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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, I've installed iAtkos S3 V2 multiple times on my AMD computer, but this time I've encountered a problem. I follow this guide everytime I install iAtkos on my system, the results before were successful. I came across no errors whatsoever. But about a week ago I tried installing iAtkos again with my old modcd and iatkos dvd (obviously scratched now), and I completely forgot that I shouldn't use highly-scratched cd's/dvd's when installing things, it was a very slow process, no errors encountered yet, I just kept clicking the next button and then I forgot and I clicked "Install" instead of "Customize" so I could customize what I should things I should install, while it was installing I accidentally restarted my computer, there I started encountering a problem where there were no operating systems found, and I couldn't open up windows, but no matter, I already fixed that. So I bought a new dvd and cd, I burned the iAtkos S3 V2 on the dvd and Nawcom's ModCD on the cd, after fixing my computer and trying to install iAtkos again, there I started encountering problems. I used standard procedure for AMD Processors, putting the modcd first then when the bootloader comes, swap the disks and press F5, no problems there yet, but when I type in "rd(0,0)/Extra/modbin_kernel" and press enter, I usually see these block of text, but then a text saying "Errors encountered while starting up the computer. Pausing 5 seconds" or something similar maybe. I never get this error, so I decided to install anyway, after installing iAtkos, I encountered no problems at all, it ran normally, I get the the AsereBLN bootloader, I choose the Macintosh/iAtkos drive to try to run it, I get the the Apple logo booting up (with the loading circle of course) but after that my screen becomes black, and restarts my computer. Just does this same process over and over again unless I boot up Windows.? ? Computer Specifications: AMD Athlon II x2 250 processor EMAXX emx-mcp61d3-icafe motherboard NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a chipset 2gb memory ? ? What could be causing this problem? Please help me, thank you.
  2. Hello all , I really do hope you can help me . I am in a really tight situation with my netbook , Its a MSI u180 ?("My specs") ? http://www.msi.com/product/nb/U180.html#?div=Specification ? and I do a verbose boot and every time it hangs at? ? DSMOS has arrived ? acpi_smc_PlatformPlugin::start - waitforservice(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCpuPowerManagement) timed out ? and iv tried loads of different boot flags and nothing seems to work , and my bios is very limited and i have no ACPI option, ? oh and btw this is post installation of atkos s3 v2,? ? Thanks
  3. Hello My englisch isn´t the best, but i hope you understand it My problem is the following i´ve done this toturial "http://computersoftwareisyourfriend.blogspot.de/2011/07/snow-leopard-on-acer-aspire-one-part-2.html" i´ve enter the first usb stick with NBI_084RC1.img then i select the "iATKOS_S3_version2" an push the enter butten The screen is showing the apple, the window is black and the laptop is restarting what can i do ? my system Acer Aspire one 756-997b chipset HM70 cPu Intel Dual-Core 4 gb ram ddr3 if i have forgotten anything please tell it and i give it
  4. Hi, Have successfully installed iatkos s3 v2 several times on my AOD260 netbook but am unable to get the wifi working. It uses a broadcom wifi card. Have installed several different kexts for it but with no luck. Also, Processor is either unknown or comes up as a single core. Any ideas which is the best option during installation, or does anyone have a more compatible kernel I can use. Many thanks!!
