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Found 11 results

  1. Hey. I have a problem with my installation of OSX on my computer. I finally got my memory stick set up to the point where I can start installing, but my hard drive is not detected by the system. I have tried to add some .ktext but it didn't work (not sure if they were working 100% tho) Anyways, all that shows up when I'm supposed to choose where I want to install my OSX is the Flash Drive I'm booting from. I have also tried to add another flash drive in one of the other USB ports, but they didn't show up either. Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth x58 socket 1366 Processor: Intel i7 3.20 GHZ Ram: Corsair Dominator 1600 MHz Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6900-series Hard drive: Western Digital 250GB HDD
  2. 1,889 downloads

    This is myhack Tools usb installer maker for osx with chameleon boot loader. Make usb installer with this tool and enjoy.. osx.. Credits to : http://myhack.sojugarden.com http://www.osxlatitude.com and to Chameleon team,Developer`s and tester who make this happened.
  3. I gave up setting up a dual boot. I didn't even manage to install a VM following a guide. I did everything like I had to. Only difference is in the guide everything works. ? So I created a thread a few days ago: http://www.osx86.net/topic/21153-wich-method-of-setting-up-a-hackintosh-with-dual-boot-fits-to-my-hardware/#entry105478 ? I have one SSD with Win7 64Bit and one Hdd, I already backed up. Took one day to copy 700GB, its a pretty slow external Hdd, my usb stick is much quicker. ? Anyways, I want to have installed OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) on the Hdd. Also I want to use the Hdd as download directory for windows. Is this possible? My SSD has only 125GB. ? When I start my computer, I want to choose the os I want to start with. My skype nick is: stp1stp2. When everything works as excpected, you will get an expense allowance though paypal. ? //edit: I also have a webcam.
  4. First of all, sorry for spelling errors, my primary language is not English.? ? I'm trying to perform Hacintosh with Mac OS 10.9 by MyHack. I set up a Pen-drive into a VMWare virtual machine on a Mac OS X 10.9.1. Below are the specs of my computer: ? ? Motherboard: DX79SI Processor: Core i7 3960X - 3.30 ~ 3.90ghz (turbo boost) with 6 cores in HT (12 threads total) and 15MB L3 cache Memory: 16GB RAM (4x4Gb) DDR 3 1600mhz quad channel HD1: 96GB Kingston SSD HD2: Seagate 1TB Video Card: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6970 with 2GB memory Sound: Onboard; ALC842 ? I successfully boot from the USB drive and completes the installation, but only using the following command: ? -v -x NPCI=0x3000 cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No (works without -v too). Otherwise, there's no way that works. ? The installation took place perfectly, and then also could only enter the operating system using the same command. I performed the initial settings (language, user name, etc.) and could successfully enter the desktop Mac OS X. I believe that going through the boot and installation, would be the worst part, right? ? The point is that the following features are not working: ? - Graphic Acceleration; - Audio; - Wifi. ? And the most important is the graphics acceleration to the fluidity of the system. The resolution also came correct (1080p) and the system recognized my monitor (AOC 21.5 "). The detail is that this is a VGA monitor using a DVI> VGA adapter, and still recognized perfectly. I noticed that kexts for AMD are all the Extras folder (as AtiHD4, 5 and 6000). I do not know work with kexts, but I have a basic understanding of how it works. ? I believe there is a possibility of a problem with kexts. Only guess, if there is something else that can be (like DSDTs, something I read a little and I don't know too), I would like much of an support from you. In order to help, I'm sending a table of all combinations of all commands with the results that I have tried. ? ? Remembering that "Red LED in board" is the worst crash that can occur in this DX79SI. It lights a red LED on the side of the LCD display error code, and the system only restarts after holding the power button for 5 seconds, not even the reset button works in this state. ? Failures highlighted in yellow, except for self-reboots, the reset button works normally. ? The results that have marked with an Ok, Mac OS worked with the above restrictions. ? What can I do?
  5. Hi, I get black screen after i boot from USB (Install) ? I tried 2 different methods: myHackhttp://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280756-guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners-updated-for-mavericks/Allways the same. ? I tried differend flags: ? –v –x? –f? –npci=0x2000 (or –npci=0x3000) PCIRootUID=0 / 1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes / No ? Zero success.. ? My sistem:? Asus N75SFIntel® Core™ i7 2670QM8GB DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM17.3" 16:9 HD+ Full HD (1920x1080) LED BacklightNVIDIA® GeForce® GT 555M 2GB DDR3 VRAM(integrated Intel HD3000)2x 500GB 2.5" SATAQualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet ControllerQualcomm Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter?I also created the MacBook8,1 SMBios..?Whats wrong, how can I fix this ??Thanks!
  6. Série de vídeos mostrando a criação de Dual Boot com Windows e OS X, abordando configuração da BIOS, particionamento dos discos, instalação dos sistemas operacionais e configuração do bootloader. INSCREVA-SE no canal e acompanhe os vídeos! Também não deixe de dar o seu COMENT?RIO ou o seu GOSTEI. Assistam em 720p para uma melhor qualidade. ======================================== BÔNUS Hackintosh Mavericks - Criando o Instalador - Vídeo #1 Veja como criar o instalador do novo sistema operacional da Apple, o OS X Mavericks. Agora o sistema é fornecido de forma gratuita e pode ser baixado direto pela App Store. Será utilizado o app myHack para criar o pen-drive contendo o instalador.
