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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I have a lenovo g570 with Intel Pentium B940. Is it possible for me to install mavericks on it? If so how? I dont have access to a real mac.
  2. Hello I have a lenovo g570 with Intel Pentium B940. Is it possible for me to install mavericks on it? If so how? I dont have access to a real mac.
  3. hi this post is in continuation of interaction in this forum for my struggle to create a bootable USB disk ; earlier i was using Guides and Tutorials (see http://www.osx86.net/notebooks/15021-make-bootable-usb-mac-os-x-installer-both-windows-mac.html); actually that is a wrong location as it is meant for presenting a guide and not for interaction regarding issues; sorry for that! This post is essentially for creating a Bootable and working USB for first MAC experience with no access to a mac machine (MAC, hackintosh or vmware) and purely in windows environment. Yes there are tools for that and distros which work off the shelf also; again this post is regarding using original application downloaded from apple store and not using any touched / modded distros. to bring new readers (means other than faui7, who has been giving valuable insights and hindsights in my attempts), i am presenting the background in these initial posts. What we have and what is required! 1) Mac Lion 10.8.2 installation application / pkg downloaded from Applestore and packed as dmg; (build12C54) This is an untouched .app; 2) CVAD's Boot utility http://www.osx86.net/view/3046-bdutility_make_clover_bootflash_with_mac_...html this is a standalone (no need to install!) win utility to create a boot partition on USB and installing clover files. 3) 7Z, (optional, not mandatory) but useful for quick decompression and expansion of the dmg and hfs files Download (select a suitable version to match your windows os) 4) Transmac (to mount mac partitions, read, copy, write, rename, delete the contents; also useful is expanding and compressing the dmg files to create a .hfs disk images). It is a commercial software; see below TransMac Mac Disk and dmg Software Details 5) MacDrive MacDrive Standard (this again is a commercial licensed product available for only 5 days trial; so one can download and use it in later stages, to avoid trial expiry) 6) Optional but very useful: AOMEI partition tool; Gparted (for linux users) 7) USB flash disks: 8gb disk; (preferably two disks; one small 1gb or 2gb for clover and one 8gb for MAC OS) 8) a suitable PC/Laptop; my venture is with Lenova G570 with B940 processor and on-board integrated graphics; 9) kexts; we will review them as we start working on; 10) lot of patience and freetime; i expect to finish this activity of starting a working mac OS on this machine in 5 days time; regards neelakantan Compared to modded distros, the structure of 12C54 app is different; "installESD.dmg" doesnot have the system/library files in its root; this is presented in the snapshots enclosed! This gives the basic file that i have; the original file was mounted using TransMac and expanded; The next image below gives the contents of the expanded dmg; This file content is shown, using 7Z extractor; this shows that the dmg is an mac app. Again using 7z the pkg content is extracted; (see below) This pkg shows a "installESD.dmg"; however, this will be slightly different from the InstallESD.dmg that is mentioned in many posts, as they are all modded within mac by adding basesystem.dmg The content of the InstallESD.dmg through 7z and transmac are shown below: (this shows a disk image with .hfs structure) The dmg / hfs are mounted as virtual drive by MacDrive and shows the contents in the explorer format The following are to be noted: 1) the basesystem.dmg is a 460 mb file in the root; 2) the packages folder which contains the Essentials and other pkgs are in in the root 3) there is no application or kext files in the root 4) the System/library subfolder has coreservices folder and boot.plist file only i will continue in the next post to see the contents of 3.hfs and the basesystem.dmg regards neelakantan we can mount the dmg / 3. hfs using the Transmac and see its contents; (unlike MacDrive, the folder tree structure is not possible in transmac;) Now when i tried to instrall clover and installESD.dmg on a USB, i intially got a reboot issue and later overcame that using suitable kext. but the crunch or crushing point was that i was using an MBR based partition in my laptop and MAC OS X will not install in other than GPT partitions. There are MBR patches galore in OSX86.net but they all talk of System/Installation/Packages and System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/install.framework/Frameworks/OSInstall.framework/Versions/A folders in the installESD.dmg; but as i showed in my previous post, these folders are not seen. A further investigation shows that the BaseSystem.dmg is a compressed diskimage. Extracting and mounting this image reveals these folders; We will see in the next posts how we can merge these two dmgs to produce a working InstallESD.dmg regards neelakantan
  4. I'm trying to get iAtkos L2 to work on my G570 with the following specs: Intel Pentium CPU B940 @ 2.00GHz 6GB RAM Intel HD3000 Graphics I've partitioned the hard drive so that one partition is for Windows 7 and one is for the Mac. I have then used Chameleon to install iAtkos L2 on to the second partition. It installs fine. However, when I boot into the Mac partition, it seems to load fine but then then circle indicator under the apple logo freezes after about 20 seconds. However, music is playing in the background when it freezes. I've read this is to do with the graphics, but I'm not sure how to fix it? Any ideas? Also, when I boot my laptop, I get the error Boot0. But this is fixed by booting from the Chameleon USB so not so much of a problem at the moment. Thanks in advance, Dan
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