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Found 187 results

  1. I have decided to install Mac OS X Mavericks yet again on another laptop. This time on an Compaq Presario F577CL. I used the N{censored} Mavericks Distro and install it that way. When it finished installing I had to reboot it because it was stuck on "Installation Finished." The log showed that it was a bug in that menu/screen/or something that was supposed to show up simply just didn't and never did. After getting it to boot and using the -v -f and using the USB flash drive I used, I got to the setup wizard and after setting it up I was ready to install kexts. The only card that the laptop has as far as I know, is an integrated Nvidia GeForce 6100. Someone on OSX86.net has for download an nv_enabler, but apparently someone stated that it was for Snow Leopard and it just doesn't work like it should on Lion and later. I tried installing Snow Leopard, to use this kext, but that didn't work. Link to the nv_enabler I was talking about: After searching more, I have found this which has like a list of ID's and one of them is the GeForce 6100. Don't know if it's the same as GeForce Go 6100, but I don't know how to use/install/or do anything with it. So far, it seems that you... Chose a kext for Nvidia cards and change the ID? Link: https://www.{censored}.com/threads/nvidia-device-ids-2011-developer-list.40875/ Help would be appreciated.
  2. I went messing around today with my Asus N53SV Laptop that people have claimed to have at least Mountain Lion running on it. I decided to install Mavericks on it using the N{censored} Mavericks USB version. I replaced the extra folder with an extra folder downloaded from this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283739-guide-install-os-x-mountain-lion-1082-and-mavericks-1091-on-asus-n53snn53svn53sm-notebooks/ I chosen the file (since there's two files one of which doesn't have Nvidia support): Asus-Extra-Files-2-No-Nvidia.zip Don't ask why I went for this version and yes, I did make sure the BIOS was set to AHCI before booting into the setup. Either way, after booting into the installer successfully, I was able to choose all the settings I wanted from the N{censored} Mavericks installer (this included me not checking the Apple Smart Battery Kext Battery because of previous attempts Kernel Panicing the system after reboot) and installed to an external USB hard drive. After rebooting and filling out the Welcome Installer, I made sure I installed the, Wifi Kext, VooDooHDA kext, and the trackpad kext. I last looked at the battery kext and downloaded a version of the VooDoo battery kext for Mavericks 10.9 and higher and installed the two kexts using kext wizard. After rebooting, and using -v, after a few seconds it started with a loud nonstop beep and never went to the Desktop or Login Screen. I tried booting it up again this time with -v -x -f and Use_Kernel_Cache=false and this time it hangs at, "Incorrect Number of Thread Records." Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this or an alternative work around method? Before you ask, no I did not completely follow the instructions from the Insanely Mac page because the USB creation part was sorta broken since the video doesn't exist anyone following that I don't have a copy of Mountain Lion I only used the Extra folder to modify the N{censored} USB installer to help it boot up incase it didn't.
  3. Help me System uptime in nanoseconds

    Hi guys, i installed Mac OsX 10.9 (mavericks) N-i-r-e-s-h on AMD PC: CPU: AMD FX 4300 Quad Core GPU: AMD RADEON 6670 MB : 970A-UD3 REV. 1.2 The installation was perfect, Ethernet, audio and gpu are working fine, but, when i restart have 2 problems: 1. I can't boot without usb (Boot0 Error) 2. I try to Reinstall Mac OsX Maverick but i can't because have another problem: System uptime in nanoseconds Sorry for my bad english
  4. Need help with ASUS KT53TA

