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Found 3 results

  1. The title of this might sound a lot more amateur than the question... I am running a Acer Aspire Notebook. Unfortunately I have a broken disc drive. I result to installing Retail copy of snow leopard via USB using MY HACK application. I create this USB installer Via my first Leopard partiton in which has the stock darwin bootloader. MYHACK installs a bootloader (i think its chameleon) into the *USB Installer*. I plug the USB drive and boot into it. It brings up the My Hack screen with a bootloader. In order to install Snow Leopard from the installer, i have to click on the USB inside the bootloader and not my HDD options. Following me? Basic steps. I install OSX Snow Leopard to a 2nd partition. It successfuly installs. Now I unplug my USB Installer with MYHACK on it. And the snow leopard partition will not boot. Because it is in the leopard bootloader (1st partition). My question is how do i get both partitions too boot in 1 bootloader? Do I just install chameleon to 1 of the bootloaders? Im so confused! BTW my HDD is GUID partition. Only OSX on it. No windows. I appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks guys.
  2. Okay,after so many tries,i finally got OS X 10.5.7 installed successfully,but i have noticed something weird,if during the installation i choose MBR for the partition,and i install and restart,the chameleon will load and i can proceed,but if i choose GUID and i install and restart,the chameleon will not load and it will boot into my windows7,any suggestion please???????? PS:i am installing it on an external HDD and i am using the iAtkos v7 medium,my pc spec is in my sig THANKS ALOT GUYS:angel:
  3. As you probably already heard, the EFI-X Milestone Update has been released. We had a chat with Art Studios Entertainment Media CEO: Davide Rutigliano and we discussed this update (and some others topics). Art Studios Entertainment Media John: Hi Davide, thank you for participating in this interview again. Much appreciated! Davide: The pleasure is mine, John. John: So how are you doing today? I bet you are happy the "Milestone Update" has been released? Davide: That's for certain! Now all future development is a lot less hassle and new exciting features will be unlocked from time to time! It was a lot of hard work, we will make it so it will live up to the expectations of the public. John: How many people are working on the EFI-X project? Davide: In which section of it? We have 3 separate organs, the board of directors, the development team and the factory. John: Everybody that had something to do with EFI-X. Davide: Oh, we reach quote 400 then... Especially in the factory there are a lot of people involved, for prototypes and for the actual mass produced products. John: Recently you switched to a Dutch factory, because we are a Dutch forum we are very interested in your reaction on the Dutch factory. Do they do a good job? Davide: So far I am VERY happy with the results. the local engineers are now active part of ASEM for the prototype development! I'm super happy about it. Ah, and they are FAST John: Do they only produce EFI-X, or are there more (secret) things being created there? Davide: All our prototype development is there from stage 2. Basically prototypes have different stages. John: Could you explain that? Davide: First stage basically produces a very rough device, just to see if it can do what it is expected to do. Second stage produces something quite similar to the finished product, with all the corrections we thought about after a first test run on stage 1 device. Then it gets very boring, all the geeky tests take place, and a final mockup is then produced and submitted to the certifications and patents. That will be very similar to the final product. John: How do you look back at the year 2008? The year of the release of EFI-X? Davide: It was intense, very intense. We started that we were against the world now a lot of people understand our spirit and our mission directives, and I am really happy about that. John: Absolutely true. Let's talk about the Milestone Update for a second. Milestone Update John: Could you describe the "Milestone Update"? What's the biggest difference from the previous firmware? Davide: Basically, the Milestone sports a totally new core. It brings a lot of extra performances thanks to the SSE4-powered drivers, and it detects and uses all the peripheral in a much more "intelligent" way. This firmware utilizes EFI and UEFI technology at its best, and we have started to implement also our own version of EFI, ASEFI, that utilizes a lot of extra features, all to be revealed in future updates. So far it is looking really good! John: One thing I noticed is that the Apple logo has been removed and there is an X instead of