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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I've just installed Mountain Lion (iAtkos ML2) on my Acer Aspire 5732Z laptop, which uses a ATI HD 4570 graphic card (512Mb). All functions run so good except the graphics. Mac doesn't recognise it, and I don't have QE/CI, so the system go 'slow', and things like LaunchPad, or watch a HD video on Youtube are a problem. I have been looking for a kext for ML but I don't find anything, only one, but you need to connect a external monitor, and this is a problem because I use my laptop out of my home. If you could help me ^^
  2. Hi, I am trying to create a AMD FX 6100 processor based hackintosh. Below is my configuration: Processor : AMD FX 6100 (6 core) MainBoard : Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 (on board ATI RADEON Graphics) RAM : 4GB DDR3 Corsair HDD : 1TB WD on SATA, 40GB Segate on IDE I have tried the Hazard Hackintosh SL_10_6_6i, iATKOS 2 ML, Untouched with nawcom MOD CD, but all my efforts are failed. I am able to boot from boot CD or Distros but as soon as installation (for OS X) starts system gets restarted. I tired all boot flags like -v, -f, -force64, arch=i386 etc but no success. It will be really nice if someone who has done AMD hackintosh can help me out. -Sajjan
  3. Hi Everybody I have an Acer 5750G with Core i3-2310, 4Gb of RAM, Intel HD3000 and Geforce GT540M I try to install iAtkos ML2 but its always stuck at ML2 boot screen :mad:, i can't press F8 or do anything I burn the install disk with transmac 11.4 on win 7 64-bit Somebody please help me:( And sorry for my bad English
  4. Hello, so brefly I will explain what is happening wheni try to instal iAtkos L2 on my ThinkPadT410i (spec are below) So i put my DVD iAtkos L2 and start it with flags like: -v -v busratio=20 -x -f -v -GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No -cpus=1 /2 - s and all combination of these flags but nothing is helpping!!! The Instalation starts and crash as soon as it starts! http://youtu.be/q0H7E3OOZac This is with -x -v flags Could You help me withh this problem?? Thanks in advance My Spec: T410i 2158 J3G i7 620m ES 6 Gb Ram Intel HD Graphics 320 Gb Hard
  5. hey , i have a problem with the installation of iatkos ml2. I burned a dvd dl and all boots up fine . I could enter the setup but i cant choose my hard drive or any hard drive..... .In the iatkos s3 v2 version it was detected but only in the ml 2 installation not . Please help me out . and sorry for my bad english im german
  6. I have installed Itkos ML on my Asus K43Sd and it installed like a charm. Every thing works from the box except USB. Found some kext to work only USB 3, Usb 2 still doesn't work. USb 3 works only with flashdrives and it works with ipod nano 3 gen. but i need it to work with my iPad 2. Iphoto seas the photos and i can import them from iPad, but iTunes doesn't see it maybe their is s problem with the voltage or the power that the USB is giving to ipad and it is not enough. any solution? please help sorry for english/
  7. I am trying to install Mountain lion on my dell Inspiron 1545 laptop with 500gb Samsung hdd and 2.3ghz pentium intel processor and 4gb of ram ddr2 I am trying two methods of installation 1 iATKOS ML 2 on a usb and this method i have managed to get to the last line of commands in verbos and i have a spinning color wheel in the top right corner that does respond to my trackpad but this is as far as it goes it simply stays there until i hold the power button down the last line of text is Yukon: Ethernet (i cant remember the rest but as far a i know it is the last line before the welcome screen) 2 the MyHack install method i have successfully made it to the installer on this one and everything is working fine except the fact that it cant read my hdd which i believe is a common problem. If any one has a fix to either of these problems please respond
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