    I can't install Maverick's in my laptop, i triyed every flag combination but they stuck on the apple logo or just a kernel panic. I was making some research i found the bsa kernel is the right for my processor, but i don't know how change the kernel in windows :(. Somebody heeeelp me please
  5. Hi guys, can someone help me please on making my HP Envy m7 with Intel i7 install Mavericks, Windows 10, Linux Mint, and kali Os's. I wanted to know which is a better bootloader to install on a UEFI and how to prepare this laptop for OSX. thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I'm getting an error message whenever I try to launch the OS X Installer from my USB key. I am using a Mavericks 10.9 distro (not allowed to say the name apparently, but it starts with N). It says "Errors encountered while starting up the computer. Pausing 5 seconds". Then my computer reboots. After searching on the Internet, I've tried the following boot flags : -v -v -x -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No -v dart=0 -v PCIRootUID=0/1 -v UseKernelCache=No None of them worked. Here are some screenshots. That's what I'm getting when I boot from my Mavericks USB key : http://i.imgur.com/hAjKdiF.jpg And this is what I'm getting when I boot from my Chameleon USB key, then my Mavericks USB key : http://i.imgur.com/n76qoDp.jpg I've created my Mavericks bootable USB using Win32DiskImager and my Chameleon USB stick following a tutorial (from MacB***ker) since I do not have access to a Mac. The worst part is that I actually managed to install Mavericks a few days ago on the same computer ! I uninstalled it in order to do a clean install and now it doesn't work. What should I do ? CPU : i5-4570 Motherboard : ASRock B85 Pro4 GPU : GTX 760
  7. Help Booting Installation on AMD HP Envy 2015

    Hi everyone! I've tried hackintoshing - but years ago. Back to try it out again. I can't get to the installer screen. Can you make some suggestions? I think the issue might be boot flags. Installation type: N{censored} Mavericks 10.9 with AMD & Intel - USB & ISO 10.9 [mod edit - link removed] I believe this has AMD support. Again, I'm trying to figure this out, but with some AMD support I think I just need to insert the correct boot flags? Computer type and specs: Laptop HP AMD processor Release: 2015 Name: HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ah151sa - (http://support.hp.com/gb-en/product/HP-ENVY-15-ah100-Notebook-PC/8499284/model/8942971/document/c04946555/?sku=P0U49EA) CPU Family: Carrizo CPU Type: AMD Quad-Core A10-8700P APU with Radeon R6 Graphics (1.8 GHz, 2 MB cache) Graphics: AMD Radeon R6 Graphics (integrated) Boot Issue: So I'm first trying a distro. I reach the distro loader screen. If I press"enter", it says "errors while starting, restarting" then it restarts. I've tried a variety of boot flags. I'm concerned if I use a wrong boot flag combined with useful boot flags, that makes it hard to figure out what the problem is, I think? One error message I've seen several times is: "Not an Intel platform, restart fix not applied". I've seen a variety of screens, some restart immediately, some go to a clean white screen with grey Apple logo and nothing happens within 10 minutes. Or, white screen with Apple logo and a kernel panic. Moving Forward: So perhaps I should start fresh. What should I try first for boot flags? Then I can provide any kenel panic information needed to troubleshoot. Many thanks!
  8. Hi I've got a MSI 870a-g54 with a AMD Phenom ll X4 925 black edition 2.8 i just want to know is it possible to install MacOS mavericks on it. If yes could you please post a link to a guide to it? or just send me a message. Thanks for the help.
  9. My Specs- AMD A4 APU 64-bit@2.20GHz GPU - Radeon HD 6480G@444MHz[integrated in the APU] 2GB RAM@800MHz[Hyundai Electronics] MotherBoard-HP3564 500GB SATA HDD[AHCI ENABLED] ? I have been trying to boot OSX Mavericks[N-i-r-e-s-h Distro],?don't hate for using a distro, I did purchase a snow leopard retail disk and successfully installed it, but gave up on optimizing it because the graphics were bad, so I am trying for Mavericks ? Now when I boot using the USB N-i-r-e-s-h Distro[Mavericks] I get the following error I am using the boot flags :? amd -v ? ? ? using the boot flags : amd -v -x ||? amd -v -x USBBusFix=Yes? || results in the same error as above --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- using the boot flags : "amd64 -v -x"? results in a black screen if "-x" is used and nothing happens even if I let it sit for 30 mins using the boot flags:? "amd64 -v" results in showing the apple logo and stays stuck at that forever. ? Could some one tell me what the error is and how can I solve it. Help me boot to the installer. Please do not try to be vague, be clear to the point, thanku.?
  10. AMD Installer

    Version 2.0.1


    AMD Installer for 10.7.x, 10.8.x, 10.9.x and 10.10.x All credits for the kernel goes to the AMD Development team of Andy Vandijck, Bronya, Sinetek and Tora Chi Yo. Packaged with the latest kernels and some needed kexts. This package makes it easier for AMD users to install the latest kernels and some fixes for their systems.
  11. ati5550kexts2_0-By_ Alyex

