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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I've had my hackintosh running stable for about half a day but I can't get more than one monitor to detect. I've installed all necessary kexts with MB{censored} as well as the latest nvidia web drivers and cuda drivers, but the problem still remains. I have my three monitors plugged in (they all work fine) one through dvi, vga and hdmi. They all worked fin in windows yesterday so I doubt its a monitor issue. With all three plugged in, when I boot my mobo displays the full screen logo on my vga monitor by default which is fine, then OS X continues to boot using the vga monitor, then I can login and use the system normally, but even when I go into display preferences I can't get the other two monitors to detect. When I unplug the dvi monitor the screen flashes and when I plug it in again the screen flashes and goes back to normal, then dvi monitor shows the wallpaper and task bar at the top but it's greyed out and the monitor still refuses to show up in display preferences. And I have no hope trying to get the hdmi to work at all. I'm going to get a dvi to hdmi but in the meantime I at least want to two working. When I boot with only the DVI or HDMI or both monitor plugged in the full screen mobo logo shows fine, the chimera boot loader looks fine, then the apple logo shows up fine then the loading bar gets to about half way when the screen goes black ad the monitor displays the no signal sign. Thanks in advance, Royce
  2. Version 1.0.b1


    :::Nvidia GTX7xx 9xx Titan X Z Maxwell based card::: :::Edited AppleGraphicsPowerManagement::: ::For OS Sierra 10.12:: *Please use MacPro 5,1 or 6,1 as SMBios due to Settings made for F60DEB81FF30ACF6 designed machines ::Features:: -Edited Energy UP and Down Threshold for High response and fast decrease. -Edited Engine UP and Down Threshold for smooth Low-to-High transition graphics. -Edited Memory Up and Down Threshold to fast response and fast decrease. -Edited P0 and P1 table to work around Energy, Engine and Memory Settings -GPU Idle--> Core 135Mhz@40C ~55C degrees Fan @1050RPM* -Memory Idle-->810Mhz@40C ~55C degrees Fan @1050RPM* -GPU load--> Core 1000Mhz@78C~85C degrees Fan @2200RPM* -Memory Load-->7000Mhz@78C~85C degrees Fan @2200RPM* *Sorry about GPU fan, the current RPM is the best result for now (Nvidia Maxwell normally runs @700~800RPM, GTX980 sometimes @0 RPM...) ::Installation:: -The installation have no secret: -Right Click on AppleGraphicsPowermanagement.kext, then Show Package Contents -Open Contents then info.plist, find IOKitPersonalities-> AGPM->Machines -Find F60DEB81FF30ACF6 then Vendor10deDevice17c2 -Change "Device17c2" with your graphic card code. (ex: GTX980=Device13c0) -Replace the current AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext in the S/L/E folder.
  3. Hi everybody, I read in some threads that dual graphic cards are enabled by default in OSX but...... I have my old gtx 650 working OOB on 10.11.4 with stock drivers and a new gtx 950 that is working with the latest web drivers;installing both cards and booting with web drivers enabled I got kernel panic, while uninstalling the gtx 650 and leaving the gtx 950 alone it works properly with full accelerationWell, is there a way to get both working together? Here is a screen shot of the kernel panic I get thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys, I'm new here. ? So I've been banging my head attempting to install Mavericks 10.9.4 on my ROG Asus G74SX in the absolute most vanilla way possible, and I've got pretty much everything I need working except for the GPU. I've got the terrible resolution and extremely glitchy animations issue. I know OS X can see it, because it shows up under "About This Mac" as Asus GeForce GTX 560M 1536 MB (I'm pretty sure it's supposed to say 3072 MB though). ? I've tried the general boot flags one would suggest as well as the newest Nvidia web drivers for OS X 10.9.4, which I found out later don't support the 560M. ? I've also tried a few kexts, but I don't want to render my system un-bootable. I've already reinstalled 3 times, and this current install is the absolute cleanest! ? So that leaves any kexts you guys know that work, kext editing, or DSDT injection, which I haven't the slightest idea how to do. I'm open to learning though! ? I've pretty much been working on this for four days straight, and this is the last hurdle. No way I'm giving up. So please, share your knowledge. ? EDIT: ? I've got resolution and animations working now! I'll check everything else to make sure, will post again with the solution for others to use.
  5. Hi guys! My name is Luca and I'm new to the forum. Before I ask you something, I'll make a little introduction to my hackintosh. In september I bought the pieces to asseble a new computer and this is the result: ? ? - CM Strom Stryker case - Intel core i7 4930k six-core cpu - Asus Rampage IV Formula motherboard - Zalman air cooler - 1000w Thermaltake power supply - 32gb (8 gb x 4) GSKILL DDR3 1600 mhz ram running at 1333mhz as I suppose, is the standard frequency of the mobo (one bank doesn't work -- I'm going to send it to the vendor soon -- so I installed only 24gb) - nVidia GTX Titan 6gb DDR5 - Samsung EVO Pro 256gb ssd - 1Tb western digital hdd - 20in1 card reader - intel based wifi card - Windows 7 pro 64bit - 2xAsus 24" LED monitors ? The last week I decided to transform it into an hackintosh.......... I was very excited. So I spent the last three days and... uh... nights studying (computer architecture for the exam), installing OS X Mavericks into a 320gb 5400rpm hard drive and configuring it to make it perfect... and now it is... but... not the boot loader screen (as the bios screen). I tried everything but I can't set the boot loader at full screen... I've googled a lot to find a solution. Actually there is: most people solve this issue using nvflash. I found a guide to used it at this link http://www.{censored}.com/graphics/106000-achieving-native-resolution-startup-edit-your-vesa-tables-amd-nvidia.html . When I was booting into Windows I remembered that Chameleon Wizard (v4.3.3) has an option called VBIOS so I decided to ask you what should I do. So these are my questions: - what does VBIOS=Yes do in boot.plist? does it solve my problem without flashing the graphics card? - should I also do what that guide says? Remember that I configured boot.plist with Graphics Mode 1920x1080x32 and both width and height in theme.plist ? Thank you for your help
  6. Hello, I have some problems getting a Gigabyte Geforce GTX460 1GB working on my setup. My Mainboard is a ASUS M4A87TD EVO with a AMD Phenom II X3 3,21 GHZ on it. I have been able to install OSX 10.6.3 Retail using ModCD and the legacy kernel, Audio is only working atm with AzaliaAudio but the graphics support seems more essential to me. I am using Chameleon 2.0 RC5 as bootloader. After the 10.6.3 install I successfully updated to 10.6.8 using the comoupdate followed by the 10.6.8 legacy kernel. So the main installation is fully bootable but with shitty graphics. So far I have tried to inject graphics using the following methods: GraphicsEnabler=yes with only kernelpanics. Original NVIDIA Cuda Drivers in combination with NVEnabler with the system booting in 1080p but the graphics acceleration not working 100 % because the top bar is not transparent. Also I read some Topics about adding the Hardware ID to some kexts but have not been able to do that because it was kind of hard to understand the information that was given. So any Help on this topics would be appreciated as I plan to get this System running nice and publish information about my experience with this particular mainboard etc. to some wikis, eventually doing a guide also. Greets from germany!
  7. paco123

