDMI outputs video normally, don't install the Framebuffer. To solve HDMI audio-only problems, DSDT edits should be enough. FILES AppleHDA LineIn Test (10.8.4): Use this on Mavericks or Yosemite. Works fine, no problems at all. AppleHDA LineIn Test (10.9.5 to 10.10.2): Microphone works but it's unstable. Only use these if you really want the most up-to-date files. 10.8.4 to 10.9.5: Microphone works (only internal, no line-in jack). 10.8.2 and 10.8.3: Microphone doesn't work at all (internal or line-in jack). codec_dump: Click "Donwload" to see. TROUBLESHOOTING If it doesn't load when KernelCache is set to Yes on org.Chameleon.boot.plist try to apply the IRQ fix on your DSDT. This worked for me. If you are trying these kexts on any other machine, make sure you have the same codec as mine. Use DPCI Manager to check that. Then, if it doesn't work, your pin config is probably different and you will have to find yours. This is not the best place to write a guide so try googling it, there are a lot of good tutorials out there. Alternatively, you can copy the Platforms.xml and the layoutXX.xml from another kext and see if that works. INFO Name: IDT 92HD87B1/3 DevID: 111D CodecID: 76D1 Layout: 12
  15. After install Mountain Lion I dont know how to enable the audio and the network in a motherboard Gigabyte Snyper G1 with the following specifications: CHIPSET: North Bridge: Intel® X58 Express Chipset South Bridge: Intel® ICH10R AUDIO: Creative CA20K2 chip Support for Dolby ® Digital Live and DTS ™ Connect Support for X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity ® and EAX ® Advanced HD ™ 5.0 technologies High Definition Audio 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel Support for S / PDIF Out NETWORK: Bigfoot Killer E2100 chip (10/100/1000 Mbit) Please Help! I have tried with all kexts in the MB{censored} 5.0.2 and none has worked... The full specifications of the board are here: GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1366 - G1.Sniper (rev. 1.0)
  16. Version 2.0


    I rewrited and updated HDA Wizard, now it's 2.0 version. HDA Wizard is simple tool for patch AppleHDA.kext It was designed for quick sound repair after update, without any rollbacks. New functions in 2.0 version: - works with OSX 10.8.x 10.9.x 10.10.x - It allows you to insert your own Layout and Platforms xml.zlib files and Info.plist - support to current new binpatch (updated binpatch for Realtek ALC 885, 887, 888, 889, 892, 898, 1150, 1120 and more) - add option write custom yours binpatch It will set permissions, rebuild cache and prelink kernel. It has drag and drop support. It will not create any files, it will only help you to install them. You still need set proper yours LayoutID in : DSDT (patch HDEF) or in bootloader (Chameleon/Clover) or add HDA Enabler kext with LayoutID. Thanks credit to Janek202
  17. hello guys i install Yosemite.hackintosh zone and the process of installashing was easy every things works my problem is that my (rear pink) jack for input is not shown in input just the (front pink) is shown -> see the attached pic BTW "Sound" works fine "Sound" kext was automatically installed by the process of installing the system and they use voodoo kext? ? my spec : system: 10.10.1 (14B25) motherboard: asus p8h61 cpu : intel i3 2120 gpu: nvidia geforce gt430 "Sound" :?Realtek® ALC 887 ethernet:?Realtek® 8111E
  18. Version 2015-03-29


