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Found 25 results

  1. bubo

    Intel hd 4000

    Люди помогите запустить или подскажиое как (новичок) intel hd 4000 video чтобы hdmi подключался Acer ASPIRE E1-571G(Core i7 3632QM 2200 Mhz/NVIDIA GeForce 710M,intel hd graphics 4000) ставлю mac 10.12
  2. I have El Capitan 10.11.2 up and running on a test partition, and have resolved some of my post-installation issues (including USB, Ethernet and Audio). In iTunes, however, I am unable to play any of my iTunes Store-downloaded videos. All I get is a black screen, the time counter goes nowhere from the last saved timepoint, and don't even get any audio playing. Songs in the Music library play without any problems. Whatever is happening seems to be isolated to iTunes. YouTube videos will play in Safari OOB, and tvguide.com video clips will play after installing Adobe Flash Player. The DVD Player app even works! (something I could never get to work in SL or Mav.) Since iTunes is bundled with El Capitan, it would have to be using native kexts for video playback. Any ideas as to what might need patching to resolve this issue? Thanks.
  3. Recently I installed OSX Mavericks and it booted correctly but the problem for me is i cant find the drivers for my hardware like graphics and Wifi ? ? ? I want to install OSX Yosemite 10.10 my system configurations are as follows : ? ? ? >> CPU?: Intel Core i5 2430M @ 2.40GHz Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology ? >> RAM?:?4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz ? >>Motherboard:?Sony Corporation VAIO ? >>Graphics:?Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Sony) 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M Series (Sony) (6660M to be specific) ? >>NETWORK:?Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 ? ? ? Main problem is?>>Graphics and?>>NETWORK ?which were not working on Mavericks so i had to come back to windows ? ? Network Wireless : ??Intel? Centrino? Wireless-N 1000 ? (I need kexts for this please) Ethernet:?Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20) (kexts please)? ? Please help me solve this problem so that i can enjoy OSX Yosemite on my PC
  4. Version 2015-03-29


    FakePCIID.kext The purpose of this kext is to attach to any IOPCIDevice so it can provide alternate PCI ID when another driver attached to the same device requests them. This technique can be used instead of patching binaries that may check for supported device-ids (or other PCI IDs) in their IOService::probe or IOService::start method. In order to attach FakePCIID to a given IOPCIDevice, an injector kext must be built that IOKit can use to match against. The FakePCIID.kext Info.plist has no built-in IOKitPersonalities, as it is generic and not built to suit a specific purpose. The distribution ZIP provide has four such injector kexts, which are described below. Custom injector kexts can be created for other devices. Note: FakePCIID_HD4600_HD4400.kext works for HD4400 mobile, HD4600 mobile, HD4200 mobile, and HD4600 desktop. In any case, a DSDT patch, FakeID configuration (Clover), or FakeProperties dictionary in the injector's Info.plist will be required to inject the properties that FakePCIID can read on the IOPCIDevice. The properties used by FakePCIID are described later in this post. The properties must be present on the PCIDevice that is being hooked (the direct parent of FakePCIID). Build Environment My build environment is currently Xcode 6.1, using SDK 10.6, targeting OS X 10.6. 32-bit Builds This project does not support 32-bit builds, although it is probably not difficult to build one given the proper tools.
  5. Hi! ? I've got a trouble with HDMI video output on HD 5570. It's not working into Yosemite. ? DVI output is OK. I use native Apple kexts for video. ? Any ideas? ? ?
  6. В?ем привет. ? Графика на борту опи?ана в теме. ? Yosemite запу?кает?? Clover-ом. ? Монитор, подключенный через DVI, работает без проблем. ? через HDMI - "нет ?игнала". Сама ?и?тема загружает??, то е?ть не работает про?то выход. ? Кто ?талкивал?? ? такой проблемой, под?кажите, как запу?тить? ? Кек?ты ?пециально не и?кал, работает на родных apple-ов?ких.
  7. ekloser

    4770 and gtx760

    I have a cpu 4770, and a graphics card GTX760, so the HD4600 and GTX760, which is working? or both working?
  8. I apologize for my bad english I have a problems. I have read that subject and i don't understand anything.?because my english so bad.?I'm using google translate. [http://www.insanelym...adients-fixed/] i have that video card, The following information;? http://www.technopat...card-jpg.12999/ can you edit the kext for me ?? or have you a edited file for my system? Would you please send link if any? If you answer positive or negative will be very happy. Thank you.
