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GTX560 (any gtx 5xx ?) working full resolution (no QE/CI of course) on SL 10.6.8



just to share experience, I've been struggling to get my gtx560 (non ti) working with SL 10.6.8

i'm neither a gaming guy nor a video one, so I only wanted full res and dual monitor.

I got it using chimera 1.8 (correct detection of the board at boot) and nvdagf100hal.kext and nvdaresman.kext

from nvidia 270 driver (I guess it's Lion's set of drivers too).

like lion users I had to remove geforce's kexts and plugins. But I kept Graphics enabler = yes and graphic mode set to nothing in boot.plist

I also use a patched dsdt with my graphics correct irq.

And most of all, I modded info.plist in both kexts (nvdagf100 and resman) with the following :






not being sure whether 0xffc0ffff or 0xffe0ffff was the right address for my board.

I also removed other IOPCI lines from the info.plist

I guess the trick would work with any gtx 5xx, assuming you use the correct id for your board

(google it...)

1201 is for 560 10de for nvidia : 0x120110de

I also lost lot of time when I modded the kexts from within windows : in some way it altered the file encoding

and the kexts were not usable by osx, so 10.6.8 wouldn't boot, would kp or just have basic graphics.

In the end , I have dual 1920x1080 monitors working under 10.6.8.

i'm not sure whether chimera and dsdt are necessary, but since it works, I didn't mess with them !

How it helps...

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Thanks, I decided to upgraded to 10.8 and I am working on getting QE / QI Enabled. Pretty powerful card for a music station. :-)

I'll just change my card if I want 10.6. I really not fond of loosing my " spaces " feature with 10.8 and total spaces is still far from a true fix. But the developer is doing great things.

Hi ! no unfortunately I did not even try. My snow leo is music station, so I don't need it. Sorry.

I guess you checked nvidia latest drivers... ?

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