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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, first sorry for my English, I'm Spanish and I am using a translator. My hardware is this: - GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 - Intel i5 2500K - NVidia GTX 570 (Evga) I installed mountain lion but I want to know which is the correct way to install the graphics card correctly to reach full potential.
  2. Strange title, but I wonder if all people running a hackintosh with a GTX 570 video card have fully cheked wether or not it is working with ALL extensions. Everything seems to work fine ( 2 monitors, resolutions, OpenCl & OpenGl) I followed all topics, on how to install it (Lion 10.7.3) And checking with OpenGL Extensions Viewer shows missing extensions on my installation, and I cannot explain why: At the bottom of the report, a list of all extensions " not found but available in driver". Could you please check and confirm all extensions are found with your Nvidia card ? Thanks.
  3. Hello all, I'm posting here because I'm a bit lost... So, I've installed OS X Lion 10.7.2 on my PC (Asus P7D55D + Intel i5 750 + Nvidia GTX 570 + 4Go RAM G.Skill) using the ISO from N{censored}12495 (I've bought Lion on the App Store before but didn't find how to install it in another way than this one). After installation done (with npci=0x2000), I've used EasyBeast with MB{censored} 4.1.0 in order to override the ridiculous boot screen from the ISO and more to install network card driver and audio driver, and to define my PC as a MacPro 5,1. Network and sound is working fine, but display was very laggy on animations. My first try was to download Fermi drivers from nVidia webiste, but when I launch it, it tell me that my system don't need this driver. (wut??) Then I found the GTX 5xx Enabler (Without CUDA as I have only one card). I've then defined my PCIRootUID=0 (with 1 was crashing, and in the verbose mode I saw that my PCIRootUID is 0) and GraphicsEnabler=Yes. Wasn't working, so I re-installed it but checking ATY_init. Also I updated my NVDAGF100Hal.kext in order to add my DeviseID 1086. I've also tried the tutorial [GUIDE] Edit AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext to unleash nvidia's GTX 570/580 full power and save energy at the same time. but was crashing. I've reverted changes and then there is where I am. Now when I boot my Lion, I've randomly boot failures. It could be on the grey screen, it could be just before to see the desktop (so I have a mouse, but a black or grey screen). But when Lion boot, it work really fine except laggy animations. I suppose I should show you some files, but as I don't really know what kind of file you need to help me, I prefer to wait requests from you. P.S: I never installed any DSDT file. UPDATE: Well... My Graphic issue is now fixed (I don't know for now about random boot issues). I've downloaded MB{censored} 4.2 and re-install all things, then I back to a small resolution (1024x768), and I re-installed GTX Enabler and ATY_init and now I have 400 fps in OpenGL Extension Viewer! I will update the post in few days about random boot failures.
  4. Hey guys so i got Snow Leopard working!! Only prob is im currently booting with the flag GraphicsEnabler=No (as this is the only way it will boot), does anyone know how to install Nvidia GTX 570 Drivers? im not really up there with the tech talk i hear(kexts etc...) Also Im not picking up my 5.1 sound setup, does anyone know how to set that up? im running a Realtek ALC889, ive used VoodooHDA and a couple others but only seems to pick up on my USB headset when i plug it in rather than the Orange, Black and Green. If i can get this working ill write up a How to Guide" for all those AMD users out there with a similar setup to my own (and there are a TONNE out there) Please help! Dane
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