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Found 37 results

  1. Hi All, i have a urgent question: I have already Yosemite 10.10.5 installed. Everything runs perfect, but an Update 2016-003 is currently available. If i install this update, i am no more able to boot into my system again. After extracting the .pkg, to see whats in the packe, it shows also a kernel. I replaced the kernel after installation also, but no change to boot into my Yosemite. Tried different boot args, What's wrong? I also have the latest Nvidia Webdriver installed. Are there any changes to get install this update? Can someone help me out? My System: AMD Phenom II X6 Core T1090 -- 3,21GHz Mainboard: ASRock 760GM-GS3 8GB DDR3 Ram HDD: 500GB SATA
  2. I have always this message in AppStore "Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.2". I have turn off this message. I have this in my /Library/Preference/com.apple.SoftwareUpdate.plist bplist00ÿ +,-_LastAttemptSystemVersion_PrimaryLanguages_LastRecommendedUpdatesAvailable_RecommendedUpdates^LastResultCode_LastFullSuccessfulDate_LastUpdatesAvailable_LastSuccessfulDate^10.10 (14A389)°Ren•!&‘ZIdentifier[Product Key\Display Name_Display Version]ProAppsCodecsX031-2844^ProApps CodecsU1.0.5‘ZFCPContentX041-4538_$Final Cut Pro X Supplemental ContentS1.0‘ _ThunderboltFirmwareUpdate1.2X041-9835_Thunderbolt Firmware UpdateS1.2‘"#$%WiTunesX]zzzz031-08056ViTunesV12.0.1‘'()*]MotionContentX041-4788_Motion Supplemental ContentS1.13A∫&?3A∫)E4Gi~ç¶Ω“·„ÊËÓ˜-;DSYbmvù°™…“Ù?!*8A_cen.wI attach my?com.apple.SoftwareUpdate.plist ?
  3. Hello guys i have a problem: I can't update mavericks to 10.9.3! I download by the app store, install but after install complete, the osx not start, crash to Black screen permanently! Please help me to resolve this problem because with the version 10.9.0 i have problem with nvidia gt230m and realtek ALC262! For me is very important. Thanks very much and sorry For my bad English, i speak italian xD I have a Sony VAIO vpccw1s1e with 6gb ram, 600 gb hd, Intel core duo, wifi atheros, nvidia gt230m and realtek ALC262. At moment i have installed chameleon bootloader with osx and Windows 8.1.
  4. hello my friend i have iatkos ML2 10.8.2 is there any problem if i update the system to mountain lion 10.8.5 from appstore ????or no problem motherboard: asus p8h61? process: intel i3 2120 graphics: nvidia geforce gt 430 hdd: 500GB western digital ? and thanks
  5. Hi everyone. I had to update my Hackintosh to Mavericks 10.9.3 because the XCode6 Beta just run on this version or newer. The problem: After the update I installed the VoodooHDA2.8.4 cause my audio was not working (I use HDMI cable, but the audio cable is pluggled in the PC's jack, not in TV), and after the installation of VoodooHDA2.8.4 and restarting of my system, my AMD HD6850 didn't work in the OS. I've seen something about install the Kext AMD6000Controller.kext which is [not in my case] inside the /System/Library/Extensions folder, but when I search in this folder it's not there. I don't know what happened. ? I you help me to make onboard video work on it, will also be helpfull, I don't mind about it, just want video working. ? Thanks for the help! ? My configuration: GPU: AMD 6850 XFX 4gb RAM SSD Kingston 120gb (OS X is installed in here) Core i3 Motherboard H61MXV Foxconn
  6. Version 10.9.2


    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What This ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This files are original nvidia kexts from 10.9.2 update, where can be use to rolling back the nvidia graphic card users from black screen after boot logo. tested on my asus a43sj. how to use: just copy to S/L/E and boot normally on your osx desktop, reinstall this kexts 1 more time and fix the permissions using kexts utility or any. good luck.
  7. Hello, ? I've transformed my Windows 8 pc to an Hackintosh OS X Mavericks update 10.9.2 with U{censored}, a whole new world of fast responce. ? When everything was installed and starting up smoothly, i was wondering that theres no sound when the login screen shows up...? ? In MB{censored} i selected in audio drivers VooDoo v2.7.2 for VT2021, its only fixing the sound issue for my speakers and headphone, not for HDMI..? ? Im using : - MB Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H - Intel Core i5 3570k 3,4 GHz - Corsair 2x 4GB DDR3 1600 -?WD HD 3.5'' 1TB, SATA 600 & - Phillips Full HDTV ? Tried almost everything to get audio over HDMI, but nothing works for me...? ? Do any body know how to fix this?? ? ? Thanks!
