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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys, can someone help me please on making my HP Envy m7 with Intel i7 install Mavericks, Windows 10, Linux Mint, and kali Os's. I wanted to know which is a better bootloader to install on a UEFI and how to prepare this laptop for OSX. thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I made some wallpapers for the hackintosh community. I want to share them purely to get them out on the web. 100% non-profit. Download them all! theconsumer1 - Hackintosh Wallpapers.zip
  3. [FAQ] Hackintosh Haswell CPU Installation and Overclocking Introduction: This is a small but valuable guide to those who are seeking to install a Haswell CPU on a hackintosh. The primary objective is to answer any questions that some may have. I could not find many answers for these questions. At least, a clear informative source. This very much applies to others intel chips. The process is all the same. For me, it was a 4790k. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can I Install a Haswell CPU without Reinstalling OSX? Yes. Very likely. I did not have to reinstall making the jump from an i5 4430 to the i7 4790k. What Do I Need to Do to Get My CPU Working Correctly? You've heard the term "speed step" or "power management" or even "Frequency Scaling". This is the power saving feature that intel has designed to decrease the frequency (thus, power consumption) when the CPU is not under load. This is fixed by generating an SSDT file (see below). If you're a novice to the subject, you may have also been confused by the terms C States and P States. Simply, the more states you have, the more power consumption levels you have. With only 1 P and C state, your CPU may only scale down to one low frequency, instead of multiple, which is how it was designed. Anyway, i'm not an expert on C/P states. As long as my frequency scales, i'm happy with that. There is a way to check P and C states, with a kext called AppleIntelInfo.kext which (if im not mistaken) was developed by PikerAlpha. Secondly, you should have the best SMBIOS profile loaded in Clover Config. For the 4790k, iMac 14,2 is the most compatible with my GTX650. iMac 15,2 gave a black screen at boot. To determine the best profile, a good rule of thumb is to select a system that uses the same CPU socket as you have, and even the same processor (if possible.) Lastly, DO NOT use NullCPUPowermanagement.kext with an SSDT! In fact, NullCPUPowermanagement.kext is an abomination to a true hackintosh. It should not be required. How to Generate SSDT? The process is easy. PikerAlpha generated a program that creates this via terminal. It is called ssdtPRgen.sh. SSDTs are then place in EFI>CLOVER>ACPI>PATCHED. The shell script can be downloaded with a quick google search. Piker's GitHUB will provide a download. The script is ran inside terminal. The ssdt file(s) export to a location designated inside the terminal window. Just pay attention to the script output. Note*****: It is best to generate an SSDT AFTER you have overclocked the system. <-- How to Confirm if CPU Power Management is Working? Download the latest Intel Power Gadget from their website and simply run it. Once it is open, view your CPU frequency chart. If it is moving up and down, you're good. If it is staying constant, it is not working and the SSDT is either not being loaded or is more likely generated incorrectly. SSDT requires no special kernel flags. But it must be installed in the right location of the EFI partition. OVERCLOCKING a Hackintosh - HOW?? There is absolutely no information on how to do this. Mostly because its the exact same process as a PC. However, theres some things you should know. About This Mac will never show your overclocked speed. Thats pretty understandable. Overclocking must be done from the BIOS on Hackintoshes Best stress test softwares for OSX are : CPUTest, Prime 95, Cinebench, and Geekbench. Monitor temps with Intel Power Gadget tool. Monitor voltages with ONLY HWMonitor. HW Monitor is accurate if fakeSMC is installed. But I do think there are some inaccuracies with the voltages. Other than that, there really is no way on OSX to see voltages and important CPU data. Let me know if this has helped. Mods, correct my info if it is incorrect. Appreciation: PikerAlpha, RampageDev, OSX86.net, InsanelyMac, others.
