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Found 1 result

  1. ? hi there, I hope I have posted this in the correct place.? ? I am having a great deal of trouble with my hackintosh that I have recently built. I have got the apple side of things installed on a separate hard drive to my windows, and that all works fine, give or take a few minor errors. the trouble that i am having now is that my windows 8 side that is on a different internal hard drive is just giving me errors after errors. ? here are some of the symptoms: - unable to load itunes, the icon on the task bar appears if it loading up and then stops and goes back to how it looked if i hadn't clicked it. - norton 360, once clicked it instantly says 'Norton 360 has stopped working'. - unable to load most of my apps, music, video, etc. the loading page appears with the symbol for about 5-10 seconds and then goes back to my start screen. - unable to open pc settings. i wanted to carry out system restores, however like my app, it displays the cog symbol, then after 5-10 seconds goes back to the start screen. - unable to run trouble shooter, displays an error message saying it ran into a problem, therefore i have to close. ? these are just some of the symptoms i have when i am able to access windows. ? getting onto this screen is very difficult. when i start my computer, i have to access the boot options, and then select the option called Windows Boot Manager. for some reason this has been partitioned on my mac os HDD (mavericks), however when it loads it launched my windows side, and obviously runs my windows drive. if i am successful, i can type my password in and i am greeted with my start screen. alternatlively i sometime encounter a message saying: ? The User Profile Service failed the sign-in. ? The remote procedure call failed and did not execute. ? i then select OK, and the login screen appears a second time. this time if i type my password in and enter, i am usually greeted with what seems like the installation process for windows. it says stuff like 'Hi' and 'Getting Your Apps Ready'. i have followed this through to no avail, and it simply reboots my machine. ? to get around this i have managed to install my Windows 8 installation DVD, selected the advanced options and entered command prompt. from here i have typed in bootrec/fixmbr. at this point i reboot my machine, boot from the Windows Boot Manager partition and that usually allows me to access my desktop. ? If i was to boot from the HDD that windows is installed on, i get an error message saying; 'No operating system was found' and then it says to press ctrl, alt and delete to restart my computer. ? when i boot from the windows 8 DVD, i also have the ability to refresh my pc or even restore my pc. i have attempted to run both of these to no success. i get errors messages saying the drive you have selected is locked. please unlock it, etc. ? now i am completely stuck??? my mac side is fine, and i can access that by inserting my Uni****t?USB and selecting mavericks from the list. however i need my windows side working. ? If anyone knows how to resolve trhis without losing my data i will be truly thankful if not, i will have to simply reformat the drive and re-install windows i guess? im not sure how to do this though?? ? many thanks in advance, and please can someone help me with these issues!
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