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Found 8 results

  1. hello There xD ? I have been trying to get Mavericks on my laptop, in about 3 days now..? ? I have tried so many things.. ? My big issue is that i have optimus, and i have come to terms with that it is not going to work, and that i will have to live without my Nvidia card.. ? But then i was thinking, what about the Inten Hd 3000 chip, that should be able to work i guess, without optimus. ? So i tried some things, always getting black screen after boot (at first i wasnt even able to boot installer) ? Then finally i tried N{censored} mavericks, and i know u guys prop dont give support for it, but u might not need to.. ? It came right to the intaller with no problems (other than haning for about 5 min xD) and then after a couple of attemps i found out that i needed to backup the intel graphics kexts to make it work.. and finally i got to the desktop, i was so happy!..? ? Buut then, i noticed resolution was not native, and Graphics acceleration was not enabled (cause everything was slow and enoying xD) ? So now comes my question, what should i do? I have tried installing some kexts around, but it always makes it hang on boot.. Also tried some boot flags, and even tried changing the boot.plist file..? ? Any ideas?? or maybe someone would like to assist me live, on a skype call? that would be even greater I am NOT giving up My specs out top of my head: Intel I5 CPU Intel HD 3000 graphics Nvidia GT555m or Nvidia 555m, not sure xD but one of those! It is weird, but i have a sticker on my laptop saying it uses Cuda, but Linux can not seem to find it, but can find optimus, that is why i think i have that instead
  2. Hi everyone! ? I've been successfully installed?Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks on my lappy Packard Bell EasyNote TX69HR. I have that config: CPU: Intel Core i5-2430MGPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 (512 Mb vRAM)GPU (Dedicated): nVidia GF GT 540M 2 Gb vRAM, but not worked, only Intel GPUMotherboard:?Intel HM65 ExpressRAM:?6144 Mb?DDR3 1066 Mhz500 Gb Intel Corp. 6 Series/C200?Series Chipset Family 6 port?SATA AHCI Controller 5400 RPMSo it works perfect with fully?accelerated?QE/CI. But when I using Photoshop CC I can't find there 3D menu. And when I see in the system info in PS it says OpenCL not available. But according to the info on Intel site HD 3000 support OpenCL 1.2 and on Adobe site they wrote they tested PS on HD 3000 too. So it must work. ? I've been wrote some program to test OpenCL and it shows that it support OpenCL 1.2 as expected. So now I really confused why my Photoshop without 3D and say that OpenCL not available. ? Maybe I need some kext to fix it or something else. Any help will be nice =) ? Thanks a lot! ? PS. Here's what PS sys info shows*: (*OpenCL not available) ? Here's my small program to test OpenCL version support: ? And it's output:
  3. Hi, ? So I installed mavericks on my laptop (Asus X54C) with clover bootloader and everything went well until the first boot from the hard drive. First boot took quite long time so I booted again with -v to see whats wrong. Boot stops at IOBluetoothHCI.. and I know this is not related to bluetooth but the next step after that: graphics. I know this has been asked before but no proper solution has been posted and after trying to add fakesmc.kext, nullcpupowermanagement.kext, deleting kexts and booting with different settings I havent been able to solve this. ? Boot with -v:?https://www.dropbox.com/s/tqd9r5dijoa1m2e/Foto%2029.12.13%2021%2039%2050.jpg ? My graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 3000 and again, Im using clover not chimera or chameleon. ? Thanks ? EDIT: ? Specs Intel Core i3 2,2 GHz (2. gen) Intel HD Graphics 3000 OS X 10.9.1
  4. My Laptop Configuration : Model: Dell n4050 i3 2nd Generation , 2 gb ram, 500 hard Hisk, Intel HD Graphics 3000 I have completed setup successfully but my Screen resolution is 1024*768. I can not change this to 1366*768. Please help me..... Anyone please help.. Moumtain Lion 10.8
  5. i have got an asus n53sm with full HD 15.6 monitor, intel i7 2670QM, 16gb RAM (4x4GB), intel 3000HD+nvidia 630GT (2GB DDR3) 204bios version and samsung 830 256GB SSD. I have tried many relases (iAtkos L1, L2, U{censored}, N{censored}, iDeneb, etc) but i can't boot OS X, in the case of iAtkos L2 i can't boot the dvd for start the installation, with other releases i can install lion but can't boot it, with N{censored} version i can boot lion but when i install kext for the intel 3000HD or the DSDT OS X can't boot anymore, all other hardware works! i want OS X with the hardware acceleration of the intel 3000HD if you can tell me how i can obtain it that would be grateful. But with your new Mountain Lion release both the video cards should work (like in the new macbook pro) or not?
  6. [ATTACH]2514[/ATTACH] Ho questo problema Il Mio portatile un SAMSUN RC 530 S06 e dotato di due schede video una Intel 3000 e una Nvidia GT 540 M. Mountain Lion riesce solo a riconoscermi la Intel e non la Nvidia. IL Problema è che con la mia configurazione attuale non riesco a sparare fuori il segnale video sul Monitor Esterno tramite RGB. Chiedo se qualcuno a voglia ed ne è ingrado di darmi una mano per cercare di far funzionare la mia scheda Video Nvidia o in alternativa di riuscire a lavorare con il monitor esterno . DSDT.zip
  7. Hola a todos los del foro. Me compre un nuevo PC con estas caracteristicas -Intel i5 2500k -Asrock z75 Pro3 -La grafica que tiene es la Intel HD 3000 hasta que ahorre un poco -WD Caviar Green 500gb -Corsair Vegeance 1600 8gb Tengo instalado Iatkos l2 con el Chameleon y cuando instalo los kext de la HD 3000 ( AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext y AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext ) al reinicar se queda en la manzana y de ahi no pasa. Les agradecería mucho que me ayudaran y de antemano gracias.
  8. A while ago i bought a new computer that has both intel i7 2630qm hd 3000 graphics and AMD Radeon HD 6650m Graphics and have since then tried to get one (or both) working on Lion 10.7.1 or Snow Leopard 10.6.8 with no avail. Before I installed Chimara 1.5 I had to type -x just to get to the desktop because it would stop after dsmos has arrived. Now it goes to desktop but with basic resolution and no QE/CI on both Swithable and Integrated Graphics Mode in bios. I would like to be able to get full resolution (1600x900) and QE/CI working on the laptop. Can anyone please help me and anyone else who has this problem? Thanks! Specs: Laptop: Acer Aspire 7750g-9657 OS: Snow Leopard Retail 10.6.8 MB{censored} 3.9 (Easybeast because I get compile error on every DSDT App I have tried) Lion Retail 10.7.1 MB{censored} 4.0.2 (Easybeast because of above method) Proccesor: Intel i7 2630qm Graphics: Intel HD 3000/AMD Radeon HD 6650m RAM: 6Gb DDR3 P.S. I also have a problem that I can't use touchpad or keyboard I have to use usb mouse and keyboard. If anyone can help me on that problem as well I will be muchly appreciated.
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