  8. I have installed OS X ML N{censored} Edition on my PC and it's working perfectly without any problem. Yesterday apple released OS X Mavericks and made it a free upgrade. I like to know if it is safe to upgrade using app store or I should wait for Mavericks N{censored} Edition again? I also have backed up my data so there is not that much worry to be concerned of.
  9. Version 2


    Moutain Lion !! After a mandatory update from 10.8.4 to 10.8.5 ~Not all Broadcom devices where not supported in this new update. For device 8449 that is 0x2101 that was not working anymore after the update to 10.8.5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open up your "SystemInformation" goto "USB" and find your BluetoothDevice. Get the "ProductID" in this case its 0x2101 convert this Hex number to DEC and you will get 8449. In case of broadcom look for it inside the IOBluetootfam.kext The name or ID that is in the info.plist that is closest to your own ID " in SystemInformation 8449"
  10. EDIT. Post updated to describe problem properly. ? I have 10.7.5 running successfully on my GA EX58 UD5, dual booting with Windows 8. I've backed OS X up with Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner. I want to do a clean install of Mountain Lion, then restore my apps and settings. ? I'm using Kakewalk 4.5 and I'm booting fine from the USB installer. When I get to the install part, and open Disk Utility, the only disks showing are the Windows disk and another disk I use for media files. I want to format my old OS X disk and install there, but it's not listed. ? I can see the OS X disk fine in Disk Utility when I boot into OS X 10.7.5 (obviously). It's listed as an ATA drive. The other two are listed as SATA. ? Thanks for any advice.
  11. How install the printer lexmark x1195 (x1100 series)?? not only scan, if not to print. and the other question is: I can update to mountain lion, having installed the snow leopard, with all the hardware running (except the printer), and also run properly the hardware in mountailn lion? is true that whitout a ssd, takes too long to start? (i have installed the Snow leopard in a SATA 1) And all the PDF software runs slow, especially when I increase the zoom My specs Motherboard: Asrock N68-VS3 ucc Ram: 4GB Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 250 Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce gt 430
  12. My first hackintosh is installed with Mountain Lion, 10.8.2 (12C54), and I want to update the software via the App Store. I fear this will break my installation. Do you folks know what I would have do to update, and still be able to boot? Thanks!
  13. Hello. I've tried doing what it says in this thread http://www.osx86.net/guides-tutorials/10828-tips-updating-distro-s.html but when I select osx in chameleon and the apple comes up, no spinning wheel but after a while the screen flashes and it just shows grey. I booted with -v and no errors or kernel panics it just says nothing after PCI configuration begin then again the grey screen. I tried taking out my gfx card and booting on -x, same thing. I installed this kernel before rebooting http://www.osx86.net/view/2066-kernel_for_10.6.8_intel-amd.html but I didnt back up the kexts then, I copied the kexts over from another working installation of 10.6.2 In an ssd. I copied them to /extra/extentions, didnt work then just copied them to the system/library/extentions didnt work either and I also deleted sleepenabler and copied over IOUSBFamily.kext IOUSBMasstroageClass.kext. I dont know what to do also for some reason I cant install the update from a downloaded package so every time I attempt to update I have to download the 1gb file and it takes like 40 minutes. also, when I installed the kernel it asks me to log out but then there's still in the background the update telling me to restart. I just close the kernel install window and then restart with the update window idk if any of that matters. this is all very frustrating any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
  14. Ive hackintoshed for not very long. However I am one of those people who does research and dives in headfirst. In doing so I have tips, tricks and knowledge for those who are just starting out. I suggest everyone read and follow these tips when installing a hackintosh. Im hoping to keep this guide once its finished updated, or have at least a recent update of all tools and methods available that ive found, what works and what doesnt for someone who really doesnt have a ton of programming experience. 1. Know what you are working with Know what hardware you have Motherboard Graphics Card Ram CPU Know what BIOS options you have available for said motherboard. Intel Speedstep Legacy USB AHCI, RAID, IDE Install Windows, have a windows partition or drive with windows on it. Think about it this way. Trust me, this is helpful for knowing what you have. Programs to find out information about what exactly is running on your computer. -Your new to this, ok then, well be informed, there are dozens of things running in the background of your magical metal box. Find your system info. *http://www.osx86.net/view/1479-system_info.html Save it (heres an example from my XFX Geforce 9300 For advanced modifications you will need to know VenID and DevID Otherwise, you will need this mostly to know exactly what is running on your system
  15. Hey everyone, Installed iAtkos onto my system, worked fine, but for XCode I needed to be above 10.7.4. So, I chose the highest and went for the 10.7.5 update. I downloaded the one off the apple website, not through the updater. I then installed the update, and once it had finished, I removed AppleHDA.kext (As I am using VoodooHDA) and did the 'repair permissions' and 'rebuild cache' via Kext Wizard. I then proceeded to reboot. No kernel panics - surprisingly - however my system still refused to boot. On verbose boot (-v) it seems to get past most sections, but stops at 'Failed to load kext com.apple.driver.airport.atheros9388' I have also tried other things including 'ignore system cache' and safe boot - to no avail. I would be very grateful if anyone else has attempted this update and succeeded and could give me some help - I'm a bit stuck!