  9. Merhaba arkadaşlar, son bir iki haftadır bilgisayarıma hackintosh yazlımını kurmaya çalışıyordum. bir kaça başarısız dememin ardından bilgisayarıma 10.9.4 sürümünü kurdum fakat bilgisayarıma uyumlu kext'leri bir türlü bulamadım belki 30 tane farklı ekran kartı kexti denemişimdir ama hiç biri çalışmadı aşağıda ekran kartımın özelliklerine ait ekran resmini paylaşıyorum bu konuda bilgisi olan herhangi birisi bana yardım ederse çok sevinirim? ? Şimdiden teşekkürler. ?
  10. Em alguns casos o?GraphicsEnabler?do Chameleon funciona para ativar o vídeo, porém a quantidade de VRAM aparece errada. Isso é apenas visual, mas para quem quiser acertar, aqui vai uma forma: ? Rode este comando no terminal para obter o string device-properties gerado pelo Chameleon: ioreg -lw0 -p IODeviceTree -n efi -r -x | grep device-properties | sed 's/.*<//;s/>.*//;' > ~/Desktop/device-properties.hex Converta para plist (coloque o?gfxutil.zip?no desktop) cd ~/Desktop ./gfxutil -s -n -i hex -o xml device-properties.hex device-properties.plist Edite a VRAM no device-properties.plist ?? <key>VRAM,totalsize</key> <string>0x40000000</string> O valor está em hexa, pode converter para decimal usando a calculadora no modo programador, mas normalmente basta dividir ou dobrar o valor que você já conhece. ? Exemplos: 0x20000000 = 536870912 (bytes / 1024^2 = 512 MB) 0x40000000 = 1073741824 (bytes / 1024^2 = 1024 MB ou 1 GB) 0x80000000 = 2147483648 (bytes / 1024^2 = 2048 MB ou 2 GB) ? Converta o device-properties.plist editado para hex ./gfxutil -i xml -o hex device-properties.plist device-properties-new.hex Copie o string do arquivo device-properties-new.hex para a chave device-properties no arquivo /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist ?<key>device-properties</key> ?<string>cole o string aqui</string> Desative o GraphicsEnabler (ou remova a opção) ?<key>GraphicsEnabler</key> ? ?<string>No</string> Para quem usa Clover o ajuste pode ser feito através da opção VRAM no config.plist ?<key>Graphics</key> ? ?<dict> ? ?? ?<key>Inject</key> ? ?? ?<true/> ? ?? ?<key>VRAM</key> ? ?? ?<integer>1024</integer> ? ?</dict> Fonte:?Olarila
  11. If you have a Hackintosh (Desktop / Notebook) and has 2 graphics video (E.g:?Intel + AMD//Intel + Nvidia/Geforce) and if you have trouble for loading the OS X do this: Boot with single user. (Clover press space bar and select "Boot with single user" and with you use Chameleon use this flag-s) 1º- Intel + AMD = Remove the AMD?kexts with these commands: cd /Volumes/ ls ( list of available partitions on the system ) cd “OS X partition name” mkdir /Backup cp –rf /System/Library/Extensions/AMD* /Backup rm –rf /System/Library/Extensions/AMD* ( if you want to delete AMD kexts ) 2º- Intel + Nvidia = Remove the Nvidia kexts with these commands: cd /Volumes/ ls ( list of available partitions on the system ) cd “OS X partition name” mkdir /Backup cp –rf /System/Library/Extensions/NVDA* /Backup rm –rf /System/Library/Extensions/NVDA * ( if you want to delete NVDA kexts ) If you choose not delete the Nvidia kexts, you can just disable them via clover with:nv_disable=1 3º - Intel + Geforce = Remove the Geforce kexts with these commands: cd /Volumes/ ls ( list of available partitions on the system ) cd “OS X partition name” mkdir /Backup cp –rf /System/Library/Extensions/Geforce* /Backup rm –rf /System/Library/Extensions/Geforce * ( if you want to delete Geforce kexts ) 4º : If above methods don’t work, then you have to move the Intel kexts, but that only happens in rare cases such as HD 3000 with HM7x chipset (Core i 2nd Generation) or HD 4000 chipset HM6x (Core i 3rd generation). Although it is common have a Ivy with HM7x and Sandy with HM6x, sometimes the opposite happens, and that is what hinders. cd /Volumes/ ls ( list of available partitions on the system ) cd “OS X partition name” mkdir /Backup cp –rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelHD* /Backup rm –rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelHD * ( if you want to delete AppleIntelHD kexts ) And to get the Intel HD works, you have to apply a patch in DSDT and be happy! Here are the patches (For Laptops). Sandy with chipset HM7x into device label IMEI parent_label PCI0 remove_entry; into device label PCI0 insert begin Device (IMEI)\n {\n Name (_ADR, 0x00160000)\n Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized)\n {\n If (LEqual (Arg2, Zero)) { Return (Buffer() { 0x03 } ) }\n Return (Package()\n {\n "device-id", Buffer() { 0x3A, 0x1E, 0x00, 0x00 },\n "name", "pci8086,1e3a",\n })\n }\n }\n end; Ivy with chipset HM6x into device label IMEI parent_label PCI0 remove_entry; into device label PCI0 insert begin Device (IMEI)\n {\n Name (_ADR, 0x00160000)\n Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized)\n {\n If (LEqual (Arg2, Zero)) { Return (Buffer() { 0x03 } ) }\n Return (Package()\n {\n "device-id", Buffer() { 0x3A, 0x1C, 0x00, 0x00 },\n "name", "pci8086,1c3a",\n })\n }\n }\n end; Thanks for:mendietinha,pokenguyen,fantomas1,artur-pt and PimentelX86.
