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Found 26 results

  1. Hi. First my English is not very well, sorry about that. Secondly, i didn't want to make garbage article so i did open it for two problems that im trying to solve. My System; * Board: ASUS H81M-K * Graphics: AMD R7 240 - primary graphics that im using also have one onboard with intel i7 but i dont use it. * Sound: ALC887 * Ram: 8GB * Ethernet: RTL8168G/8111G * Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 4790 1. I Can't Run Adobe Photoshop! I did try 2-3 versions of Photoshop with trial, like cs6, cs5 etc. It jumps few times in dock and PC freezes, i can't use my mac until i restart. It's not like that with Adobe Illustration, its only happens when i try to use photoshop. I don't know maybe happens with AE or Premier. I did try it on Sierra and also in High Sierra, it jumps more in Sierra 2. I Can't Get More FPS on Cs:GO I'm not using my MAC for gaming but sometimes, when im bored i just want to play cs.Go but it gives me 40- FPS with fullLow settings. When i was on Windows i get more then 170FPS with low settings but on Hackintosh its getting lower and lower. notes: Yes i did make a Success install, i can see 4GB Graphics card in system information. But i don't know what else i should do. If there is something more i should give about my computers information i can give. Help me please.
  2. sometimes when i plugged and unplugged on off my usb like mouse or keyboard or flash disk or etc.... the computer freeze the keyboard turn off no light or any?Response the mouse give the led red light but also no response? and all the processes in desktop works like downloading and video if i played it before the freeze ..etc but no usb response? ? My Spec :? motherboard : asus p8h61 CPU : Intel i3 2120 Graphics : Nvidia Geforce GT430? os: mountain lion 10.8.2 ? please help?
  3. I have tried to install Mavericks on my pc. I have managed to boot into the N{censored} screen, then hitting enter on N{censored} to install however it keeps getting stuck on the apple logo with the spinning wheel My specs: Seagate 160GB hard drive Seagate 500GB hard drive Gigabyte H81M-H motherboard Intel Pentium G3258K Anniversary Edition Ballistix 4GB DDR3 RAM x1
  4. Hi! ? I have dell xps m1530 laptop. ? intel t9300 cpu nvidia m8600gt 3 gb 667mhz intel 4965agn wifi ? Im try to install mavericks 10.9.5 from store, and 10.9 N{censored} distro with no luck. Im try boot flag npci, pcirootuid -x -v... Try to take out the battery, and turn off intel speed step in bios, and turn virtualization on/off. ? Im trying 3 different way. First THIS/THIS, and try to install N{censored} mavericks distro and than myhack ? The vanilla installer don't work, becouse befor install stuck with?"BootCacheControll: Unable to open: /var/db/BootCache.palylists: 2 No such file or directory" The N{censored} distro stuck befor install with?"pci configuration begin". With myhack im getting kernel panic befor install. ? So somewhy install don't want to start on my laptop.
  5. I have recently installed OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 on my computer, and everything works great while I'm INSIDE the OS using it. But when it comes to booting up, the screen keeps getting stuck at the grey apple logo screen, with the loading circle infinitely looping until I reboot, only to get the same results over and over. Using verbose mode revealed that the boot process gets stuck at the line "SMC : Successfully Initialized" as shown in the screenshot followed by one or two lines of uninterpretable garbage, until I reboot.? So far I have tried infinite combinations of kernel flags, but all give the same results (except -x, which boots up OS X but then there's no graphics kext enabled). I tried changing the system definition from "Mac pro 6,1" to 5,1 and even 3,1. But still the same results.??Also as an exception, the OS boots successfully if I use "UseKernelCache=No" flag, but then the OS behaves very abnormally and becomes extremely slow, so I avoid that. Even tried deleting and rebuilding kernel cache but problem still persists.?Sometimes with some real good luck it boots succesfully, but that's pretty rare and obviously unreliable.?Can somebody please help me on this one? This is real confusing. ?Thanks System Specs :? X-Pro 450W PSU Galaxy Geforce GT 520 1GB Gigabyte GA-G41 Combo? Pentium Dual Core E5500 @4.1 GHz 6 GB (2+4) DDR3 128 GB Toshiba SSD (Boot Drive) 500 GB Seagate Barracuda HDD LG Supermulti DVD-RW ?
  6. hello my friend sometimes when i plug in my mobile thought usb my mac just stuck and dont work any more until i restart? what is the problem guys? motherboard: asus p8h61 process: intel i3 2120 graphics: nvidia geforce gt430 2GB hdd: 500gb?
