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Found 15 results

  1. I try to install iaktos ml2 or N{censored} 10.8.2 starts when I boot the DVD for installation, everything hangs on the apple logo how to settle the problem? thank you in advance asus vivobook C550CM intel core i5 4 gb ram intel hd 4000 nvidia geforce 635m thank you
  2. Hi! I've just installed Mountain Lion (iAtkos ML2) on my Acer Aspire 5732Z laptop, which uses a ATI HD 4570 graphic card (512Mb). All functions run so good except the graphics. Mac doesn't recognise it, and I don't have QE/CI, so the system go 'slow', and things like LaunchPad, or watch a HD video on Youtube are a problem. I have been looking for a kext for ML but I don't find anything, only one, but you need to connect a external monitor, and this is a problem because I use my laptop out of my home. If you could help me ^^
  3. Buenas compañeros! Resulta que acabo de instalar Mountain Lion 10.8.2 (iAtkos ML2) en mi Acer Aspire 5732Z, el cual hace uso de una gráfica ATI HD 4570 (512Mb). Todo va correctamente excepto la aceleración gráfica (QE/CI). Al principio no la reconocía, mas instalé el ATI Init kext y ya lo hace (aunque me la reconoce como una 4600 creo), mas sigo sin aceleración gráfica, y por ende con la mayor parte del sistema 'capado'. A ver si me podéis ayudar, pues no puedo hacer prácticamente nada con programas que requieran gráfica ^^
  4. Hello everyone i know that apple dropped official suport for atom on 10.6.2, but i also know that ML is a 64 bit only system. Can anyone please help with this, i dont know if i should use uni+beast or this tutorial Guide for installing ML on Atom - Pastebin.com , anyway i really need ml working. if anyone coould help with the installation and the post installation(kexts) i would be very appreciatte one more thing sorry for my bad english, im portuguese.
  5. Hi, I'm running OS X 10.8.2 on GA Z77-DS3H. The machine runs nicely, however every 10 minutes or so I lose Wi-Fi connection. I'm using TP-LINK TL-WDN4800. The OS sees all available networks, the card is connected to the AP with active link, DHCP lease, Network Utility even displays some activity on sent and received packets, there are no errors etc. At that point I can't ping even the IP address of the AP (that should be fine, other machines have no issues). The connection gets eventually back on after ~ two minutes or after switching wireless off and on again. Any idea what might be the cause / solution? It is really annoying.
  6. I can't install N{censored} 10.8.2 on either of my laptop or desktop. the furthest i've gotten is see the apple screen for a second the it restarts. Can someone please help me with the boot flags? Idc which computer i get it installed on, i just need help. My desktop: AMD FX-6300 Radeon HD 7790 12gb ddr3 1333mhz 1tb WD Blue hdd My Laptop Toshiba L755D-S5162 AMD A6-3420m Radeon HD 6520g 8gb ddr3 1600mhz 640gb Toshiba hdd
  7. Hello everyone, I own a laptop asus I try to install from plusieure week os x mountain lion 10.8.2 but it was impossible to enter the installer .... When booting from Iaktos ml2 or N{censored} 10.8.2 ... the computer freezes on the apple or restarts immediately ... I boot with "-v" and I get: "No interval found for. Using 8000000 Still waiting for root device " How to solve this error? thank you Intel® Core™ i5 3317U Intel® HM76 Express DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM, 4096 Mo 15.6" 16:9 Résolution 1366 x 768 (HD) , rétroéclairage LED Intel HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 635M 2 Go DDR3 VRAM 750 Go tpm Cache SSD 24 Go
  8. Hi guys! Im using a Vostro 3750 i5, nvidia 525m & HD3000, managed to install ML on my vostro with a 525m kext added to S/L/E. The problem is i can boot it only with -v-x flags. Booting freezes at "NTFS volume name , version 3.1." if im not using any flags. What can i do?
  9. Hi quite new to Hackintosh and this site helped me no end and finally I found my audio kext here for mountain lion 10.8.2 and a voodoo HDA kext worked for me as I have seen various other T61 users struggling to find the correct kext thank you for your time
  10. Ok.so I've installed Mac OS X mountain lion on my pc using U{censored} and then ran MB{censored}. I've been booting into the desktop by typing in. -x (safemode)in the U{censored} usb boot screen with my HD highlighted. It'll boot right up Internet works /No audio but I'm not worried about that just yet. So my question is why am I getting error message when setting my boot purity is set to HD with Mac osx installed? What can I do/install to fix. System info Msi-z775-g45 I7-3770 CPU 16gb of vengeance ram On board video Wd (green) 500gb harddrive 6.0
  11. Hey osx86 users, I'm using a HP Pavilion dv7-6b77dx , platform: Windows 7 Ultimate, Core i7 I tried to boot iATKOS earlier on DL DVD RW, it did, but I was stuck at the 1st grey screen, pc wouldnt reply and the only solution was of course to reboot by holding the power button Now I'm trying to boot an untouched version of 10.8.2 (InstallESD.dmg containing Install OS X Mountain Lion.app and so..) on USB Im using 2.0 USB instead of 3.0 to prevent any incompatibility problems, I already have a virtual OSXML on VMware that i use to prepare my boot disk I used to get the "system uptime in nanoseconds" error but I could pass it by cpus=1 command I tried everything including the PCI fix on MB{censored} and all the pci commands like PCIRootUID=0 (or 1) or pci=off etc I tried all the combinations of verbose, safe mode but still cant get it to work (and for sure npci=0x3000) Any help would be appreciated! Please help me coz I really need a bootable version of ML on my PC and I know there must be a way coz I read that a lot of dv6 and even dv7-6b55 worked what do i do? :S Reply ASAP please
  12. Good morning, gents! I tried updating from 10.8 to 10.8.2 using the combo update and it said "Installation failed" although in "About this Mac" it shows 10.8.2. Anyway, my problem was that most native apps just didnt want to open after that update. Kept telling me "xxx cannot be opened....." (Mail,Messages, iTunes, App Store etc) So I reinstalled 10.8 and decided not to update it anymore. Now I am wondering, if there is any way for me to hide the update in the app store? First off its a bit annoying there and secondly, I don't want to acidentally update my OS X.
  13. Can anybody help my specs are Lenovo G780 Laptop - 21829UU on this website G780 Essential Laptop - Lenovo G780 Price and Features | Lenovo | (US)
  14. Specs: ASRock H61M/U3S3 Motherboard Intel iCore5 2400 3.10Ghz 4 GB GSkill Ram 1.5 TB WD HD Problem: I *HAD* this rig running up and fine (even had 8GB of the Jaws RAM going) and now it won't boot and I keep getting a: com.apple.driver.IOPlatform.PlugInLegacy KP with 2 dependancies com.apple.driver.ACPI_SMC_PlatformPLugin(1.0) with 4 dependencies I've wiped the drive twice using myHack and I'm still stuck!
  15. Hi. I have some issues with my beats audio sound card. i have deleted AppleHDa.kext and added voodo.kext with Kext Utility, still no output or input device in settings > sound. if some one can guid me to an post with how to find/edit voodoHDA.kext to vendor id CPU and GPU seems to work fine now, 1366x786x32 QE/CI
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