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Found 6 results

  1. Version 4.00


    Hi people, This is a preliminary Mac OS driver installer for laptop HP Pavilion G6-2209SS with support for dual boot Bootloader. Maybe it can be installed on other HP Pavillion G6 series laptops, but in some cases additional fixes will have to be made. I want to thank the whole community for their efforts and content provided, because without these it would not be possible to create this installer. I would appreciate comments and suggestions!! Status: CPU : OK Intel Core i3-2370M AUDIO : OK IDT 92HD87B2/4 (111d:76d9) Layer 3 & 12 (Speakers+Hearphones+LineIn+MicInt w/NoiseFilter+MicExt+HDMI) VIDEO : OK Intel HD Graphics 3000 (8086:0116) (LVDS + HDMI A/V + VGA) MEMORY : OK Intel 2nd Generation Core Proccesor DRAM Controller (8086:0104) (Dual Channel DDR3 Up To 16GB) SATA : OK Intel 7 Series Chipset Family SATA Controller (8086:1e03) (ACHI Mode) DVD : OK (Read & Write) USB 2.0 : OK Intel 7/C216 Chipset Family USB Enhaced Host Controller (8086:1e26 & 8086:1e2d) USB 3.0 : OK Intel 7/C216 Chipset Family USB xHCI Host Controller (08086:1e31) **** WEBCAM : OK HP TrueVision HD (SuYin) (064e:e263) [USB 2.0] KEYBOARD : OK PS/2 TRACKPAD : OK PS/2 Synaptics LAN : OK Realtek RTL8501E Fast/Gigabyte Ethernet Controller PCI Express (10ec:103c) * AIRPORT : KO MediaTek RT3290 PCI Express (1814:3290) (Not Supported) BLUETOOTH : KO MediaTek RT3290 PCI Express (1814:3298) (Not Supported) CREADER : OK Realtek RTS5229 PCI Express (10ec:5229) (10.12.5+) *** ACPI BAT : OK (Chameleon & Clover) ACPI PWR : OK (Chameleon & Clover) ACPI RST : OK (Chameleon & Clover) ACPI SLP : OK (Chameleon & Clover) ** ACPI WAK : OK (Chameleon & Clover) ** HIBERNATE : OK (Only Clover Bootloader w/Hibernatemode: 7, 21 & 29) IMESSAGE : OK (Chameleon & Clover) FACETIME : OK (Chameleon & Clover) ICLOUD : OK (Chameleon & Clover) APPSTORE : OK (Chameleon & Clover) ITUNES : OK (A/V DRM Content & Sync iPod/iPhone) SIRI : OK CMOS : OK RTC : OK LPC : OK Intel HM76 Express LPC Controller (8086:1e44) SMBUS : OK Intel 7/C216 Chipset Family SMBus Controller (8086:1e22) IMEI : OK Intel 7/C216 Chipset Family MEI Controller (8086:131a) Known Issues: - AppleRTL8169Ethernet: phyWaitForAutoNegotiation TIMEOUT. * - AppleRTL8169Ethernet: only work to 10Mbits. * - You can't wake up the system when the laptop uses the battery and the system disk is a USB hard drive. ** - You can't wake up the system from PS/2 Keyboard/Trackpad. ** - The Wifi MediaTek RT3290 (1814:3290) device are not supported. - The Bluetooth MediaTek RT3290 (1814:3298) device are not supported. - The PCIe CardReader Realtek RTS5229 (10ec:5229) device are not supported. *** (10.12.5-) - Stop working when sleep with inserted card. *** (10.12.5+) - Show as internal when connect USB 3.0 hard disk device en in USB 2.0 port. **** (10.12+) Coming soon: - Support Mac OS High Sierra - Create unified installer for all Mac OS versions - Remove all patched kexts of installer - Manual: How To Install Wifi Card Blacklisted In HP UEFI BIOS - Manual: How To Install OSX Without Destroying Windows 8.x Partition
  2. Version 1.0.0


    HP Pavilion x360 (i5 Skylake 6200u Intel 520 Graphics) model: HP 15-bk020wm base patched DSDT - Works with 10.11 El Capitan and 10.12 Sierra - not tested with earlier versions - laptop battery display working
  3. Version 1.00