  5. Hi everyone i just install iatkos s3 v2 with modcd on my HP G62-340US and need help with some kexts mostly for my Ethernet and Audio. I had once Install Voodoohda.kext on the but always get that sound of my MIC Going on, And with the Ethernet I had install Realtek 8139 because thats the one i have, but when trying to connect or something always says IP Autoassign... and can't Access the internet.. Besides that I'm good I use RadeonHD for graphics. Here i'll leave a picture of devices found with System info. Please Help I'm newbie with this things.. i just know some things, i'm new on mac world and i'm worst on Kexts stuff. Thanks For Help!! https://dl.dropbox.com/u/64254576/Devices.PNG HP G62-340US CPU=AMD Athlon II P340 Dual Core Motherboard=Hewlett Packard, Model 1444 69.37 GPU= ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Chipset=AMD 785GX Southbridge=AMD SB800 RAM=4GB Kingston 800 mhz Audio=Realtek RTL8139(Everest confirmation)
  6. Hola, primero que nada aclaro que soy nuevo en eso. A ver, arranco el instalador de iAtkos S3 V2, todo bien, selecciono los kexts que seleccionan en este , todo bien y se empieza a instalar, pero como a la mitad se traba y un tiempo después aparece: El instalador no ha podido copiar los archivos de soporte necesarios Me da la opción de reiniciar para reinstalar pero pasa lo mismo. Esto muestra el registro del instalador: localhost | OSInstaller[136] | Retrying file://localhost/System/Installation/Packages/10.6.3.Intel.pkg after 3 failure(s). localhost | OSInstaller[136] | Failed to Verify 10.6.3.Intel.pkg localhost | OSInstaller[136] | Failed to download package from file://localhost/System/Installation/Packages/10.6.3.Intel.pkg and no alternate source localhost | OSInstaller[136] | Install failed: El instalador no ha podido copiar los archivos de soporte necesarios Algo estoy haciendo mal?
  7. Hey, I have tried a bunch of stuff and really need help. I installed iATkos with -v busratio=20 maxmem=2048 cpus=1 and all went well, I selected nothing but an extra wired ethernet driver in customise and yet still when I go to boot with the above boot codes It's just a plain black screen, without -v it's an Apple logo and on both nothing happens. Please help thanks. Processor: AMD Anthlon II X4 645 GPU: AMD HD Raedon 6970 -Thanks.
  8. I have an ASUS A8V-VM AMD 2.0GHz with XP And Iatkos s3 v2 with and ATI Radeon HD 4550 Graphics Card on it XP read the card fine and i installed the kexts in osx and when it boots up it gets all the way through the loading screen then goes in to a weird pixelated unintelligible mess Any Help Would Be Greatly appreciated. Thank You
  9. Hello members of the OSx86 Forums! This is my first post here, so I hope you guys aren't too harsh if I fail to supply enough information, or if I screw something up. I'm quite noobish when it comes to Mac OS X. So a bit of a background first: (Skip to next section if you don't want to read. I won't be offended) I have been Windows user for as long as I've owned a computer. I absolutely love Windows, and never had a legit reason to hate Mac OS X. Recently I have been thinking of trying out OS X, but I was put down by the idea of losing Windows in the process. I tried to use VirtualBox, but it turns out that my Pentium D (820) doesn't support Virtualization, so I couldn't VM it. So I basically decided to try dual booting Windows and Mac OS X. Okay now there's a bit of a background, now on to my issues. I burned a copy of iATKOS Snow Leopard v2 (iATKOS S3 v2) and installed Mac OS X based on following this tutorial: http://www.osx86.net/10-6-snow-leopard/10953-installation-iatkos-10-6-3-v2-s3-g31m-es2l-w-intel-pentium-d-4-a.html While it successfully installed, I cannot boot into OS X. When I attempt to boot without any flags, I receive a "kernal panic." I am not entirely sure what's happening here, so I tried the flags "-x" and "-v" When using "-x" which is, correct me if I'm wrong, boot in Safe Mode; It shows a message displaying "FILE SYSTEM MODIFIED" and something about a "DSMOS." When the DSMOS message is displayed, it just freezes there, not doing anything. I don't know how long to wait, as I am impatient. I am going to post this now, however I will attempt to add pictures of the errors I'm receiving. So I haven't tried this yet, but I think I will try to install using a different Kernel. Thanks for reading and please if you can help with anything, leave a comment. I will appreciate all the help and support I can get. Thanks. -Mike
  10. I have successfully installed iAtkos S3 V2 on my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop and everything is working perfectly except the VGA card. I have tried as many methods on this site as i can to get it to work but every time i reboot it is still in 1024x768 mode. Im a noob with osx86 and hackintoshes so please go easy on me. Im also dual booting it with Windows 7, 8, Server 08, and XP Here is the info about my computer Dell Inspiron 1545 Processor: Intel Pentium dual core 2.3GHz RAM: 3GB Hard drive: 500GB (80GB devoted to OS X) VGA card: GMA x4500