    Version 2.0 (10.9)


    New release : V. 2.0 improved and fixed driver. Version 10.9.0 Ladies and Gentlemen ... Finally the ati 5550 works on hackintosh! :cool: ASUS radeon 5550 chipset .. Tested on ASUS EAH 5550 Silent Full acceleration and resolution .. (on my system: double monitor desktop!) DVI : WORKING HDMI :WORKING AUDIO ON HDMI : NOT TESTED 2 files: AMD5000Controller.kext & AMDRadeonX3000.kext to install via kext utilities (/System/Library/Extensions). GraphicsEnabler=NO Ati config =NO ( but... try yourself)
  12. need help with dsdt AMD Mavericks Clover

    I need help with a dsdt for my AMD. Attached is the acpi_dsdt from AIDA64,? the .dsl from MaciASL, ioreg output, and my clover config plist. I have tried several times, but methinks this subject is somewhat over my humble head. I use both computers for DAW recording (using Logic nodes) but I plan to sell my older Intel i7 setup, and upgrade soon to a current Intel MB/CPU. My AMD running 10.9.4 is stable except for random graphic issues (screen flashes and goes to a colored background with vertical lines a few times per day). What's great is that all the ports on the XFX HD5770 work, I am driving 2 monitors and a TV/monitor at once, but I get the screen issues even with just one monitor connected.Some of my audio hardware is not supported on Yosemite, so i will remain on Mavericks for a while longer. After many successful builds over the past 4 years using Chameleon and no dsdt, I recently switched to Clover, and feel it is time to use a custom dsdt. One more question - I used AIDA64/Windows 7 to extract the dsdt, but there was no acpi/tool/ssdt option available. Is that because I am on an AMD? Thanks ahead of time to anyone that can help! ? DSDT.zip
  13. For anyone experiencing the clock gaining or losing time in Mavericks , this is the solution: My original post was written with the belief that the issue was with Mavericks on AMD using Clover as the boot loader. My initial installation was with Chameleon, and I never noticed the problem. That's not saying it wasn't there, I just wasn't aware of it. Then I switched to ?Clover, and noticed the problem. I then discovered that my Intel was doing the exact same thing. I use Clover on the Intel now too, and boot into Mavericks rather than Yosemite when I use my DAW because my MBox 2 Pro (firewire) is not supported under Yosemite (yet). ? So, I found myself getting really mad and frustrated. After a shower and some hot cocoa, I decided to look for a solution elsewhere.... ? I guess it was easy to get hung up on the idea that since they are Hackintosh machines, the problem must be with the busratio, or the bootloader, or the?config.plist, or the?chameleon.boot.plist, or the fact that one computer is an AMD. We were barking up the wrong tree. ? Voila! I found the true problem and solution! ? It is a bug in Mavericks that Apple knows about, but hasn't addressed yet. ? I found the answer on the Apple Support Communities forum : ? " ?Tim JervisJan 26, 2014 5:21 PM? Re:?Clock runs slow when I leave iMac on all the timein response to JDW1 I have had a similar problem, the clock was running slow on a Mavericks MacBook Pro I look after. After trying out several leads, one solution that worked was to change the value of the "Set date and time automatically" field in the System Preferences -> Date & Time -> "Date & Time" tab. Editing the text in the field from (in my case) "Apple Europe (time.euro.apple.com.)" to "time.euro.apple.com" fixed the problem for me. ? It appears that the text in this field gets written almost verbatim into the /etc/ntp.conf?file, which is then used to look up the time servers. Not only does "time.euro.apple.com." lead nowhere (due to the trailing "."), but Mavericks will even add "Apple" and "Europe" into the file. The end result is the time system appears unable to get a time fix, and so the clock time drifts, uncorrected. ? If you are in Japan, you might want to try "time.asia.apple.com" in that field. The key thing is to avoid the trailing ".". Just change the text in the field an close window. ? I should add that this wasn't the only step I took to debug my slow clock issue. Other steps included deleting and re-creating the /etc/ntp.conf?file and exploring the "pacemaker" process. However, I don't think these steps were necessary in the end and simply adjusting the text in the field above should suffice. I could be wrong. ? Needless to say you might have a different issue and this might not help. Good luck! ? Tim ?". ? So - The only thing I needed to do was correct the entry in the "set date and time automatically" field to > (time.apple.com) ?? I entered the new information yesterday, and all appeared well. I left the computer on all night. Checked it this morning.? The clock ?is accurate. All is well ! ? In summary, the problem is not AMD, or the boot loader, or the busratio . There is no problem with the TSCSync. The problem is a bug in Mavericks and how it writes to the /etc/ntp.conf?file. ? HAPPY CAMPER!!! GOOD HACK !!!?
  14. I have this question on the AMD forum, but I thought I might ask for help here, too... I have had my AMD (see signature) Mavericks 10.9.4 installation up and running for a while now. I initially used Chameleon, and had no issue with the time/clock running fast. I switched to Clover, and now the clock gains about an hour per day. Opening Date & Time in System Preferences successfully resets it, of course. I have read how to put the bus ratio into the Chameleon boot.plist... But how, where, and what info do I need to enter in Clover Configurator? And is that the correct solution? I have also read about the VoodooTSCSynchAMD fix, but it says it is for older cpus and isn't needed on Phenom II cpus. Any ideas on the correct solution? And in the meantime, will the issue affect the timing in my DAW ?
  15. AMD Mavericks clock time runs fast

