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Found 2 results

  1. okay, so I screwed up pretty good, like a noob. I updated my mavericks install to 10.9.5 from 10.9.4. It just FROZE at the end of the update, with less than a minute remaining. ? let it sit for 2 hours, nothing. so I crossed my fingers and shut off the system. windows 10 still boots, but OSX doesn't. It gets the dreaded root device error. and MacDrive isn't supported in windows 10 yet!!! ? I booted into my aging Ubuntu live cd, read only. I got U{censored} and made a usb install on my MacBook pro. no dice. I got it to where it will boot into the usb installer, but will not see any hard drives. I disabled hiding on my MacBook, and put the ioata kexts and injectors into the extra folder, but no dice. still won't read it. I'm royally screwed, aren't I? Or am I going to have to use my Macbooks old hard drive with snow leopard, and use it to?get back into my mavericks install? ?I'm really tempted to just make a Yosemite install usb, but its almost out, and I know the beta will deactivate itself. Lets just say new osx86 is pretty foreign to me... I'm still stuck on snow leopard days with Nawcom utilities and all. It took forever to get mavericks installed and running like a champ. I'm sure Yosemite will be even more stubborn. ? go easy on me? lol... ? motherboard is an Asus P5K, CPU is a Q6600. Oh, and in order for the installer to even boot, I need to have it at stock clock speeds. Overclocking causes a reboot, for some reason
  2. OK I decided to start a new thread about this issue and especially this laptop. My laptop is the Samsung Serie 5 532U3C A01FR, one of the last models released in France. SIW in windows says this about its specifications : MotherBoard - NP532U3C-A01FR FAB1 P01ABH Proc. Core i3 2365M 1.4GHZ Graphic. Intel HD3000 (8086) Controller AHCI (?) - Intel 7 SATA AHCI Controller There's no optical drive - I replaced the HDD by a Samsung 840 250G SSD In BIOS, the AHCI mode is Enabled - The Secure boot is disabled and OS Mode is set on CSM OS (I tried also with CSM & UEFI and UEFI modes) I already successfully installed Lion 10.7.5 on this laptop (from iATKOS L2), in a dual-boot with Windows 8. The SSD is partitionned with two partition - one hfs for Lion / one ntfs for windows. I had to choose MBR because GUID prevents me to restore my Acronis True Image on my Windows partition. Also, my Lion system works pretty well, except the HD3000 is not completely recognized (no acceleration) and have no microphone support. I decided recently to upgrade directly to 10.8.2. The classic upgrade is impossible since my disk is MBR, ML would need a GUID disk to make working the upgrade. I tried so many different options - U{censored}, the new Chris111's installer (from hackmymac), and recently, iATKOS ML2. Unfortunately, I encountered a really boring issue. After booting on USB by typing F10, I choose the USB disk on Chimera/Chameleon bootscreen. And just right few second after, my USB stick will light off, stop working, the spinner loading starts on the apple logo. Finally, it stucks here with a crossed circle. In verbose mode, it stucks on different place (depends of the ton of test I did) and display the "Still waiting for root device". I tried on my three usb ports (one 3.0, two 2.0) with two different USB Sticks (new - one Corsair 3.0 - one Sandisk Cruzer 2.0) With iATKOS ML2, it stucks on Waiting on <dict... IOProviderClass.... No interval found for . Using 8000000 Still waiting for root device. I tried differents flags (sometimes combined) as npci=0x2000 npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=No UseKernelCache=No USBBusFix=Yes -x -f -v With iATKOS, the only flag which made a difference was UseKernelCache=No. It occured a really loud beep sound during verbose log printing which made me turn off the laptop (but the USB stick sttoped working as usually). I just don't know what can I do next and so decided to looking for a support here, maybe some experiences from this serie 5 users. Hopefully, we'll solve this problem and make this thread a ressource for future guys who'll hack this laptop. Last thing, which'll be usefull on whatever version of OSX. My laptop battery wear seems to increase since I use OSX on it. (it's at 7% - I bought this laptop one month ago). How can I save my battery life with an hackintosh. Is there something to do. I have some other questions about the laptop, but I'll ask them later - It's important to succeed the installation of ML before. Don't hesitate to ask me more informations if I've forgot something. Thanks for reading, and helping and sorry if my english is a little bit precarious.
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