  11. Hello OSX Community. As stated in the title I wish to install iAtkos S3 V2 10.6.3 Snow Leopard on my Acer Aspire 5315. My laptop specs are as follows: Intel Celeron T1400 @ 1.74GHz 533MHz FSB (I want to upgrade it to a T6500, but not now) Intel GM965 running at 533 MHz FSB (allows CPU upgrade to a 800 MHz FSB, see here: Aspire 5315 CPU Step-by-Step Upgrade Guide) 3GB Ram (was 1GB, I added a 2GB ram) Intel X3100 Graphics (integrated into the chipset) Atheros AR5007 (or as olarila.com Sytem Info says: AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adaptor and has a green tick by it?!) Latest BIOS - 1.45 I have searched different forums (I don't think listing them would be necessary) and I concluded that I need to enable these settings when installing to get it working: legacy kernal (vanilla) Chameleon v2 RC5 Bootloader SATA/IDE-AHCI SATA Voodoo PS/2 (for touchpad) Voodoo Power I installed it once -just to test the sound and wireless- yet I had no sound or wireless. What do I need to do? I know that it has been done before and Kexts exist for different distro/versions but I have not found an answer to this version. Can I modify Kexts myself (I don't know much about them though)? Thanks in advance It's been over a year that I am trying to get this sorted. PS: I would like to run in x64 mode if possible EDIT:This is some more info about the sound and wireless adaptor: 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller Ven ID/Dev ID:8086/284b with a magnifying glass AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adaptor (PCI-Express) Ven ID/Dev ID:168c/001c with a green tick
  12. Hey guys new at this hackintosh stuff so please bear with me. I've tried to find as many answers as I can on how to fix but I'm not really sure what's wrong so don't know where to start. I tried using the -x, -s, -f etcs. Also tried the cpus, and the busratios, etc. The problem I am currently experiencing is I was able to load up iAtkos S3 v2 on my computer and it said installed correctly. When I reboot it gets to the Apple logo screen and stops. No load circle nothing just stops in it's tracks. When i try to get the flags it goes by super fast and am not really able to see exactly what it says. From what I can see it appears to says starting darwin86 and then the screen goes black if i boot it any other way then normal. My computer is as follows Gigabyte z77x-udh5 i7 3770k 16gb corsair ram 3 Hard drives (m4 crucial ssd 128gb "windows 7", western digital black label 1tb 7200 "storage", and m4 crucial ssd 128gb "mac os x") mac hard drive formated under disk utilities i partition, mac journal extended, guid. For the install i removed my nvidia geforce gtx680, and my sound blaster recon fatality cards because i read sometimes it messes up the install. Again I want to thank everyone ahead of time. I've sure I made some pretty basic mistakes being this is my first time. Saw one of the guys at my fire house with a dual boot so I figured I'd give it a shot. Please if you have any questions for me feel free to ask or email me @ jkamiy@gmail.com. Thanks again Kami
  13. hey guys so i have a toshiba laptop l650-11u and here is the specs Core i3 350M 2.27GHZ 3GB ram 512 MB Ati radeon mobility hd 5145 broadcom wifi and i dont know if u need any other thing but here is the problem so i was trying to install iatkos s3 v2 on it so i tried using the "busratio=20" and it worked and i successfully installed it but when it comes to boot first time it just keeps restarting ( the apple logo appears for a second then the laptop reboot ) i tried the " busratio=20" also -v , -f ,-s ,cpus=1 not luck at all so i dont know if i did something wrong maybe in the installation setting or maybe there is something with the graphic card so please if anyone can help me and please step by step coz am new to this whole thing or if there is a tutorial some where that i can use thanks alot note : i dont know if this will help but am doing a dual boot i have windows 7 and am trying to install mac i installed Easy BCD and i have 2 entries now and i can boot to windows 7 or mac no problems with that the problem is just when i enter mac and try to boot it keeps rebooting
  14. Hi All, Am having a AMD Phenoem II X2 processor on a Asus M5A88-M motherboard. I installed iATKOS S3 V2 and the installation was fine. Desktop is getting displayed properly. The issue am facing is that the only resolution available is 1024 x768. When i play any video on youtube with fullscreen option its gets struck in between and its not at all smooth. I checked the system information and I could see that system has detected my graphics card model as ATI Radeon HD 4890 which is wrong. My graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 6450. Could that be the reason for the low performance? How can i fix it?
