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Found 11 results

  1. 628 downloads

    Here are some cool icons for mac HDD & folders....... How to Change Icons: 1.Right click----the folder or HDD you like to change. 2.click Get info. 3.Put .icns file on top of the current icon( circle red) 4.Put password (If asked ) and OK. 5.Done & Enjoy if like to make your own icons use GIMP & http://iconverticons.com/online/
  2. Hello everyone, i want to ask something about kernel panic. I got this kernel panic after i tried to install clover bootloader on my HDD (MBR type, el capitan installed with MBR patch). Here's the picture of it: Before, i always use usb to boot into my el capitan, because whenever i tried to install clover on my HDD it always got error. And somehow last time i try to install clover r3330 on my HDD it got succeed , so i restart my el capitan. But, after i restart the boot option from hdd still not showing (still boot to windows directly), and i try to boot from usbdrive clover, it got KP like the picture above. How to fix that problem? Thanks before ---- Lenovo z480 core i7 3610QM ivy bridge intel HD4000
  3. hello my friend this problem faced my many times but i dont know why i have a ups and its work fine? when the electricity turn off the ups works fine and ?i shutdown the hackintosh? but when i turned on this problem come? i dont know what is the real problem please help a have attached a pic
  4. Hi Guys, ? iam trying to install iatkos ml2 on my notebook(Dell Vostro 3350), I have checked the bios settings and everything is ok(ahci on).? Can anyone help me please? Excuse me for my english... ?
  5. My problem is this. I have a supported Mobo, (Eclipse SLI X58) but on accessing the installer, I see absolutely none of my hard drives. I used the MBR patch, but from past experience it's nothing to do with that, as in order to tell me to use the GUID partition scheme, OS X has to acknowledge my Drives' existences first. Why is this happening?
  6. Hi, guys. After successful installation of mavericks with myHack my PC requested restart, but it doesn't boot from HDD. As soon as the PC starts to boot from the HDD, it just shuts down. FX-6300 4,3 GHz M5A97 EVO R.2 (bios v.2201) Sapphire HD 7750 1GB 8 GB Hynix 1600 MHz Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 1TB (i tried another HDD (also seagate), but it doesn't work) HDD in ACHI mode. Help plz P.S. Sorry for my bad english.?
  7. So, after much much time of searching possibilities to install OS X on my PC, I finally decided to ask for help. So... My Hardware: ASUS P8H61-M LX3 R2.0 Intel Core i5-3450 @ 3,1GHz 8GB RAM NVidia Geforce GTX 650 I want to install Mac OS X Mountain Lion on my PC, but I have different Problems : 1. Some discs don't boot because my BIOS is an UEFI BIOS 2. Some discs don't want to install because I have an MBR Partition style 3. One disc didn't recognize my hard drive The disc which didn't recognize my hard drive was the N{censored} ML 10.8.2 Installation disk, but it had the perfect conditions : It accepted that I install on an MBR disk and was ready to boot BUT... It didn't recognize my hard drive because it is set to IDE, not to AHCI... But I already have Windows 8 Professional x64 installed on my PC and if I would Change now, Windows 8 wouldn't be recognized anymore. So I am asking myself whether somebody of you knows what I can do to install Mac OS X Mountain Lion on my PC! Thank you for helping me!
  8. Hello, I've been using a Macbook Pro the last 2 years and I really love the OS. So I decided to give hackintosh a try. Now I'm trying to install it on my Desktop computer using this guide but it doesn't show the harddrives? I've searched a bit around and I've found that I should change "Sata control" setting in the BIOS to AHCI. But I can't find that option and I've really searched all the menus in the BIOS. I also found that I should change "HPET Mode" to 64-bit but I can only enable/disable that in my BIOS. Is there anyone who can help me out a bit? The harddrives are just not visible when I try to install ML.
  9. The title of this might sound a lot more amateur than the question... I am running a Acer Aspire Notebook. Unfortunately I have a broken disc drive. I result to installing Retail copy of snow leopard via USB using MY HACK application. I create this USB installer Via my first Leopard partiton in which has the stock darwin bootloader. MYHACK installs a bootloader (i think its chameleon) into the *USB Installer*. I plug the USB drive and boot into it. It brings up the My Hack screen with a bootloader. In order to install Snow Leopard from the installer, i have to click on the USB inside the bootloader and not my HDD options. Following me? Basic steps. I install OSX Snow Leopard to a 2nd partition. It successfuly installs. Now I unplug my USB Installer with MYHACK on it. And the snow leopard partition will not boot. Because it is in the leopard bootloader (1st partition). My question is how do i get both partitions too boot in 1 bootloader? Do I just install chameleon to 1 of the bootloaders? Im so confused! BTW my HDD is GUID partition. Only OSX on it. No windows. I appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks guys.
  10. ---System Setup--- Asus Sabertooth 55i Core i5 Sandy Bridge 2.9 Ghz Sapphire Radeon 5770 4GB GSkill RAM Western Digital Veloci-Raptor 300g ------------------- The instillation of 10.6.8 went fine, I have it running well. I ran MB{censored} and selected EasyBeast with System Utilities --> Would not boot from HDD. I formatted HDD and re-installed to a clean version of 10.6.8, ran MB{censored}, restarted --> Would not boot from HDD. I did the 4k Hard drive work around where you unmount the partition that 10.6.8 is installed on and mount the booth1 Chimera file --> Restarted and would not boot from HDD. Booted in with iB{censored}, got a DSDT file for Sabertooth 55i off of the forums here, put it on my desktop and ran MB{censored} with UserDSDT and System Utilities --> Restarted and would not boot from HDD. Added nullcpupowermanagement.kext with MB{censored} --> Restarted and would not boot from HDD. When I boot with -v it gets partway through the sequence... I'd say 6 seconds in, as soon as the reporting starts on the second page it restarts. ***Edit: I also cannot boot into Snow Leopard with iB{censored} without using PCIRootUID=1 modifier. I installed the Kext that removes the need to type PCIRootUID=1 in every boot. However when I booted I am stuck at the apple loading screen using iB{censored}*** So please, anything you can do to help me. Why won't it boot from HDD? It requires iB{censored} every time.
  11. Maybe a stupid question, but here it goes. I have my SnowLeopard installed on a 80GB HDD and it's running out of space ( around 15GB free ).And I have another "free" 100GB that I don't use.So my question is can I merge this two HDD's without reinstalling Leopard or loosing any data?
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