  7. Hello, my names i lucas.. I have this problem with my older customized desktop pc. Ivé installed Hazzard 10.6.2 intel/amd on my pc.(Succesful) But after restart it just hangs up at boot screen(Apple logo. No spinning). Or if i just -v -f or GraphicsEnabler=No -v -f i goes into black screen... I dont know what to do? Someone help me. ? Sorry for my poor English.. ? Spec: 3.40 Ghz 320 Gb harddisk. Intel Pentium D. 2,00 GB ram. 64 Bit. ? I dont know more because i dont have windows on it more.. (Cpuz)
  8. I am trying to install any mac on my pc but I am out of luck Currently I am installing IATKOS L2 with my pc:- Intel E5200 @ 2.5 ghZ 2 Gb ram ddr3 Biostar G41D3C ATI Radeon 6670 1 gb GDDR3 Every time I am getting stuck somewhere When I boot without flags it stucks at apple logo -v Stuck at FakeSmcDevice successfully initialised -v -f cpus=1 com.apple.AppleFScompression TypedatalessloadSucceded -v -f cpus=1 com.apple.AppleFSCompression Typezlibkmodstart Please Help>>I am a mac fan I have downloaded 4 mac images with my dial up 156 kilobit modem(I know Its horrible but still I love MAC>>>>>>>But I can't Install it on my pc :(
  9. Hi everyone. I started this topic to ask for your help. I'm using iAtkos ML2 (Mountain Lion 10.8.2), but I'm stuck at the Apple Logo. What should I do? This is my configuration: Computer: ASUS K56C CPU: Intel i7 3667U Dual-Core Chipset: Intel® HM76 Chipset Memory: 8GB RAM DDR3 HDD: 750GB HDD SATA Wireless: Atheros BIOS: Fast Boot Disabled , Launch CSM Enabled with Boot Secure Disabled Please, help me! Thank You!
  10. Hey guys, So like the title says I'm stuck at the apple logo. I tried most of the flags. There may be some I don't know. But here are my specs. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Operating System: Windows 8 64-bit System Model: Inspiron 3521 BIOS: A05 Processor: Intel? Pentium? CPU 2117U @ 1.80GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.8GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Card name: Intel? HD Graphics
  11. Hello, I have windows and mac installed on the same harddrive. I tried to enable AHCI on windows 8 via Registry editor, but now Mac OSX is stuck on the bootscreen (Everything worked fine before) Motherboard: Asus P7P55-m Cpu: i7 860 Gpu: Nvidia EN9500GT 8gb ram Heres what happens if i boot whit -V http://twitter.com/philmexico/status/354318102256816128/photo/1 I really hope you guys can help me
  12. Hello my friends, I successfully installed iAtkos ML2 on my PC: GA H77-DS3H Intel Core i5 3570 (HD 6970, I also tried with onboard Ivybridge GPU) 8 GB DD3 Ram I used Windows 7 to burn iAtkos on a DVD. I managed to install Mountain Lion without any complications, but when I restarted my PC once it was done, I wasn't able to boot it properly. It always stucks at the spinning cirlce with the Apple logo on top of it. So I tried some bootflags that I found on the internet (without actually knowing what I was doing there). None of it worked for me, except booting in Safe Mode (with "-x" boot flag)... Please help me guys, I'm desperated and don't know what to do :-)
  13. HEY GUYS I NEED HE IM TRYING THIS LIKE 2 MONTHS AGO https://picasaweb.google.com/107187093569591852970/Yugioh i have a dell n5040 4gb ram 500 gb intel core i3 graphic enabler chameleon fakesmc disabler evoreboot i used this ketss fakesmc disabler ps\2 laptop battery plz p me to pimp my computer!!!!
