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Found 14 results

  1. I use Chimera, the {censored} {censored} install method alongside {censored}, i didn't feel like reposting my problem so here it is straight from r/Hackintosh on reddit... :c seems this is the 2nd time i'm asking across all forums, and no help anywhere yet. ? http://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/2sgpiu/help_having_intel_hd4600_graphics_problems/ ? If you want to know anything like my build, or parts, I'll list them.
  2. First of all i already know that this video card is very problematic, i'm trying to get this thing running with snow leopard 10.6.8, to be more specific it's a XFX HD 6750 DDR3 Juniper (Device ID 68bf-1002 SubDevice ID 1682-314A) does anyone had luck with this card? does it work with chimera (which i don't know how to use it)? should i flash, and if yes, to what specific rom? or there is any "guaranteed" method to get this card working properly, please a little guide would be nice since i'm very new to this, btw i already tried the most common methods like editing IOPCIMatch, which always makes my monitor go off after booting (like when you unplug the monitor cable) no crashes though.
  3. Доброго в?ем времени ?уток. Реб?та помогите ? такой ?итуацией.? У мен? Radeon Gigabyte?7850. ?е?колько обновлений 10.9.2 - 10.9.3 в?е было ок. У?корение работало ? флагами GE=No и ATIRadeonAcceleration.kext. По?ле ?ледующего обновлени? в?е ?летело. Самое мак?имум могу запу?тить без у?корени? графики. Подключение: карта DVI -> монитор HDMI. В некоторых ?луча?х либо черный ?кран (например GE=Yes). Либо ?ерый ?кран и мышь ? вечной загрузкой (вме?то логин ?крин). Говор?т ? новым обновлением 7850 нативно поддерживат??. ?о чет у мен? не так. Причем в ?ведени?х об оборудовании пишет?? что кек? загружен и карта определена но флаг sync вы?тавлен в no. ? Конфиг? Проце??ор: AMD FX 8350 Видеокарта: Gigabyte ATI 7850 Мат. плата Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Пам?ть Kingston DDR3-1600 - 8gb Же?ткий ди?к - SSD Intel 50gb ? Буду благодарен любой под?казке.
  4. hi folks, I installed OSX mavericks dual boot on my PC and my partitions are like this in a single HD: ? System Reserved - NTFS Windows - NTFS File Partition - NTFS Mavericks - Mac ? I used myHack to make a pendriver and install mavericks and it's working nicely so far. But when I tried MB{censored} to install chimera and kexts, the bootloader wasn't installed, and when I reboot I get: ? boot0: done ? The only way I can get on any partition is using my pendriver which still has myHack and choose the partition I want (either windows or mac) ? Do you guys know how could I fix this problem?
  5. Hello all! Please help me with my problem. After last updates of 10.9.3 system was broke, couse ATIRadeonAcellerator.kext is out of date.? I restored original kext and losted acceleration. I use different flag, such as GE=N/Y and without them. People said that no need more special flags for 7580 after last update becouse 7850 supported natively. But maybe i'm doing something wrong. So help me please. I use DVI(card) -> HDMI(monitor) ? Here is my config AMD FX 8350 Gigabyte ATI 7850 Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Kingston DDR3-1600 - 8gb ?SSD Intel 50gb
  6. I face many problem after I try to using chimera to get Full QE/CI - accelartion graphics for my intel hd 3000 in N53SV Laptop ? ?I decide to update mac osx 10.9 to get full QE/CI for my intel hd 3000 Using chimera ? I get these error in the boot screen ? "Transcript Offline : Buffer pool allocate [18100] failed" ? how to solve these error ? ? many people that using ASUS N53SV say that need DVI OR hdmi and second screen to make it work with full acceleration ? so is there another solution to boot success using laptop itself with intel hd 3000 ?work ?notice that I am using external hdd to boot with my? ASUS N53SV Laptop ? before that I using OS X Mountain Lion with chameleon it work great but intel hd 3000 not work with full E/CI after that ? I Try many games with??OS X Mountain Lion?like : ? Devil may cry 4 work great red alert 3 work great Dead space 3 work great mass effect 3 work great ? but some games very slow like GTA 4 ? sorry for bad English >> ? ? ?
  7. I need help with my hackintosh ML 10.8.2 every time I need to boot with "-f -v PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes" it's very tedious, is there a way to fix this? My specs Motherboard: Asus p8p67 Chip: i5 25000k Video card: nVidia gtx 660 ti ram: 8 gb thanks :]
  8. I have been having some issues installing a bootloader on my HP Probook 4530s. I have tried installing Chameleon and Chimera (not simultaneously) on it with no success. I have currently been booting it off of a Chameleon CD. I am wondering if this has something to do with having a MBR partition table instead of a GUID partition table. Is there a workaround or fix for this issue.