    I have had my AMD (see signature) Mavericks 10.9.4 installation up and running for a while now. I initially used Chameleon, and had no issue with the time clock running fast. I switched to Clover, and now the time clock gains about an hour per day. Opening Date & Time in System Preferences successfully resets it, of course. I have read how to put the bus ratio into the Chameleon boot.plist... But how, where, and what info do I need to enter in Clover Configurator? And is that the correct solution? I have also read about the VoodooTSCSynchAMD fix, but it says it is for older cpus and isn't needed on Phenom II cpus. Any ideas on the correct solution? And in the meantime, will the issue affect the timing in my DAW ?
  16. hello i have installed OSX mavericks on hp workstation and every thing works fine except Network/Lan i tried different kexts MB{censored} and and form internet as well. but no one is working fine. please tell me what should i do. My installation details are ? Hp workstation Xw4600 pc intel x38 chipset 4gb ram core 2 quad intell q9400 processor. 160gb hd Installation works without any DSDT. ? please tell me what should i do to fix this issue. ? if on board lan is not useable then please suggest me any lan/network card that can be used with mavericks easily and is also available is market. ? thanks sajid
  17. Hi there, ? I have a HP 430 Notebook, with specifications ? NoteBook Model: HP 430 Notebook PC ? Product Number: A2N30PA#AKL ? Serial Number: 5CB1334ND4 ? System Board ID: 3672 ? Product Configuration ID: CNB1 058A100000004C10002600000 ? System Board CT Number: PCANEA5JE1CC85 ? BIOS Version: F.39 ? Processor Type: Intel? Core i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz ? Total Memory: 6GB ? WLAN FCC ID: PPD-AR5B195-H ? Bluetooth FCC ID: PPD-AR5B195-H ? I have installed OS X 10.9 - Mavericks successfully with bootflag cpus=1. Later i applied kernel patcher to get rid of that. But i don't have proper kext files. My installer comes with clover by default. So If i use MB{censored} it installs Chimera. I dont know what to install from MB{censored}. Can i use HP Probook installer. If yes for which version of probook? How to get HD Graphics 3000 working properly. and wifi. Please guide me guys. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  18. Hi, ? I've an Acer Aspire 4738Z laptop. I'm facing sound issues as of now. VoodooHDA works (2.8.4 - 2.8.7), but there is this problem of sound crackling and eventually no sound issues with it. I tried changing the Audio Midi settings, which work well for few seconds. After that the sound again crackles and eventually disappears. I think AppleHDA is a better option for me. However, if tried ALC272 and ALC272x kexts along with HDAEnabler. But it doesn't work. I get this message "no output devices found". ? ?Please Help. This is frustrating.
  19. Asus K55N-DS81 OS X Mavericks