  12. Hi everyone. I had to update my Hackintosh to Mavericks 10.9.3 because the XCode6 Beta just run on this version or newer. The problem: After the update I installed the VoodooHDA2.8.4 cause my audio was not working (I use HDMI cable, but the audio cable is pluggled in the PC's jack, not in TV), and after the installation of VoodooHDA2.8.4 and restarting of my system, my AMD HD6850 didn't work in the OS. I've seen something about install the Kext AMD6000Controller.kext which is [not in my case] inside the /System/Library/Extensions folder, but when I search in this folder it's not there. I don't know what happened. ? I you help me to make onboard video work on it, will also be helpfull, I don't mind about it, just want video working. ? Thanks for the help! ? My configuration: GPU: AMD 6850 XFX 4gb RAM SSD Kingston 120gb (OS X is installed in here) Core i3 Motherboard H61MXV Foxconn
  13. What version OS X would?work best?on my machine? I have the 10.6.3 install DVD from the Apple Store. A second SSD for OS X is also on my to purchase list for this machine - recommendations? I want to build this box for stability above all other desires. Eventually, I would like to dual-boot this with Win7 64-bit Professional. ? Here are my Desktop Specs: - Stock Dell XPS 8500 - 256 GB SSD (boot/OS drive) - 1.8 TB HD (C: drive) - Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.4GHz - 12 GB Ram - Win7 64-bit OS w/SP-1(Professional) ? Thanks
  14. Raga ho bisogno di un consiglio, quali sono i kext migliori per questo tipo di schede audio e video: Audio: Conexant HDA Video: AMD Radeon 7500G
  15. Hello! I have 4 graphic cards: NVidia 8600 GT ATI HD 4850, ATI HD 4650, ATI HD 4670. None of them working fully with QE and CI. With NVidia and GraphicsEnabler=YES I can boot and work, but no QE. And I can't change screen resolution, even with SwitchResX. Here is System info at monitors section ATI cards with GraphicsEnabler=YES -v don't show graphics at all. I still see verbose logging of kernel and kexts, I can listen sounds when touch volume+/- keys on my keyboard, but can't see my desktop. Without GraphicsEnabler, I got kernel panic. Last two weeks I've searched for a solution and tried a lot of ones, but can't get anything. Please, help me! Mountain Lion 10.8.2 12C54
  16. I recently installed OSX 10.6 on my Lenovo S10e with basically great success! I am using it to type this as we speak I'm doing it on my friends S10e, but using the same method, things just don't work as well... For example, I can install it successfully, but then when I come to boot up Mac, after the boot screen all the video is jumbled and jumping all over the screen. Since I used an external monitor to install it as the screen resolution is only 1024x576, the only way for the shaky video to stop is to put that monitor back into the VGA port, and everything is perfect again. Anyone had this issue, know how to fix it or help on it? The only KEXT's I have installed were Ethernet and Touchpad... Ethernet I am using on this one and it all works fine, but the Touchpad ones are foreign, so it may be them. I will update if it is the case, and close this topic; don't let that stop you from answering though! Thanks [Edit 1: Forgot to mention, not only is the video shaky, but the BIOS throws an IRQ Not Configured Error at me, and takes over 2 minutes before showing the error... Serious lag, and only way to fix it is to Reset CMOS then Load Defaults.] [Edit 2: Found the issue - Voodoo Power Management or Speedstep Enabler. Now my system is completely Voodoo Kext free ]