  7. I'm trying to install 10.8.5 on my Asus g750jx with the latest bios installed. I tried both U{censored} and myhack with also every possible combination of boot flags. When I boot from the flash drive it loads up all the kexts and get to the part that says starting Darwin and then it crashes and my computer reboots. Note: I'm trying to install mountain lion, and already have my hard drive properly partitioned (GPT) to install it on and my sata settings are on AHCI. I've been at this for a few days with no luck and even tried using the GM version of mavericks with myhack and I got the same problem. Any ideas? Bios:? Brand: AMI Version: G750JX.208 ? Graphics:? Name: Nividia GeForce GTX 770M w/ 3072 MB of Memory ? Motherboard:? Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Model: G750JX Chipset: Intel Haswell Rev. 06 Southbridge: Intel ID8C4B Rev. 04? ? CPU:? Specification: Intel Core i7-4700HQ @2.40GHz
  8. Hello to everyone!!!! so i have been trying to mackintosh my ex pc for about a month now. As far as i know i have an intel i7 975 and an asus rampage ii extreme. I had try to hack using U{censored}. I had issues with the ethernet card which was not recognised at all. After many tests i tried to use myHack. And everything seems to work fine. I used an apple usb adapter to ethernet so it seems to recognise the ethernet port. I even manage to fix my sound via multi beast using universal audio and voodoo. So using myHack i manage to do everything right. The problem is: in the extra folder there is no smbios.plist using chameleon wizard tried to make one. The only reason i involved my self with chameleon and the making of the smbios.plist is because App Store and iCloud don't allow me to sign in. Although in Itunes when i plug my iphone and it asks for apple id it accepts it. So the conclusion is that i am desperate for instructions in order to have my iCloud app store fix using myHack and chameleon.... Please help meeeee
  9. My Specs are Dell 745 ATI 5450 1GB 2GB Ram when i boot pc with USB myhack ML installer, it shows something like that Visa ATI 16mb (ATOM...) press any key for options (4).. something like that... then a curser binks ( - / - \ - ) then system restarts. i tried to use PciRoot=1.. same result tried GraphicsEnabler=No... same result -v .. some kext shows...same result... place IOATAFamily in E/E... same result... remove ATI6000 from S/L/E... same result... please help me on this...
  10. I have Lion running successfully and I now want to upgrade it to Mountain Lion. When I mount the DVD and try to install, it says the Mac partition has to be on a GUID partition table. So, I created a bootable USB of it using MyHack. When I boot from the USB in verbose mode, it stops at "PCI Configuration begins" What do I do?
  11. Hallo mensen, Ik heb hier een G5 Powermac dualcore 1,8 GHz staan. En met nieuwe hardware, kan de kast nog prima als hackintosh-pc functioneren. Maar nou wil ik in kaart brengen, welk boor- en/of soldeerwerk er zoal bij komt kijken. Deze powermac is 8 jaar oud, en in die tijd is er natuurlijk een hoop veranderd. En dat zal ongetwijfeld ook gelden voor de klemmen, schroefgaten, enz, waarin de hardware wordt bevestigd. Met de huidige specificaties kunnen er 2 harde schijven van mxml. elk 500 GB in. Die wil ik vervangen voor 2 schijven van elk 2 TB voor foto's en muziek, waarbij ze middels Freenas aan elkaar worden gesynchroniseerd. Voor overige hardware die ik op het oog heb, zie het hardware-lijstje onderaan (1*). Hierbij vraag ik me af of ik op dezelfde schijven ook OSX, Linux en Windows kan instaleren in partitie's van ± 50 GB. Een paar vragen: 1) Klopt het dat OSX installeren middels een Efi-x dongle de meest probleemloze installatie is? Nou heb ik ook vernomen dat Efi-x op sterven na dood is. Wat is de meest makkelijke OSX-installatie vergelijkbaar met de Efi-x dongle? Myhack, NawcommodCD, MB{censored}, U{censored}, of nog iets anders? 2) Kunnen jullie me op dingen wijzen, waar ik op moet letten. Bepaalde hardware die bv kleiner is geworden, en die dus een andere ophanging heeft gekregen. En waar ik dus voor moet boren, solderen (en/of enz). Bij voorbaat dank voor de antwoorden. (1*) Voorkeurs-lijstje van overig hardware: Voeding: Corsair builder series CX 600 ? 89,90 Grafische kaart: Nvidea GTX 460 ( ? 120,- ) of GTX 9800GT ( ? 55,- ) Moederbord: Asus P8268-V Pro ? 129 Processor: Intel Core i5 2300 Boxed 2,8 GHz ?148,31 Audio: Speedlink Vigo USB Soundcard ?10,70 Netwerk: Netgear - GA311 Gigabit PCI ? 15,17 CPU cooler: CNPS 10X Performa ? 33,98 Geheugen: Corsair Vengeance CM2 8GX 3M2A1600C9 ?42,-
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