    So I've been trying to get my AUSUS?K55N-DS81 to boot OS X Mavericks with N{censored} following the?How to install OS X Mavericks on your PC with N{censored}?but it's not working. I don't know if it's because I'm not using the correct boot flag or just not using the correct guide all together.? AMD A-Series A8-4500M (1.90GHz)4GB Memory (Upgraded to 8GB)750GB HDDAMD Radeon HD 7640GWindows 8.1 64-BitBootflags used: amd -v =? and stays stuck like thatAny other bootflags I should try?
  20. Hey guys, Im running windows 7 and would like to partition the hard drive and install mavericks like I used to have it before I screwed it all up. (I completely forget how I installed it the first time) ? I found instructions on how to create a bootable usb but the problem is that it says I need to have OSX MAVERICKS INTALLER.APP (because I need the installer esd.dmg file) which you can only get from the mac store. ? I only have a mavericks.dmg file and was wondering could I use that instead, and how would I go about doing that? thanks
  21. Version 2.1


    If you need, this is my EFI Folder. Config is for Clover only & Kext is universal. I won't take any responsible for using this file. Do it with your own risk. (Give me some feedbacks so I'll update this file asap. Thanks. =) ). I'm sorry for my poor english and grammar -------------------------------------------------- Clover Bootloader Version: r3033 Clover Configurator Version: 4.19.2 Boot Args: -xcpm dart=0 kext-dev-mode=1 I'll leave both Old way and New way empty 'coz there is already DSDT Patched -------------------------------------------------- This is to be Final Version of K46CB EFI. Don't ask me again for future updates. --------------------------------------------------
  22. Trying to hackintosh my laptop for the first time so apologies for being newbie. I've used The N{censored} version of Mavericks and installed (what I thought were) the right kexts and so on, but basically when I try and boot into OSX for the first time I get a while of loading and then it just cuts to a black screen. Laptop Spec: i5 2450M Intel HM65 Chipset NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M 2GB (might this issue be to do with Optimus?) 2.5" 500GB SATA HD (If there's any other specs you need let me know) What I've tried: -x GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1 PCIRootUID=0 npci=0x2000 npci=0x3000 Getting pretty much the same result from all of these and if it didn't go to a black screen it would kernel panic. Using -v, I attached a video of everything I get when I try and boot N{censored}'s 10.9 up, I also attatched a pic of what's on the screen the moment before it goes black. Read that this forum was good for issues like this, if any of you could lend a hand it would be much appreciated! trim.55981F04-3674-488C-974D-AF46727AD512.MOV
  23. Please help with this error!

