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Found 126 results

  1. Vote for your successful working GPU here ? ?. Make a post about : 1.Card name? 2.Working Method? 3. love/hate ? ? And ? As always 'well done you'?
  2. I have decided to install Mac OS X Mavericks yet again on another laptop. This time on an Compaq Presario F577CL. I used the N{censored} Mavericks Distro and install it that way. When it finished installing I had to reboot it because it was stuck on "Installation Finished." The log showed that it was a bug in that menu/screen/or something that was supposed to show up simply just didn't and never did. After getting it to boot and using the -v -f and using the USB flash drive I used, I got to the setup wizard and after setting it up I was ready to install kexts. The only card that the laptop has as far as I know, is an integrated Nvidia GeForce 6100. Someone on OSX86.net has for download an nv_enabler, but apparently someone stated that it was for Snow Leopard and it just doesn't work like it should on Lion and later. I tried installing Snow Leopard, to use this kext, but that didn't work. Link to the nv_enabler I was talking about: After searching more, I have found this which has like a list of ID's and one of them is the GeForce 6100. Don't know if it's the same as GeForce Go 6100, but I don't know how to use/install/or do anything with it. So far, it seems that you... Chose a kext for Nvidia cards and change the ID? Link: https://www.{censored}.com/threads/nvidia-device-ids-2011-developer-list.40875/ Help would be appreciated.
  3. CONFIG: Intel Pentium G3220 @ 3.00 Ghz ASUS H81M-CS - Rev. 1.0 - UEFI Bios 0402 (Lan - Realtek 8111GR | Audio - ALC 887) 4GB DDR 3 HDD 500GB SATA Asus NVIDIA GeForce EN210 1 GB DDR3 VGA Monitor pals attached is my config.plist the issue is, when the system boots, it takes over 2 min to boot.... following is the screen in -v mode... the timeout, issue takes around 2 min to boot the system... also when i shutdown the system,,, i get the following msg,,,,.. needed to rectify the issue, any help would be helpful..... NOTE: previously the system was working perfect without any of these issues, the gfx card was zotac gtx 710... but since i have changed it to 210, this issue has arised.
  4. Recently, I've set-up a PC built a while back to run macOS Sierra, 10.12.6, and have got it to boot from clover, with the NVIDIA Web Drivers (I use a 1060), and work on my AMD CPU (Athlon X4 860K). It boots correctly and functions normally, except I can't find a way to get the ethernet and audio working. They are both built into my motherboard (Gigabyte F2A68HM-H Link:https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-F2A68HM-H-rev-10#ov) and I've tried using MB{censored} to install all the Realtek ethernet drivers available through it, and have tried both the legacy and normal versions of the ALC887 driver from Realtek, along with some other random Voodoo drivers just to see if they would work. This is my first time setting up a Hackintosh and I'm pretty lost at this point. If anyone who knows about these problems could help me out, that'd be great.
  5. So my hackintosh rig that ran almost perfectly on Sierra, with an i3 2120, was upgraded with an i7 2600k. Since then, it has been extremely unstable. A lot of times it wont boot, it will either KP out, or just shut down. Clover tends to freeze when I select 'boot verbose' so I can see whats going on. When it does boot, sometimes it works fine, but then within a couple of days it will start freaking out...email wont open due to a network issue, it wont load pages saying the dns is incomplete or whatever message. It did this after I overclocked to 4.4GHz, so I figured it was not liking the OC. okay, so I set it back to stock and it ran ok for a little while, then started doing the same things. I have nullcpupowermanagement.kext installed in the clover kexts folder for 10.12, but it loads intel anyway, and throttling does work... SMC sensors. This morning I started to do some homework, and it started not connecting and lagging bad. So I rebooted it, and it wont boot. I pulled the power plug out and held the power button for 30 seconds, just in case. Still wont boot. Tried multiple times, and wont boot. It keeps shutting down when it gets to the last part before the graphics load. So I think I have it narrowed down to the graphics.... but what I don't get is why its doing this all of a sudden. specs Asus P8Z68V-LE motherboard Intel i7 2600k 3.5GHz (don't have it overclocked unless I'm gaming in Windows) 24GB DDR3 memory Mac OS Sierra 12.12.3 ( I believe, cant boot it to check, it could possibly be .4) on a Samsung 120GB SSD CLOVER bootloader Windows 10 Professional on a 120GB Kingston SSD Geforce GTX 570 1GB even overclocked, after running Prime 95 all night, the highest temperature it hit was 67c, so at stock speeds I know that it is not overheating or anything. Thinking it needs a reinstall of Sierra, as the OS was a reimage from a test hard drive I installed and configured it on. Thoughts?
  6. Hello! I recently successfully installed Mac OS Sierra on my Toshiba laptop (P755 10D). All works well except for the fact that my video card - Nvidia GT 540M is recognized with just 384 vram although it has 1GB. I used this kext that made the OS recognise my hard as GT540M and not HD 3000 see the image -> https://ibb.co/djYMaF . Does anyone know how I can increase the video ram?
  7. I'm using a gigabyte GA-Z170M-D3 with an Intel i7 6700K with GeForce GTX 950 graphics board under Sierra. After the usual struggling, the initial build worked fine with one Dell monitor in the graphics board dvi and the other in the hdmi. After the latest NVIDIA driver update, I was no longer able to get a video output from the graphics card. The only video output (including the bios splash screen) was from the internal graphics VGA. EmuVariableUefi-64 is set and the initial video of the bios is set to look at the PCIe slot. I reset the CMOS and tried to reinstall the MoBo bios to F7. Any suggestions? ron
  8. lost_loven