  9. Ok. So I have Lenovo IdeaPad G780 Specs are Processor: Intel Core i7 3612-QM Motherboard: Intel panther Point HM76, Intel Ivy bridge GPU'S: Intel HD 4000 and Nvidia GT630 2GB(Not hoping to get this one working on Hackintosh) RAM: 8GB BIOS: Insyde I successfully installed ML, which as I understood was iAtkos build, from this site Open Mac: OS X 10.8 ML bootable USB for Intel PCs It installed perfectly and booted as well. I run the MB{censored} but it didn't wanted to boot by using Chimera. So I used the Chameleon bootloader from the USB and it booted fine. The problem is - I don't have the option in Bios to change the memory of Intel HD 4000 and I guess that is the reason why Chimera is failing to boot. ( I used the EasyBeast and user DSDT from the MB{censored}) I tried using flags like -f -x -s cpu=1 but each one of them failed. some gave Kernel panic, some just froze the booting. So Is there a way to enable graphics without having the memory option in Bios? And Is Chimera not booting the Hackintosh because of the HD 4000 or could it bee something else? I haven't installed anything else just EasyBeast and User DSTS. Tried to give you as much information as i could remember.
  10. So I Have almost fully finished my Hackintosh on Lenovo G780 If I boot using Chimera Then the RT8192 will not be loaded. If I boot using the Chameleon which was included in the install image then the kext gets loaded. I'm using ML by iAtkos Can anyone help please?
  11. I am successfully able to boot up to the OS using the U{censored} flash drive that i originally used to download the software, but when i use chimera it wont go past the initial grey screen with the apple logo. (i had previously had issues with a boot0 error but was able to trouble shoot that with the help of a macbreaker article)
  12. I dont know why but by desktop freezes once per day and i have to restart , i cant press any key to enter in force quit or anything else , i cant close , move , or press on anything. Specs: AMD Athlon x2 7550 2.5 GHz Kuma CPU Nvidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Hitachi 500 GB Sata Hard Drive DVD-RW is unpluged from sata and power connector cuz it doest work on SL I have USB keyboard , mice and speakers DSL Internet working trough the NFORCELAN extension My system work with the applenforceata chipset kext and during verboose i get an message like phy connection failed 0x0000000 or something like that dunno why? PS Freeze come up only when im with safari and i copy something or download something or just when im running steam for mac. PLS HELP ME TO SOLVE THIS. I use nawcom updated kernel for 10.6.8 with -force64 arch=i386 and busratio=125(my correct busratio from another friend on insanelymac.com) I dont get it why because my performance is flawless, ram works fine , cpu works fine , harddrive at full speed and i get freezes..... why me!!???? Also i use as bootloader Chimera 1.11.1 and the official mac quadro drivers from nvidia(sometimes i get little graphic artifacts when watching YouTube videos. PLS HELP ME!! i need 1% to have a full amd hackintosh
  13. Hi i have iATKOS L2 installed on my laptop, i have got a very weird problem that is , if i use Chameleon v2.1 it boots fine without any issues but if i boot it with Chimera 1.8 or 1.7 or 1.5 or even 1.4.4 it hangs on "Still waiting for root device..." but it doesn't happens with Chameleon! I have used following boot flags: GraphicsEnabler=No busratio=20 rd=disk0s3 PciRoot=1 DSDT=No ForceWake=y -v -f (the disk0s3 is correct! its installed on disk 0 partition number 3) Also i used a sequence of other boot flags, possible, waited 30 Minutes for the hard disk to respond. Also installed appropriate kexts that is: "JMicronATa", "AppleVIAATA" and others as well Similarly i set SATA Mode to AHCI and ATA and vice versa with the combination of above boot flags, i am totally lost! In addition to that i tried many different other methods as well....!! But alas it went in vein, because i have a SandyBridge Core i5 so for that i needed Chimera bootloader because it correctly detects my Intel HD Integrated Graphic Card .... but chimera won't work next to still waiting for root device...! So is there any fix or anyone who had similar issue? Ohh and also i have custom Patched DSDT for my Laptop as well
  14. I downloaded dmg file of iATKOS L2.. after i restore usb from drive virtualized of iATKOS.. after i installed chimera for booting USB Installation.. The usb has MBR partition map because with the first my Aspire One d257 don't recognize it... Now, i start USB regularly but the initializiation don't run, i tried to run it with verbose mode and it don't give me no one caracter.. Sorry for English but i'm italian and i don't love school... thanks in advance
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