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Hp dv6-7000


Booting into verbose leaves be at what the attached image shows

Using cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No or just graphicsenabler=no goes to the apple logo then tells me to reboot

PCIRootUID=0/1 tells me an error with my Nvidia graphics(630m)


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Wow Goobyjr9 ... backlit keyboard. I envy you. Nice.

OK, I'd like to say your spec is the same as mine ... but it's better, far better.

Anyway, essentially it should be compatible with the process I used to install ML.

Rafael, these are the instructions you wanted. please keep in mind that I am making assumptions about certain things

and thus it's not going to be every single step.

some of the links provided for downloading stuff. You might have to create a logon id before they will let you download stuff, but it's worth it.

1. What's not going to work after all this.

USB 3 will not work.

Memory card reader will not work.

1 core. Irrespective of cpu cores. can only run on one core (cpus=1) until some brings

out a lapic fix (something to do with some hardware thing on the laptops)

but do the install and when the fix comes out apply it.

WiFi will not work.

(My wifi does work as I flashed the bios with a nowhitelist bios and installed a wifi card that

had a kext written for it. Alot of trouble, but ... interesting to do).

2. Create USB installer. There are many ways to do this (thanks to all the brilliant people out there. in this instance it's about the one that works for this laptop). Follow the following instructions to the letter.

[Tutorial] Run OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 GM on a PC (Hackintosh/OSx86) | The Tech Erra

The download files and everything are supplied. This is the method (the actual) install method i used and thus can confirm it works for hp dvx xxxx. If you have any issues which you shouldn't, please read the 140+ comments on the web page.

at section 7 titled 'Booting 10.8!' highlight your 10.8 install usb drive. whilst it's highlighted type cpus=1

then hit enter to begin the install procedure.

I'm going to assume you are familiar with the mac install procedure, else google it. But you'll need to use disk utility to create your mbr headed mac partition. (I only know it this way as I have a single disk split between windows and mac dual boot).

Please readup on how to partition if your not sure, but basically it's master boot record / mac osx extended journaled.

once you have it installed EVERY boot will need to be proceeded with cpus=1

if it ever crashes try adding cpus=1 -f

2a. Keyboard and trackpad.

MMMm. I've let the team down on this one. Can't remember which one I used. Note, if your keyboard doesn't work

plug in a usb one for the time. That will work install the following kext and then your laptop kboard should be good to go.

I'm guessing that i used this kext.


3. once you have it installed lets update the bootloader.

go to {censored}

and download chimera 1.10 go into your installed osx and install this to your osx drive on the laptop.

this then becomes your bootloader. the reason for this is that it actually removes a major bug with the sound

driver (kext sorry !!!!) 1.11 is out. Not tried it but if you need intel hd4000 support then go for it.

4. Here is the location of the audio kext. follow the instructions. Note. You need the kext utility 10.8 ready which you'll

find to the right on the brownish screen of the following link. This will give you sound.

LION IDT92HD75B3 HP 8540w Audio kext - Downloads - OSx86.net

5. Next we need the ethernet driver.

we want RealtekRTL81xx-0_0_90.pkg from here RTL81xx OS X Driver [Lnx2Mac's Blog]

After that you should have video (works out the box), audio, ethernet, usb 2, keyboard and mouse.

You can't have your secondary graphics card working as technically under mac osx it's not a graphics card (or at least it's not a graphics card that is connected properly).

That's it.

I've knocked this out quickly as it's late, but I don't believe I have forgotten anything.

but I am prone to error so respond with any corrections etc.

all the best.

Just for the record .... mac osx ML on this laptop at this resolution and this degree of stability is ...... SHOCKINGLY GOOD.

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Thanks a lot for your time, i didnt know about that page, that guide is awesome. i was trying a method using U{censored} for creating a bootable usb with mac lion that i have officialy downloaded from appstore, I boot whit it, for my laptop model dv7t-7000 i needed to add "cpus=1" and GraphicsEnabler=No to run the installer sucessfully, but when I need to choose the drive to install it it only shows the usb from I were booting from. I would like to know if i can correct that problem to install Mountalion Lion by this metoth or you recommend me to follow the guide usisng chameleon? Thanks!!!!

I forgot to mention that I have windows 7 installed and an empty partition without a letter assigned. In disk managment it shows like RAW PARTITION thanks

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It's a difficult one for me, your issue where the internal disk is not presenting itself because as far back as I can remember I've always had at least another mac so I can take the drive out of the laptop I want to do. partition it and format it using another mac. reinsert into 'laptop to do' and take it from there. I've never been in the situation you are citing. so any suggestion would be speculative I'm afraid.

But off the top of my head. Backup windows. boot into chameleon single user mode (-s) and look into trashing disk in current state and partitioning and formating drive for dual boot (with osx).

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goobyjr9, at this point (going from memory) you go to the menu at the top of the screen, and one of your options should be disk utility. Go into there and select the partition or create the partition you want to install on. Ensure the partition format is osx journaled, when you are finished close disk utility which should take you back to installer and should give you a valid disk/partition to install from. then continue with the installation process.

see how it goes. get back if any problems.

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I'm unable to partition my hard drive because I can only see my flash drive when I open disk utility :(

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