  15. Can someone help me with sound for this motherboard? ECS Web Site It is IDT 92HD202 High definition audio codec, and I'm also looking for kext for my ATI 2600xt PCI-e, so if someone can help, please reply.
  16. Hi guys, I'm new to the forums and relatively new to the Hackintosh experience, so bear with me. Knowing myself, this might end up as a "Are you retarded?" answer. So, I have an ASUS U56E laptop, and I burned the iATKOS S3 V2 ISO to a DVD-RW, put it in the drive, and rebooted. At boot, it says to press any key to start from the IATKOS S3 installation or to press F8 to see the boot options. I press the space bar, and it freezes. The little blue bar doesn't go down, and nothing happens for several minutes. I rebooted several times and tried some more, with the same result. I need help I'm not sure which specs to post, so you can ask me, but for now I'll post this: Processor: 2.30 gigahertz Intel Core i5-2410M RAM: 6GBS (Not sure about sizes of sticks) According to SIW 2011, these are my motherboard specs: Manufacturer - ASUSTek Computer Inc. Model - U56E Version - 1.0 Serial Number - BSN12345678901234567 Thanks for any feedback.
  17. Hi! i dont know if this is te right place to post this i have a custom PC Mother Board: desktop board Intel DH55HC Processor: Core i3 HDD: 1.5 TB WD the Video is the integrated and network too i tried to install iAtkos S3 V2 but i cant boot the instalation the i tried the boot flags -v -x cpus=2 busratio=22 and boot but doesnt boot the system after i reboot i tried iatkos v2 and iatkos 7 but i cant make it work i tried the methood of {censored}.com with the iB{censored} and MB{censored} the system work fine but when i remove the cd doesnt boot i put the iso in a partition 100 mb in other hdd with Windows 7 mbr because GUID doesnt work with grub to boot the iso in the ram it work fine but i use the MB{censored} to update to 10.6.8 but the system stop working and i reinstall all the system i need to install Adobe programs like Indesing and illustrator but they just close itself and dont open so i think i have to have Snow leopard 10.6.8 or somethin if somebody already install SL or Lion in a intel DH55HC and working please help me
  18. Im finally upgraded my iAtkos to 10.6.7 hoping the problems I had would be fixed, they weren't. First: When I boot up the apple icon shows followed by a gray then black screen, I have to use an active screen corner to wake the screen and its annoying. The computer does not sleep at all even as i replaced the sleep enabler kext and ran kext utility it still doesn't sleep. Lastly the battery meter does not work properly because my battery is at 0% and it is not charging, it shows up as 100% which is wrong however i don't care much about that but is annoying. I have no idea how to fix this, I've tried many different things where none worked so does anyone know how to fix this. After this i want to know if I would be able to upgrade to Lion from here: I have iAtkos L2 and a bootable Lion.dmg. If i can update which method would be better for me to use and what other things would need to be done?
  19. Ok I have 3 problems when installing iAtkos s3 v2 on my inspiron 1525: 1: When I install the VGA and it reboots, it shows a blue and then a black screen that stays until the computer sleeps. 2: When I opt out of installing the VGA, it boots up only with 1024x768 resolution as ONLY option and it runs slow and choppy (mouse/animations/etc...). 3: Not as big but coming from snow leopard by hazard, I was able to put my laptop to sleep by closing the lid, now I can't and the sleepenabler.kext fails to work like it should. After these problems are fixed I wanted to know how to update to 10.6.6-8 and if possible, can i upgrade to lion from there?
