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Found 9 results

  1. 816 downloads

    Recovery HD partition creator will create Recovery partition to enable all iCloud features Before using Creator script make sure that you have Lion,Mountain Lion or Mavericks installer in Applications Folder
  2. Hey guys, Im running windows 7 and would like to partition the hard drive and install mavericks like I used to have it before I screwed it all up. (I completely forget how I installed it the first time) ? I found instructions on how to create a bootable usb but the problem is that it says I need to have OSX MAVERICKS INTALLER.APP (because I need the installer esd.dmg file) which you can only get from the mac store. ? I only have a mavericks.dmg file and was wondering could I use that instead, and how would I go about doing that? thanks
  3. Kinda weird but I'm a running mavericks and windows 7 dual boot system. In windows, I updated my nvidia gtx 560 gpu driver, and wanted to use 2 of those in sli, but since my motherboard doesn't support sli, I downloaded a hack program (which worked perfectly before) and installed it.? Installation was perfect, windows asked me to reboot, upon reboot, the windows option was gone and I could only boot into osx.? When I check disk utility, the partition which was once called windows, is now named disk1s3, is unmounted, ms-dos(FAT) and greyed out. I am not able to mount or explore the partition. Is there any way to restore it back to windows? I have no idea why it would have unmounted like that. Thanks for the help in advance. ? update tried to verify disk partition in disk utility and got this message ? Invalid BS_impBoot in boot block: 333334
  4. My osx 10.9 partition isn`t bootable.. i mean the only way to start my hackitosh is to insert the install usb.. there aren`t any other ways of booting it can anyone help me out? ?
  5. Hi all, ? I have a Thinkpad X220 with OSX mountan lion working install on separate partition with Chameleon bootloader. I can't use WiFi because my Intel 6205 wifi card is not supported. ? Since I don't have much harddrive space I'd like to run OS X in a virtual machine from windows from the existing physical partition. ? vmware workstation allows this very easily but now I get this (see image below) : "Can't find" (just that) ? ? I've tried several -rd:diskXsY combinations but it doesn't help. ? So ... Can any of you help me any further? ? Thanks so much! ? Cheers! ? Remko ? ? p.s. If anyone had advise on which wifi card to buy as a replacement: please (I had a crappy chinese ordered through ebay Dell thing that fell apart when I installed it).
  6. So my iATKOS L2 install went pretty smoothly. Slow, from a DVD-RW but in the end it all worked ok. Had to use Disk Utility to format a 100GB partition in the middle of my 1TB Caviar Green disk from NTFS to Journaled. This somehow owned my other 750GB DATA partition which was 96% full... (I didn't realise yet) Booted up, got the dreaded (but apparently fixable Boot0 error) Inserted my burned disc, pressed F8, tried to boot Mac OS that way... got to the Apple logo. Watched the circle spin, got past that. Screen goes black... screen comes back on, a different grey screen this time. Yay! Looks like a concrete wall of some sort.. and that's where I am left even after 40 minutes. Hard drive doesn't really seem to be ticking over. Rebooted with the DVD in. Selected Windows7 to boot. Win7 boots no problem. Upon boot up my computer screams at me with 'Mounted partition DATA D: not detected' so I sh!t myself and check 'My computer' and yup, I've lost my 750GB data and backup partition... even though I formatted a smaller 100GB that was just before it.. So I lost 2 partitions from formatting 1. Right clicked 'My computer' -> Manage -> Disk Management I have a 14GB Recovery Partition, 90GB Win7 partition. An unmounted (Mac OS) partition and 750GB of 'Unallocated Space' *silence* Has anyone else had this happen? I've just lost a lot of stuff... years worth. Yeah yeah I know what they say. "You should do backups etc" but that is what partitions are for! Man every time I get involved with Apple I get burned hard... lost my first WD7500BPKT to iATKOS last year... drive died, ended up booting up in absolute gibberish.. RMA'd it for a new one and complained that "It just failed on me!!" Apple is weird man... seriously it just owns you in so many ways. It's like.. I press a button on my PC and something else happens. Instead of the power button shutting my PC down, it just turns the screen off and kills the VGA signal but my drives are still spinning up... *sigh* Running Stellar Phoenix now to see if I can't recover my lost 750GB partition... or at least the videos from it. I don't care about the 550GB of downloaded files, Backtrack Distros and other *cough* legally downloaded software. but man.. I want the 150GB of videos I have... my wedding and etc. Oh man *runs fingers through hair* my wife is going to kill me... So again, has anyone else had this happen? Does iATKOS (or MAC) for that instance just happen to collaterally own anything in the partition next to it? FFS it's times like this that I really, really wish my DOA Maxtor 160GB 7200 drive worked... but it's on some trash pile somewhere now.. Sorry if this thread is tl;dr. I'm mortified.. thought I might as well warn others.. and see if this is happened to anyone else.. Might as well chew some bubblegum now to relieve the stress...
  7. How to format hard disk in mac OS file system? i'm has install mac os, but she (mac os) not see my disks, which are partitioned in the system NtFs. sorry for my bad english
  8. I don't know if someone already asked this question but i have no idea where to start with installing OSX on my Pc... I mean, what software do i need, where to get it etc. And by the way, i was hoping to install OSX without removing Windows (so installing it on another hard disk partition). Is that possible??? I did the same with Ubuntu (Linux) and i could choose if i wanted to run Windows or Linux (with GRUB) but is this possible with OSX to??? I'm completely new with OSX but have some experience with installing and using diffirent versions of Ubuntu and OpenSuse (both Linux) A link would or some answers would be nice. My computers specs. are below. (excuse any bad English, i'm Dutch) My Pc is an HP G62 With an Intel i3 processor (2.1 GHz). 4GB of RAM. And currently running Windows 7 (64 bits)
  9. Can somebody help me out to get Snow Leopard(HFS+) and Windows 7(NTFS) on one harddrive? I think i have to make 2 partitions? But is it possible to make from one harddisk 1 partition with HFS+ and the second partition with NTFS?
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