  16. Hey guys, updated from 10.7.1 (I think) to 10.7.4 using the online download (not though the updater). Removed AppleHDA.kext before rebooting, rebooted and now it never boots :/ I've tried multiple boot flags, but nothing seems to make it boot. On verbose boot nothing obvious shows - check out the attached image. That's where it freezes, just after the ApplePS2ALPSGlidePoint stuff. (The 'unknown extended scan code' were my pressing of keys to see if it would do anything - obviously an unmapped button on my keyboard) I'm able to boot into single user mode if that helps... Boot flags tried so far (ALL give the same output): -x, -v, -f, -F, -s, EthernetBuiltIn=No, GraphicsEnabler=No Really need some help on this, it's annoying me now! If anyone's got any ideas or knows how to fix it please respond and I'll try it out! Thanks in advance.
  17. my pc is a Lenovo A57 series with an ATI HD5670 Intel Core 2 Duo 3 GB RAM DDR2 600 the installation of Snow Leopard makes no problems, but when I update to 10,6,8 the machine restarted and after loading the apple logo and the circle, the screen goes blank also I have iATKOS L2 disc 10,7,2 but when I boot the machine with that disk pools in the apple logo with loading circle if someone is kind enough to tell me as snow leopard upgrade or install lion
  18. If I use the 10.6.8 update combo with iATKOS S3 V2, will it still work? Here is what I'm talking about: Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1
  19. First of all Read this > myHack » Blog Archive » Why “OSx86 Distros” are bad. "Thanks to all MyHack team for this Explanation" Hy!! Many people have problems when they want to upgrade your system but they did the installation using Distro`s DVD`s as Hazard, iATKOS, Kalyway, Leo4All, etc ... These problems occur because each system upgrade are adding new drivers (kexts) for the devices, and most often, these new drivers override those contained some modifications specific to our hardware ... Before anything, make a Backup of your Extenions folder following this step… sudo -s TYPEYOURPASSWORD cp -r /System/Library/Extensions /PATHTOBACKUP/Extensions.backup Replace PATHTOBACKUP for the path you want to store the Backup... The first requirement to get an update without many problems, is know what drivers (kexts) are required for the operation of our system, an easy way to find out it is running the following command in a terminal ... kextstat | grep -v com.apple They should return something like this… What we see in the picture above, are all non-Apple kexts in use on our system ... With this information in hand, the first thing to do is see if all these kexts are in the "/Extra/Extensions" folder, which is a folder used for the Boot loader in addition to folder "/System/Library/Extensions" where all the drivers (kexts) original from Apple are stored… If these kexts are not there, the probability that we have a Kernel Panic or some device crash is too big ... If not, copy it from "/System/Library/Extensions", repair the kexts permissions and rebuild the kext caches with the following commands and then, delete him of "/System/Library/Extensions" ... chown -R 0:0 /Extra/Extensions/* chmod -R 755 /Extra/Extensions/* kextcache -v 3 -a i386 -a x86_64 -m /Extra/Extensions.mkext -z /Extra/Extensions Since we delete the kexts from "/System/Library/Extensions", we need repair permissions and rebuild the kext caches for her too ... chown -R 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions/* chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/* kextcache -v 3 -a i386 -a x86_64 -m /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext -z /System/Library/Extensions After that, we will restart to see if everything is alright .. TIP: Always after we made changes to system files, we must boot in Verbose Mode ( -v ), this way, if we got any error, we can know what causes the error ... Well, if everything went well so far, let's update the system ... Download from here the latest Mac OS X v10.6.X Update Combo > Apple - Support - Downloads Download from here the latest Mac OS X v10.5.X Update Combo > Apple - Support - Downloads After download the Update Combo, install, restart and boot in Verbose Mode ( -v )… Theoretically, if you followed the above correctly, you don`t need to do anything to get into the system, but sometimes, we still need to make some adjustments to get it ... Sometimes we use some kext that might conflict with another, the most common are listed below... SleepEnabler.kext VoodooHDA.kext AppleTyMCEDriver.kext Many people are scared and mistakenly think that the only thing to do, is