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Found 2 results

  1. This is a new contest announcement with big prizes! Creating a hackintosh system isn?t very hard, but when you are new to the scene it?s very difficult to know where to start. There?s a wealth on information about hackintosh and it takes a lot of time to find some clues on where to start. OSx86.net it?s goal is to make life easier for the community and therefore the new contest will be: Newbie guide to hackintosh! What do you have to do? You have to write a guide, in English, accompanied with useful screenshots / pictures so new users will know how to start building their hackintosh systems. The rules of engagement Thou shalt not use {censored} tools (Why?) Thou shalt not copy from other guides (we will check for plagiarism) Thou shalt not use pirated distributions like iAtkos (Why?) When you submit a guide to this contest, OSx86.net has the right to use this guide on the website. Although it is not obligatory, it would be very nice to use OSx86.net's site in your tutorials / screenshots. You will get extra points for it :-) The OSx86.net crew will pick the winners What are the prizes? First place: ? 200,- Second place: ? 100,- Third place: ? 50,- All payments will be done via PayPal only. How to submit? Please submit your guide by e-mailing to info@osx86.net with your guide attached. Also let me know your username on OSx86.net, this is needed for the poll. Deadline Saturday, May 4th 2013
  2. John

    Video Contest!

    Dear community, Installing Mac OS X on a regular PC can be a real pain in the ass for some people and is a piece of cake for others. This community is a place for everybody to help eachother with installing the best operating system on your own personal computer. With over 40,000 posts, over 2,000 files and over 320,000 members it is a strong and helpful community. OSx86.net is now starting something new! We are starting a video contest! The goal is to create a video that is helpful for newbies at hackintosh. So people that are now running Microsoft Windows or linux and want to learn more about Mac OS X. To get an idea about such a video, have a look here. The following rules apply for the contest: 1) The video should be helpful for people that are not running hackintosh currently 2) The video needs to contain instructions on how to download files from OSx86.net 3) No distributions like iAtkos! 4) Don?t use {censored} tools like U{censored}, Chimera, MB{censored}, etc. The main goal is to help other people with your video of course! But we have prizes also! The OSx86.net crew is going to pick a first, second and third place winner. The prizes are: 1st place: 100 USD NewEgg gift card 2nd place: 50 USD NewEgg gift card 3rd place: 25 USD NewEgg gift card We will announce the winners at monday April 30. Be sure to upload your video on time! Videos should be uploaded to OSx86.net (click) in the "Video contest" section. It's a good idea to post a link to your video in this topic as well! Please consider donating, so we can launch more contests like this with different objectives. The more you guys donate, the more useful videos will be made! Kind regards, OSx86.net staff
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