    out of the box

    I am running el captain .. latest .. what is a good card that will work out of the box? I was looking at MSI GeForce N730. would that work? its around in my budget of 150 cdn. thanks in advance.
  9. Unfortunately it looks like I'll be buying another GPU Have any suggestions? I need it to be OS X compatible obviously, so probably an Nvidia card is the best choice. A little about what I use the card for, I will be doing professional 4k video and picture editing across Windows and OS X platforms. 4k @ 60Hz is a necessity. I'll occasionally game here and there but not more than I'll be editing. I've already lost so much time trouble shooting. Need to buy a worthwhile card ASAP. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello all, Here are my system specs: Mobo: ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 CPU: Intel 4790K GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 reference model, on water RAM: 16GB 1600 MHz 512 GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD (OS X) 256 GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD (Win7 64bit) Monitor: LG 31MU97 I am having problems with my GPU(or at least I think the GPU is the problem). I am using DisplayPort to connect to my LG monitor. It is very important that I use the DisplayPort connection. I need the 4k resolution at 60 Hz at pretty much all times for the work I will be doing. Therefore HDMI wont cut it. The problem I am having, however, I believe lies with the DisplayPort. Just as an example, whenever I boot to BIOS I get a horribly distorted image(see image below). Whereas if I use HDMI, there is no distortion. As you can see from the specs above, my system is a Hackintosh, but up until now I haven't really used the OS X drive much. So much of my explanation pertains to my experience while in Windows 7, although when testing out OS X I had many of the same problems. It was not very easy setting up my GPU when I first got it. After I installed the drivers and essentials for operation, and plugged into the monitor via DisplayPort, the image on the screen was distorted and stuck on a nasty resolution of 640x480. I was able to quickly fix this by creating a custom resolution at 4096x2160 in the Nvidia Control Panel. However, the Nvidia Control Panel actually still recommends the 640x480 resolution for my 4k monitor for some reason, but only when I am plugged in via DisplayPort. When plugged in via HDMI it picks up 4k resolutions with no problem(but only at up to 24 Hz). I am not sure if there is something I can do to make the card automatically identify the LG monitor as a 4k monitor and not have to rely on software. At present I am not sure if there is anything actually wrong with the card, or if it may even be the monitor. I have no other DisplayPort monitors to test it on at the moment. So I need help figuring out a solution to this. Ive re-flashed the BIOS for the GPU with no result, but other than that I'm not really sure what I should do. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Distorted BIOS - DisplayPort->GTX 980 Not Distorted BIOS - HDMI->GTX 980 Nvidia Control Panel with HDMI Connection Nvidia Control Panel with DisplayPort Connection
  11. Hey Everybody... this is my first post here, and I just setup my first hackintosh. So, I installed Yosemite 10.10 from N{censored} (Yeah... I know.. avoid distros). And everything seems to be fine except for the Nvidia card which I can not activate. The OS loads with some sort of generic low res standard driver, and I am able to log in and see the desktop in one of my screens but it is really sluggish, you guys know what I am talking about... The first question is : How can I try different kexts, drivers, etc with the possibility of getting back the old settings. Everytime I change a thing in the nvidia/video settings or kexts the next time I reboot I can no longer see the desktop, because my screens goes off (or even worse the os won't boot). I mean both screens turns off as a result of the lack of video signal. So I need to recover the default OS video driver without having to reinstall all over again... The second question is : HOW IN THE WORLD can I make the Nvidia 9400GT (deviceId 0x065b) work ? I tried everything I found in this (and other) forums to no avail. Kexts, Nvidia drivers, etc. Always the same... screens go off. Anyone can help me with a clear step by step guide ? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, To start, I wiped my Yosemite install, started completely fresh by wiping my whole SSD and reinstalling Mac OS X as El Capitan and installed my bootloader as one of the newer versions of Clover. I have my current plist attached. I'm having these 2 weird, recurring issues installing Clover build 3763 and El Capitan. I want to note for both of these issues that "nvda_drv=1" is always in my boot flags even if I take it out. I have checked in my plist that it is not set as a boot argument. The first issue that I keep having through multiple attempts is that when I have my Nvidia 740SC physically installed in my computer, I keep getting the "could not allocate runtime area" error. I tried booting by injecting Nvidia, installing the web drivers (even though I shouldn't need them, cause the card is natively supported), no injection at all, etc. Not matter what I've tried basically it will not boot up. I've had this issue ever since my SSD crashed and died (which is why I'm having to reinstall now). I'm thinking at this point that possibly my card got fried too. I can only boot with it physically installed if I do nv_disable=1. However, in my Windows 10 partition, I can detect the card just fine...and it seems there are no issues (No I do not have the Windows drivers installed for the card.) I don't know how to get my computer working with my card installed at all. I've tried everything I could find. The second issue, is that "Inject EDID" is checked off by default in my options, and I cannot boot like that. In order to boot I have to manually uncheck it and stick with "Inject Intel". Then I can boot fine and there are no issues. If I leave it checked, I also get the "could not allocate runtime area" message. Not sure at this point why this error keeps appearing. Thank you to any and all who help me with this mystery that I cannot solve alone. THANK YOU, Ciel config.plist
  13. new cuda release CUDA 8.0.63 old versions CUDA 8.0.57 CUDA 8.0.53 CUDA 8.0.51 CUDA 8.0.46 CUDA 7.5.30 CUDA 7.5.25 CUDA 7.5.22 CUDA 7.5.21 CUDA 7.5.20 CUDA 7.0.64 CUDA 7.0.61 CUDA 7.0.52 (does not support the older generation GPUs with SM1.x) CUDA 7.0.36 (does not support the older generation GPUs with SM1.x) CUDA 7.0.29 (supports GeForce GTX980 and GTX970)
  14. recently i had installed el capitan and i finally got the on board audio to work after playing around with a few voodoo/apple hd kexts but when i did that i lost the hdmi audio from the nvidia video card. i also lost the controls for the m audio m-track 2 where it says the selected device has no output controls and same is for input the selected device has no input controls. before i got the on board audio working i had controls for the m audio and i had the hdmi audio working on the nvidia geforce gt 610. i don't know what i am to do right now maybe someone can help
  15. Hi, To enable NVIDIA Web drivers in a Sierra Clover configuration, just add following lines to Clover config.plist <key>SystemParameters</key> <dict> <key>InjectKexts</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>InjectSystemID</key> <true/> </dict>
  16. NVIDIA Web Driver Updater © InsanelyMac application for downloading Retail & Beta!!! Nvidia Web Driver versions Enjoy! With special thanks to: Micky1979 Please, download the app from our "Download Section" See more captures: App is ready to start the download.. ..oops you already have the latest version installed.. ..downloading ... the download is finished (copy on desktop or run the package ) ..no matter, the modded package is into your desktop:
  17. Version 1.5