it. Is this precautionary or did Apple complain that you used the logo? Davide: Well, that icon indicates a GUID drive, also storage and empty drives might be formatted with GUID, so why identify it as something specific? Same goes with NTFS and EXT3, in fact we are redesigning the UI, and even asking the public to do that through a contest. John: Okay, we'll get to that part later in the interview John: Does the new firmware support new hardware? Will the HCL be updated? Davide: It will, i leave that as a surprise for everyone John: Surprises, surprises! You guys are full of surprises! When do you expect to "release" the new HCL? Davide: Surprise! John: Okay okay Is there a possibility to do a "verbose" boot? What are the boot possibilities? Davide: We are actually looking at a way to make verbose and single user mode selectable, somehow, from boot. We will need a bit of research for that, but we are getting there. John: Could you give us some more insight on why the Penryn (45nm) CPU's had cracking noise before the Milestone Update? Davide: Sure. Basically Penryn class processors use the SSE4 instructions. Old EFI-X firmware had been made to be compliant only to SSE3, so whenever there was a "call" made by and for SSE4 instructions, the processor was skipping cycles. that translated into crackling sounds, slow system clock and plenty of other nasty bugs. Now not only we enabled system usage of SSE4, but we even wrote special drivers that enhance performances old Penryn-class processors in a further way! Photoshop contest John: You mentioned the photoshop contest earlier, when will it start? Davide: We are now ultimating our negotiations with relevant artist communities and websites, I believe the contest will take place in January, as a first part of our Change The World campaign. John: Is the deadline already set? Davide: Not yet, but it will take about 2 months till the prize is awarded Legal / Mac Clones John: Recently a post on Wired caused some confusion about Art Studios Entertainment Media (ASEM). Their article suggested that ASEM jumped into the Mac Clone business. Could you shed some light on this issue? Davide: As previously stated, ASEM had nothing to do with that. It was a mindless stunt of our distributor, who completely misinterpreted our Certification Program. I am extremely dissatisfied with that. John: Apple is a lot in the news lately, especially with the Psystar case. Did you receive any attention from Apple lately? Davide: Only of the caring kind :-) John: What does that mean? Could you give a small example? Davide: As previously stated, we don't challenge or battle Apple or any other firm. We want to bring IT people together. That's what we want to do. And end the ageless "mine vs yours" battle that always plagued the IT world. Future John: What are the future plans? What can we expect in 2009? Davide: A lot of things! There are a lot of top secret products in the pipeline, and a lot of features for our existing V1 USB module. It will be extremely exciting, that's for certain! John: I know a lot of people would like to know this: Do you expect the new Core i7 processor from Intel to be supported anytime soon? Davide: It will be supported, that's for sure. We have it in the labs and the R&D team is making sure it can be utilized without problems. It's a fast processor, that for sure! John: That's exactly the reason the people want support for it John: Would it technically be possible to create your own themes in the future for EFI-X? So we can use self-made icons for example? Davide: We have something similar in the pipeline for the future. We want EFI-X to be a very exciting device for all sort of people, and we listen to each suggestion and (polite) critique we receive. John: Any plans for the PCI-E version? Davide: Indeed, but we are also focussing on the existing USB version. John: Snow Leopard is supposed to be released in early 2009, will EFI-X support this OS? Davide: We want to bring all people together, and that will hopefully include also the snow kitty lovers John: Last question: Any juicy EFI-X or ASEM news you would like to share with us? Davide: Well, what can I say about that... So far, we have tried our best to fulfill everyone's expectations. I hope that in these last 6 months we have managed to separate ourselves from a kind of market and pseudo-market we want nothing to do with. And if we managed that, was thanks to people's faith and suggestions. The juicy news is that we at ASEM really like what we are doing and we will continue to bring innovative solutions to the IT world! John: Thank you very much for this interview! We wish you the best of luck in 2009! Davide: Same to you and to Muzzle.nl readers, John, it was a pleasure as always to talk with you.
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