  17. Hi,everybody, i am using iatkos 10.7.3 now.Till a few weeks ago,i have never used ichat.But,when one of my friend bought a brand new macbook pro,i wanted to try ichat.we tried video chat and it was ok.but from that time till now,we could never get it worked again.i even can't see cam icon near his name on my buddy list.on ichat prefences,i went to audio/video section and saw that sound output shows ' none '.I thought maybe there is a connection between video chat and this.in drop down menu,there are 3 options like below: - speaker (analog) - SPDIF out (Black unknown) - Digital-out (HDMI) ichat doesn't allow me to choose one of this.for my system sound,i use speaker analog.Because other two options doesn't work.on Skype.everything is ok.but why not on ichat ? i just wonder,if u can help,i would appreciate.by the way,i am using VoodooHDA kext for my sound.thank u in advance. My specs : Hp dv5 1135 ee.2.26 ghz Intel core 2 duo.3 gb 800 mhz DDR2 SD RAM.GeForce 9600M GT 512 MB.Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3.
  18. John

    Video Contest!

    Dear community, Installing Mac OS X on a regular PC can be a real pain in the ass for some people and is a piece of cake for others. This community is a place for everybody to help eachother with installing the best operating system on your own personal computer. With over 40,000 posts, over 2,000 files and over 320,000 members it is a strong and helpful community. OSx86.net is now starting something new! We are starting a video contest! The goal is to create a video that is helpful for newbies at hackintosh. So people that are now running Microsoft Windows or linux and want to learn more about Mac OS X. To get an idea about such a video, have a look here. The following rules apply for the contest: 1) The video should be helpful for people that are not running hackintosh currently 2) The video needs to contain instructions on how to download files from OSx86.net 3) No distributions like iAtkos! 4) Don?t use {censored} tools like U{censored}, Chimera, MB{censored}, etc. The main goal is to help other people with your video of course! But we have prizes also! The OSx86.net crew is going to pick a first, second and third place winner. The prizes are: 1st place: 100 USD NewEgg gift card 2nd place: 50 USD NewEgg gift card 3rd place: 25 USD NewEgg gift card We will announce the winners at monday April 30. Be sure to upload your video on time! Videos should be uploaded to OSx86.net (click) in the "Video contest" section. It's a good idea to post a link to your video in this topic as well! Please consider donating, so we can launch more contests like this with different objectives. The more you guys donate, the more useful videos will be made! Kind regards, OSx86.net staff
  19. hi im new here and i have intalled snow leopard mi pc its a: intel core 15 750 ga-p55m-ud2 gigabyte 2gb ram ddr3 ati hd 3850 i need help, the os only boot if i select -x i need a kext or something for the video card. thanks. im sorry if my english its to bad. my language its spanish. sorry.
  20. Hola. Ante todo muchas gracias por todo el soporte que dan, sin postear jamas, me han sido todos de mucha ayuda. Mi consulta viene porque instale leopard del iatkos v7 en mi dell xps m1530. Luego actualize a snow leopard (10.6.3) con iatkos tambien. El hardware: Core2duo 2.0 ghz con 2mb de cache. 4gb ram ddr2 Geforce 8600gt 256mb gddr disco WD 120gb Audio realteck ethernet marvel Wifi broadcom firewire La primer configuacion: -iAtkos v7 Main system -Bootloader --Chameleon v2 -X86 --/Extra directory --DSDT --Decrypters ---AppleDecrypt -SMBIOS Drivers --SMBIOS Enablers ---SMBIOS-EFI Air -Disabler -OHR -Drivers --VGA ---nVidia ----EFI string for nVidia -----DVI/VGA ----Enablers -----Old Enablers ------NVInject Mobile -System --SATA/IDE ---Intel SATA/IDE -Intel SpeedStep --Speedstep Driver -Sound --Voodoo HDA driver -Laptop Battery -NTFS-3G -Network --Wired ---Marvel ----Marvel Yukon 88E8001 ---Wireless ----Broadcom -Post-Install Actions El problema que me suge ahora es relacionado con el rendimiento de video. El sistema reconoce la placa y sus recursos, pero si quiero ver un video en pantala completa este frapea. O si cambio entre escritorios precionando shift+f8 la animacion es muy lenta. ademas cada vez que conecto el hdmi, el sistema se congela y no puedo reanudar su funcionamiento. use nvinject 2 (si no me confundo) y dejo de bootear, mientras cargaba comenzo a aparecer un rectangulo negro titilante en donde esta el loader, debajo de la manzaninta. desistale esos kext y el sistema volvio a funcionar, pero con video deficiente. Instale nvinject 0.53 y no hubo ningun cambio. El hdmi y el rendimiento grafico serian de vital importancia para mi. agradesco toda la ayuda que puedan brindarme.