  14. Fala pessoal, tudo beleza? Estou interessado em começar um curso de desevolvimento iOS, e para isto precisava de um MAC. Quando descobri sobre o Hackintosh fiquei bastante feliz e estou tentando fzer no meu PC. Oque eu fiz até agora: 1- Criei uma nova particao em meu HD com 50GB. 2- Gravei o iB{censored} 3.3.0. 3- Gravei (sim eu não tenho o disco original) o Snow Leopard 10A432. 4- Reiniciei o PC com o DVD do iB{censored}. 5- Troquei o DVD do iB{censored} pelo do Snow Leopard. 6- Apertei F5 e escolhi o Mac OS X Installation. 7- Aí começaram meus problemas: Apareceu o logo da Apple(sem a bolinha de carregamento). 8- Reiniciei e iniciei o Mac OS X Installation com a flag -F, travei no logo da apple, mas agra com a bolinha de carregamento. 9- Tentei denovo com a flag -x -v PCIRootUID=1 e tive o seguinte problema: 10- Tentei denovo com a flag -v -f Graphicsenabler=No arch=x86_64 ncpi=0x2000 e tive o seguinte problema: 11- Entrei no forum pra pedir ajuda... Pois é galera, to a dois dias inteiros já tentando fzer o hackintosh e nda ainda...Oque devo fzer pra conseguir chegar na instalação do Mac? Vlw à todos ! PC: Model: ASUS G73JH i7 720QM Radeon HD5870 8GB RAM
  15. Hi, I am following this guide :{censored} Blog: iB{censored} + MB{censored}: Install Mac OS X on any Intel-based PC to install snow leopard on my ivy bridge core i5. I am also using the iB{censored} for ivy bridge. So I boot from the iB{censored} disk and then put the mac install disk in, it loads but then freezes at the part where it is telling you to put the batteries inside the magic mouse : it just gets stuck there and for some reason, my trackpad and keyboard does not work after the iB{censored} screen. i am using a samsung series 9 laptop np900x3c-ao1 with intel hd 4000 and core i5 processor.
  16. Hi. I want to ask you about any possibility to resolve this stuck... Booted from iAtkos L2 for AMD new DVD Boot args was busratio=16 -v "Kernel Cache"=\amd arch=i386 Everything was all right but on USBF it stopped (DVD wasn't in reading process) I have Gigabite 770TA-UD3 motherboard Nvidia 8600 GTS 256 MB Ram AMD Phenom 2 X4 955 4GB Corsair flash AHCI, USB3 (tried in enabled/disabled bios setting) I also tried usbbusfix=No/Yes (nothing happened) Tried -legacy (kernel panic) Googled but found the same problem with nothing solved here Here googled thing Photo of monitor here I waited for half an hour but nothing. Also it's possible to write to console so not freezed... Thanks for any ideas Martin Pavelka
  17. I installed MAC OS X LION 10.7.2 (iAtkos L2 version) on my regular PC. It worked great (not really. I had to reinstall it couple of times before it worked properly) and then I updated to 10.7.5. In the previous installations it worked great. Smooth and awesome. But now I just can't boot up the OS. Like the "brain" of my PC just died ><. after booting up with the -v parameter the boot up was stuck at this: "[ PCI configuration begin ]" Maybe it was because my DSDT wasn't correct? (Although I downloaded it from here) Any help here guys? I tried the cpus, busratio, and all of those things. Nothing brought my "Mac" back to life. My specs: ASUS P5QD TURBO (motherboard) nVidia GTX 570 4GB RAM 1333 DDRM (or something like that. Sorry if I'm wrong XD) Core 2 Quad 2.67GHz Can anyone help?
  18. Hello guys... Im planning to learn iOS Programming and for this I need MAC OS X on my computer. So Im trying to make my hackintosh but Im stuck on the Apple logo with a loading spinning wheel. What I've already done: 1- I created a new partition on my HD with 50GB (for the MAC). 2- Burned iB{censored} 3.3.0. 3- Burned(i don't have the original DVD) the Snow Leopard 10A432. 4- Restarted the PC with the iB{censored} DVD. 5- Swapped the iB{censored} DVD with the Snow Leopard DVD. 6- Refreshed with F5 and selected Mac OS X Installation. 7- Then my problems have started: Showed up the apple logo(without the spinning wheel). 8- Restarted and started Mac OS X Installation whit the flag -F, again Apple logo, but now with the spinning wheel. 9- Tried again with the flag -x -v PCIRootUID=1 then i got this error: [ATTACH=CONFIG]2600[/ATTACH] 10- Tried again with the flag -v -f Graphicsenabler=No arch=x86_64 ncpi=0x2000 then i got this error: [ATTACH=CONFIG]2601[/ATTACH] 11- Accessed the forum, looking for some help... So guys, Im two whole days trying to make the Hackintosh and nothing...What should I do to get on the installation page of MAC and dont stuck on the Apple logo? Thank you !!!! PC SPECS: Model: ASUS G73JH i7 720QM Radeon HD5870 8GB RAM
  19. Hi. I'm trying to install Lion on my AMD-powered HP 625 using "Mac OS X Lion For All Computers Including AMD 10.7.3 V2 - by N{censored}", but I always seem to get stuck at a line during the boot of the install. I have to use the "Kernel Cache"=/amd arch=i386 cpus=1 -v flags, but afterwards I get stuck at USBF : number AppleUSBOHCI[number]:: CheckSleepCompatibility - controller will be unloaded across sleep It just sits there forever. What am I doing wrong? Is the DVD corrupted or do I have to add another flag?