  4. So my build is as follows: ASUS Sabertooth X79 LGA 2011 Intel i7-4930K EVGA GeForce GTX780 ? However whenever I try to boot using U{censored}, it shows the apple logo and the loading circle, but then goes to a blank screen. I have tried multiple flags but still no luck. ? Help please! ? Edit: I tried Clover and the same exact issue is occurring. I followed this guide exactly:?http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/21475-guide-aio-guides-for-hackintosh/?p=106898
  5. Hello community, I am a new member here, also new at this Hackintosh stuff, but i already have a lot of experience in computing etc, what i mean is that I'm not a newbie at computers, I know lots of stuff, but i recently started experimenting with Hackintosh builds on a friend's laptop. I was thinking of buying a laptop my self, a good one so i can game and prepare business projects for work and also Video/Photo editing, plus Wifi Penetration Security Testing. I know i can do all that from just Window 7, but I'd love to experiment since I got nothing to lose because my laptop is new. My laptop: Alienware 17 i7 4700HQ8GB RAM DDR3intel graphics 4600gtx 770m1TB @ 5400 RPM256GB SSD ---> (I'm planing my installation here)Blu-ray17,3" FHDSo, I am planing to make it triple boot: Well, I found lots of guides on the internet and chose these: here for just Hackintosh , and here for Triple Boot . Well that suits me, but I kindly want to ask for some support of the community here so I'd be really grateful if you can point me to the right direction, and the right Kexts. Guys, thank you all in advance. ? ? P.S. One last thing i want to ask is that for the Kali Linux and generally connecting to a WiFi, I would like something that can get the signal from kinda a mile or more away. First search and thought led me to find that Ubiquiti builds the top quality products but I have yet to understand if these products are just antennas and i will need to use a USB adapter like TP-Link or something else like it and connect it to the thing i buy from Ubiquiti, or if they are something else. Please point me right if you can in that thing too. Thank you in advance once more, you're the best!
  6. Hi guys! My name is Luca and I'm new to the forum. Before I ask you something, I'll make a little introduction to my hackintosh. In september I bought the pieces to asseble a new computer and this is the result: ? ? - CM Strom Stryker case - Intel core i7 4930k six-core cpu - Asus Rampage IV Formula motherboard - Zalman air cooler - 1000w Thermaltake power supply - 32gb (8 gb x 4) GSKILL DDR3 1600 mhz ram running at 1333mhz as I suppose, is the standard frequency of the mobo (one bank doesn't work -- I'm going to send it to the vendor soon -- so I installed only 24gb) - nVidia GTX Titan 6gb DDR5 - Samsung EVO Pro 256gb ssd - 1Tb western digital hdd - 20in1 card reader - intel based wifi card - Windows 7 pro 64bit - 2xAsus 24" LED monitors ? The last week I decided to transform it into an hackintosh.......... I was very excited. So I spent the last three days and... uh... nights studying (computer architecture for the exam), installing OS X Mavericks into a 320gb 5400rpm hard drive and configuring it to make it perfect... and now it is... but... not the boot loader screen (as the bios screen). I tried everything but I can't set the boot loader at full screen... I've googled a lot to find a solution. Actually there is: most people solve this issue using nvflash. I found a guide to used it at this link http://www.{censored}.com/graphics/106000-achieving-native-resolution-startup-edit-your-vesa-tables-amd-nvidia.html . When I was booting into Windows I remembered that Chameleon Wizard (v4.3.3) has an option called VBIOS so I decided to ask you what should I do. So these are my questions: - what does VBIOS=Yes do in boot.plist? does it solve my problem without flashing the graphics card? - should I also do what that guide says? Remember that I configured boot.plist with Graphics Mode 1920x1080x32 and both width and height in theme.plist ? Thank you for your help
  7. I've built over a dozen OSx86 boxes; here's the latest completed one. I've had it sitting around unfinished for a looong time -- basically since the IvyBridge CPUs came out. Yeah, I know; I got way behind. Anyway, this is up & running 100% on Mavericks (10.9.3), including sleep, QE/CI, the whole ball of wax. No DSDT. The only thing I didn't fix is the stock Apple DVD Player, which crashes on launch. But I use VLC, Movist and BluRay Player anyway, so no big deal. The main stickler was boot-up stalls when loading graphics (the dreaded "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport" message). I have a discrete gfx card; a Radeon HD 6850 that fits nicely in this case. After much trial and error, and removing all "AppleHD3000*, 4000* and 5000* kexts, it booted fine. "GraphicsEnabler"="Yes". Having that particular kernel flag is the only way to get the Graphics card to show up correctly in the "About This Mac" screen. Otherwise, it identifies it as "AMD Radeon HD 6xxx." I stripped all the prices from the spreadsheet below the product photos. But if you're wondering, the cost of the parts themselves was between $1100-$1200. Maybe a lot for a minihack rig? The IvyBridge i7-3770 core temps stay in the 30s and 40s. A bit higher than a similar build in the same model case but which uses a SandyBridge i7-2770k. The case has only two fans but adequate ventilation. The top fan is a slim-type; it's the only way to fit a radiator cooler and a full-size PSU (I never go cheap on PSUs in these builds). I subbed out the stock neon blue front fan with a colorless black one. Otherwise, a pretty straight-ahead build. I would call this a solid HTPC or even an everyday system. With no overclocking mods, everything running stock, it gets over 13000 in GeekBench. That's good enough for the vast majority of users. Any comments or questions welcomed. ? ? ?
