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Found 11 results

  1. I have an HP Elitebook 8460P and i can not get iMessage to work for anything. Running osX 10.13.3 currently. No combo of serial/uuid/rom/mlb or parts there of i try work at all. I have read many guides and tried a lot of things. Is this a lost cause? or can i get iMessage working. Rehabmans guides, imessage debug, countless youtube videos, google searches. My ethernet is defined as En0 Every time i get error with a customer code and says to call apple. Dont think that would be very wise with a hackintosh serial # I dont have a legit serial number that i can use either. that was suggested before too. As a side note my siri "Works" it activates but doesnt hear what i say... I can say: "hey siri" and it will hear something like "ok" Or i can ask it to "Open downloads folder" and it responds "Hello" Siri was working on Sierra but is currently not on High Sierra. Dont know if thats helps iMessage or not but something i also noticed.
  2. So I have quite the odd error. I have Yosemite up and running on Clover. Everything is running beautifully. well, it boots a bit slow, even though its booting UEFI, but thats another problem for another day. Today, this is about iMessage.? ? It will send and receive regular TEXT messages, but NOT iMessages. I sent a test message to my mom, who has an iPhone also, and it forced it to a text. Which is better than what it was doing last night,...... which was sending texts, but not receiving responses.? Messed with clover a bit, with the RTVariables, and seem to have fixed something. I have a working iMessages in my Mavericks install, with NVRAM, and I attempted to input that information, but obviously its not flying.? ? Not sure whether I should post my config.plist here.....
  3. Pereck

    I can't change S/N

    Hi to everyone, i've installed Yosemite with Chameleon and i changed to Clover to solve iMessage's issue. I need to change the S/N of my Mac and i only can modify the config.plist file manually, 'cause Clover configurator doesn't see the file's settings. I've modified all the config.plist file that there are on my mac (EFI partition and not) but the S/N doesn't change. Please help me, i don't know what to do. I've installed Clover in ESP. ? Thank you.
  4. Helló! ? Olyan kérdéssel/kéréssel fordulnék felétek, hogy hogyan tudnám azt megoldani, hogy működőképessé tegyem a frissen telepített Yosemite 10.10-en: - Hangot (ALC887): Próbáltam már minden féle kexttel, MB{censored} kextekkel is próbáltam megoldani, sikertelenül ? - Bootloader és Facetime&Messages: Clover-t használtam eddig, de lövésem nincs, hogy hogyan lehet megcsinálni vele?Facetime és Messages alkalmazást, mert eléggé szükséges lenne számomra. Chimera, Chameleont valami oknál fogva nem tudom, hogyan kell feltenni és üzembe helyezni. :/ ? Hackintosh konfigurációm: Gigabyte Z77-DS3HIntel i5 3570KGigabyte HD7850 1GB OCCorsair Vengeance 8GBSamsung EVO 120GB SSDWD 500GB HDDEgyéb elérhetőségem: Skype: juveee04 FB: Bianconero17 ? Várom az ötletek, tippeket! Előre is köszönöm a segítséget! ?
  5. Hello guys. I have a fully working build with my asus p5g41t-m lx but the problem that I have is I cannot make iMessage to work.? I have read a lot of threads about naming my ethernet device to en0 etc. but nothing happened.? I tried reseting my apple id's password but again nothing. Is there any way to make it work? ? Thanks in advance
  6. Version 1.2


    iMessage Fix. Fix iCloud, iMessage, App Store login prblem. Best for Chameleon and Chimera. After run this app remove all network interface from System preferences. Source code Download remove iCloud account edit /Extra/org.chameleon.boot.plist add section <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key> <string>Yes</string> iMessage , login iCloud first , App store clover user Use Fix Find My mac. reboot.
  7. Hi guys, i have installed iAtkos ML3U without any problem. Everything is well. But im in trouble with imessage. And i couldnt solve it. I have searched it but i couldnt see any solution. and i even havent seen anybody who has the same problem. Please help here you are : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/81319558/Screen%20Shot%202013-06-16%20at%2022.32.21.png My Hackintosh : MSI Z77 G45 Intel I5 3570K 4.20 Sapphire 6850 PM: i have no folder about " Extra " in my HDD. i can see every folders in HDD even hide folders,too. But there is not " Extra" folder.
  8. I too have a problem with my MSI P35 Neo2 FR, and Nvidia G210 1gb. "This Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud account." I installed using U{censored}, then MB{censored} for ML, Easybeast, stock RTL8**** kext and no DSDT. Then Chameleon 2.1svn with NPCI=0x2000. PCIroot=0 works, =1 doesnt. I have updated to r2063 with Chameleon Wizzard and added a SMBios.plist to match my processor. And of course added a new serial number. Networking plist shows builtin ethernet <true> and EN0. The system updates to 10.8.2 works wonderfully. I can log into Apple Store and iTunes but i just cant log into iCloud, or imessage. I havent tried Facetime as I dont use a cam. I got a black screen when I added the hex for the ethernet into device properties. Initially, I used a Pentium Dual core and thought it might be a SMBios mismatch, but now I'm using a real C2D @ 2.13ghz, about this mac reports its properties correctly. This isnt my first mackintosh, I have lion 10.7.4 running on an Inspiron 1525, and a P31-DS3L also on 10.7.4, all apple cloud functionality runs well on both other machines after serial number change and everything else I have tried on this build!! Please help!! I really need iMessage and iCloud, and Photo Stream won't work!!! Anyone???????
  9. I tried using clover and was successful booting with it, but it won't let me sleep so I went back using Chameleon. Anyway, after updating my iPhone to iOS6 and enabling my phone number to be used in iMessages in 10.8, I can't log in to iMessage anymore. After number of attempts and failure, I want to try clover bootloader again as it says icloud fix but getting "assertion:....!! message and won't do anything. How do you uninstall and reinstall clover? I tried downgrading, reinstalling it over, but nothing. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey, guys. I just finished making my Hackintosh 10.8. Here is my hardware: DX58SO Intel Motherboard i7...something, I don't remember the number. 6-core 3.2 GHz CPU NVIDIA GTX550ti 2 GBs Regular SATA HDD (SSD doesn't like AHCI) So here is my problem. I am well aware that iCloud's problem with Hackintosh is that the ethernet driver is bad and needs to be reset, along with the Chameleon "ethernet built in" line. I already did that. But the problem is that my ethernet port isn't there at ALL. I have no ethernet whatsoever showing up no matter what kext I use. As far as my Hackintosh is concerned, I have no ethernet port. So how do I fix iCloud? Things I have done: Tried every kext in existence Injected a custom serial in the SMBIOS file on /extra Injected the "ethernet built in" code to chameleon Udpated my BIOS
  11. Hello guys, this is not the first time that I install ML GM on my computer but this time I'm having a strange problem. App Store, iCloud are all working but iMessage show a strange message when I try to log in with my Apple ID and password, it says that the server found an error during the registration. Try later. What can I do?
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