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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, so I wanted to find an appropriate forum to post my success story, and after about a week of trial and error, I finally got OS X Working! My system specs are: Gigabyte G31M-ES2L Motherboard (Revision 2.0) Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz 4GB of DDR2 Ram 1 Western Digital 320GB HDD 1 Maxtor 280GB HDD Standard CD/DVDW ATI HD Radeon 4870 A note for my hardware: I know the parts are old, I have been using this machine for a while now. (I think about 4 years.) I got most of the hardware for free because my friend gave me the Motherboard and Processor when he built a new machine. ---------------------------------- So here is a little story to go with this build: I have been a Windows user since I've owned a computer. I have owned this machine for 3 or 4 years now. Last December I installed Ubuntu, so I had Windows and Ubuntu on this machine, but I wanted one more OS to tie it all together. My machine wasn't built to run Mac OS X, but I did a bit of research and found success stories of people who got it working on similar hardware. I acquired a copy of Hazard Snow Leopard, and iATKOS S3. I tried Hazard first, and when it wouldn't work, I became discouraged, and quit trying to install OS X all together. I got struck again with this desire to get OS X working on the week of my High School graduation, so I went at it once more. I did some troubleshooting and managed to get Hazard to boot with my Nvidia 8800 GT, but the card is damaged, and only one output is working. So when I switched to my ATI card, I would get Kernel pancis, and since now I have a better understanding on Kexts and whatnot, I finally, at last, got Mac OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard to boot on my machine! For once I got things working perfectly. I installed AtherosL1cEthernet.kext and used VoodooHDA-2.7.3 Installer to get my Ethernet and Audio working. I have been using Mac OS X for about 4 days now without switching to Windows, and I am expecting to use OS X more than Windows or Ubuntu now. Needless to say, I still love Windows and Ubuntu. The fact that I am able to choose one of the three when I boot feels awesome. I feel that I am getting the best of what every option on each operating system offers, and I love it!
  2. Guys,I've installed Snow Leopard (Hazard) in Vmware. And I've downloaded the combo update 10.6.8 from apples site. When I start installing the combo it verifies at first and popup an error that the archive is corrupted and only shows a somewhat 373MB file in the archive but when I skip it,It installed correctly without any error. I replaced the kernel with legacy kernel from osx86.net . Then I reboot it. As usual it shows a kernel panic at reboot. But when I boot up the OS again it shows the version 10.6. What's the problem?
  3. Hi, as the title I'm looking for help to install Snow Leopard on my notebook I tried many methods. I started trying to install Lion, arriving at the installation phase, but the notebook turned off in mid-process. I used both the verbose mode, also using GraphicsEnabler = off, but nothing. All through iATKOS L2. Then I tried with iATKOS S3 v2 Snow Leopard. After several attempts I managed to install it, but will not start, giving me "error_null_string_ ..." Finally I tried with iB{censored} + Snow Leopard retail, burn 4.7GB DVD using TransMac, by removing unnecessary files (following a guide found on the internet) and replacing the 2 files "OSInstall.mpkg" and "OSInstall", thinking it was a problem of partition (the drive MBR for windows), so you do not have to format everything in GUI maintained even windows. Starting in verbose mode and excluding the graphics card, loading seems to be going well but then stop when loading the file "/ System / Library / Extensions / webdav_fs.text," the last of the folder. Also, since I did the first installation, I can not start the computer normally (without boot from cd), but I always use iB{censored} or iAktos and then select Windows. boot0: test boot0: test boot0: Error I tried to create a dual boot with Easy BCD but it gives me an opportunity to do so. How do i get back to "normality" to start over with a clean system from previous attempts? Acer Aspire 5738ZG Intel Pentium Core Duo T4300 2.10ghz (Socket P478) motherboard: Asus JV50 chipset Intel GM45/47 Bios: Phoenix Technologies v1.13 RAM: 4gb DDR2 HDD: 320gb Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 512Mb Wireless: Atheros AR5B91 Wireless Network Adapter Ethernet: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Of course, I had created a primary FAT32 partition to install Mac os I hope some of you can help me, PLEASE! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! (sorry for imperfect english, i used Google Translate :-) ) ---------------------------------------------------------- Salve, come da titolo cerco aiuto per l'installazione di Snow Leopard sul mio notebook Ho provato tanti metodi. Ho cominciato provando ad installare Lion, arrivando alla fase di installazione, ma il notebook si spegneva a metà processo. HO usato sia la modalità verbosa, usando anche GraphicsEnabler=off, ma niente. Tutto tramite iATKOS L2. Poi ho provato con iATKOS S3 v2 per snow leopard. Dopo vari tentativi sono riuscito ad installarlo, ma non parte, dandomi "error_null_string_..." Infine ho provato con iB{censored}+Snow Leopard retail, masterizzato su dvd 4.7GB tramite TransMac, eliminando i file non necessari(seguendo una guida trovata su internet) e sostituendo i 2 file "OSInstall.mpkg" e "OSInstall", pensando che fosse un problema di partizione(il drive MBR per windows), così da non dover formattare tutto in GUI, per conservare anche windows. Partendo in modalità verbosa ed escludendo la scheda grafica, il caricamento sembra procedere bene salvo poi interrompersi quando carica il file "/System/Library/Extension/webdav_fs.text", l'ultimo della cartella. Inoltre, da quando ho provato la prima installazione, non riesco a far partire il pc normalmente(senza boot da cd), ma devo sempre usare iB{censored} o iAktos e poi selezionare Windows. boot0: test boot0: test boot0: Error Ho provato a creare un dual boot con Easy BCD ma non mi da la possibilità di farlo. COme torno alla "normalità" per ricominciare da capo con il sistema pulito dai precedenti tentativi? queste le specifiche del notebook: Acer Aspire 5738ZG Intel Pentium Core Duo T4300 2.10ghz (Socket P478) motherboard: Asus JV50 chipset Intel GM45/47 Bios: Phoenix Technologies v1.13 RAM: 4gb DDR2 HDD: 320gb Scheda video: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 512Mb Wireless: Atheros AR5B91 Wireless Network Adapter Ethernet: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Naturalmente avevo creato una partizione FAT32 primaria per installare Mac os Spero qualcuno di voi possa aiutarmi, VI PREGO! GRAZIE MILLE IN ANTICIPO!
  4. ola....instalei meu hackintosh hj, mas não da boot....da o erro ''you need to reboot''... consigo dar boot apenas com a flag -x. mas não posso nem usar um pendrive.... AJUDA! Att: Leonardo
  5. Goedenmorgen! Ik heb een vraag over het installeren van OS X Leopard/Snow leopard op een Acer Aspire 5050. De specs van de computer staan hier --> Acer Support: Aspire 5050 Series Specifications Daarbij moet ik wel vermelden dat op de site staat dat de computer standaard met XP Mediacenter wordt geleverd maar ik heb deze gekregen met XP Home Edition. Ik weet niet of dit uitmaakt? Ik ben dus enthousiast aan de slag gegaan met iAtkos S3 V2 (Snow Leopard). Installatie verliep goed todat ik de computer moest herstarten. Ik zag het Apple opstartscherm (die met het Apple logo in het midden) ongeveer 2 seconden. Toen viel de computer uit en herstartte hij zichzelf weer. Dit herhaalde zich. Toen ik aan een familielid vroeg wat ik fout deed zij hij dat ik niet de juiste drivers heb geselecteerd. Ik heb gewoon alle drivers aangeklikt. Ook de drivers die ik niet nodig had. Nu is mijn vraag: Ik heb geen idee hoe ik kan zien welke drivers ik nodig heb. Bijvoorbeeld welke driver ik moet hebben voor geluid en wireless enz. Zouden jullie kunnen kijken welke ik nodig heb of in ieder geval kunnen zeggen waar ik kan zien welke drivers ik nodig heb. Is het overigens wel handig om iAtkos te gebruiken of hebben jullie andere opties? Groet, JustRick01
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