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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I have a problem. My ideneb was installed (10.5.7) and I try to boot up normally and get a kernel panic. When I boot using -v it shows this if you can help that would be great :-). Panic (CPU 0 caller 0x001a936f): kernel trap at 0x33bd8ae Skip a few lines>> Error code:0x00000000 Debugger called panic Please help
  2. First of all, sorry for my english: it's what I learnt between school and the internet. I'm new in this fascinating wourldo of Hackintosh. I have a Mac but I'd really like to get a Hackintosh from my new netbook now. My knowledge in this field is sooo little that I'm asking you help now. My specs: Acer Aspire One D257 CPU: DualCore Intel Atom, 1666 MHz Motherboard name: Acer AOD257 Motherboard chipset: Intel Tiger Point NM10, Intel Pineview-M Graphics: Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 (256 MB) Memory: 1 GB DDR3 It has no CD/DVD reader. Well, I tried installing iAtkos v7 using an USB Drive and Chameleon 2 as bootloader: installation went well but, when I rebooted it, appeared "You need to restart your computer. Hold down (...)". Not good. So I installed in the same way iDeneb, getting almost the same effect. I tried then by restoring on the USB Drive my Snow Leopard Installation DVD, and patched it with osx86tools. This time it seemed that my PC do not minimally recognise it. I also followed {censored}X advices but my opinion is that they consider USB installation for Lion only: when they asked me to download the DSDT specific for my motherboard I didn't find its name in the list. The two last trial I made were using in the same way of v7 (USB Drive + Chameleon 2) iAtkos L1 and L2 then. The first look was great: the resolution just like an original Mac on the grey screen with te apple. Yes, but... it freezed there. Neither a circle (or how you call that rolling shape that usually appears under the apple) started to load the installer. Is there someone who can help me? I read almost everywhere but it looks like if no one who owns this netbook wants to make it run Mac OS X! Please!
  3. Hi there, My name is Marshall. I recently downloaded ideneb 1.4 burned it on a disk and wiped out all operating systems on my pc and installed ideneb. Now i tried booting up and it showed that i need to restart my computer twice so i booted in debugging mode and i notice that its a kernel panic. As i am fairly new to osx86, i cannot make out what the problem here is. Also while installing osx86, i choosed a lot of drivers, a lot of those which i didn't need i guess but i did not select any kernels since i wasn't sure. Just thought you should know about that. Here is a picture of the screen :- http://i.imgur.com/mfWhl.jpg Its a bit difficult to see cos i dont have a good camera.
  4. salve a tutti ho un pc assemblato con queste caratteristiche : scheda madre: Asrock N68-S3 UCC ram : ddr3 4 gb 1333 mhz scheda video nvidea 8400 gs cpu amd athlon II 3.02 ghz DUALCORE ho i seguenti cd : ideneb 10.5 iatkos v7 snow hazzard 10.6.1 e nessuno mi va , mi da errore still waithing for root device tutti i cd tranne hazzard che si riavvia automaticamente all'istallazione ho provato con vari comandi dal busratio al -v -x -f ecc... il mio bios non supporta la modalita ahci e nemmeno modificando il bios non sono riuscito ad attivarlo o provato anche con la modalità raid ma niente. qualcuno mi sa aiutare? grazie in anticipo
  5. I need someone's help! install iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 on my acer aspire 5542, does not work on wifi and ethernet, and install almost every kext that is in the page and there is no result, I really need internet on my mac. I have a atheros HB95/HB93(AR5B93), and also one called 43225 broadcom wireless, which is the nose which wifi and ethernet, friends need your help please!! me neither does the audio, the notebook camera and microphone of the notebook as well. also I have one called: LAN (BCM5784M) need help please friends. I hope someone's help, for the love of god, I need internet to work in photoshop please do not ignore me, help me have pity! thanks from Argentina: D
  6. Please please please help me guys!! I am gonna rip my hair off! tried Ideneb twice - succesfully installs but gets into an auto restart loop tried iB{censored}+MB{censored} - retail DVD calls panic error* tried N{censored} - doesn't start installation at all tried iAktos L1 - the downloaded dmg file is corrupt. My system is : Gigabyte GA x58 usb3 motherboard intel core i7 950 processor Nvdia 2400 GT graphics card * ( i didn't buy any retail DVD but if it gives confirmed result then I am ready to buy one. wen't to an iStore near us and they told me that OSxLion is only available thru download and SnowLeopard DVD are not in stock) another addition to the list of failures iPC doesn't even boot properly man I have such a hackintosh proof pc !
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