  8. Does anyone on the forum have experience with this CPU in a B75 mobo? I'm considering an upgrade to an i7, but I don't need the embedded graphics. I understand this Xeon is very similar to an i7 minus the graphics support.
  9. Version 2.0


    Hello people here once the pack for Lenovo IdeaPad U510 Is installed as follows: Customize the stick with MyHack install Remove plate Install boot loader with MyHack set up extra All extensions just install the kext wizard Rights and cache fixed Install the plate and start amazed =) Support for German: http://hackintosh-forum.de/index.php?page=Thread&postID=89754#post89754 Touchpad is at first start Mouse 2 cend start You need a USB Mouse for Set Up the Trackpad =) Install from the voodooHDA installer from the .dmg for Working Sound. What don´t work: Sound+Microphone Brightness Sleep LAN Turbo Boost For Turbo Boost You need the DSDT and SSDT Installer! Sound out by HDMI Card Reader .... I Updated this Big Thanks to "Mikoman " And "gummifisch" from German Forum (Hackintosh-Forum.de)
  10. Hello there, How can I install OS X 10.9 Mavericks in my Dell XPS L502x? configurations ? Processor: Intel core i7 2nd gen RAM: 8GB Graphics Card : 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M ROM: 750GB OS: windows 8.1 ? ?
  11. Can somene pls help to patch my dsdt. I have extracted it from my dell inspiron 15r se which I have managed to install a hackintosh mavericks. All is working except wifi which am using a usb adapter. I dont want to make a mess of the dsdt patching as I have not done it before. ?Your help will be appreciated. ? My system specs are... ? Inspiron 15R SE, Windows 8 64bit, English Base Inspiron 15R SE Operating System Windows 8 64bit, English Memory 8192MB (2x4096) 1600MHz DDR3 Keyboard Internal UK/Irish Qwerty Chiclet Keyboard with Multi - touch Touchpad Video Card 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7730M Driver Driver : 2230 Wireless Card Hard Drive 1TB Serial ATA (5400RPM) CD ROM/DVD ROM 8x DVD+/-RW Optical Drive Wireless Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230 Card (802.1
  12. I have a lenovo G580 Hackindosed multi booted on MBR chameleon using iakos ML with win7 Redhat and ML 10.8.5. I am not able to ?connect to app store so i downloaded 10.9 from torrent but i am not able to install. I tried both my hack and U{censored} method for installaion with no sucess even not able to boot to install menu using -v -x -pci -usbbusfix and graphics enabler. What shoul i do now? ? My hardwares working on 10.8.5 are i7 6gb ram intel hd4000 athrous lan,wifi? Not working athrous blue tooth realtech sdcard and nvdia 610m
  13. Version 1.0


    All kexts and files needed to proper install and boot G780 with ivy bridge i7 (only for 17" 1600x900 - patched dsdt with dual link). Maybe will work for 15" too. Who knows.... Pre-install: update to latest bios 5ECN96WW, disable nvidia in bios (or you need to delete all NV* kexts from /S/L/E), Disable UEFI, select everything whats possible to Legacy mode 1. Create installer with myhack 3.2 beta 8 2. replace the Extra folder with this one. 3. Install all kexts from /Extra/Extensions to /S/L/E using kext wizard (yes you will have them duplicated but thats ok). Repair permissions and rebuild cache 4. Connect USB to port located on right side where the optical drive is. 5. No boot options needed (-f = if you did not rebuild the cache). Full resolution with QE/CI installer will appear. Install Mac OS 6. Reboot, boot from installer, selected installed disk and use "-x -f USBLegacyOff=Yes" 7. Copy Extra folder from installdisk to installed ML 8. install all kexts from /Extra/Extensions to /S/L/E and delete the /Extra/Extensions folder. Repair permissions, rebuild cache. 9. Boot and enjoy. Update to 10.8.5: Use Combo update, rollback AppleACPIPlatform from this file Not working: Wifi, FN Brightness, Nvidia, touchpad after wakeup PS: In case you don't have QE/CL try different efi string injection for the HD4000. If the USB disk wont appear in boot menu restart using CTRL+ALT+DEL. This laptop does POST boot so fast that my USB HDD won't make it at first time after turning on using power button.
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