    Hi there, ? I'm very new to this sort of thing and I want to starting programming ios apps but the problem is you have to have Mac OS X to install xcode! ? So I'm trying to install Mac OS X Mavericks onto virtual box so I can start programming! ? So iv'e done the steps on this tutorial:?http://www.macbreaker.com/2014/05/os-x-mavericks-in-virtualbox-with-N{censored}.html?but when I get to the boot screen where you have to type the boot flag I get some trouble! ? It says that if your cpu has "FX" in it you have to type "amdfx -v" and my cpu is a Amd FX 4300 so I did that. ? But then a whole lot of script comes up and it stops! Here is a screenshot: ? ? Please help! ? Thanks, Dylan
  24. Hello Friends , After my first guide on creating a Mac OS X Installer from Windows PC , i have seen lots of users are addicted to “Distros?? especially windows Users , now this will be a remedy for such Noob and advance Users who are on Microsoft Windows PC This is a complete guide for the Creating ?Vanilla Mac OS X Installer USB for Windows Users Only . I’m writing this guide based on my knowledge and experience gained myself doing so many effort and details from the web. Hoping this could help many people looking to a method on windows. I did my best to make this as simple as possible and will try to improve as the time passes. This?guide??is with Screenshots and Video Tutorial .. Video Tutorial ::::Coming Soon :::: Prerequirements : 1.Mac OSX .app or installESD.dmg (mine is?Install OS X Mavericks.app) 2.BootDiskUtility by Cvad 3.TransMac 4.7-Zip Archiver Manager 5.Paragon? Partition Manager Free Edition For links use Google is your Best Friend ? We will do Everything Step by Steps : 1.First of all Create a folder on Desktop and name it OSX Installer or else you like? copy or move or have all Prerequirement stuff in it . 2. Working with 7-zip? 1.Now navigate to DesktopOS X InstallerInstall OS X Mavericks.appContentsSharedSupport open installESD.dmg with 7-zip , Find for installESD.dmg in /InstallMacOSX.pkg and extract it to OSX installer folder 2. Open extracted installESD.dmg with 7-Zip and extract 3.hfs (file size is more than 5 Gb mine is 5.06 GB) 3.?open 3.hfs and go to OS X Install ESD , now extract Packages and BaseSystem.dmg to OSX Installer folder 4.?Rename 3.hfs (more than size more than 5 gb) to 3_1.hfs or delete it 5.open BaseSystem.dmg and extract 3.hfs(file size more than 1GB mine is 1.17GB) ? 6. Now we need to Extract mach_kernel , open Packages folder and open BaseSystemBinaries.pkg with 7-zip extract it ,see Screenshot ? 3. Working with BootDiskUtiliy 1.Run?BootDiskUtility.exe 2. Goto options/ Configuration,? check t he? MultiPartitioning checkbox? and set? Boot? Partition Size? to? 200 MB. ? This will? instruct? BootDiskUtility.exe? to? make? two? partitions on the? USB: one? for? Clover / Chameleon and the? other? for? the Mac OSX files 3.?in BDU.exe screen Select your USB and click “Format Disk?? . 4.?in BDU.exe Screen click on expand your USB , there will be two partitions options : 1. Clover (200) 2.No Name (7.3 GB or else ) Choose second partition (7.3GB ) , click “Restore Partition?? ?select 3.hfs(1.2 GB) in OSX Installer Folder ?? 4.Working with Paragon Partition Manager? Run Paragon Parition Manager and Choose your USB second Partition and Resize it to Full Size .don’t forget to apply Changes . 5.Working with TransMac? Run TransMac as Administrator 1.copy mach_kernel to root drive which we extracted earlier 2.Open your USB (Second Partition of 7.3 GB ) goto System/Installation and Delete Packages (Slink extension file) 3.Now copy Packages Folder we extracted earlier 6.?Preparing USB for?installation 1.we need Essential Kext for booting with USB those are NullCpuPowermanagement.kext ,FakeSMC.kext ,any other kexts you required like Ethernet or USB ,place kexts in EFICLOVERkexts10.9(what version of your OSX is ) 2.Now we need to tweak config.plist (which is in USB first partition named Clover ) so it get boot hassle free ,open config.plist ?EFI/CLOVER/conig.plist with wordpad edit flags? you required Note ::Generally we use –v (verbose mode )to check whether if get stuck while booting process Note ::You Can Use MacPois0n for Post-installation? 7.Installing MacOSX with USB Drive? 1.Boot with USB , select it and you will get a Clover BootMenu Choose OSX BaseSystem to boot 2.?While in Clover BootMenu pressing Space Bar from Keyboard ,you will prompted to some option to choose Boot Mac OS X Without Caches Boot Mac OS X Without injected kexts Boot Mac OS X Without Caches and without injected kexts Note ::for Yosemite Users you need to boot with injected kexts ,so you can tweak your Config.plist using Wordpad in windows , you will not get any options and don’t select without injected kexts .. For MBR Formatted HDD Users : 1.You need to download Patched MBR files , here ( Use Google ) 2.Then use TransMac to replace or place System Ins tallationPackagesOSinstall.mpkg System Library PrivateFrameworksInstall.frameworkFrameworksOSInstall.frameworkVersionsAOSInstall For AMD CPU User’s : You can download a patch kernel for AMD CPU’s and Copy it Root Directory of USB Drive (where mach_kernel is instructed to place ) Also use flags as prescribed with AMD Kernels . For Mac OS X Yosemite Users: You need to Copy BaseSystem.chunklist and BaseSystem.dmg ?to Root Directory of USB Drive While tweaking Config.plist of Clover you need to Add Flag Kext-dev-mode=1 (this flag is no more required in Yosemite final release but in some cases to load unsigned is required ..) Also select injected kext =Yes or choose option to boot with injected kexts . Also I don’t take credit for all this information entirely except for appreciation on writing this guide. The credit will go for all these people:?dmazar’s ,neelakantanr,?fusion71au .. PS: Sorry Everyone i'm not allowed to post more screenshots , please if you want to see more visit source blog? Best Regards Deepak
  25. Hi everyone, I'm trying to install OSX Mavericks by N{censored} onto my hackintosh, but I keep getting this message: http://adf.ly/8058514/hackintosh-error?? Any help would be great!