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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have recently installed MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 on my PC. I got everything working, including imessages, but yesterday when I installed windows 10 on a separate hard drive, I noticed the clover bootloader resolution changed to 1024x768 and theme switched to christmas. I opened clover configurator and loaded config.plist and all the fields were blank! I changed resolution and theme in Gui tab and it worked, but all the SMBIOS fields are still empty... Did I do anything wrong? How to fix this? Any help will be apreciated! P.S.: Even with all fields blank, iMessage still works... Clover configurator screenshot: http://prntscr.com/dyk6luConfig:Mobo: ASUS Maximus VI HeroCPU: Intel i5-4670kRAM: 2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600SSD: Samsung EVO840 250GBHDD: Seagate 2TBCooler: Corsair H100iPSU: Corsair CX750MGPU: ASUS GTX 760
  2. Version 2.0


    show and edit plist inside kext files
  3. Há um tempo venho notado que alguns users tem uma certa dificuldade para editar corretamente um arquivo?.plist. Um exemplo, é aqueles que são usuarios do Clover, a ferramenta Clover Configurator é bem intuitiva, mas o seu uso pode complicar o usuario novato, pois ele adiciona varias entradas sem necessidade. ? Venho trazer este app gratuito?Property List Editor.?PListEditor.zip ? Esse app é totalmente dependente do Xcode (requer o xcode instalado), a um tempo atraz ele era compativel somente com a versão mais antiga do Xcode, mas agora funciona muito bem com a nova versão?5.0.2. ? Baixe este arquivo, e copie todos os arquivos?.framework?para?/Library/Frameworks/. ? Dai coloque o app?Property List Editor?na pasta?Aplicativos?ou onde preferir.
  4. Hello! First of all, many many thanks for all the help from you all! I use US International PC keyboard (ISO) and the Mac always detects it automatically as ANSI, inverting the position of two keys I use a lot. Of course I can create a new keyboard layout with Ukelele, I have it already, but in the search for the most "pure" vanilla osX we can get, I wonder if we can force the type detection in ML. In Lion someone had finally given us a solution (Thanks again!!!). That is, we had to delete 2 lines from the plist in Setup Assistant.app and it resulted in having to undergo a test during setup to determine the keyboard type we had. This generated a plist, and subsequently, the "Change Keyboard Type" option was available from keyboard prefpane. In ML the options in the plist from Setup Assistant.app are gone. And no matter how I try, the "Change keyboard type" won't appear in the prefpane. so, I wonder if there is a way to force keyboard detection. I (silly?) tried to include the options in the plist, before setup, but they do nothing. I tried to copy the generated plist from lion over to ML, but they aren't recognized unless generated from setup. Ps2 keyboard kext doesn't have an option either. do anybody have a clue, how to solve it? Thank you so much!!! Eloi
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