  21. Hi, iDeneb V1.3 installed on my HP 550 (I'm upgrading to 10.5.8), but it turns out to install the. Kext of the alleged video card, this is installed, reboot and at startup, only the pointer is I can not and do not login that may be, if you tell me which may be or help, they are grateful. thanks
  22. So i just finnished my install of iAtkos on my toshiba laptop, got all the drivers working, on v10.6.3. I am in love with Mac, synced all my calenders, and emails. The problem arose when i downloaded a the most resent episode of diggnation in HD and tried to watch it... I almost pulled my hair out... Quicktime would play it, but it was really laggy, and nearly unplay-able in full screen. I tried downloading VLC but when i open the video with it, it shows black/no video, just audio. I know my hardware isn't the greatest, but when i had win7 it would playback movies in HD with no problem. I don't know what to do... its making me so frustrated im ready to go back to windows! Please help, Maybe i need to update OS X to the most resent ver. ??
  23. Ok, I've been scouring this and other forums trying to find fixes, and I'm starting to feel info overload. Any help would be greatly appreciated. MoBo: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 (BIOS: F3) using the integrated video and sound Intel i7-2600K 8GB DDR3 1333 RAM (took out 4 during install) 120GB SSD w/ Win7 60GB SSD w/ OSX 10.6.8 NZXT Phantom case Unplugged all drives & installed Win7. Swapped SSD drives & installed SL via iB{censored} + MB{censored} ----Never got a Welcome Video - odd. Also, checking Repair Permissions in System Utilities caused a KP. Had to use Update Helper as 10.6.8 Update kept causing a KP. Used Custom DSDT from tony's download page. Followed idd's steps and finally got audio to work out my rear panel. Dual Boot works fine. Yay. Here's where everything's getting frustrating: 10.6.8- No front panel audio (more annoyance than issue) connected with AC'97 as HD audio wire wouldn't reach. Firewire port's not working even though it is being seen in SysProfiler Airport isn't seen at all. Tried Lnx2Mac & Realtek Gigabit's kexts which didn't work. And suddenly anything plugged in under Marvell's SATA won't recognize (such as my cd/dvd drive). Boot takes an extremely long time too. Win7- No f/r panel audio sound at all. Sees the device, knows when I plug in & which port, shows waveform & working speaker icon, but no audio whatsoever. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, rolled back, and updated all drivers. Same issue with Marvell's SATA. And, I'm trying to get my onboard video card to show more res in SL as I need at least 1280 for FCP install. & I don't want to go to Lion as I've heard nothing but compatibility issues w/ FCP. (Which is really the main thing I want the hackintosh for) I've been trying to look through kexts.com, but trying to search for anything is nearly impossible (for me at anyrate). Followed a link http://www.kexts.com/view/1292-dsdt_auto-patcher_gigabyte_z68.html for the Post Intstallation folder in the Z68 Auto Patcher, but that's a dead end. Any Thoughts?! Any help would be great.
  24. Hi, I got no QE/CI on my vanilla system, I did have it after 10.6 installation, but gone after upgrade to 10.6.7 and kexts restored. Intel 945 0x27a2. Thanks
  25. Keep in mind that a video card is A MUST for hackintosh to work, as long as you have supported motherboards you'll gave no problems at all (Intel HD Graphics OUT OF THE BOX). If someone would have said this in a post... things would have been easier for me. Remember, I was an amateur noob, now I'm in a mid-noobness level ^-^ Have fun guys.
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