to reinstall the whole system ... But in reality, the above cases are very simple to solve, we only need to delete these kexts ... The image below shows how we can discover what is causing the error, always ignore the "Dependency" ... Then, to remove the kext, we must use the installation DVD ... Start normally as we going to install, after the language selection, go to Utilities / Terminal ... Once the Terminal window open, use the following command to remove the kext... If the file are in /System/Library/Extensions… rm -rf /Volumes/NAMEOFOSXDISK/System/Library/Extensions/NAMEOFTHEKEXT.kext Replace NAMEOFOSXDISK for the name of your OS X installation Disk and NAMEOFTHEKEXT for the name of the next you want remove. If the file are in /Extra/Extensions… rm -rf /Volumes/NAMEOFOSXDISK/Extra/Extensions/NAMEOFTHEKEXT.kext Replace NAMEOFOSXDISK for the name of your OS X installation Disk and NAMEOFTHEKEXT for the name of the next you want remove. Note: Only for SleepEnabler Panic you can use this flag to disable the kext > pmVersion=0 Note:For VoodooHDA.kext and "only" for him, you should remove AppleHDA.kext instead of VoodooHDA.kext… Here is a list with the most of the kexts used by OS X and a brief description of what she does, if not a necessary kext for the system operation, you can remove it, and if you have any questions, you can always ask here ... "Thanks to Project OS X and to "realityiswhere" for the hard work!" Kernel Extensions - Kexts - Project OS X Forums After you remove, quit the Terminal and reboot the machine, and remember, always boot in Verbose Mode after you made changes on system files, and if you still having issues, post here... NOTE: For AMD users and others who need modified kernel, don`t forget after update and before restart the system, it`s needed to reinstall a Kernel compatible with the version of OS X that you just update. I hope this guide will help many people who have problems when upgrading OS X or who were afraid to do it again and having to reinstall the whole system ...
  20. Hi there, is there a chance to mess up my 10.6.2 system if I update itunez to the latest v11? Os6 on my iphone is forcing me to update itunes, can I go on smoothly or it's a risk? thanx! SirJoe
  21. Guys, I managed to install Snow Leopard 10.6 on my system using NewCom Mod CD, but unable to install combo update on it. when I install 10.6.8 Combo update its stuck on screen after giving some errors. and I have one more issue my network card driver is also not detected...at the time of installation it says "wired Network card detected and driver selected automatically by the installer" ...but its not showing me under network preferences. Please help me with both the issues...and also suggest me one cheap and supported graphic card for the operating system...i am planning to install 10.7 or 10.8 if you have any guide please tell me. My System configuration: MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2PT CPU: AMD Athelon II X2 260 3.0 RAM: 4GB LAN: Onboard Graphics: Onboard
  22. i would definitely call my 10.7.3 Lion OSx86 install perfect (well some minor cosmetic glitches which can be overlooked). everything is working as it should. i'm tempted to update to 10.7.5. is it necessary? if so, any precautions i should take and/or files/folders to backup in case everything goes to hell after the update? thanks!
  23. Hi, after I updated to 10.8.2 I can't boot into OS X without -x I don't have plugins in my FakeSMC, I tried the rollback of ACPI but with no luck... who can help? This is where it hangs, I hope someone can help.. :-/ Thanks in advance!
  24. I did not find a thread / guide for this, hence creating a new thread. My current hackintosh rig is as follows Mobo: asus m2n-sli deluxe Chip:athlon 64 x2 5200+ Vcard: xfx Geforce 8800gt 512mb Mem: 2gigs transcend 800 mhz + 1gig of the same Sound: ADI AD1988B Lan: Dlink - works with ViaRhine Running 10.6.1 leohazard, Want to update to 10.6.8 for the mac appstore. Kindly ask me questions if I have missed out on something which'll help in completion of the process.
  25. hello! lenovo t510. intel hd graphics. even recognized in about mac. HOWEVER STUCK on 1024 768 resolution. i have sound working. battery. etc even wife....WIFI!!!! lol so excited about that. im stuck at 1024 resolution. ALSO, this instillation isn't even 10.7.1. i can't do any updates. when i do, i get a blackscreen after reboot. even when i do the recommended hda rollback and etc. black screen or it never loads the os again. anyone out there can lend a helping hand?
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