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Found 18 results

  1. 1ère bêta -- build 16G8c
  2. Hello there comrades, it's time to test new BETA! So let's begin! First of all you'll need to have Install macOS 10.13 Beta.app in your Applications folder. Then, you'll need to right click it and then go to Show Package Contents/Contents/Shared Support and from there mount InstallESD.dmg. Once mounted there you'll find Packages folder and inside Core.pkg. Double click Core.pkg and this will install macOS to desired partition, SSD or HDD. Once done, mount BaseSystem.dmg and then copy System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi and paste it to the same location but on the installed drive. That should be it! Boot it with your existing Clover and in few seconds you'll reach desktop screen. Enjoy High Sierra!
  3. salut.. @fantomas..."Q", "H" et "I" ne sont pas inversés...je n'ai noté aucun souci avec le clavier en USB c.frio
  4. Ce topic sera dédié à toutes les versions bêta du nouveau système d'exploitation d'Apple, macOS 10.12 et vous pourrez y venir pour en discuter. Pour rappel, la première DP est sortie le jour J de la WWDC; la première bêta publique verra le jour cet été (juillet), quant à la version finale, en automne.
  5. et c'est reparti... voici une première bêta de 10.11.5
  6. La bêta 10.11.3 est disponible dans le Mac App Store ! 653 Mo petits joueurs chez Apple Installe sans soucis (Build 15D9c).
  7. donc nous voici ! ?? ? la WWDC finie hier, Apple a mis à disposition des développeurs la première DP de OS X?Yosemite 2.0?El Capitan. ? elle a été estampillée build 15A178w ?
  8. ? ? Apple a sorti une première version bêta de la prochaine version corrective d'OS X 10.10.5. ? Estampillée?build 14F6a, elle améliore la "stabilité, compatibilité et sécurité" de votre Mac, écrit Apple. ? Développeurs encore avec une précédente bêta de 10.10.4 d'installée, devraient également être en mesure d'avoir accès au téléchargement de cette nouvelle bêta via la section Mises à jour d'App Store.?
  9. ? ? Apple releases first dev beta of OS X 10.10.5.? ? Stamped?build 14F6a, this beta improves "stability, compatibility and security of Mac" writes Apple. Developers with the previous beta build of OS X Yosemite installed should also be able to download this new version from the Updates section of the App Stores.
  10. Scrivo questa Guida per la preparazione e l'installazione di OS X 10.11 "El Capitan" il nuovo sistema di Casa Apple Occorrente : "OS X El Capitan" USB 8GB ShowAllfiles? Kext Wizard? Clover Configurator Preparazione USB: Utility Disco selezionare la pendrive Tabelle (GUID) formato Mac OS esteso (journaled) nome Kingston "applica" Copiate OS X El Capitan sulla scrivania Aprite ShowAllfiles per visualizzare i file nascosti. OS X 10.11?tasto destro - Mostra contenuto pacchetto - Contenuti - Shared Support -?InstallESD.dmg Doppio click su?InstallESD.dmg ? ?? ? Tramite Utily Disco, da sinistra selezionate?BaseSystem.dmg?e cliccate su ripristina: su Sorgente mettete "OS X BaseSystem" e su Destinazione la penna USB ? ? Ripristina, verranno copiati i file sulla usb. Terminato il processo?rinominate OS X BaseSystem a "USB"?da "OS X 10.11?tasto destro - Mostra contenuto pacchetto - Contenuti - Shared Support -?InstallESD.dmg" montate "InstallESD.dmg"?copiare "Packages"?e recatevi su System/Installation della USB cancellate il collegamento Packages e incollare. ? ? ? Da "InstallESD.dmg?copiare?BaseSystem.dmg?e BaseSystem.chunklist nella root della USB ? ? La usb è finita ora dobbiamo "Finalizzare Installer" con l'installare il bootloader : ? Clover _2.3K_r3253 in Uefi ? ? ? ? Scegliete un Tema ha vostro piacimento ? ? ? ? Vi troverete montata sul desktop la cartella EFI recatevi in EFI/Clover/kexts/1(Creare una cartella) e rinominatela in 10.11 al suo interno copiate?FakeSMC.kext Con app Clover Configurator importare modificate il?config.plist?:?-v kext-dev-mode=1 rootless=0 ? ? Alla voce System Parameters :?Inject Kext Yes ? ? ? Salvare il?config.plist?con app?Kext wizard riparare permessi e cache ? Fabio
  11. ? ? ? - Première bêta 10.10.4 build 14E7f...
  12. ? ? Apple today released the first 10.10.3 public beta... including the new Photos app. ? This beta has the same build (14D87) as the second developer beta, which was released a week ago.
  13. third public beta has been released... build 14C106a ? ? ? ? ? Second public beta (Jan 2015) a second public beta has been released... build 14C94b ? ? ? First public beta (Dec 2014) ? ? ? Apple juste released the first public beta of the next update for OS X Yosemite, 10.10.2
  14. Apple has released the first developer beta of OS X 10.10.2, arriving as build version 14C68K. The notes attached to the OS X Update Seed 10.10.2 download don’t specify any particular focus areas, but presumably the update aims to address bugs and issues that have gone unresolved after the recent?OS X 10.10.1 update. ? Developers registered with Apple can find the OS X 10.10.2 beta 1 update available in Software Update and the Mac App Store, or through the official Mac Developer Center website. ? ? Source: OS X Daily
  15. Hi, I have a problem with my usb with Yosemite Open Beta 1, I try MB{censored} USB 3.0 fix but didn't work. Only one port (2.0) work, others ports I have power but devices don't work. PS: With Maverick MB{censored} USB 3.0 fix work. PS: I have 2 usb ports' 2.0 and 2 usb ports' 3.0. Thank you.
  16. ? Já está disponivel a segunda versão GM do Yosemite, e o 5º Beta publico. ? O PB 5 tem apenas?105MB, e deve estar?disponível nas atualizações na AppStore. ? ? É interessante termos essas atualizações com menos de 1 semana para termos a versão final do OS X!
  17. Depois de 4 DPs a versão beta está diponivel para download. Aqueles que se cadastraram no programa da Apple já devem ter recebido essa notificação do email. ? Ou vão no site da Apple e na seção "OS X Beta Program" verão o botão?Get OS X Yosemite Redemption code?e um pouco mais abaixo cliquem no botão Download. ? O esquema de instalação, pode seguir o mesmo do DP.? ? Se houver alguma alteração no modo de instalação, um Guia será criado em breve.
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