    This is my preliminary DSDT auto patch for Laptop HP Pavilion G6-2209SS. You need Maciasl to apply fixes (recommended Rehabman version). Known Issues: 10.7.5 (Security Update 2014-004), 10.8.5 (Security Update 2015-005), 10.9.5 (Security Update 2015-005) & 10.10.4 - AppleRTL8169Ethernet: phyWaitForAutoNegotiation TIMEOUT - AppleRTL8169Ethernet: only work to 10Mbits - You can't wake up the system when the laptop uses the battery and the system disk is a USB hard drive - You can't wake up the system from PS/2 Keyboard/Trackpad - Built-in Wifi MediaTek RT3290 (1814:3290) device are not supported. - Built-in Bluetooth MediaTek RT3290 (1814:3298) device are not supported. - Built-in PCIe CardReader Realtek RTS5229 (10ec:5229) device are not supported. Change Log: v1.00 - Added: Fix SHUTDOWN - Added: Fix _WDG - Added: Fix MUTEX - Added: Fix RESOURCE_TAG - Added: Fix _T_x rename - Added: Fix _WAK - Added: Fix PNOT/PPNT/PNTF - Added: Fix TNOT - Added: Fix DTGP - Added: Fix IRQ - Added: Fix RTC - Added: Fix EC0 (Enable Battery Status) - Added: Fix PS2K - Added: Fix IGPU (Enable DRM Video Content iTunes) - Added: Fix GFX0 (Enable LVDS + HDMI Video/Audio + VGA) - Added: Fix RMKB (Enable ACPI Fn Keys Brightness) - Added: Fix HDEF (Enable Speakers + Hearphones + LineIn + MicInternal + MicExternal + HDMI) - Added: Fix PNLF - Added: Fix ECHI - Added: Fix ARPT (Enable Airport Injection in PCI Cards of System Information) - Added: Fix PXSX (Enable LAN Injection in PCI Cards of System Information) - Added: Fix WLBT - Added: Fix CRDx (Enable Card Reader Injection in PCI Cards of System Information) - Added: Fix MCHC - Added: Fix IMEI - Added: Fix SMBUS - Added: Fix HPET - Added: Fix AppleACPIACAdapter - Added: Fix OSYS (Simulate Windows 8) I would appreciate comments and suggestions!!
  4. Hello everyone. I have tried the last 2 days make work my wireless in my hackintosh (Mountain Lion) but i am not sure if is possible because i tried everything that i can do. My laptop is:?http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&docname=c03102380 I don't really know if this is compatible or not. If not please can you let me know to stop find solutions, and suggest me a wifi usb to buy that sure it´s gonna work in Mountain Lion? One thing more. If anyone can solve my problem i can pay a reasonable donation. Thank you very much. ?
  5. Hello every one, I'm very new in all of this, in fact I have never even use a mac. But now I need to install OS X (not sure which version) on my HP pavilion p6390 desktop (buying a mac would be much better but since that's out of my reach I'm exploring the hackingtosh way). So the first thing I would like to know is if that installing any version on my pc is even possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
  6. Hello everyone, I tried to install iatkos L2 chosing default settings and also enabler for graphics and voodoo ps2 and I ended up with; * Display works but @ low resolution * No sound * No wireless (Though it worked during setup) * Touchad moving cursor but no tap /click (Though it worked during setup) * Keyboard not working (Though it worked during setup) Could someone instruct me if there would be any possibility to have a full working hackintosh on this hardware? Thank you very much in advance for your time. Here's my hardware summary; --------[ Summary ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motherboard: CPU Type Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i7-720QM, 2233 MHz (17 x 131) Motherboard Name Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dv3 Notebook PC Motherboard Chipset Intel Ibex Peak-M HM55, Intel Clarksfield Display: Video Adapter ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series (512 MB) Multimedia: Audio Adapter IDT 92HD81B1X @ Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [b-2] Storage: IDE Controller Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller Storage Controller Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Disk Drive FreeBSD iSCSI DISK SCSI Disk Device (120 GB) Disk Drive ST9500420AS ATA Device (500 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA-II) Optical Drive hp CDDVDW TS-L633N ATA Device SMART Hard Disks Status OK Partitions: C: (NTFS) 117.1 GB (89.5 GB free) F: (NTFS) 120.0 GB (94.7 GB free) M: (NTFS) 348.6 GB (333.6 GB free) Total Size 585.7 GB (517.8 GB free) Input: Keyboard Standard PS/2 Keyboard Mouse Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad Network: Network Adapter Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter
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