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Found 6 results

  1. Hello All, ? Is there is any way to install Mac OS X in Lenovo think pad e430 6GB RAM,500GB hardisk I tried to install but my wifi is not detecting so i wiped out everyting and trying to collect all required packages and information. ? Laptop Specifications: intel Core i3-2348M Processor( 2.30GHz 1333MHz 3MB) Display: 14.0" HD AntiGlare 1366x768 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics WIFI: Intel Centrino Wireless N-2230 UltraNav (Multitouch) ? Please guide me on this.
  2. Version 1.1


    This is Lenovo ThinkPad T61 Perfect Hackbook Bundle (updated version) This package contains all you need to let run ThinkPad T61 (7665_DN3) perfectly as a real MacBook! It contains a quick installation guide in PDF to install OS X 10.9 Mavericks on ThinkPad T61.. This guide shows steps to install OS X on ThinkPad T61 from Windows OS very easily!! Everything works!! Sleep, Dual Screens, Sound, UltraNav, Shutdown, Speedstep, battery life about 3 hours with 10.9 Mavericks! (Even 4 hours battery [extended battery] with edited SMBIOS.Plist with extra optimized battery life SMBios profile!) But this is low-profile: (CPU speed = around 546Mhz) (GPU memory = 100 Mhz) And a lot of extra info and tweaks inside package! Made on ThinkHack Pro® Brought you by ProtocolX™
  3. 351 downloads

    DSDT.aml file (blue label) for Lenovo Thinkpad T61 with NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M 128 MB GPU, but might work also with other NVIDIA Quadro Mobile GPU’s.. (I’ve included DSDT’s for other T61 models with other Quadro GPU’s) DSDT FIXES: - Graphics is enabled in DSDT, so you don’t need GraphicsEnabler=Yes flag in Chameleon’s org.chameleon.Boot.plist file anymore.. Also Dual / Mirror Screens works native now! - Brightness slider is also enabled in Display prefpane in System Configuration by this DSDT.. - Bluetooth should work ok also by DSDT, even after sleep!! (Although not deep tested yet..) - Shutdown also fixed by DSDT.. This wasn’t working correctly either in Generic DSDT yet.. - Sleep should fully work.. At least by hardware keys by Lenovo (Fn+F4) at 1st sleep, a little hackintosh trick.. After the 1st wake-up, OSX will enable sleep automatically by default methods.. - This DSDT will keep bluetooth alive after wake.. What was for me 1 of the annoying things on this Hackbook for a while besides the internal microphone dropout after waking.. - Sound isn’t yet enabled by DSDT but the VoodooHDA kext is edited to keep fully operational also AFTER SLEEP!! - By DSDT Full native P- and C- States Throttling with SMBIOS.Plist MacBookPro 6,1 Profile and edited AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext.. - Full FAN cooling control by pressing Blue ThinkVantage™ button! Press one more time to disable full FAN mode.. (Credits DSDT settings, Thinkpad forums) - Closing lid of laptop should also resulting in sleep mode.. After 1st hardware sleep (Fn+F4) by Lenovo at least.. For other T61 models with different CPU’S / GPU’s OR OTHER HARDWARE TRY USE GENERIC DSDT INSTEAD This DSDT.aml file contains only general fixes like proper USB detection and Bluetooth detection etc.. Graphics isn't enabled by Generic DSDT.. Or you can try one of the other DSDT files.. ALSO CHECK: http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3720-lenovo-thinkpad-t61-7665-dn3-perfect-hackbook-bundle/ This contains everything you need to make T61 a real HackBook Pro!
  4. Hi quite new to Hackintosh and this site helped me no end and finally I found my audio kext here for mountain lion 10.8.2 and a voodoo HDA kext worked for me as I have seen various other T61 users struggling to find the correct kext thank you for your time
  5. Hey Leute, bin neu auf dem Hackintosh Gebiet und bin jetzt schon überfordert! Ich hab ein Lenovo ThinkPad Edge mit einem i3 370, Intel HD Graphics und Lenovo Mainboard. Dazu 4gb RAM und eine 500gb Festplatte. Ich habe es jetzt schon mit Empire EFI versucht und dem ersten Link aus der ISO Abteilung hier, doch ich komm maximal zum Apple Logo mit dem Drehenden Kreis darunter! Jetzt ist meine Frage geht das überhaupt mit meinem Laptop und wenn ja was muss ich da machen? Dazu hab ich Snow Leopard und Lion als DVD von nem Kumpel bekommen (hab also auswahl ) Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen! Danke schonmal im Vorraus!
  6. Hi I'm new in this forum an I need your suggestions. Which osx86 version should I use, and which settings are good for me. Which components(kexts-driver) should be chosen. I tried to install iatkos a several months ago but I failed:( (Sorry My English is not very well so may be which I write is funny for you:S)
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