    NVIDIA Web Driver Updater Application that search for the latest NVIDIA Web Drivers online and download the standard package from NVIDIA. What is special with this? Well, the downloaded package is modified on the fly to remove the hardware restriction, so you can immediately install the new drivers on your hackintosh! El Capitan Beta's and DPs are still supported! NEW! now NVIDIA® WebDriver Updater.app can patch NVDAStartupWeb.kext or install NVEnabler.kext, customizable as you wish! (since v1.1) Note: The InsanelyMac logo on the app is clickable and will connect you to the support topic here // NVIDIA? WebDriver Updater // // Created by Micky1979 and fantomas1 on 09/10/2015. // Copyright © 2015 InsanelyMac. All rights reserved. //
  18. Nvidia Web Divers For MacOsx If you have issue with it feel free to post here. What is Nvidia Web driver? Well web driver contains driver/kext for Nvidia cards.It Retail driver/Kext made by Nvidia.Mostly bug fixes or patches that Nvidia cards have from Vanilla kext that comes with OSX. Installation: It is better to use Mac Pro 3,1-4,1 or 5,1 smbios to install web driver.But other works to. 1. Just Download Web driver.pkg(below) and install. Reboot and Move 3. 2. If you are having issue with installing.Then do this. Download Pacifist Open Web driver.pkg in Pacifist.You can manually extract and install kexts or install using Pacifist.Then move to 3. 3. To enable Web driver use boot flag.( For newest web driver auto add below flags to 'nvram') nvda_drv=1 You can also add this flag to Clover 'config.plist' and Chameleon ' org.chameleon.boot.plist ' if you want to use 'nvram' .Open up a 'Terminal' window and run the following command. sudo nvram boot-args="nvda_drv=1" To disable web driver : nvda_drv= or nv_disable=1 Downloads: Mountain lion: 10.8.4 10.8.5 Mavericks: 10.9.1 10.9.2 10.9.3 10.9.4 10.9.5 Yosemite: 10.10 10.10.1 10.10.2 10.10.2 V2 10.10.2 Latest 10.10.3 10.10.3 (346.01.02f01) 10.10.3 v2 (346.01.02f02) 10.10.3 v3 (346.01.02f03) 10.10.3 v4 (346.01.02f04) latest 10.10.4 (346.01.03b01) 10.10.4 v2 (346.01.03f01) 10.10.4 v3 (346.02.02f02) latest! 10.10.4 v4 (346..02.02f03) new 10.10.5 (346.02.03b01) 10.10.5 v1 (356.02.01f01) new El Capitan: 10.11.0 (346.03.02f01) 10.11.0 (346.03.02f2) new 10.11.1 (346.03.03f02) latest!! 10.11.2 (346.03.04b01) 10.11.2 (346.03.04f01) New!! 10.11.3 (346.03.05f01) New!! 10.11.4 (346.03.06f01) 10.11.4 (346.03.06b01)new!! 10.11.5 (346.03.10b01) 10.11.5 v1 (346.03.10f01) 10.11.5 v2 (346.03.10f02) new!! 10.11.6 (346.03.15b01) Beta Fantomas Post here Credits to netkas and others
  19. Hello, ? ?Can anyone help and see if this is compatible? Its an AMD build. (I know OS x is not meant to run on AMD and it will be hard but im willing to try) ? Parts List: GA-970A-UD3P (rev.2) AMD-FX 6300 (Black Edition) 1x8Gb HyperX Fury RAM EVGA 750 Ti w/ ACX Cooling (Same thing as regular 750 Ti, but just has a better cooler) Sandisk SSD (Windows 8.1[boot drive]) WD 1TB HDD (Extra Storage) ? Can someone help? Do you have the same build and succeded with a OS x boot up? What do i need to do? I'm good with computers, but new to hackintosh and just need some help. ? Thank you, In advanced!!
  20. Version 346.03.03f01


