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Found 19 results

  1. I have a Motherboard of Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2PT (Rev 1.3) I wanted to Install Hackintosh. After going to Hard disk choosing option...I could'nt choose...Cause My Mouse didn't work.... Please Help Me... TO INSTALL HACKINTOSH!
  2. I have created an Enoch-bootable USB Installer volume for El Capitan, and after applying USB fixes, I can get it to boot all the way to the OS X Installer welcome screen. Unfortunately, my mouse is non-responsive at that point. I can get past the language selector screen by hitting return or enter, but can't get past the next screen (with the Back and Continue buttons at the bottom). My tab key works for switching the highlight outline from one button to the other, but hitting return/enter after highlighting the Continue button does nothing. The system will recognize a Cmd+Q, and put up the Quit dialog, but from there I can only get to the Startup Disk selector, and can't do a thing except reboot. Any ideas on what kernel flags or other fixes I need to get to the OS X installer with a working mouse (and keyboard)?
  3. Hey guys, My PS/2 mouse is not working. Here's what I did: • Downloaded the N{censored}12945 Mountain Lion 10.8 iso • Burnt it to a DVD • Booted it. Successfully. • But after the Apple logo, the pointer appears but my mouse doesn't work. The pointer doesn't move. I'm stuck. Can't proceed. What do I do?
  4. My Keyboard nor my mouse works during Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Installation. ? I decided to make the switch from Mavericks (N{censored} Distro) to Mountain Lion 10.8.5 also N{censored}. Though I was able to run Mavericks with not many problems (Sleeping and waking up will make my audio device not play anything and slight jitters which I think is the GPU). ? Well, the problem right now is every time I get to the Mountain Lion installation screen, the mouse and keyboard simply doesn't work. I have a PS/2 Keyboard (which I can switch to an Apple Keyboard) and a USB Mouse.? ? I know ?this is a pretty widespread issue but is there a work around??
  5. Keyboard and mouse don’t work during Mountain Lion installation. Need your knowledge Hello guys, Sorry for my bad English. I need your help to solve this problem: I can’t move my mouse and my keyboard don’t work on installation screen of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 This is my config : • Gigabyte P55-UD3L (AHCI and HPET64bits configured bios) • CPU I5-760 • ATI4830 or NVIDIA GTX450 (I can swich) • USB mouse • I have a USB keyboard and a PS2 keyboard (I can swich too)i I have a fully working (sound, Ethernet, video, keyboard and mouse) snow leopard OS on my 500GB western digital hard drive. I tried to install mountain Lion with U{censored}, with legacy USB option, but I’ve got the grey screen freezed. With –v I cannot see the last line before the Pc (hackintosh) reboot… So I tried with MyHack. And it worked with ATI4830 without any boot command I can go until this screen http://www.cachem.fr/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/installation-mountain-lion-os-x-10.8-pc.jpg I cannot move my Mouse and keyboard Before asking for your help I tried by myself to do this : • Putting the GTX450 but I have the Grey Freezed screen and as far i can the installation screen with the ATI card I think its not a PCI card problem. The GTX450 is brand new and fully working on windows8. • I tried with the PS2 keyboard-> nothing changes • I tried –x -> nothing changes • PCIRootUID=1 -> nothing changes • GraphicsEnabler=No -> nothing changes • Cpus=1 -> nothing changes • USBBusFIX -> I can’t move my keyboard or mouse • Turn Off Legacy USB in bios -> The USB KEY cannot boot, nothing happen • I putted two kext in Extra folder of MyHack USB key hopping that it wil lunch this as drivers but othing more: IOUSBFamily.kext (but as my USB key is recognized it was ok) and VoodooPS2Controller.kext but nothing changes… • I putted my P55-UD3L DSTD (renamed in DSTD.aml) in this folder and lunched it in the boot command DSTD=/Extra/DSTD.aml -> Grey Screen with the black centered spinning weel during hours… Do you think buying an APPLE keybord would do something ? If you have any solution even weird even difficult I will try. If ti works you will have my eternal gratitude and the feel that you helped a man somewhere on earth. Florian.
