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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, I am new to the whole mackintosh thing. ? My problem is the following. I have a MOBO with an ALC 889 audio codec, I have tried a lot... and I mean A LOT, patched appleHDA and HDAenabler etc and despite that I see the kexts load with -v when I go to System Preferences I get "No sound output devices found". ? I have found a work-around with voodooHDA 2.7.3 (for some reason 2.7.3 is the only one that it is working but I get sound lags after some times and the quality is medium. Every other voodooHDA gives me crackling shitty sound. Also the HDMI output is not detected even with 2.7.3 . ? I am using Chameleon bootloader up to date. My OS X version is 10.9.1 . ? My specs are: MOBO: Gigabyte 990FXA-D3 (not UD3, its D3) CPU: Phenom II x4 960t (non-core-unlocked) GPU: XFX Radeon HD 6870 Black Edition SSD: Sandisk 128Gb Ultra II ? Any help is greatly appreciated.?
  2. hello, i installed os x 10.8.4 with your help on my pc...thanks for that, but now there are some little problems and i dont know how to fix it... the first and biggest problem is...whatever i do i cant get no sound from the realtek 898 soundchip on my motherboard...and all the programs (iTunes, quicktime, youtube etc...) dont play anything... i can press on "play" but the timer is not running...the only way to get some sound is my usb wireless headset and then ONLY by quicktime...if i change the sound output it stops and sometimes crash for a moment... kext for the soundchip is installed and S/L/E is repared and new cache (kext wizard)...but what else i have to do ?? the next is....i only can boot with "GraphicsEnabler=No" how can i fix this ?? or doas this make no disadvantages ?? the system know my nvidia gtx 660... and last is about my cpu...in systeminfo-details there is my i7 3930k with all 6 cores but in "about this mac" ther is only 3,2 GHZ Unknown" is that normal ?? (sry for my bad english) thanks for your help !!
  3. Sorry about my English.. I installed N{censored} lion 10.7.2 and i have no sound!!! i can't figure it out... I found this: Fix: VoodooHDA KP (10.6.8 + 10.7.x) - Sound - InsanelyMac Forum i download what he said(voodoo loader) and still doesn't work.. Someone can help me please? By the way.. Tried to install VoodooHDA and got kernel panic. And i am noob i just don't know anything about this...
  4. Hello, I'm French. I have an Acer Aspire 7740G, I installed iATKOS ML2. Everything works fine except the sound. I have no sound. I tried several versions but I VoodooHAD pert and nothing works. Pc audio card is a realtek hight definition. If someone could give me the kext related to my pc. Thank you for all future replies to my problem. Sorry if the translation is not perfect (I used google translation)
  5. I tried various methods of installing show leopard on my laptop HP ProBook 6465b with 3410mx APU At the end I managed to install hazard10.6.1-10.6.2 and then update to 10.6.8 using the combo update package. At the moment 10.6.8 is working but I can't seem to get the sound working (neither in 10.6.2) Tried installing with legacyHDA and voodooHDA during the 10.6.2 install with no luck In 10.6.8 I also tried installing the voodoohda package but also no luck. I am not very experienced with running mac on pc and any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated! The graphics card (6520g) seems to work but not completely, have a boot flag "Graphics Mode"="1366x768x32" so that it will boot with my max resolution, the doc is transparent as well as other windows so I guess it sort of works, however it only shows the card as 128mb. I guess with this APUs is a bit tricky as they share ram with the processor, however the graphics have higher priority over the ram(in windows the card takes 512 ram on start up, making in inaccessible for the cpu, so 4Gb ram shows as 3.5Gb system ram and 512Mb video ram, plus it can take up to 2Gb during heavy use) Also when I try to watch videos in youtube the video screen is black but the time line is going, last flashplayer is installed (safari was crashing before I updated the flashplayer) so I'm guessing that this has to do with flashplayer trying to use GPU acceleration, hence video card problem.
  6. Hola, después de haber googleado muchos foros he conseguido una instalación mas que buena en mi pc: CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 215 Motherboard: Asus M2N78-LA (Violet6) Chipset: nVIDIA GeForce 9100 Video: NVIDIA GeForce G210 Sonido: Realtek ALC888/1200 @ nVIDIA MCP78 Red: NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet He conseguido que funcione todo a excepción de la tarjeta de sonido, y lo he conseguido instalando el DVD retail de Snow Leopard y booteando desde NAWCOM ModCD. En el menu CUSTOM que ofrece el arranque con NAWCOM seleccione Legacy Kernel, GraphicEnabler, VooDooHDA, La tarjeta de red que autodetecto y el chipset el MPC78S, que es con el único que han funcionado bien todos los puertos usb, aunque con AppleNForceATA también consigo instalarlo, funcionando peor los usb. Despues instale Chameleon 2 RC5 (r693), que como bootloader me esta funcionando muy bien. Bien, después de toda la información que creo que puede ser relevante me encuentro con el fallo de audio. He tenido que eliminar el kext del voodoo porque me daba un kernel panic, despues de esto y muchos kext probados solo he conseguido tener el icono de la barra superior con las ondas del sonido y sin ellas, pero siempre en el color gris de que esta inactivo, ademas de tocar en preferencias y en el control midi (ambas cosas con escasos conocimientos). Ya no se donde esta el fallo ni si hago alguno de los pasos mal, me gustaría que alguien me echase una mano, o sino que me diese algo de información de como funciona todo el tema de audio para poder seguir indagando porque ahora mismo me he quedado atascado y estoy muy cerca de tener un hackintosh decente, jeje! Gracias de antemano y si hiciese falta mas información por favor decidmelo.
  7. Hi Names Art, I'm a noob here on the site. I've been lurking around for about a couple of weeks. I've just been soaking it in. Here's the quick version of my story. I built a new computer system for myself just after Christmas. I had the idea of dual booting OSX and WIN 7 while building the new system. So I'm reading and watching videos {censored} and Lifehacker then I find this site and it was AWESOME. So I get the dual boot set up running with Snow Leopard and Win 7 and everything is working and cool then I go to upgrade the OSX to 10.6.8 so I tryout the new Adobe Lightroom 4 beta. The update when ok, On reboot I lost my ethernet and my sound but a little fiddle and installing new ethernet driver got me back online but I still have no sound. I read post and opinions on how to fix problems like it. I tried several type of drivers or kexts, Attempts with a couple of MB{censored} versions and had no luck. The type of sound I have is MB builtin audio Realtek ALC889 which did work prior to the update. Now here is the part that I don't get at all. If I use my iB{censored} ver3.2 disc to boot the system which seems to bypass the start files on the MAC HD. I have sound. Reboot with the disc removed the sound is gone. So its some kind of driver issue but I'm clueless. As I said I've tried several types of Kext and they all install fine and I use MB{censored} or KB{censored} to fix the permissions but no sound. So I would be gratefull for any explanation and fixes for my sound problem. I could also use any suggestions for system imaging software. So I can backup a fully working system in the event of problems like this is the future. Thanks Art
  8. Hello, I need some drivers for my PC with an asrock h61m-hvs motherboard witch has iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 installed. The drivers I need are the VIA® VT1705 Audio and the Realtek PCIE x1 LAN RTL8105E drivers. Thanks:D:D:D
  9. Hi, I have an ASUS P5AD2-E motherboard with onboard audio chipset C-Media CMI9880 @ Intel 82801FB ICH6 - High Definition Audio Controller on Mac 10.5.2. The sound works only stereo with AzaliaAudio. The question is: does anyone have any idea how to make it work with 5.1 sound? I'm open to any oppinion. Thanks!
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