    New in Release 346.03.03f01: Graphics driver updated for Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 (15B42) Contains performance improvements and bug fixes for a wide range of applications. Includes NVIDIA Driver Manager preference pane. Includes BETA support for iMac and MacBook Pro systems with NVIDIA graphics Release Notes Archive: This driver update is for Mac Pro 5,1 (2010), Mac Pro 4,1 (2009) and Mac Pro 3,1 (2008) users. BETA support is for iMac 14,2 / 14,3 (2013), iMac 13,1 / 13,2 (2012) and MacBook Pro 11,3 (2013), MacBook Pro 10,1 (2012), and MacBook Pro 9,1 (2012) users.
  21. Version 346.03.02f02


    New in Release 346.03.02f02: Graphics driver updated for Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 (15A284) Contains performance improvements and bug fixes for a wide range of applications. Includes NVIDIA Driver Manager preference pane. Includes BETA support for iMac and MacBook Pro systems with NVIDIA graphics Release Notes Archive: This driver update is for Mac Pro 5,1 (2010), Mac Pro 4,1 (2009) and Mac Pro 3,1 (2008) users. BETA support is for iMac 14,2 / 14,3 (2013), iMac 13,1 / 13,2 (2012) and MacBook Pro 11,3 (2013), MacBook Pro 10,1 (2012), and MacBook Pro 9,1 (2012) users.
  22. Arobasefr


    Version 7.0.36


    CUDA 7.0 support Supported MAC OS X - 10.10.x - 10.9.x Note: Quadro FX for Mac or GeForce for Mac must be installed prior to CUDA 7.0.36 installation Double-click on CUDADriver-7.0.36-macos.dmg Click Continue on the CUDA 6.5 Installer Welcome screen Click Continue after you read the License Agreement and then click Agree Click Install on the Standard Install Screen. You will be required to enter an Administrator password Once you see the Successful Installation screen, your install is complete. No restart is required Note: this driver does not support the older generation GPUs with SM1.x. Please download CUDA driver 6.5.45 which supports SM1.x.
  23. Hello i recently installed Yosmite Zone on my PC and i got some problems with graphic i tried looking for some kext to fix it but im beginner in hackintosh my specs AMD Athlon II x4 ?Asus GTS450 8 GB Ram 40 GB HFS HDD ?when i tried screenshot error pop up?
  24. I was wondering if it was possible to get hackintosh on my AMD PC. I currently have Windows 7 on a 2TB hard drive but I was hoping to install another 160gb hard drive and put Yosemite on that. My system specs are: ? AMD Athlon X4 760K Quad Core Processor 3.80 GHz8.00 GB ramNVidia GeForce GTX 650 2gbWindows 7 Ultimate 64-bitTP-Link TL-WN725N 150Mbps Wireless-N Nano USB Adapter2TB seagate hard driveMSI A78M-E35 Mini-ATX MotherboardDual monitors, one with VGA and one with HDMI (both connected to GTX 650)Yosemite just got released today and is free and I can easily get hold of a copy. I have a Mac Mini with Mac OS X Leopard but would prefer not to use it. If I get Yosemite up and running, how would I get drivers for my Wi-Fi dongle and would my graphics card work as this processor does not have integrated graphics. Also, if I had two operating systems on two hard drives, would I have to do the dual booting thing or would I just have to go into the BIOS and change the boot priority. ? Thanks
  25. Version 1.0


    copy to extra and install kext to extension
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