  6. Eu já procurei em tudo quanto é lugar e perguntei e muitos fóruns, eu tentei instalar OSX Lion, Mountain Lion e Mavericks no meu PC, todas conseguem ser instaladas, porém o cursor não se mexe mesmo quando o sistema reconhece, apenas o teclado funciona. Alguém tem alguma solução de como isso pode ser consertado?
  7. Version 10.9


    This is a fully working multitouch kext installer package for the ALPS trackpad on most laptops. A modified version of the VoodooPS2 trackpad kext by RehabMan, sontrg and bpedman. Features: 1) Upto Five finger multitouch support 2) Two finger scrolling 3) Full intergration with Trackpad settings in the settings pane P.S This is the package extracted from the truly awesome Vietnam tool
  8. Hi to all Finally, I installed ML on my PC, but I have any problems: 1.On PC boot, the screen is black and it blinks continously (until I do an hard-shutdown). If I start the pc with the drive that contains the installation files of the system, it loads the loader and then I pass the parameters and it finally loads correctly. Now, I can I install the loader on my hard disk and also pass-in automatically the parameters without rewrite them every time? 2.Internal keyboard and mouse don't work (since the installation). In fact, for the installation I used any USB ones. How can I solve it? I need the kext,but which ones? 3.My network doesn't work. I plugged in the ethernet cable it shows that it's connected, but with Safari it seems not to be connected. How can I also solve this problem? My specs: Core i5-2450M 2x 2.50 GHz (3.10 GHz Turbo), WLAN b/g/n, 3x USB 2.0, HDMI / VGA, NVIDIA GeForce GT 520MX 1.0 GB. Thanks to all
  9. eu consegui dar o boot pelo cd de boot do EmpireEFI, ele segue normalmante e da o boot mais o mause nao funciona alguem pode me ajudar porfavor ?
  10. Hi, I have a iogear usb bluetooth module connected to my Gigabyte DS3H/I5-2500K based system, and it generally works great, even allowing me to wake from sleep, with no drivers needed. However, I've done something twice so far, not sure what, that mucks up the connection to my trackpad and magic mouse in a weird way. It appears to be connected, but the cursor movement is very erratic and unpredictable. If I lift the mouse at all while moving it, the cursor jumps half way across the screen. The trackpad is also jumpy and iffy, disconnecting and reconnecting on its own and rapidly, and tapping stops working -- only real clicks. Finally, clicking on the bluetooth menu in the menu bar takes about 5 seconds to appear every time. No idea what causes this to happen, but last night it occurred when I started Parallels and the windows machine thought a bluetooth device had been connected and took it over. Even after I disabled bluetooth devices in the windows machine, and shut it down, the devices wouldn't work properly on the Mac side, and restarting did not help. The solution, both times that this happened, was to simply unplug the bluetooth dongle and plug it back into different USB port. Hope this helps someone who is experiencing strange bluetooth behavior!
