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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Friends , After my first guide on creating a Mac OS X Installer from Windows PC , i have seen lots of users are addicted to “Distros?? especially windows Users , now this will be a remedy for such Noob and advance Users who are on Microsoft Windows PC This is a complete guide for the Creating ?Vanilla Mac OS X Installer USB for Windows Users Only . I’m writing this guide based on my knowledge and experience gained myself doing so many effort and details from the web. Hoping this could help many people looking to a method on windows. I did my best to make this as simple as possible and will try to improve as the time passes. This?guide??is with Screenshots and Video Tutorial .. Video Tutorial ::::Coming Soon :::: Prerequirements : 1.Mac OSX .app or installESD.dmg (mine is?Install OS X Mavericks.app) 2.BootDiskUtility by Cvad 3.TransMac 4.7-Zip Archiver Manager 5.Paragon? Partition Manager Free Edition For links use Google is your Best Friend ? We will do Everything Step by Steps : 1.First of all Create a folder on Desktop and name it OSX Installer or else you like? copy or move or have all Prerequirement stuff in it . 2. Working with 7-zip? 1.Now navigate to DesktopOS X InstallerInstall OS X Mavericks.appContentsSharedSupport open installESD.dmg with 7-zip , Find for installESD.dmg in /InstallMacOSX.pkg and extract it to OSX installer folder 2. Open extracted installESD.dmg with 7-Zip and extract 3.hfs (file size is more than 5 Gb mine is 5.06 GB) 3.?open 3.hfs and go to OS X Install ESD , now extract Packages and BaseSystem.dmg to OSX Installer folder 4.?Rename 3.hfs (more than size more than 5 gb) to 3_1.hfs or delete it 5.open BaseSystem.dmg and extract 3.hfs(file size more than 1GB mine is 1.17GB) ? 6. Now we need to Extract mach_kernel , open Packages folder and open BaseSystemBinaries.pkg with 7-zip extract it ,see Screenshot ? 3. Working with BootDiskUtiliy 1.Run?BootDiskUtility.exe 2. Goto options/ Configuration,? check t he? MultiPartitioning checkbox? and set? Boot? Partition Size? to? 200 MB. ? This will? instruct? BootDiskUtility.exe? to? make? two? partitions on the? USB: one? for? Clover / Chameleon and the? other? for? the Mac OSX files 3.?in BDU.exe screen Select your USB and click “Format Disk?? . 4.?in BDU.exe Screen click on expand your USB , there will be two partitions options : 1. Clover (200) 2.No Name (7.3 GB or else ) Choose second partition (7.3GB ) , click “Restore Partition?? ?select 3.hfs(1.2 GB) in OSX Installer Folder ?? 4.Working with Paragon Partition Manager? Run Paragon Parition Manager and Choose your USB second Partition and Resize it to Full Size .don’t forget to apply Changes . 5.Working with TransMac? Run TransMac as Administrator 1.copy mach_kernel to root drive which we extracted earlier 2.Open your USB (Second Partition of 7.3 GB ) goto System/Installation and Delete Packages (Slink extension file) 3.Now copy Packages Folder we extracted earlier 6.?Preparing USB for?installation 1.we need Essential Kext for booting with USB those are NullCpuPowermanagement.kext ,FakeSMC.kext ,any other kexts you required like Ethernet or USB ,place kexts in EFICLOVERkexts10.9(what version of your OSX is ) 2.Now we need to tweak config.plist (which is in USB first partition named Clover ) so it get boot hassle free ,open config.plist ?EFI/CLOVER/conig.plist with wordpad edit flags? you required Note ::Generally we use –v (verbose mode )to check whether if get stuck while booting process Note ::You Can Use MacPois0n for Post-installation? 7.Installing MacOSX with USB Drive? 1.Boot with USB , select it and you will get a Clover BootMenu Choose OSX BaseSystem to boot 2.?While in Clover BootMenu pressing Space Bar from Keyboard ,you will prompted to some option to choose Boot Mac OS X Without Caches Boot Mac OS X Without injected kexts Boot Mac OS X Without Caches and without injected kexts Note ::for Yosemite Users you need to boot with injected kexts ,so you can tweak your Config.plist using Wordpad in windows , you will not get any options and don’t select without injected kexts .. For MBR Formatted HDD Users : 1.You need to download Patched MBR files , here ( Use Google ) 2.Then use TransMac to replace or place System Ins tallationPackagesOSinstall.mpkg System Library PrivateFrameworksInstall.frameworkFrameworksOSInstall.frameworkVersionsAOSInstall For AMD CPU User’s : You can download a patch kernel for AMD CPU’s and Copy it Root Directory of USB Drive (where mach_kernel is instructed to place ) Also use flags as prescribed with AMD Kernels . For Mac OS X Yosemite Users: You need to Copy BaseSystem.chunklist and BaseSystem.dmg ?to Root Directory of USB Drive While tweaking Config.plist of Clover you need to Add Flag Kext-dev-mode=1 (this flag is no more required in Yosemite final release but in some cases to load unsigned is required ..) Also select injected kext =Yes or choose option to boot with injected kexts . Also I don’t take credit for all this information entirely except for appreciation on writing this guide. The credit will go for all these people:?dmazar’s ,neelakantanr,?fusion71au .. PS: Sorry Everyone i'm not allowed to post more screenshots , please if you want to see more visit source blog? Best Regards Deepak
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