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Found 6 results

  1. Hello guys, I need help with my OSX 10.9 installation. I have successfully installed the OSX 10.9 DP1 file and when I update to DP6 it just boots but doesn't display anything. Sometimes the screen flashes but nothing happens. Any help would be really appreciated!
  2. Hi I find a quiclky solution with the sound after install iAtkos ML2 on my Intel Chipset 945GC motherboard. Before, I had iAtkos L2 and sound worked well. Now after installation the sound has been lost. Audio hardware description is : IDT 92HD202 6-channel High Definition audio Codec to fix this problem you need to download a pkg (that I grabbed from iAtkos L2). here is : https://www.4shared.com/zip/6SjzGX6M/vhda273pkg.html? -unzip -put on your desktop, execute and install it. -after reboot -go to settings > sound -select 'Speakers' done! I hope this helps to someone. PD: sorry for my english, I'm from another country Thanks!
  3. Hello everybody I've recently installed mountain lion on my custom build pc I created it by myhack I reached installer screen using (-v and GraphicsEnabler=No) after installation was done I didn't use either of those and It booted up fine as usual no sound and Internet I then run MB{censored} and used user dsdt.aml and restarted everything worked fine When I went to system information I saw my graphics card was shown as 6xxx and after effects cs6 didn't work because if it I went through many different forums about this issue and tried all sorts of ati kexts, atiframebuffer and GraphicsEnabler=yes and no. But none of those worked I ended up getting black screen and kernel panic and hackintosh crashed My question is is there any way to get it to work I mean recognize it as Ati radeon hd 6570 or make after effects cs6 work without crashing. Also dirt2 is not working when I lunch it it says quit unexpectedly or something like that Thanks in advice any help would be appreciated
  4. i have just recently installed Mountain Lion from usb using Nireash12495-ML-10.8. Everything was working perfect except siri. Every time i press the command key twice, siri would start but cancel before i can say anything. Tried updating to 10.8.2 via the app store to see if it would fix my problem but give me more problems and a lot more headaches because the installation failed, so now iTunes and other apps don't work or would randomly crash. Is there a fix for this or would i have to reinstall ML and all my kexts? Video of my problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdRXOIMhBLM
  5. I am successfully able to boot up to the OS using the U{censored} flash drive that i originally used to download the software, but when i use chimera it wont go past the initial grey screen with the apple logo. (i had previously had issues with a boot0 error but was able to trouble shoot that with the help of a macbreaker article)
  6. I just wanted to share some thoughts about installing 10.7.1 on a optiplex 755 SFF. I Installed the OS from:), using Chimera bootloader. I will be given a lot of details about the final process, but I'm having an issue with the onboard sound card. Based on the manufacturers site, this machine uses ADI 198x HD Audio. I haven't found a suitable driver for the audio and I was wondering if you guys can help me find the kext for it. The specs are Core2Duo 1.86Ghz,4 GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Geforce 201 PCIe (Which I found the Drivers and the are working fine, I'm able to watch 1080p from the internet, Also Ethernet is working as well. Please Help!!! Thanks
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