  11. Hi, A strange thing happens to this Computer, HP Pavilion dv9500t GMAX3100. When I boot into Normal Boot, the USB Mouse doesn't work! but any USB like flashdisk and others works! And when I boot into Safe Mode -x chameleon, the USB Mouse will work perfect! and of course all other usb works. also tried many USB Mice doesn't work???!! and Trackpad works! What that means? a Mouse USB killer? How Can I make the Mouse work in Notmal boot? also tried many Kexts for that, no work? Lion 10.7.0 til 10.7.5 same thing. Thanks for comment
  12. Hi, i recently installed lion 10.7 with iATKOS, i notice that the keyboard and mouse takes 15-20 minutes to get recognized. what's weird is that the mouse pointer can move but when you click it doesn't respond, the keyboard doesn't respond at all, (They both work after 20 minutes.), what's funny is that these usb ports DO in fact work, i plug in my 32gb usb and it detects it right away. My system: i3 intel core 3.30 ghz 8GB of ddr3 ram 1333mhz Asus p8H61-M (this motherboard uses 2.0 ports) 550 geforce Ti nVidia card Any solutions? Hey guys i fixed it, apparently i think its the audio *KEXT* that was creating this issue, I believe i had the wrong kext for ALC 887 (Audio) on my board which caused the mouse and keyboard to not respond. What i did was deleted all every KEXT for audio in (go to folder) --> /System/Library/Extensions Then i installed the correct kext for ALC887 (voodoo File attached). After a reboot everything works fine! mouse and keyboard works right away. VoodooHDA.kext.zip
  13. Hello guys! I really, really need your help! I made a Hackintosh with iAtkos S3 v2 and Nawcom's ModCD. I've ran into a lot of problems but could fix them all, but there's one I couldn't, the USB! Symptoms: 1. My USB Audio Interface gives me a crackling sound (M-Audio Fast Track Pro, with official drivers for 10.6.8) 2. My mouse sometimes accelerates too much on the direction I'm moving, leading it to the edge of the screen. (Don't know if it's an issue of the Razer Abyssus 1800 on mac though, works fine on windows) 3. Storage devices and Interface wasn't recognizing so I adjusted in BIOS USB to "HiSpeed" and run with "USBLegacyOff=yes" in bootloader. It recognizes my interface and storage devices, but I get these errors. (1 and 2) If I don't use the flag I get an error in verbose "AppleUSBEHCI: Could not get chip to halt within 100ms.", something like that. With "FullSpeed" in BIOS I get the same results with HiSpeed and the flag. If someone help me I would thank A LOT! really, this is the only thing left to finish my hackintosh (and the sound also, but I don't mind since I'll be using my USB interface).
  14. Hello hackintoshers !!!! I want to buy the Magic Mouse for my Bluetooth-less hackintosh .... I have a USB Bluetooth and it's : Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd. can someone tell me if the mouse gonna work with all it's features ... or do I need a driver for Windows and Kext for my 10.6.3 and if my USB bluetooth isn't gonna work .... what famous and Cheap usb bluetooth should I buy ? I really appreciate any help
  15. Hello everybody, I am new to this Hackintosh stuff and the only problem I have so far is my Trackpad Does not work. I am on Snow Leopard 10.6.2 (I cant go any higher than that) and I am using ModBin's kernel and MB{censored}. My keyboard works fine, just not the mouse. In the meantime, I use my Microsoft Mobile Mouse 5000. Thanks for the help!
  16. Hello! I just installed for the first time in my life a mac osx. This version: Mac OSX Snow Leopard iAtkos S3 10.6.3 Ver.2 (Intel only). It all looks ok, the only problem I have, is that my mouse is not working. I have a simple ps/2 mouse. Also I have a ps/2 keyboard that works ok. When I installed the mac osx I checked "voodoo ps/2" under the drivers>main hardware>ps/2. Is this kext good for me ( PS/2 support - Downloads - Kexts.com )? And how can I install it? L.E. : problem solved with a usb mouse.
  17. Hi all, I have iAtkos s3 (10.6.3). After I made update to 10.6.5 my mouse stop react... All USB port working normally (keyboard, flash memory, phone). I try plug mouse on other ports, but i stiil the same problem. I use qoobz 10.3.0 kernel, Chameleon RC5, EVOReboot.kext, patched IOATAFamily.kext (for HDD). Before restart, I install old kext for USB, because a new cause "Kernel Panic". Please help (and sorry for my English, i live in Poland ) My hardware: AMD Athlon +3000 1,8 GHz 2x 512 Mb + 1GB RAM nVidia GeForce 8600GT (512Mb) nForce 630A MCP HDD and CD on ATA
  18. installed Hackintosh on Dell inspiron but after reboot, it is not detecting mouse and keyboard . I tried with USB mouse , it works . But for Keyboard , it dose not take the usb keyboard .
  19. I am using iPC 10.5.6, having problem with 2.4GHz wirless keyboard & mouse (USB). The System Prifiler recognize the receiver device as "2.4G Keyboard & Mouse", Device ID is Cypress Semiconductors. Nor response from the wireless keyboard and mouse. Need help to get the correct driver.
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