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Found 1 result

  1. A short time many used the DSDT editor, a realy great tool, but today I'm going to introduce a new editor, is MaciASL. ? MaciASL’s main features: Automatically dumping and decompiling system’s ACPI tables: File > New from ACPI > choose tableShow bugs in tables with Compile buttonApply patchesCompile into .aml format: File > Save as > File format: ACPI Machine Language Binary? Adding DSDT repos: ? There are many DSDT patch repos on the internet, you just need to add its address to MacIASL in order to access them ( require internet connection ). To add a repo, select MacIASL > Preferences > Source > click the “ + “ button, add the name and URL to the repo. ? Here are some useful repos: PJALM Desktop patch:http://pjalm.info/repos/asus/http://pjalm.info/repos/gigabyte/http://pjalm.info/repos/msi/http://pjalm.info/repos/asrock/http://pjalm.info/repos/zotac/http://pjalm.info/repos/intel6/http://pjalm.info/repos/intel7/http://pjalm.info/repos/general/http://pjalm.info/repos/graphics/HP Probook patch:http://raw.github.com/RehabMan/HP-ProBook-4x30s-DSDT-Patch/masterLaptop patch:http://raw.github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch/master Fix errors after decompiling You may get errors when compiling the decompiled DSDT/SSDT DSL files. This happens because of these: ? Use the incorrect ACPI version to compile Some systems use ACPI 4.0 while some use ACPI 5.0 which leads to errors ( i.e use ACPI 5.0 to compile a 4.0 DSDT ). To determine which ACPI version is compatible with your DSDT, try compiling with both, then use the one that give you less errors. ? To switch ACPI 4.0/5.0 with MacIASL, go to Preferences and select the version you want, then compile again. ? Missing information when compiling ? They're common problem on systems with multiple SSDTs , especially Haswell systems. A DSDT/SSDT file can use the Object/Methods which are defined in other DSDT/SSDT files, and decompiler can't recognize right function structure if you only decompile 1 file at a time. You have to decompile dsdt/ssdt with reference to other dsdt/ssdt files. Follow?this guide to decompile them ? Some common DSDT/SSDT errors ? Syntax errors Some syntax errors like? _PLD, TNOT, FPED, etc… can be patched by using patches in Rehabman’s DSDT repo ? Incorrect syntax identification ? Some syntax can’t be identified when compiling, because they do not exist in any DSDT/SSDT, which can cause some errors related to function structure: ? In the above image, the error is in those lines: Return (MDBG)Arg0Why does this happen? The correct structure for MDBG is a method with 1 argument, but it's not defined in any .aml files, so the IASL just GUESS it as a VARIABLE instead of METHOD. We can fix it by changing it to correct structure: Return (MDBG(Arg0))However, you can just remove both lines and it's still fine, and even better! Why? As I explained, the cause of the error is that the MDBG method is found in any DSDT/SSDT, and any call to that MDBG in real time will FAIL, which leads to functions containing MDBG will FAIL too! ? Incorrect OperationRegion structure ? This error is the result of above errors, which lead to wrong decompiled structure of OperationRegion: ? We have to reconstruct it: OperationRegion (VAR1, VAR2, VAR3, VAR4)Field (VAR1, VAR2, VAR3, VAR4){?????? ....}For example, to fix the error in above image: OperationRegion (HRPE, SystemMemory, \_GPE.MMTB, 0x04)Field (HRPE, DWordAcc, Lock, Preserve){?????? VDPC,?? 32}Forget about warnings and remarks, they won't affect much. ? Source:?[Guide] AIO Guides For Hackintosh
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