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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everybody. I have an Asus laptop, K53S (K53SD Core I5) with OS X 10.10.5 I have some Problem, and want fix. I think Evrybody will help me. 1. Webcome don't work, I tryed with Facetime, Skype, photobooth... The green light is okie. 2. The Fn keys for Brightness is Shift F2/3 now. How to change to Fn + F5/6. 3. The % pin don't correct. (see file att pls) 4. Can't Wake after Sleep.... I have upload file DSDT and SSDT. dsdt.aml ssdt.aml
  2. Version 1.3


    This package contains K53Sv kexts working with Mountain Lion 10.8.x (any build). I'm sorry if there're English errors here and there; I'm an Italian guy, and yeah, English isn't taught very well in my country, so I'm mostly self-taught. Though, feel free to report them, as well as any bug, in the comment section. 10 nov 2013 [WIP] Mavericks development and testing is in progress. Further news will be disclosed soon. 16 sep 2013 [uPGRADE/WIP] I've been busy due to Uni & Work, but the development of the package is STILL in progress. Further updates will be disclosed once OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) is released. 14 mar 2013 [PRE-ALPHA] Due to OSX failure, I'll have to wipe my whole drive before having it working again. In the meanwhile, I've uploaded a pre-Alpha meant for developers and advanced users only. Many things marked as "ALPHA" in the features list below aren't actually working or tested. 11 mar 2013 [ALPHA] Major Update (rev 4) alpha image is being tested NOW! Expect upload soon! (See changelog and features table below) 14 dic 2012 [PLANNED] Major Update (rev 4) is under development. Remember to check this page often. * Still stuck with HDMI/VGA patching. Sorry for the delay. A new update will come as soon as I'll manage to complete following operations: 13 nov 2012 [sTABLE] Update (rev 3): The package now supports FN key-combos for volume and iTunes control; moreover RestartHDA application freezing bug is now fixed. 15 oct 2012 - Update (rev 2): This package has been updated to support full power management and standby. Instructions for upgrading from previous package version or installing from scratch are both included inside the DMG and attached to this page (readme/readmeITA files). Please read carefully instructions in the readme.rtf file provided both in the page and in the archive BEFORE doing anything. Features: Blue: requires Clover UEFI boot mode. Red :available only with rev 4 ALPHA version. • Prebuilt DSDT for optimal notebook usage experience (disables useless NVidia GPU (not working in osx due to optimus), enables Alc269 audio, increases wi-fi coverage range, etc). You can disassemble this DSDT and include patches on your own, but it seems that all K53Sv computers supports it (tested on 4 pc). • Fully-Working drivers for most components ?? Intel i5/i7 CPUs - I think you can remove NullCpuPowerManagement after applying an external SSDT + extra kexts (untested). ?? Battery monitor (AppleACPIBatteryMonitor) ?? Audio support (ALC 269) using modified AppleHDA + DSDT (really better than VoodooHDA). Fixed no-audio-after-standby bug. ?? Bluetooth driver (experimental, sometimes needs reboot to work?) ?? Graphics driver (less artifacts) ?? Lan driver ?? ELAN / ELANTech Touchpad kext (experimental, multitouch & gestures working!) ?? Wireless driver (with DSDT has a very good coverage - Intel cards not supported because no kext exists yet ) - Full standby / stop support (including audio, everything seems to work after wake!) - Full CPU power management (reduced power consumption, really improved battery duration - about 2.00 hours on my unit with Clover) - Enhanced support for FN key combos (volume adjustment, toggle, media playback control, ...) (ALPHA) - UEFI bootable with Clover + Pre-configured Clover boot files - HDMI video-out (SOON) - HDMI stereo audio (and dolby/DTS passthrough, if possible) (SOON) - VGA video-out (DELAYED)• Applications/Shell scripts ?? Update kext permissions & cache (kextupdate.sh) ?? Restart audio after wake (application, RestartHDA.app - freezing bug fixed! - Not necessary anymore, but kept for compatibility.)• Boot configuration files ?? Optimized chameleon bootscript (revisioned) ?? Optimized Clover boot files (bootcamp experience) ?? Optimized SMBIOS (with working AppStore, iMessage, iCloud), based on 15" Early 2011 MacBook Pro (MacBookPro8,2). Thanks to EMlyDinEsH from OSXLatitude.com, to the OSX86.net community and to all the other developers who helped us with their work. Extra: Optionally you can flash this modded BIOS from Windows/DOS/BIOS-itself as a regular update (check readme.txt provided with it) to unlock advanced motherboard/CPU settings (disable turbo boost, hyper threading, enable C6 state, etc.) -> Download (disaccording to the readme, i've tested it by myself and Chipset menu is still hidden, i've took a screenshot as proof) CAUTION: This is ONLY meant for K53SV/X53SV/A53SV owners. Flashing it to any other machine, even if assembled by Asus (like the -SC variant), will certainly brick your unit irreversibly. In any case, use it at your own risk! You don't need to mod your bios to get a fully working hackintosh; I've posted it just for expert people who may like tuning advanced settings & stuff. This project is entirely dedicated to my friend Tiana.
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