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Mountain Lion HD5650 won´t work.. . :(



After my laptop with 10.7.3 Lion yes to sleep on clean runs, I try to install the Mountain Lion. The installation runs smoothly by U{censored}. But now listen. Once I "Chameleon 2034" install I get a black screen source or it hangs when booting. wowevent ... = 2 (1) ....

I unfortunately do not get the graphics card (5650) .. to run! When booting, it is properly recognized by OSX / Chameleon, but OSX itself .. 3 MB graphics card .. : (

Camera videos and run!

I hope you can help me :)


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Add your Device ID in AMDRadeonAccelerator.

It's in /System/Library/Extensions.

  1. Copy AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext to Desktop
  2. Select it and "Show Package Contents"
  3. Open Contents > Info.plist with Textedit
  4. Find the key IOPCIMatch and add your Device ID
    <string>0x68f91002 0x67381002 0x67391002 0x67201002 0x67221002</string>
  5. Save the file

Device ID (mine is 0x68f9)

Vendor ID (1002) is ATI

Device ID can be found with System Information > Graphics/Displays > Device ID.

System Information is in /Applications/Utilities.

Give the kext a label color so you know its the edited one.

Install the modified AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext with Kexts Wizard or Kext Utilities

(backup the kext first, it will be overwritten)

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first thanks for your help! Unfortunately, the graphics card is still not recognized. :(

The fault with the black screen with the boot flags PCIRoot=1 NPCI=0x2000 get attacked.

Audio does not work either. With VoodooHDA (2.2, 2.52, 2.7.2), despite KP AppleHDAdisabler ..:( AppleHDA driver with dsdt patch is not ..:( voice over only AppleTV.

I think I'll go back again to Lion first and wait until the appropriate kexts are at disposal.

Thank you again! I love this forum! :)

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Hey macnoob,

I have nearly the same specification as you but i don't get my graphicscard working (also 5650m)

How did you manage to get it work?

When i want to edit the AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext i only see that my ID already exists -> 0x68C11002 (Well there are many IOPCIMatch, but in the Redwood family i found my entry)

Did you put your ID anywhere other?

Or did you get it work by the EDID Force?

Hopefully you can explain me how you got it working :( tried for days...

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