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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone. This is my first post and I'm still learning so bare with me. This is my second hackintosh build only. I successfully got my M7-J020DX loaded with audio, ethernet, wifi, and bluetooth. It's not perfect but it work. Audio isn't as perfect but is doable for now until I find a better voodooHDA. Audio doesn't have the bass to it but I'm searching for it still. This machine come with Beats Audio. If there's any success, please help me on this. ? For this machine, the WiFi and Bluetooth is not compatible. You will have to switch it out with a compatible one, like the AR5B195 (AR9285 WIFI & AR3011 BT). This guide is for the AR5B195 as I had my switched. Unless you have a WiFi/Bluetooth that doesn't need installing kexts, you don't have to do go through adding the vendor id etc part. I'm looking to upgrade to the AzureWave BCM94352HMB/BCM94352 802.11/AC WLAN + BT 4.0 soon. ? In BIOs, you will have to: 1. Disable Virtualization 2. In Boot Option, Enable Legacy Mode ? I will not go into getting Mavericks using U{censored} or whatever method you want to use. There's a lot of guide out there already. Also, you will need a USB mouse for this until you get the PS/2 Keyboard/Mice and Trackpads kext install. ? To install Mavericks, you will need to use the bootflag: xpcm-free -v After installation, boot with -x (safemode). Otherwise, you'll get kernel panic. ? On first boot, go through the setup screen. Once in the desktop, first thing to do is to make wifi work. I don't know but USB drive will not work in safe mode so having all your kexts ready is not an option. The way I did it was to enable my WiFi and then download all my kexts. Remember, my WiFi is the AR9285. If you use a different WiFi chip, you'll have to find the information for your WiFi. ? To do so, go to S/L/E and look for IO80211Family.kext. Right hand click it and choose Show Package. Open Contents/Plugins/ and copy AirPortAtheros21.kext to the desktop. ? Right hand click AirPortAtheros21.kext and choose show package. Open Contents folder and then open Info.plist with TxtEditor. Add the following string to <key>IONameMatch</key>, right after <string>pci168c,2a</string> <string>pci168c,2b</string> <string>pci168c,2c</string> ? Save plist file and RESTART OSX. Boot back into it with -x (safe mode) ? Once back in desktop, you'll notice your WiFi is working. Connect to the internet and download all the kexts you need. Attached Zip contain: Battery: ?? AppleACPIPlatform.kext ?? VoodooBattery.kext Ethernet: ?? RealtekRTL8111.kext WiFi & Bluetooth ?? IO80211Family.kext ?? IOath3kfrmwr.kext ?? BTFirmwareUploader.kext ? Also download MB{censored} Mavericks and Chameleon Wizard ? Start off by running MB{censored} and choose: Qucik Start > EasyBeast Driver > Audio > VoodooHDA v2.8.4 PS/2 Keyboard/Mice and Trackpads Driver > Disk > Trim (if you use a SSD) Build ? Open Kext Wizard app and load all kexts from attach zip. Install all of them to your OSX. Make sure to repair permission and kernel cachel in Kext Wizard after kext installation. ? Open Chameleon Wizard and change SMBIOs to MacBookAir6,2. I don't know if this matter but this is what I use. Also check to make sure GraphicsEnabler is not check because this computer uses the Internal GPU HD 4600. ? Go to your Extra folder and edit org.chameleon.Boot.plist to include IGPEnabler and Resolution. Add: <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1920x1080x32</string> <key>IGPEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> Save. ? Reboot your OSX and it should be able to boot without safe mode or kernel panic. Check to make sure audio, bluetooth, battery work. There is still more thing to do that I still want to fix, such as Audio and iMessage/FaceTime. I'll do it when I get home. Also, my computer, when it goes to sleep, it's just black. Clicking on the trackpad or pressing ESC will wake it up. I don't know much about sleep fix so any help is welcome. Bluetooth can only connect to device through bluetooth preference pane. You cannot connect through your device. Again, I don't know any fix to this. Any help is welcome. I hope this help those of you who have this same laptop as me. M7J020DX OS X.zip
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