    FakePCIID.kext The purpose of this kext is to attach to any IOPCIDevice so it can provide alternate PCI ID when another driver attached to the same device requests them. This technique can be used instead of patching binaries that may check for supported device-ids (or other PCI IDs) in their IOService::probe or IOService::start method. In order to attach FakePCIID to a given IOPCIDevice, an injector kext must be built that IOKit can use to match against. The FakePCIID.kext Info.plist has no built-in IOKitPersonalities, as it is generic and not built to suit a specific purpose. The distribution ZIP provide has four such injector kexts, which are described below. Custom injector kexts can be created for other devices. Note: FakePCIID_HD4600_HD4400.kext works for HD4400 mobile, HD4600 mobile, HD4200 mobile, and HD4600 desktop. In any case, a DSDT patch, FakeID configuration (Clover), or FakeProperties dictionary in the injector's Info.plist will be required to inject the properties that FakePCIID can read on the IOPCIDevice. The properties used by FakePCIID are described later in this post. The properties must be present on the PCIDevice that is being hooked (the direct parent of FakePCIID). Build Environment My build environment is currently Xcode 6.1, using SDK 10.6, targeting OS X 10.6. 32-bit Builds This project does not support 32-bit builds, although it is probably not difficult to build one given the proper tools.
  19. hello every one i really need help i spend a lot of time looking for audio drive for my laptop acer aspire 5755 but i can't find it any where i try every thing help me please
  20. Hey folks out there, I've got my hackintosh working on my Packard Bell EasyNote LM85 using iAtkos L1. Wifi works fine, only audio is not working. I've tried several VoodooHDA's, but every time I'm getting a kernel panic on boot (yes, I have deleted AppleHDA.kext). Does anyone has a solution for it? 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio Vendor ID 8086 Device ID 3b56 Mac OS X 10.7.4 Thanks in advance _____________ Intel Pentium P6100 Dual-Core (2,0GHz) 4GB DDR3 Memory 500GB HDD
  21. Version v 3.5


    Audio Clover Realtek ALC 885, 887, 888, 889, 892, 898, 1150 V3.5 audio_realtekALC-100_v1.0.4: 887/888 legacy detection, bug fixes audio_cloverALC ============ Clover Patched Realtek ALC Audio - Native AppleHDA.kext/No Patching/Most Persistent The Clover Patched Realtek ALC method, applied to the native AppleHDA.kext, enables full onboard, HDMI and DP audio (Note A). The Clover Patched AppleHDA ALC method installs renamed layout and platform files in the native AppleHDA.kext and injects binary patch and config data. audio_cloverALC-100.sh (v1.0.4) release: ALC1150 patch fix, 887/888 + legacy detection, Clover/Legacy support, bug fixes +2. v3.5 - Realtek ALC AppleHDA - [No Audio After Sleep/Wake](https://github.com/toleda/audio_ALC_guides) update: audio_cloverALC-100.sh (v1.0.4b) 269, 283, 885, 889 bug fixes Credits : bcc9, RevoGirl, PikeRAlpha, SJ_UnderWater, RehabMan, TimeWalker75a abxite http://applelife.ru/threads/patchim-applehda-s-pomoschju-zagruzchika.39406/#post-353647 Toleda https://github.com/toleda/audio_cloverALC
  22. Version v3.6