  20. i'm trying to install iatkos s3 v2 snow leopard 10.6.3 on my pc. installation process: 1. set bios setting to cd rom priority and and option from IDE to AHCI, FROM POWER MANAGEMENT I used 32 bit mode. 2. boot up iatkos cd but typing "busratio=24 -v" without inverted commas, till now everything's perfect. 3. Now open disk utility, partition the whole new 80 gb hd to two 40 gb approx, formatted it using macos X journal extended 4. now i customize it: bootloader: chameleon v2 RC4 no change in bootloader option and patches drivers:: main hardware/sata IDE/ AHCI SATA main hardware/sound/voodoo main hardware/ps 2/voodoo main hardware/vga/nvidia/nvenablers main hardware/network/wired/realtek problem:: cd stops running after few minutes and installation hangs at 18 min, i hav tried using different cd but same problem occurs. my specs: dell 2020M monitor- 1600x900 resln. core i5-650 nvidia geforce 8400gs 2gb ram DDR3 Gigabyte motherboard: H55M S2 iball mouse and keyboard :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Please help me ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  21. Hi, i am samrat,from india.... Recently i got a keen interest in installing a MAC OS in my Windows supported PC... So,i started to Google around to gather some info to install mac.....i understood that i need to approve 3 things before staring the installation process.... 1. My Processor Should be a SSE2 supported... 2. Then My Mother-Board Should support the MAC OS... 3. Then I need a MAC distribution... /*------------MY SYSTEM CONFIGURATION----------*/ /*------------PROCESSOR----------*/ /*------------MOTHER BOARD----------*/ . /*------------RAM MEMORY----------*/ I saw this below link suggesting that DG41RQ supports perfectly.... OSx86 I DOWNLOADED THE MAC DISTRO...FROM iAtkos s3 Snow Leopard 10.6.3 intel (download torrent) - TPB after downloading & making a ISO DVD..when booting.... the 1st screen displays... then after pressing any key.... then after waiting for few sec..... error at the corner..... EBIOS read error : media error Block 0x8489e0 sector 0 plz help guyz...Thanks in advance
  22. This has been a problem bugging me since i decided to install MacOSx onto my netbook. After long last, many reinstalls and multiple trial and error techniques, i finally got wireless lan to work on this netbook. First things first - the netbook that i am using is the Acer Aspire One D255 with an Atheros AR8152 controller. I also have to mention that i completely formatted my drive into a MacOs extended Journal format. Yes, i got rid of the shitty Windows 7 starter that came with the netbook, so now there is just MacOS running on it (maybe windows xp much later). Anyway, i formatted the HDD into a single partition using the GUID partition table (not MBR, for some reason it did not install using this). I customized the installation as expected (if you need info on this, let me know) and booted the netbook into 10.6.3. As expected at this point i have no wireless, even after selecting the right Wireless option in customization. This is what i did to fix it: 1) Download the IO80211Family.kext file here -http://www.{censored}.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=17685 2) Go to system/library/extensions and delete the same file 'IO80211Family.kext' (it will as for a password) 3) Unzip the downloaded file and place the kext file on the desktop 4) Download KB{censored} from {censored} Forum ? Login [ALSO MUCH THANKS to {censored}!! for all the hard work] 5) Use KB{censored} to install the kext on the desktop into the extensions folder. 6) When its done cross your fingers and reboot....when it starts up again, you should have wireless. Simple as that :cool:
  23. sid1907

    Kernal Panics

    Error after successful install. I managed to successfully install the iATKOS S2 version2 on a partition of my Toshiba A300. Post that I am just got able to load OSX! With the CD in the CD drive it goes to the Chameleon loader and when i choose the drive in which I installed it I get the error of restart the PC.(not it's the same as the screenshot attached without the text in the top right corner) I tried installing it 3 times with different settings into that drive but all in vain. I then used to Windows Cd to boot back into windows and had already created a MBR boot for that drive even before installing OSX on it. So now on startup when I click that screen I get the please restart screen and that error on top. When I press -s in the Chameleon loader I get the black screen. On pressing -x I manage to load OSX but after a restart it goes back to the restart loop. I'm new to Kernal Panics and the whole concept and any help would be appreciated. Thanks Sid
  24. Hello all. Here's the scenario: I have a Gigabyte Ud3p version 1.6 and have a successful installation of hackintosh in 32 bit mode on this computer. I'm trying to install a fresh copy with 64bit. I'm doing this on a separate hard drive till I get it right. I've been able to get it to install with iatkos s3 v2 in 64bit mode and can boot into it with safe mode after installation without any problems. I just can't get it to boot into it without safe mode. I'm pretty sure I have to do something with the dsdt or something. I'm not a beginner, but I'm not an expert either. please, please, any suggestions would be much appreciated!! thank you! cam
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