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Found 4 results

  1. 4,262 downloads

    AHCIPortInjector.kext This kext inject id device for Sata chip : AppleAHCIDiskDriver, IOAHCISerialATAPI, ASMedia ASM1061, ASMedia ASM1062, DH89xxCC AHCI, AppleSATAExpress, GenericAHCI, ICH10AHCI, ICH10RAHCI, ICH10RAID, ICH10RRAID, ICH6 ESB2 AHCI, ICH6 ESB2 RAID, ICH7MAHCI, ICH7MRAID, ICH7RAHCI, ICH7RAHCI, ICH7RRAID, ICH8AHCI, ICH8MAHCI, ICH8MRAID, ICH8RAHCI, ICH8RRAID, ICH9AHCI, ICH9MAHCI, ICH9MRAID, ICH9RAHCI, ICH9RRAID, Intel10SeriesAHCI, Intel5SeriesAHCI, Intel5SeriesRAID, Intel6SeriesAHCI, Intel6SeriesRAID, Intel7SeriesAHCI, Intel7SeriesRAID, Intel8SeriesAHCI, Intel9SeriesAHCI, IntelC600SeriesAHCI, IntelC600SeriesRAID, IntelLynxPointAHCI, IntelLynxPointRAID, IntelWellsburgAHCI, IntelWellsburgRAID, JMicron JMB360 AHCI, JMicron JMB360 RAID, JMicron JMB361 AHCI, JMicron JMB361 RAID, JMicron JMB362 AHCI, JMicron JMB362 RAID, JMicron JMB363 AHCI, JMicron JMB363 RAID, JMicron JMB364 AHCI, JMicron JMB365 AHCI, JMicron JMB366 AHCI, JMicron JMB366 RAID, JMicron JMB369 AHCI, JMicronAHCI, MCP79AHCI, MCP89AHCI, Marvell 88SE9120, Marvell 88SE9123, Marvell 88SE9125, Marvell 88SE9128, Marvell 88SE9172, Marvell 88SE91A0, Marvell 88SE9230, Marvell 88SE9480 Install via Kext Wizard repair permissions/cache Kext by Fabio1971, updated the work of ErmaC eep357 and Micky1979
  2. Version 1.5


    DPCIManager lists all of the PCI devices attached to your machine, along with their PCI IDs, vendor name, and device name. It will also retrieve the kext loaded for that device, important when troubleshooting. The new status tab gathers all of the most important info about your system into one place. ACPI table extraction makes it easy to edit your DSDT or other tables easily. Now includes ROM flashing. Features Lists all PCI devices with their names Can self-update PCI ID database Extract DSDT and other ACPI tables Retrieve kext loaded for a device View status of various systems, important for hackintoshing Submit PCI List anonymously to help device naming Now makes kext suggestions if nothing loaded Adds BIOS ROM flashing https://sourceforge.net/projects/dpcimanager/
  3. Hi, I have a Sony Vaio PCG-71311M/VPCEB4E4E?and I want to install iAtkos ML2 on it just like I did on my PC. The specs are 4GB RAM. HM55 Chipset. i5-540M. Thats all I know. I keep getting still looking for root device? Im using the usb mac method used on their site... Oh and I have a 500GB SATA Hard Drive in the laptop ?and there were 3 partitions in it, 2 were system recovery and 1 was windows 7. Should I delete everything on it?
  4. here is the CPU-Z report (very long and complex containing each and every detail of my system) [Only reply if u r a serious hacker!] file:///C:/Users/Samsung%20i7/Desktop/SAMSUNGI7-PC.html (copy this html report and web-search it on your browser) noobish details can obviously be found on the samsung official website. it's not a mac....it's not a 'BIG BRACTION' computer ....it's a top quality samsung laptop baught a few days ago! THE PROBLEM IS - "still waiting for root device" :(:(:(:(:(:( i think there used to be a patch for this on mediafire....but for some reason it's no longer available! i've got intel hd graphics and nvidia gt540 that work together with optimus technology (intel the default one) chipset is intel i don't no if that is the real problem but please give me a download link for patch that will resolve this frickin "still waiting for root device" i know it's a very common problem but that is why we should urgently find a permanent solution to this one. i'm trying to install the retail version through usb flash drive (please don't tell me to buy the retail dvd coz that is the last thing i would want to do) and fortunately it loads up well.......... till "still waiting for root device" (sad conclusion) hackers please help!
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