  20. Well, i've an Acer Aspire 4741-5341, follow the specs: Processor: Core i3-350M (2.26 GHz, 3 MB L3 Cache) Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics Ram: 3GB DDR3 HDD: 320GB Wireless Card: Acer Nplify 1m 802.11b/g/n I use the iATKOS L2 for installing, and i can install normally. But when I try to boot, it stucks on Apple logo, and that loading still spinning. Also, the music of the general configuration starts, play until the end, and nothing happens. Well, I have the Lion 10.7.3 on my desktop, and works fine. If u guys help me, i'll be very thankful. Thanks by now. -Lucas Ponciano
  21. I have a pc with this config: Core 2 Duo 3ghz Nvidia 520 gt 2gb ram idk about the motherboard and I cannot find the AHCI option in the bios Tried to boot with iAtkos l2 dvd, it gets stuck on the apple logo Tried it on my laptop Samsung R518 Config: 3gb ram Core 2 Duo Intel graphics I was able to find AHCI option in the bios in my laptop though. Disc was booted I am stuck on a screen that comes after the apple logo, it shows apple magic mouse and keyboard on it with a spinning wheel beneath, however my mouse works at this point of time, the computer does not freeze, but it does not proceed ahead, it is on the screen for like 50 minutes. Tried many of the flags on both the pcs, -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No does not work
  22. Hey Guys, I'm sorry, but I'm a complete newbie to all this. So my problem is: I installed IAtkos L2 without any Problems. For my GTX580, i've chosen the GF100 option (i know that the GTX580 isn't a GF10x chip, but it was listed there). But i'm not able to boot for the first time. Without bootflags, it gets stuck at theApple Bootlogo. So i tried simply using the -v -x Bootflags. I got stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin] Then, i've tried it with: -v -x npci=0x2000 I got stuck at DSMOS hast arrived. So i've tried it with: -v -x npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=n PCIRootUID=1 Still get stuck at same Point. Can you help me? My Rig: Asus Rampage 3 Gene POV GTX580 Intel Core i7 950 6GB DDR3 Corsair XMS
  23. Okay so I was trying to install Mac OS X Lion (N{censored}12495's version) onto my computer (specs listed in my signature) earlier today and I have learnt that getting it to install is giving me more headaches than running Vista ever has. Ouch...so the problem is, once booting from the DVD (I have no USB drive available at this time), the thing would sit there and do nothing for about ten minutes and then a vague memory issue is displayed. A quick search on Google told me to input the command or string or parameter or whatever you call it 'GraphicsEnabler=No' before starting the installer and so I did. Well that got me to the Apple logo but not much further, unfortunately. Some other guys on Google told me to throw the command/string/parameter '-x -v PciRoot=1' in there as well. So I did and then, well...it said it could not load any drivers because it was in safemode or something...anyways, I've also tried using those commands piece by piece (-x first, -v next, -x and -v after that followed by just Pciroot=1 and so on and so forth) without any decent result. So if any of you highly-intellectual people could help me to at least get to the language selection screen, I would be most grateful. By the way you can just call me 'dummy' or 'noob' or 'dumbf*ck' or whatever, I'm totally new to Mac OS X so you'd be right.
  24. Hey guys, sorry to sound like the other thousands of people on here but im having some issues... ok heres my specs.. AMD Phenom II 955 running at 3200MHZ with busratio of 16 MSI NF980-g65 Motherboard 4GB DDR3 1TB of correctly partitioned HD space Nvidia GTX 570 Im going to Slam heaps of info below if you need it... changed my Raid from IDE to AHCI Installed snow Leopard using "-v cpus=4 busratio=16" selected my primary/active partition of "50GB" and formatted with the appropriate format (journaling etc..) installs fine however.... When i Boot it gets stuck just after giving my Mac address... Any ideas? Anyone got any experience with a similar setup to my own? Any Knowledge on the right drivers i should be using?
  25. hey guys im trying to install snow onto my desktop (Phenom x6, ma785g-ud3h mobo, realtek sound and ethernet, radeon 5770, nawcoms boot cd, retail snow) everything goes smooth until this "PostbootMounter: Mount of /dev/md0 Suceeded" Then it just sits there and doesnt do anything. whats going on? you would think if it wasnt working i would get some kind of error or something.
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