    Ayuda Nvidia gt 520m

    hola que tal bueno mi problema es que no puedo hacer funcionar mi targeta grafica Nvidia Gt 520m e intentado con muchos kext y configuraciones, pero sige sin funcionar tal vez por el optimuz porque tambien tengo la Intel HD3000 y tampoco puedo hacerla funcionar al maximo cuando instalo los kext para la Intel se queda trabado en el simbolo de apple alguien podria darme algun kext o alguna confuguracion para poder hacer funcionar mi targeta porfavor se lo agradeceria mucho, tambien e intentado el comando GraphicsEnabler=Yes y GraphicsEnabler=No pero ninguno de los 2 funciona porfavor si alguien es tan amable
  8. PLEASE help! I used to have a perfectly working Leopard iAtkos 7 10.5.8 running with my system (shown below), but since I've upgraded my graphics card from a 9800GTX+ to a GTX 460 I'm now in deep crap. Leopard no longer picks it up. I've tried to install iAtkos 7 10.5.8 again I can't boot as the graphics card isn't recognised. The -x command works, but there aren't any drivers to install as the supported nvidia drivers are only for Snow Leopard. "So just install Snow Leopard?" I hear you say. Well I've tried to install iAtkos S3 V2 10.6.3 but to no avail. Whatever way I try to install, I either get kernel panics at boot, or the PC shuts down on boot (verbos reads CPU halted). With iAtkos S3 V2 I've tried the Chameleon 2 RC5 boot loader, the AnVal bootloader, the 10.3.0 kernel, the 10.2.0 kernel, etc. When booting, I always enter my correct FSB, Busratio and Maxmem values. The DVD was burned at 4x, my bios is set to AHCI and I'm installing to an internal sata drive - all completely normal stuff. Every distro installs great, but they never boot. Can someone please help me? I could really do with having this system up and running soon - I do a lot of Final Cut Pro at work and would love to use it at home. System: Asus M3N-HT Deluxe AMD Phenom II 955 BE 6Gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2 EVGA GTX 460 SE Thanks guys! Much appreciated
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