    audio_realtekALC OS X/Patched AppleHDA Realtek ALC Audio The Realtek Realtek ALC Patched method enables OS X AppleHDA onboard with or without HDMI and DP audio. The script patches the audio codec binary and installs pin configuration, layouts and platforms files. Versions: audio_realtekALC-100 Easy: .command, see C. Installation Bash: .sh, see D. Terminal Updates v3.6 - audio_realtekALC-100.command_v1.0.4 release v3.5 - Realtek ALC AppleHDA - No Audio After Sleep/Wake v3.4 - BRIX/ALC269, BRIX Pro/ALC283 and NUC/ALC283 Support v3.3 - audio_realtekALC-100.sh (v1.0.3) release v3.2 - audio_realtekALC-100.command: UI update, ALC88x Current replaces ALC88x Legacy v3.1 - Yosemite/audio_alc_x99-hda-100.command patch added v3 - Yosemite/10.10.x, Mavericks/10.9.x and Mountain Lion/10.8.x support Note: audio\realtekALC-90_v2.command deprecated v2.2 - x99 motherboard support (D. More Information) v2.1 - 9 Series/EAPD added to 887, 892, 898, 1150, credit: kidalive v2 - new script, no downloads, double click and done. 10.10 - Yosemite Initial Realtek ALC support Update 10.9 - 9 Series/Realtek ALC support, audio_alc_9series-hda-93.command added A. Requirements OS X/Chameleon/Chimera/Clover 10.10/Yosemite 10.9/Mavericks 10.8/Mountain Lion Native AppleHDA.kext Supported Realtek onboard audio codec B. Realtek ALCxxx (verify codec and Audio ID)Supported codecs Supported Audio IDs Audio ID: 1 supports 269, 283, 885, 887, 888, 889, 892, 898, 1150 Realtek ALC audio (default, 1/2/3/5/6 motherboard audio ports) Audio ID: 2 supports 887, 888, 889, 892, 898, 1150 Realtek ALC/5.1 surround sound (3 motherboard audio ports) Audio ID: 3 supports 887, 888, 889, 892, 898 HD3000/HD4000 HDMI audio with Realtek ALC audio C. Installation Patched AppleHDA.kext Verify Patched AppleHDA kext installed S/L/E/AppleHDA.kext_vx.x-toledaALCxxx [*]Restart [*]Verify ALC onboard audio System Preferences/Sound/Output/select audio device D. Terminal audio_realtekALC-100_v1.0.4: 887/888 legacy detection, bug fixes v1.0.3: First release E. More Information Details Terminal Saved Output Credit THe KiNG, bcc9, RevoGirl, PikeRAlpha, SJ_UnderWater, RehabMan, TimeWalker75a toleda https://github.com/toleda/audio_RealtekALCRealtek ALC Audio Solutions Requirements - Supported/Unsupported Notes Guides Tools Problem Reporting Download (View Raw) audio_realtekALC-100.command Double click Downloads/audio_realtekALC-100.command Password: Confirm Codec ALCxxx: (885, 887, 888, 889, 892, 898, 1150 only) Enable HD4600 HDMI audio (y/n): (887, 892, 898, 1150 only) 269 (BRIX only) 283 (BRIX Pro and NUC) 885 887 888 889 892 898 1150
  23. Hi, ? I've an Acer Aspire 4738Z laptop. I'm facing sound issues as of now. VoodooHDA works (2.8.4 - 2.8.7), but there is this problem of sound crackling and eventually no sound issues with it. I tried changing the Audio Midi settings, which work well for few seconds. After that the sound again crackles and eventually disappears. I think AppleHDA is a better option for me. However, if tried ALC272 and ALC272x kexts along with HDAEnabler. But it doesn't work. I get this message "no output devices found". ? ?Please Help. This is frustrating.
  24. Version v 3.4


    audio_cloverALC ============ Clover Patched Realtek ALC Audio - Native AppleHDA.kext/No Patching/Most Persistent The Clover Patched Realtek ALC method, applied to the native AppleHDA.kext, enables full onboard, HDMI and DP audio (Note A). The Clover Patched AppleHDA ALC method installs renamed layout and platform files in the native AppleHDA.kext and injects binary patch and config data. Update: v3.4 - BRIX/ALC269, BRIX Pro/ALC283 and NUC/ALC283 Support Credits: Toleda ; bcc9;RevoGirl; PikeRAlpha; SJ_UnderWater;RehabMan;TimeWalker75a;abxite
  25. Version V3.3


    Credits: Toleda bcc9, RevoGirl, PikeRAlpha, SJ_UnderWater, RehabMan, TimeWalker75a abxite audio_cloverALC============Clover Patched Realtek ALC Audio - Native AppleHDA.kext/No Patching/Most PersistentThe Clover Patched Realtek ALC method, applied to the native AppleHDA.kext, enables full onboard, HDMI and DP audio (Note 1). The Clover Patched AppleHDA ALC method installs renamed layout and platform files in the native AppleHDA.kext and injects binary patch and config data. Update: v3.3 - audio_cloverALC-100.sh (v1.0.3) release
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