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Found 5 results

  1. hansolo23

    intel GMA 3150 driver

    Hey Guys, I just installed iATKOS v7 on my friends netbook. At installation i did not have the option to install the GMA 3150 only the 950 and the 3100. I already found a driver but that one was only for mac os x 10.6 and i get kernel panic when i install it. i prefer pkg files because with kexts you have a big chance that you get a kernel panic. Help would be appreciated
  2. Like the title says: I installed iAtkos V7 on my HDD but with my first boot it gets stuck at the grey apple screen. I tried a couple of flags in chameleon like: -v, -x, busratio=20, cpus=1, cpus=0, GraphicsEnabler=yes When I boot in verbose mode (-v) then a lot of text goes over my screen en then after a while my screen turns totally black. Non-verbose mode brings me to the grey apple screen without a loading circle. I'm not 100% sure if I have installed all the right kexts. Anybody has an solution for me?
  3. Okay,after so many tries,i finally got OS X 10.5.7 installed successfully,but i have noticed something weird,if during the installation i choose MBR for the partition,and i install and restart,the chameleon will load and i can proceed,but if i choose GUID and i install and restart,the chameleon will not load and it will boot into my windows7,any suggestion please???????? PS:i am installing it on an external HDD and i am using the iAtkos v7 medium,my pc spec is in my sig THANKS ALOT GUYS:angel:
  4. Hi there, I had been trying to install iATKOS v7 for my HP laptop. I must say that I've made it pretty far just Googling and what not, but now I need true help. :\ In case you were wondering, I am using another laptop to look up solutions and for posting this thread. Now, I'll try and explain the steps that I took from the beginning... I first of all formated and created two partitions, both HFS(?)+, one 100GB and the other 350GB using GParted. After that, I began booting from iATKOS v7's iso disc using "-v" param, and immediately, I was greeted by a frozen screen with "IOAPIC: Version 0x21 Vectors 0:23". On Google, I found only one fix, it stated that I had to disable "USB Legacy Mode" from BIOS settings, wait until the disc stopped spinning, and plug in a USB flash drive and unplug it before restart after installation, didn't work for me. In one of the comments, I read about somebody trying out some other boot parameters before learning about the USB trick, it was to type "io=0x21 -s -f" and that his booting will go further than before, but get stuck and freeze at Root device is mounted read-only If you want to make modifications to files: /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / If you want to boot the system: exit -sh-3.2# Same thing happened to me, except my screen wasn't frozen. So I followed the steps, and entered the two given commands, "/sbin/fsck -fy" and "/sbin/mount -uw /," and bam, a while later, I was on iATKOS OSx86's installation screen. These are the settings I chose (most of these are based off the device names, I had Ubuntu on before this and pulled out the device names and IDs through the Terminal): iATKOS v7 Main System Bootloader > Chameleon v2 X86 Patches > /Extra directory X86 Patches > DSDT X86 Patches > Decrypters > AppleDecrypt X86 Patches > Disabler Drivers > VGA > ATI > ATI HD Drivers > System > SATA/IDE > ATI SATA/IDE Drivers > System > CardBus Driver Drivers > System > USB Drivers > System > Sound > Voodoo HDA Driver Drivers > Network > Wired > Realtek > Realtek RTL8139 Drivers > Network > Wireless > Ralink > Ralink RT2860 PCI Post-Install Actions Any package branch not mentioned above was not installed. After the installation, I let the computer restart, and boot itself from the HDD. When Chameleon first shows up, I press "any key" for the startup options, then, with my correct partition selected, I type "-v" and press the Enter key, and after not too long, I get stuck at "IOAPIC: Version 0x21 Vectors 64:87" seem familiar? Like the last time I had an "IOAPIC" error, I restart my system, and this time, I use the parameters "io=0x21 -s -f", I yet again, make it a lot farther this time, but this time, my installation freezes at "config(6b0d4f0): terminating". (I also tried booting with "io=0x21" alone, but I still from at the "IOAPIC" line). I feel like I've made it so far, just by collecting information from here and there, and I really don't have the heart to go back to Windows after coming so far with OSx86, any help will be great... Thanks, Mannie
  5. JefreeyOSx

    Ati hd 4250?

    Well, I've looking for a solution for this video card, but i cant find it. Does anyone know a solution for this?. I installed iatkos v7 and the installation went fine but, This is the only problem with the video card. Computer: HP G62-340US AMD Athlon ll P340 2.2GHz AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250
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