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Found 17 results

  1. Version 1.0.4


    This copy of alexandred's VoodooI2C (normally for use with ELAN1000) has been patched for use with ELAN1200 trackpads, and is confirmed compatible with macOS 10.13 High Sierra. Recommended install location is [ESP]/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/[OS Version].
  2. Hello, I have recently been making a hackintosh out of my Acer V5-571. I originally installed Mavericks using a link from an installation guid for mavericks and got everything but the touchscreen to work ( I wasn't even sure that touchscreen worked on OS X) and the brightness of the screen to be brighter. I installed Yosemite instead hoping to fix my brightness issue, which still persists. My real problem that I want to solve before fixing the brightness is that Yosemite only recognizes the touchscreen. So the touchscreen works but the trackpad doesn't, the complete opposite of when Mavericks was installed. I want to have both the touchscreen and the trackpad working. Here is my system specs. ? Processor: 2.29 GHz Intel?Core?i5 Memory: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics:?Intel?HD?Graphics 4400 1536 MB ? Edit: I just woke the computer from sleep and the trackpad is working, the only problem is what it was doing on mac before. The trackpad is recognised as a mouse and there is no multitouch. I did get the trackpad to recognize as a trackpad in mavericks. ? Here are the kexts I used to get everything working: ACPIBatteryManager.kext.zip ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext.zip RealtekRTL8111.kext.zip VoodooHDA.kext.zip IO80211Family.kext.zip IOath3kfrmwr.kext.zip
  3. 535 downloads

    VoodooPS2Controller for ALPS Device with ID E7=0x73 0x03 0x50, EC=0x73 0x02 0x02. Work on my laptop with multouch. I compiled it from: https://github.com/radut/OS-X-Voodoo-PS2-Controller/tree/alps_v6
  4. Version 10.9


    This is a fully working multitouch kext installer package for the ALPS trackpad on most laptops. A modified version of the VoodooPS2 trackpad kext by RehabMan, sontrg and bpedman. Features: 1) Upto Five finger multitouch support 2) Two finger scrolling 3) Full intergration with Trackpad settings in the settings pane P.S This is the package extracted from the truly awesome Vietnam tool
  5. Hi, I've successfully installed SL 10.6.4 on my Asus 1000HE But the trackpad (touchpad?) is not working. Have to connect an external usb mouse. I'm afraid of kernel panic and to do the installation process all over again, so I post a question here; how can I get the trackpad to work? and not so important: how can I get the sound work? (there's no sound...)
  6. Hi, I have a iogear usb bluetooth module connected to my Gigabyte DS3H/I5-2500K based system, and it generally works great, even allowing me to wake from sleep, with no drivers needed. However, I've done something twice so far, not sure what, that mucks up the connection to my trackpad and magic mouse in a weird way. It appears to be connected, but the cursor movement is very erratic and unpredictable. If I lift the mouse at all while moving it, the cursor jumps half way across the screen. The trackpad is also jumpy and iffy, disconnecting and reconnecting on its own and rapidly, and tapping stops working -- only real clicks. Finally, clicking on the bluetooth menu in the menu bar takes about 5 seconds to appear every time. No idea what causes this to happen, but last night it occurred when I started Parallels and the windows machine thought a bluetooth device had been connected and took it over. Even after I disabled bluetooth devices in the windows machine, and shut it down, the devices wouldn't work properly on the Mac side, and restarting did not help. The solution, both times that this happened, was to simply unplug the bluetooth dongle and plug it back into different USB port. Hope this helps someone who is experiencing strange bluetooth behavior!
  7. I have installed Mac Os lion with iatkos l1 following this guide Lenovo B570 - InsanelyMac Forum I followed everything but my trackpad still doesn't work. I asked the question on the other forum but I didnt recieve a response. I need my trackpad to work, currently im using a usb mouse. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. can't get my elantech trackpad on my asus R500vd to work with hackinosh 10.6- tried enabling mousekeys via terminal, installing alternate kexts and usb mouse (usb ports dont work), but to know avail. any ideas?
  9. Hello to all, as you can read from my open thread where I'm fighting against Lion installation on ASUS N53SM laptop, I have very bad time on functionality of keyboard and mouse. When I did my first Lion 10.7.3 U{censored} (USB pendrive) installation, on MBR partitioned HD, everything gone fine, apart from some details that are off topic here. What I've done. Steps: Initialized and partitioned an USB pendrive and installed U{censored}. - Replaced the /Extra folder content on the USB pendrive with the kexts, dsdt and plist files downloaded from here. - Booted and installed Lion. - Booted Lion with keyboard and trackpad fully working (also dual fingers scrolling). I decided to reinstall Lion because of some problems so I was sure that doing the same procedure where corrected. I was wrong, I DID THE SAME STEPS but when I'm at the select language window i can ONLY move the cursor, no clicks no keyboard work. I tried with USB mouse and keyboards, didn't work, even if I plug them before booting. I tried to use the MB{censored} USB rollback and PS2 installation on the U{censored} USB pendrive with no results. I tried two different USB pendrives. I tried the iATKOS DVD. I tried disabling in BIOS "tracking device". Also I noticed that after "DMOS has arrived" it takes a huge time to start the Lion installation (sometimes there is some waiting at blue screen before the apple logo - I'm not talking about the boot grey logo). The trackpad is an ELAN multitouch. Please help me!
  10. I've installed os x mountain lion on my sony vaio VGN-CS230J, the destop is working well, but keyboard and trackpad isnt work. I cant also use wifi. What "---.kext" shuold I add and how to add them. Please help ! Thanks
  11. Hi, As I think ( I hope) I'm not the only one making a Hackintosh out of a Lenovo W700, The install is meant without any Mac to help (No way to build an image or such) Here is a thread of how it went and how it is going so far .... 1st of all, I bought a DVD of OSX Lion. Put it in, ... didn't work. I then tried ... I then tried ... I then downloaded (I have a T61 running Suse12) iAtkos2 (Lion). It sort of worked. (I've had to repartition my entire disk, get a USB mouse and a USB keyboard, no Internet connection, but at least it switch on and I have the menu on the screen) edit: As of yesterday, I've erased Iatkos and now use a full clean MAc Lion installation file ... and it works !! (U{censored} + MB{censored})
  12. I recently posted a thread about how my trackpad doesn't work. I fixed that by using the retail version of mac os lion. However in order for me to have wifi i have to use a dsdt given by this guide Lenovo B570 - InsanelyMac Forum So without it i wont be able to have wifi, I dont know how to approach this. When I move the dsdt over to the extra folder I have wifi but it seems it disabled the trackpad and in the system settings it says no trackpad found. I am a noob at all of this. The only other hackintosh I did was for an old dell d610. I dont know how to delete the other thread. Thanks
  13. I installed lion using this dvd previously with few issues (but had to use hackboot to boot to disc otherwise it hung at pci configuration begin phase) and my trackpad and keyboard worked fine then. Now when i boot, my trackpad doesn't work and my keyboard still works. When i boot to my lion install it complains about no USB keyboard, luckily i had one but it doesn't recognize trackpad. I tried installing a kext to system/library/extensions for trackpad (ps/2) support and i fixed permissions using disc utility, but to no avail. I used these kexts: updated Trackpad+Keyboard PS2 32/64 - Downloads - OSx86.net How can i get lion to recognize my trackpad in install dvd like it once did (what boot flags could i use) and how can i get trackpad support on the os installed on hdd?
  14. So here's a fun little problem I'm having: I multiB{censored} with several other systems, and of course I've been using GRUB for a long time. Now, GRUB is able to boot OS X directly, which is nice, but it has it's limitations. Chameleon, the default bootloader for hackintoshes, is able to chainload GRUB, and GRUB is able to chainload chameleon, it's all very impressive, but one thing impresses me more about GRUB, namely that it is able to make the buttons on my trackpad work. In other words, when I chainload into chameleon and boot OS X 10.6.6, neither my keyboard nor my mouse buttons work at all! What's even worse is that my trackpad reacts just fine to input, I can move my pointer around, but even that doesn't seem to interact with anything, the dock doesn't pop up when I hover over it. I've burned through several VoodooPS2 kexts and the Apple kexts, but the ones that worked all ceased to function when I booted through chameleon. I would just continue to boot via GRUB, but I'm stuck at 800x600 resolution here, and I kinda want to be booting from chameleon before I take any more cracks at fixing that, just in case I have to work with DSDT files, which GRUB cannot load. Also GRUB forces verbose boot, and I want OS X largely because it's pretty, I get my verbosity fix from Arch linux. So, any takers? I'm stumped, I have no idea how to fix this thing. Oh, and this is a Samsung N210, which has an intel N450 motherboard, trackpad vendor unknown. Edit: I got everything else working now, including resolution, while booting from GRUB, so the only thing left is to use chameleon for pretty boot. If I got this working I could probably write a guide for my hardware.
  15. Any suggestions for getting side scrolling working on a laptop trackpad? It is a synaptics track pad - using the VoodooPS2 driver to power it. Thanks! ~Jeff
  16. Hello, This is my first time installing OSX on a PC. I used iATKOS OSX LION 10.7.1 and installed great. Now when I boot, I have the desktop but can't use keyboard neither trackpad. Also, I cannot activate Airport/wireless/Internet? Do I need to install some epecific .kest? I can use USB keyboard and mouse fine. Could someone please explain to me how to fix this problem? I think that I must use .kext, right? But where do I found those files for my Laptop and how do I install them? Sorry about all this questions! :-( Thank you very much!
  17. Hello everybody, I am new to this Hackintosh stuff and the only problem I have so far is my Trackpad Does not work. I am on Snow Leopard 10.6.2 (I cant go any higher than that) and I am using ModBin's kernel and MB{censored}. My keyboard works fine, just not the mouse. In the meantime, I use my Microsoft Mobile Mouse 5000. Thanks for the help!
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